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The sword light erupted like thunder! The sword energy crashed onto the earth like a landslide!

In this moment...


Everyone was unaware!

Chu Fei Ling was unaware. He was on the other side when the kid suddenly cussed out loud to vent his anger, and then jumped behind him to seek his protection. Therefore, Chu Fei Ling also got ready to help out.

The enemy side had already lost a person by now. So, there was no longer a threat of that terrifying array formation. Therefore, there was no need for a Ninth Grade Emperor Level Expert like Chu Fei Ling to be scared of the remaining eight!

However, he had never thought that this guy would suddenly attack without giving him any prior indication! And, that too in such a wild manner! 

The remaining seven saber emperors were also unaware. [Crap! How did this piteous little youth transform into the oppressive King of Hell in the blink of an eye?]

And, the person most oblivious to this was obviously none other than Ye Ran Mo – the great Saber Emperor!

This great man was filled with anger and hate. He was ready to hear what the young boy was going to say, and had his head titled to one side in anticipation. In fact, he was so interested in the information that he let his guard down. Therefore, he was completely defenseless, and simply didn’t get a chance to defend himself when a raging tsunami of sword energy suddenly erupted upon his head!

And, this was eruption of a real tragedy!

Ye Ran Mo screamed wildly. And, his body unceasingly trembled and convulsed while he struggled within the sword light…

Chu Yang had unleashed the sword arts of the Nine Tribulations Sword. How could they be merciful? It could be said that the Chu Yang of this life — as well as the previous life — had never known what mercy was!

The sword light poured down like rain. ‘Poof!’ Ye Ran Mo’s eyes had been full of intense curiosity to learn about the murderer when the attack began.

Ye Ran Mo yelled wildly, and his voice had barely spread out…

And, the sword moves exploded…

Shua Shua Shua!

Shua Shua Shua!

Ye Ran Mo extended his hand to protect his head. However… shua shua shua, the Nine Tribulations Sword’s attacks were very swift and sharp. Ye Ran Mo’s arms were reduced to mere bones in a jiffy, and ultimately got crushed…

‘Poof’ a big hole appeared in Ye Ran Mo’s chest. This was done by the sword move ‘what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’.

…. ….

It seemed as if everyone at the scene had been struck by lightning. They were staring at Ye Ran Mo’s convulsing body like foolish ducks. His body was being torn, and his flesh was being ripped apart. His head turned into a ‘pirate skull’ the next moment; there was no trace of flesh and blood on it. Then, his entire body turned into skeleton. And then, he turned into scarlet dust, and scattered everywhere with a ‘swoosh’… 

Ye Ran Mo had disappeared!

It could be said that Ye Ran Mo – the Sixth Grade Saber Emperor – had been so stuck on finding the murderer that he didn’t even get a chance to fight back… In fact, it should be said that the very idea of fighting back never arose in his mind as he lost his life!

Ye Ran Mo would perhaps find out about this in the after-life. He’d get so mad that he might even come back to life if that were to happen… but then, he’d die again from an excess of anger!

The most bizarre thing was… Ye Ran Mo had already disappeared, but the crisscrossing sword light was still ravaging the bits of flesh and blood that floated in the air. 

The sword light’s eruption finally came to an end…

Chu Yang somersaulted in the air before anyone could come back to their senses, and swiftly reached behind Chu Fei Ling to hide. After that, he gesticulated with his hands to give orders in a bossy manner, "What are you waiting for? Why are you just standing here and gawking? Hurry and kill them!"

Chu Fei Ling was watching with his mouth wide opened. He finally closed his mouth with a ‘click’, and took a deep breath. Then, he turned around in bewilderment, and looked at Chu Yang, "You, you, you... did you kill him?!"

Chu Fei Ling felt as if there was only chaos in his head!

[How’s this possible? How can this be? How can a Second Grade King Level break through the ‘energy barrier’ of a Sixth Grade Emperor Level Expert? An Emperor of the Sixth Grade knows how to form a body armor of energy around oneself. This is also the reason why Ye Ran Mo dared to go so close to him in the first place!]

[It’s impossible for Ye Ran Mo to be killed by him; no matter how I look at it! Yet… it has somehow happened!] 

"You don’t say…!" Chu Yang snapped, and spoke as he rolled his eyes. He felt as if his intelligence quotient had been assaulted, [there’s a 99% chance that we have the same origin. Then, why is it that I am so clever, and you are so dumb…?]

"But..." Chu Fei Ling’s brain had stopped working on a temporary basis. So, he couldn’t respond for a while. 

"But what ah...? Right now, it’s important to kill them!" Chu Yang helplessly said, "Big brother, how about you first finish up this task and ask this later? Crap! They’ve come back to their senses… I can’t believe that you wasted time, and allowed this chance to slip by..."

Chu Yang had gotten a stomachache from too much anger…

Those seven people obviously issued loud and uncanny shouts! In fact, their painful voices were heartbreaking. It was the sort of pain where they were in denial; they didn’t wish to believe, but they had no other choice, "Big Brother…!"

The blood mist was floating in the air...

"Why are you calling your big brother? Can’t you see that your big brother has turned into dust?!" Chu Yang maliciously scolded them in an evil way, "What are you calling out for? You can’t understand such an obvious fact that your big brother has vanished in a puff of smoke…? Yet, you’re still calling for him…"

"You killed my big brother!" The black-clothed Old Second turned around, and looked at Chu Yang with hatred in his eyes. Then, he suddenly let out an earth-shattering scream, "You bastard! You… You deserve to die!"

"Not just your big brother…! That one over there... I killed him too." Chu Yang cockily puffed-out his chest, "Why? Do you have the ability to punish me?! I’m the murderer. What of it?!"

The black-clothed Old Second got so furious that his vision darkened. He roared loudly in rage, "Kill him! Avenge Big Brother and the Ninth Brother! Kill him aaaa!!"

Chu Yang hurriedly faced towards Chu Fei Ling, and spoke with a serious look on his face, "Big Brother, now it's your turn to show your great might!"

Chu Fei Ling didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He couldn’t help but think in his heart, [Motherfucker, I wonder how inhumane and evil the parents must’ve been to birth such a buffoon…?]

This unexpected turn of events would’ve really… left anyone speechless.

Who in their right mind would dare to provoke someone like Ye Ran Mo? However, this little devil had actually done it. Moreover, he was truly lucky that there was a family member he could hide behind…

Those seven people were rushing over in rage at the moment. And, all of them had blood-red eyes.

Facing them head on... wasn’t a matter of technique. Chu Yang couldn’t pull this off at his current level. He was hardly a match for any of those seven people even if he thought of giving it a try… In fact, he would only end up giving them the revenge they wanted if he tried to confront them...

That was why Chu Yang had taken cover behind Chu Fei Ling. He waved his hand as he ordered in a confident tone, "Charge!"

Chu Fei Ling couldn’t help but roll his eyes. However, he had no choice. So, he obediently ‘charged’!

Ye Ran Mo – the head of the array formation – was dead. Old Ninth was also dead. The Nine Masters Great Array lacked two masters as a result. Hence, it could no longer be used. As far as the remaining seven ‘Third Grade Saber Emperors’ were concerned… how could they possibly be a match for a Ninth Grade Saber Emperor like Chu Fei Ling? Their enemy was at the peak of Emperor level!

Chu Fei Ling drew his saber in line with this well-thought-out notion, and moved forward to face the enemy. However, he was surprised when he clashed with them. This was because he noticed that the pressure had reduced by three-to-four times compared to earlier!

[What’s going on?]

[Ye Ran Mo’s death was that effective…?]

Chu Fei Ling wasn’t the least bit forgiving. He gave-off the aura of a refined scholar, but his saber skills were deadly. The strengths of the two sides were poles apart. He was like a ‘tiger entering a flock of sheep’. It was a child’s play for him. Boss Chu didn’t even need to defend himself. He was only attacking. And, the enemy fled in panic each time he brandished his saber. However, he himself didn’t need to worry about their attacks.

The resentment bottled-up within him from the time of the earlier besiege finally erupted without restraint!

The saber lights went flying around like the rain. Chu Fei Ling was singlehandedly suppressing seven Saber Emperors! The entire fighting scene was visually similar to a spherical ball of light. This sphere was brimming with dazzling lights, and was exuding a magnificent brilliance under the sunlight!

Chu Yang stood outside this circle of fight. The serious look on his face had disappeared without a trace. He was in ‘learning mode’ at present, and was trying to analyze. There were eight people involved in this fight. And, all of them had Emperor Level cultivation! Each had his own unique skill, and each one was worthy of being observed properly.

The Sword Spirit was continuously explaining about the moves whenever they’d be displayed by those experts. The Sword Spirit was patiently pointing out each-and-every fine detail in the moves, and was explaining methods to improve the offensive power of these moves. He also taught the means to defend against these moves, and the various flaws they had…

Chu Yang was listening with great joy, and seemed intoxicated…

He suddenly heard a scream while he was immersed in his imagination inside that mysterious and boundless martial arts palace. A black-clothed man had leapt-up in the air, but had been suddenly chopped into pieces by Chu Fei Ling’s saber light in midair…

"Chu Fei Ling’s saber attack may have appeared like one strike, but it’s actually nine!" Sword Spirit’s eyes lit up as he said, "You observe his stance. He flicks his wrist upwards when he brandishes his saber. However, he suddenly tilts the saber sideways when the saber has only gone out halfway. And, he maneuvers the saber downwards when the saber’s tip is about to reach its furthest point. This is one set of three movements. Thus, he displays three sets of movements with the help of his wrist to produce nine different strikes. However, the nine saber strikes join together into one attack since there is usually a single target. Therefore, it has a tremendous explosive force, and this force is basically a congregation of the attack force of each strike. And, this accumulated explosive force then blasts as a saber beam. What you are seeing is… a ‘must kill’ move! It’s also the best move to deal the fatal blow!"

Sword Spirit heaved a sigh, and continued, "Don’t you think that this is very simple? But, this move is useless for you if you aren’t skilled in it and cannot get your saber’s tip to the intended spot… or can’t maneuver it properly! This move is called ‘Yellow Flower Blossoms’ in the way of saber cultivation. And, it’s called the same in the way of sword cultivation. It’s just different methods that lead to the same result! It’s hard to imagine that a mere Ninth Grade Saber Emperor is capable of using this move. Only the capable individuals of Monarch Level are able to comprehend this move..."

Chu Yang uttered an ‘en’. Then, he carefully thought about these profound points. However, his mind blanked after much deliberation. And, he couldn’t make any sense of it.

"Your current martial power isn’t enough. So, you can’t use it. In fact, you may end up twisting your wrist if you try to practice this move rashly. You may even break it," the Sword Spirit spoke in a teasing manner.

Chu Yang felt that the Sword Spirit’s attitude towards him had changed since yesterday for some reason. He used to be impolite and rude, but he was being somewhat respectful now…

However, Chu Yang couldn’t understand why such a change had occurred…

Another scream came from the battlefield… and yet another Saber Emperor got killed by Chu Fei Ling’s saber!

Only five people remained at the moment, and their bodies had already been riddled with scars! So, they wouldn’t last much longer. After all, the power of a Ninth Grade Saber Emperor wasn’t something they could withstand!

The black-clothed Old Second bitterly cried out, "Brothers, Same Destination Battle formation!"

The four people complied at once. They then exuded a cold murderous aura from their bodies in unison. An atmosphere of despair suddenly filled the air.

"They wish to cause mutual damage!" Chu Yang was startled in his heart.

"Their target is you!" Sword Spirit exclaimed at once.

The four people bravely dashed on towards Chu Fei Ling with no thought of personal safety. Meanwhile, the black-robed Old Second transformed into a long rainbow with his saber, and streaked past Chu Fei Ling. And, he was fiercely rushing towards Chu Yang!

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