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A+ A- Chapter 553: Little Girl Becomes an Apprentice

Chu Yang and Mo Qing Wu discussed in a low voice as the argument between the two Supreme Level Experts became very heated. In fact, it seemed that they would start a big fight very soon. Chu Yang persuaded Mo Qing Wu to listen to both of them very carefully. She was still reluctant, but it had become a foregone conclusion that she was going to become an apprentice.

The only question that remained was… who should she choose as her master?

"She will be my apprentice!" Ning Tian Ya gasped for breath.

"Stop your nonsense! Do you think you're worthy?!" Bu Liu Qing angrily shouted, "She's mine!"

The two Supreme Level Experts were quarrelling and staring at each other… as if they were in the middle of a cock-fight. In fact, the frightening aura from their bodies could explode any time now!

Who was willing to give up at such a critical moment? Such a superb physique had only existed in the legends of martial arts! These two old men had always been unpleasant to the eyes of each other, and they were bursting out more than a few words at this time…

"You step aside! I will give a generous reward if you do that!"

"You step aside. I will give anything you want!"

"Why should I step aside?"

"Then, why should I?"

Neither of them was ready to let go. The intensity of the conflict continued to become stronger and stronger. Eventually, they put forward a settlement-plan in unison...

"We will have a fight! Whoever wins will take the girl as apprentice. And, he shall also take the title of being the number-one in the world!"

"Let's get on with it!"

Their silhouettes staggered with 'shua' sound. One of them stretched out his left hand, and the other one stretched his right hand. And, the spiritual energy suddenly gathered in the air in a frightening manner.

"Ahm Ahm… this junior has a better idea," Chu Yang coughed twice. He had realized that these two were about to cause a big calamity here. So, Minister Chu had no other choice but to come over to broker a compromise.

"What idea?" Both the old fogies turned their heads and looked at him. Was a fight going to help either of them? They had been fighting for more than ten-thousand years. However, they still hadn't been able to decide the winner. Therefore, it would be of no help… if they were to have a fight now.

"I have a good way to decide who can have her as their apprentice… and decide the victor. This way no one's morale or body would get hurt…" Chu Yang slyly smiled.

"What is that good way? Is such a good way even possible?" The eyes of Ning Tian Ya and Bu Liu Qing lit up. Four substantial white lights firmly emitted out of their eyes, and shone intensely on Chu Yang's body like four searchlights.

"In this way… both the seniors can take her as apprentice… Um… In other words, she can accept both of you as her master. How about… she would be with one of the masters this month, and she would be with her other master the next… Then, she could compare the advancement of both the months. The outcome would become obvious at one glance in this manner. Moreover, the same process of comparison can be restarted in the third month if the final outcome would be somehow unacceptable… wouldn't you be able to decide the winner at the end of her apprenticeship in this manner?"

Chu Yang smiled slyly at first. He then mischievously laughed twice at the end of his long speech.

"Good kid…" Ning Tian Ya stroked his chin and said thoughtfully, "You want us two old fellows to compete among ourselves, and work our hearts out for this little girl? And, being inattentive would be out of question while doing so…? Wouldn't it be like enslaving the both of us? Huh? Well, you are very gutsy!"

Chu Yang smiled in a ridiculing way.

"This kid is too clever!" Bu Liu Qing squinted and looked at Chu Yang, "This idea is too bad!"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "What's wrong? Would you not dare to co

mpete? Are you both afraid to lose to your opponent?" he sighed and continued, "I understand. Practicing skills and teaching apprentices are two different things… So, not having that kind of confidence is normal! The one who isn't confident can back off. After all, what's the point of arguing over it?"

The two Supreme Level Experts opened their eyes wide in stare.

They clearly knew that Chu Yang was provoking them by making negative remarks. But, who would be ready to admit defeat at this moment? Whoever admitted defeat would lose the apprentice with a physique that had appeared for the first time since ages!

Ning Tian Ya opened his eyes wide, and spoke in a weak tone, "But… this can be considered a good idea…"

However, Bu Liu Qing was sullen over it. He repeatedly nodded in confusion, "Right. This is a good way. A good way…" He observed Chu Yang's eyes, and found it hard to digest that smirking face of his'.

Both of the Supreme Level Experts were somewhat depressed.

They had thought of keeping her to themselves. But, it turned out that they would have to be share her instead…?

Ning Tian Ya was particularly feeling so regretful that he wanted to hit a wall. [This wouldn't have turned into such a messy matter if I had managed to obtain this apprentice back then. But, the situation is different now. So, I would have to carefully understand the system of this apprentice. Moreover, I would have to train her with all my heart. I will have to supervise her with all my strength. Also, I would have to rack my brains in order to keep my apprentice under my control and not my rival's…]

[But, most of the right to decide to stay under whose mentorship… isn't in my hands… Instead, it is in the apprentice's…]

[But, this apprentice is a little doll with powered makeup and jade-like features… I can't beat her up. I can't scold her. In fact, she might start crying even if were to talk to her in a strict tone…]

Both the Supreme Level Experts sighed in their hearts. They looked anxious… [How will this ever turn out to be good?]

However, they looked at each other, and saw that the person opposite to them also had a confused look on his face. So, they got excited, [Is he also confused? This can be a good time to deal with him.]

"I won't let you have control over her!" both of them exhaled fiercely from their nostrils like a bull as they resolutely declared.

"Then, I will take her for the first month!"

"Nonsense! Why would you?"

Both of them again stood in front of each other… as if they were in a cock fight.

"Oh my… You can use rock-paper-scissor to decide…" Chu Yang couldn't help but interrupt. He had merely wanted to settle the dispute.

"You shut up!" Both of them turned their heads and shouted loudly, "You brat… you are the one who put us in this trouble…!"

However, both of them discussed this matter further. And, they agreed to make decision by a childish game like rock-paper-scissor since they didn't have a better option…

Thereupon, Bu Liu Qing won! He laughed heartily thrice.

Ning Tian Ya lost. He touched his nose since he felt upset. He then suddenly declared – He would go wherever Bu Liu Qing goes from now on… And, he would watch over to prevent Bu Liu Qing from treating her badly and so on…

Obviously, the general orientation had been decided. The rest were mere minor details and trivial matters…

These two planned for some time, and they haggled over every cent. They divided the practising time of Mo Qing Wu's. After that, they unleashed a belly full of grievances and insults at each other to coax their endless depression and frustrations. And then, they shook hands symbolically…

Then, there appeared another issue after the cute little girl had become their apprentice.

Two masters were taking turns to teach her. So, who would be the Great Master? And, who would be the Second Master?

Chu Yang put forward a suggestion while braving the danger that might spurt out, "Both of you would be called masters. Um, Master Ning, Master Bu… like that…? Let the little girl finish the apprenticeship first. Then, she will decide who would be the Great Master and who would be the Second Master…"

Thus, Minister Chu had placed the authority to deliver the right of attribution of the 'number-one in the world' in the hands of the cute little girl with words as light as feather. However, the girl was obviously still naïve, and didn't understand anything.

[Don't you dare show a little bit of negligence while training Little Wu? He-he… I will see how you two won't put all your heart into this! After all, this is the issue of ten-thousand years of fame and reputation…]

[I am not willing to believe that you two don't care. And, how would you have gotten the title of 'number-one in the world' if you didn't care? Which of you would've been fighting for ten-thousand years if you didn't care?]

"You ruthless little!" The two Supreme Level Experts sullenly pinched their noses and restrained themselves.

Both of them were wise and experienced. They could see that this boy was the backbone of this little girl. [We wouldn't have gotten Little Wu as our apprentice if this boy weren't in a good mood. This small girl would've lifted her hands and feet in disapproval for sure. And then, she would have turned back and walked away without the slightest of hesitation…]

Consequently, both of them would've suffered from a dead loss. And, neither could've gotten this apprentice…

Both of them kneaded their fingers, and two high platforms rose up from the ground. They both sat on the platforms side by side in dignified manner. Then, they received the nine respects that were paid by the little girl. Then, they both spoke up while attempting to outdo the other, "Little apprentice, please get up!"

These words already seemed to be somewhat doting in mannerism. The masters had used the word 'please' while talking to the apprentice…

"We will leave now. It will good to set the foundation of this girl as soon as we return." Bu Liu Qing was somewhat impatient. After all, this month was his turn…

'Elder Brother Chu Yang…" The little girl made a sad face, and tears started to stream down her face. She spread her hands and hugged him tightly. "I can't bear to leave you…"

"It's all right… it's only for a short time, isn't it?" Chu Yang was upset in his heart. But, he forced himself to wear a smile as he said, "You can request your master to take you to meet me if you miss me and can't take it anymore."

"Ok," Mo Qing Wu's eyes lit up. She heavily nodded.

She let go of his hand, and slowly drew back. Her big eyes were filled with unwillingness to let go. She withdrew a few steps at first. But, she then suddenly leapt up and threw herself in Chu Yang's arms. She sobbed as she exerted her all strength and kissed Chu Yang on the face with her petal-like lips. However, she felt that it wasn't enough… So, she kissed several times more.

She moved closer to Chu Yang's ear and said, "Elder Brother Chu Yang… you won't forget me, right?"

"Of course not." Chu Yang replied, "How can I forget my Qing Wu?"

"Then, you kiss me." Mo Qing pouted her mouth. Then, she titled her head and looked at him.

Chu Yang moved his mouth closer to her, and kissed her cheek twice with smooching sounds. Bu Liu Qing and Ning Tian Ya looked at this, and felt anxious and conflicted. This was obviously complete jealousy. [This bastard kid is kissing my apprentice! My apprentice is so little…]

Chu Yang tightly held Mo Qing Wu in his arms. He rapaciously breathed-in the fresh scent of the little girl a few times. A while passed like this. Then, he endured the pain of parting, and put her down with a heavy heart. After that, he said, "Leave, now. Elder Brother Chu Yang will wait for you to come back."

"Um," The cute little girl turned around and walked a few steps. She turned her head around after three steps. Her eyes were full of tears.

"You must not…" The little girl didn't speak after that. She only looked back foolishly towards Chu Yang. She had an expression of overwhelming sadness in her eyes despite her young age…

"Let's go." Ning Tian Ya was somewhat impatient. He waved his hand. He wanted to take away the apprentice.

"Hey!" Chu Yang coughed and said, "Two Supreme Seniors, I have helped you get such a good apprentice. And, I've also solved a big problem for you. Do you have nothing to say?"

"To say?" Bu Liu Qing looked at him very fiercely, "Boy, don't be so cheap. We have already been cheated by you for the rest of our lives… And, you still want more benefits?! Put a check on your wild intentions…"

"What do you mean by more benefits? I have been helping you out for so long! Are you telling me that it all went in vain?" Chu Yang's face had somewhat depressed and ridiculing expressions. The little girl's also giggled even though her eyes were full from the pain of separation.

"Hurry up and leave…" Ning Tian Ya stared at him.

Chu Yang shouted at the top of his voice, "Qing Wu… You have to get some good things out of your both masters when you get there. The things that you wouldn't need would be very useful to your Elder Brother Chu Yang. The more the better! These two masters of yours have plenty of good things, ah."

Mo Qing Wu firmly raised her little clenched fist and waved, "Don't worry, Elder Brother Chu Yang. I will wipe them clean! And, I will give everything to you, Elder Brother Chu Yang!"

The two Supreme Level Experts stumbled, and nearly fell on the ground. [Have we received an apprentice or a hungry wolf?]

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