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"Why?" Chu Yang gawked and halted his steps.

"Because your road is… different," the Sword Spirit had never been this cautious before. He said, "You are free to upgrade their strengths quickly if you only want a bunch of martial arts thugs… But… it's better that you don't if you want genuine brothers who stay with you forever!"

"Why? It is good… if their strengths upgrade, right?" Chu Yang was at a loss as he asked.

"In short… it's not good," the Sword Spirit replied, "I can't tell you why it is not good since my memory is sealed. But, I can faintly sense that… it would be best if it doesn't happen. The best thing for them would be to solidify their cultivation, improve their aptitude, and make them accumulate the martial power one step at a time so that they eventually reach the peak.

"This is the right way!" the Sword Spirit said, "I am saying these words at a risk… but, I must do it. It's because I will have to relive the fate of the last 90,000 years if you do what you intend to do for them…"

A mysterious light suddenly flashed in Chu Yang's mind. He raised his head and looked towards the Sword Spirit.

The Sword Spirit became agape and speechless. He immediately covered his mouth. He had realized that he shouldn't have said these last few words.

"Then, make the medicine that solidifies the foundation of cultivation," Chu Yang glared at the Sword Spirit as he slowly said.

The Sword Spirit's face filled with a happy expression, and he repeatedly nodded.

The reminder that he had given this time could genuinely be regarded as a big risk. But, Chu Yang could feel that it was the Sword Spirit's only hope! The Sword Spirit wanted to struggle free of his predestination… he wanted to break free from the cycle of reincarnation!

Therefore, the Sword Spirit didn't wish to let go of this opportunity.

An upgrade using a medicinal pill would make the Nine Tribulations Sword unintentionally leave a mark on the hearts and consciousness of Gu Du Xing and others.

As a result, Chu Yang would only end up walking on the same old road of the previous Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword by doing so!

Chu Yang's face was tranquil even though monstrous waves were raging in his heart!

"I will have to relive the fate of the last 90,000 years!" these words of the Sword Spirit had made Chu Yang nervous and frightened.

[The world will change when the Nine Tribulations Sword would appear. The Nine Great Clans of the Nine Heavens will become scattered ashes, and will vanish in a puff of smoke. They will be replaced by the new Nine Great Clans.]

[So… why are there Nine Great Clans? And not Five Great Clans…? Couldn't there be Ten Great Clans? Why nine…?]

[This nine… Does this have some relation with the Nine Tribulations Sword?]

[Another thing is — The Nine Tribulations Sword stays in seclusion in different places for ten-thousand years every time it comes into being! In other words… it stays hidden for ten-thousand years.]

[So, the Nine Tribulations Sword does the unification of the entire Nine Heavens when the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword obtains the Nine Tribulations Sword… but, how long does it take? It certainly won't take too long this time for sure. May be up to a few hundred years at the most…]

[But then, the Nine Tribulations Sword will break into fragments, and remains in burial for ten-thousand years again… But, where does that Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword go during that period?]

These thoughts made the cold seep into Chu Yang's vest. In fact, it sent shivers down his spines! He felt as if an invisible and big net had shrouded him. He felt overwhelmed.

He had no place to go!

Thus, his destiny was set by the Heavens. And, the Heaven's wish was clear!

The road of the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword was similar to the road of life itself. The arrangement was so — One will grow old regardless of whether one is moving or motionless. Similarly, one embarks on the path of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master no matter one is moving or not!

We all live for ourselves. We work for our own selfish reasons. Everything that we do adds up together, and unwittingly leads us to the road the Heavens have set for us.

This is the Will of Heavens!

Chu Yang had obtained the Nine Tribulations Sword, and had then witnessed the death of Mo Qing Wu! He didn't want to let her die. So, his only option was to reverse fate. He had to reverse the destiny! He had to arrive at Iron Cloud. And then, he had to face Diwu Qing Ruo. Countless people of the two countries had suffered because of the war…

And, all of this had been consistent with the path of Nine Tribulations Sword's Master!

He needed to obtain the Nine Tribulations Pill in order to save Mo Qing Wu. For that, he needed to upgrade the Nine Tribulations Sword step by step. And, he had reached the present situation in the process.

And, the Upper Three Heavens was still waiting for him.

And, that's because Chu Yang's history was there. His parents were there!

He had been careless in his previous life because he had no responsibility. But, could he remain careless in this life? Therefore, Chu Yang was determined that he would go to the Upper Three Heavens… even if his body would be torn and bones were to get crushed.

However, he would get closer and closer to the road of the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword as long as he would go there! In other words… the heavens had set the road for Chu Yang… And, it was the same old road of the Nine Tribulations Sword's Master!

One could see that Chu Yang's life had kept pushing him forwards as it had carried on. And, the progress wasn't a little bit either!

Chu Yang had started to stream with cold sweat as he thought of all this. In fact, he was absolutely terrified.

[Is it really irreversible?]

[I think it is reversible, but it would be a very long process.]

Suddenly, an idea came into Chu Yang's mind, [What if I go into seclusion along with Mo Qing Wu after she's cured? Then, I wouldn't need to worry about everything else, right?]

[Is it unavoidable?]

Chu Yang came out of the mine of White Crystals with a heavy heart.

The seriousness on Chu Yang's face was clearly visible when he saw Gu Du Xing and the others. He still hadn't stopped thinking about these matters. The Sword Spirit hadn't spoken a word, and had remained silent. In fact, he hadn't dared to utter a word of disturbance.

"Big Brother…" Luo Ke Di cried out in a manner that made it seem as if he wanted to cry but had no tears to shed.

Chu Yang became dumbstruck.

His four brothers weren't in adequate conditions at the moment. The willpower and physical strength of everyone including Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had been exhausted by the undergoing training with Young master Yu.

In fact, Chu Yang could hardly recognise them when he saw them.

Young Master Yu's 'learning a few things from one another' was indeed very powerful.

In fact, it was direct and downright abusive.

However, the martial skills of Luo Ke di and Ji Mo had increased rapidly under such kind of abuse. They were already on the verge of making a breakthrough. Meanwhile, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had already broken through!

At present, Gu Du Xing was a fourth grade Sword King.

Dong Wu Shang was a fourth grade Saber King!

The cute little girl Mo Qing Wu had been holding the booklet that Jun Xi Zhu had given her this entire time. And, she was carefully studying it. However, she kept the booklet in her bosom when she saw Chu Yang coming back, and jumped over.

"These guys are incredibly amazing at adapting!" Young Master Yu continuously praised them. He had squeezed out the potential of Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others in his unique way over these six days.

The more Young Master Yu squeezed their potential… the more amazed he became! It was simply inconceivable for him to see ordinary human beings having such potential…

"Are the medicinal pills ready?" Chu Yang asked inside his mind.

"Yes, a total of ten Nine Revolutions Divine Pill." Sword Spirit said, "There won't be a direct upgradation or any special effect on the skills after they take this pill. But, it will increase the potential of whoever would take it. It will make their martial arts foundation more outstanding at deeper level. Their meridians will gain more power to withstand. Moreover, they will attain inherent comprehension ability towards heaven's principles. It will also help them make a breakthrough as long as there's an opportunity …"

The Sword Spirit continued, "This is the mildest one among the similar medicinal pills!"

Chu Yang nodded and replied, "This is good!"

He called Gu Du Xing and the others as he said this in his thoughts. Then, he gave one pill to each of them. He explained the function of this pill in detail. And, Gu Du Xing and the others were left dumbfounded as a result. [Such a wonder-pill exists in the world…!]

Chu Yang then approached Young Master Yu and said, "Brother Yu, I want to inconvenience you for a few more days. Please, train them well until the medicinal power of this medicine dissolves. You have more knowledge than all of us in this regard. So, you must pay attention to this thing. Let the efficacy of the medicine dissolve in every meridian and muscles of theirs. Also, please check that the efficacy of the medicine reaches to their brains, Brother Yu."

Young Master Yu laughed out loud, "There would be no problem in this. I won't let them waste even a bit of it. Ha ha ha ha… I will make them wish they were dead!"

"How many more days do we have to go through this?" Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo miserably shouted in unison as they looked at each other in dismay. They wanted to cry, but had no tears to shed. Young Master Yu had already been making them practice very hard since the past few days. However, there were still several days left of this torture…?

"Has there been any activity of the ninth grade spirit beasts during these days?" Chu Yang asked. He was somewhat concerned about this matter.

"No. Um, someone ran into a Ninth Grade Wind Fox during the night time three days ago. But, that thing was too fast. It seemed as if it hadn't even appeared at all. Later, a few corpses were found. They were killed by the fierce claws of a ninth grade Fire Lion. So, it seems that ninth grade spirit beasts are present here. Also, there is more than one."

Young Master Yu continued in high spirits, "I feel relieved as long as the existence of this thing is certain. I am not impatient for the time being. Moreover… it is obvious that the ninth grade spirit beast isn't easy to cope with."

"Well! We will deal with it if possible." Chu Yang nodded in affirmation and said, "But, I am going to handle some matter first."

He held Mo Qing Wu's hand while he said this. He turned around and took her to the direction of the mine of White Crystals. It was because he needed an absolutely peaceful place to heal Mo Qing Wu. Also, only the White Crystal mine was sufficiently warm. Moreover, it was spacious enough, and there was no worry to be disturbed there.

Young Master Yu turned around and bared his teeth towards these youngsters when he saw Chu Yang leave. They had already taken the pill by now. He then spoke-up with an evil grin on his face, "Alright brothers, come on!"

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang sighed at the same time. Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo lay fell flat on their faces and lay in the snowy ground.

"Elder Brother Chu Yang, where are you taking me?" Mo Qing Wu curiously asked.

"I am taking you to a fun place…" Chu Yang slightly smiled.

"Is it really so?"

"Yes, of course it is."

"Why are we going?"

"We are going to treat your injury."

"Ah…!" Mo Qing Wu exclaimed in surprise. She didn't know what to think. She suddenly became shy, and squeezed her little head in Chu Yang's arms.

"What's wrong?" Chu Yang was startled by this.

"Uh-huh… I feel shy…" Mo Qing Wu whispered. She was so shy that she could not say anything further.

"Why are you feeling shy?" Chu Yang was at a total loss. [Why is this little girl shy?]

"The wound is in my chest… humph…" Mo Qing Wu pouted and said, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, you are taking advantage of me…"

Chu Yang suddenly stumbled while walking. He couldn't set his footing on the icy ground steadily. And, he firmly fell on his back. His buttocks were caught off-guard, and fell flat on the ground.

Chu Yang crawled up, and looked at the cute little girl in his arms. He was somewhat dumfounded. [This little girl is so young, ah. And, she has already begun to think about such things…]

"Elder Brother Chu Yang, don't worry. Don't be surprised…" Mo Qing Wu moved her blushing face close to Chu Yang's ear and said, "I don't mind… I would've died before I would've let any other person see my wound!"

The cute little girl had spoken unhesitatingly. She again casually said, "It's just that… I still haven't grown up yet… I have just begun to grow… So, Elder Brother Chu Yang… you may not like it…"

Chu Yang was left baffled by this. He wildly bolted in while carrying her in his arms.

[Oh my Heavens! You beat me up! Kill me by a lightning bolt! A beast like me…]

Mo Qing Wu shyly curled up in his bosom. Then, she quietly said, "I will grow up in the future…"

Chu Yang's feet stumbled again.

[Forgive me… Boohoohoo…]

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