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Chu Yang was rushing about in a mountain forest. He was leaving a trail of dust behind. There were less than 15,000 fleeing troops following behind him! This cat-and-mouse chase had left everyone exhausted!

They had been moving in circles in the mountain forest. But, they had finally come to a stage where they couldn’t persist anymore!

Iron Cloud’s elites were familiar with this terrain. Hence, only the people of the Golden Horse Riders Department were fed up with moving in circles. And so, they were grumbling complaints endlessly.

Moreover, Chu Yang had consciously avoided any sort of water source throughout the chase. He would always rush towards dried up mountain springs. Moreover, everyone was sweating profusely in this burning hot and humid weather. Even Cheng Zi Ang and the others behind him were drenched in sweat. In fact, they were panting heavily with open mouths.

Chu Yang had already anticipated this. That’s why he had provided two water bottles to everyone in his army beforehand. However, it had been 4 hours since their water stock had depleted! And, almost everyone had reached their limit by now. So, it wasn’t hard to guess that the Golden Horse Riders Department was probably in a much worse-off state.

Chu Yang suddenly issued a long and loud whistle. He then urged his horse, and wildly dashed along the ‘fork in the road’ that had appeared up ahead.

His army followed after him. They made a sharp turn around a corner, and entered the fork in the road.

Jing Meng Hun was right behind them, and was darting forward like an arrow. His eyes turned bloodshot as he roared loudly, "They are finished! Chase after them. Overtake them, and then leave no one alive!" Jing Meng Hun had nearly been cussed to death by Chu Yang over the course of this chase. In fact, his belly had long been bursting with anger.

Even the men of the Golden Horse Riders Department couldn’t take it anymore. Each one of them was intolerably thirsty. Most of them were experiencing a ‘dry mouth and chapped lips’ condition.

However, their spirit was roused after they heard their leader’s words. They then rushed after the Iron Cloud’s cavalry, and burst into that fork in the road like a whirlwind. The road ahead had been hidden until now, but it suddenly became visible to them. They saw that the Iron Cloud cavalry had nowhere to go from here on, and were basically at the end of the line. They realized that they could enjoy the killing to their heart’s content as long as they could overtake the Iron Cloud’s troops!

They had been furious over the entire course of the chase, and were desperately waiting for the decisive battle. But, it was finally the time for their revenge to present itself…

Chu Yang was leading the troops on the mountain road. He was speeding up. He looked back to confirm that Jing Meng Hun and his men were keeping up. Then, he secretly shouted in his heart, [my plan worked!]

He again turned a corner without the slightest hesitation, and rushed towards the small lake — wherein he had hidden the inner cores of the Lust Dragons.

Some people had fallen from their horses along the sides of the road since they hadn’t been able to bear the thirst any longer...

"Speed up! Speed up!" Chu Yang clamored, "There’s a water source up ahead!"

Everyone’s spirits were aroused as soon as they heard these words. They tightly clenched their teeth, bent down on the horseback, and crazily rode forward.

"There’s a water source up ahead?" Jing Meng Hun was also excited to hear that. They had been fighting and chasing all day long. And, that too in such a hot weather! Could a bottle of water possibly last that long? Not even a drop of water remained inside the water bottle. Even Jing Meng Hun couldn’t bear staying thirsty for one whole day…

"Hurry up, everyone! There’s a water source up ahead!" Jing Meng Hun also shouted to inform everyone. This instantly roused up everyone’s spirits multiple folds.

Chu Yang led the large military force, and crossed the lake like a whirlwind. He had secretly prohibited anyone from drinking the lake water. Moreover, he had sent several horses to run into the lake, and defecate everywhere in order to make the water filthy. The soldiers then got on their horses, and sped away once they had completed this devious assignment.

Jing Meng Hun arrived, and saw that several lumps of horseshit were floating on the rippling water surface. He couldn’t stop his eyes from turning bloodshot from anger.

However, the present situation was such… that he would die of thirst if he didn’t drink water.

"Filter out those filthy things. Hurry up, and fill your water bottles!" Jing Meng Hun nearly vomited blood when he realized that they must drink this water… even if it was filthy.

However, the army behind him didn’t have these scruples, [Damn! So what if there’s horseshit floating in the water? It’s still water! This water can save our lives at this time!]

Everyone swarmed around, and drank a bellyful of water. Then, they filled their water bottles, and felt completely rejuvenated. Everyone was soon done drinking the water. Next, the horses were led to the lakeside in order to allow them to drink the water.

However, Jing Meng Hun was seething with anger on the horseback. The deputy general remained silent as he filled a water bottle, and handed it over to Jing Meng Hun.

Jing Meng Hun heaved a deep sigh and said, "I never thought that a dignified Nine Grade King Level Expert like myself would ever be subjected to such humiliation! I swear I won’t call myself a ‘man’ if I don’t take revenge for this!"

He spoke this, and put the bottle’s opening in his mouth, and took several gulps of water in one go.

The deputy general stretched the corners of his mouth in a ridiculing smile, and said in his heart, [a great person like you may find this water filthy, but its good-enough for most of us as long as it quenches our thirst. Forget about a few lumps of horseshit floating in the water… would you not drink this water to save your life even if the lake was completely filled with horseshit?]

[You will die if you don’t drink it! And here you’re fu*king talking about shame and humiliation...]

Everyone’s vitality was roused a hundredfold after they had filled their bellies with lots of water. And, they suddenly had a high morale, and fight spirit. Jing Meng Hun let out a long and loud clamor, "Everyone, get on your horses, and continue to chase after King of Hell Chu!"


More than 20,000 riders lunged forward like a giant black dragon!

"Minister Chu, they drank it." Cheng Zi Ang grinned with his withered lips. The expression in his eyes was clearly a schadenfreude one. The people on his side weren’t allowed to drink the lake water, but the enemy had ingested it... one could very well imagine that something had been dissolved in it…

"They drank?" Chu Yang couldn’t stop himself from bursting into laughter, "They drank it. They actually drank it!"

"What’s in the water?" Cheng Zi Ang rode over to his side, and asked in a whisper.

"Some aphrodisiac; that’s all." Chu Yang winked, "A kind of aphrodisiac which can kill you if you don’t copulate with a woman within 5 hours of consuming it. The victim’s body festers up, and he dies if he can’t..."

"Ss..." Cheng Zi Ang sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

[This... this this... this is really cruel ah! Aphrodisiac... holy crap! There have been no women in a radius of thousands of kilometers for thousands of years ever since this area has been turned into a battlefield...]

[This move is very... cruel.] Cheng Zi Ang smacked his lips. His entire body trembled. And, he suddenly no longer felt thirsty…

[Many of these mountain herbs can be used as raw materials for antidotes in case you had poisoned them. In fact, soldiers keep herbs and medicinal ingredient on their body as accessories. So, they can drag on for some time if you had poisoned them. Moreover, the water in the lake is flowing slowly, but it is still running-water at the end of the day. So, the toxicity won’t be that heavy… perhaps the water may still be poisonous, but the victim might be able to drag on for some time before the poison’s effect takes over…

[But, with an aphrodisiac in the picture... they simply can’t reverse this desperate situation. In fact, they are simply powerless!]

Chen Yu Tong was standing nearby. And, he was chuckling endlessly.

"Why are you laughing?" Cheng Zi Ang asked.

"I am laughing... wa ha ha ha..." Chen Yu Tong drew back the corners of his mouth in a grin, and spoke, "If those guys really couldn’t hold back… and ended up doing it with the warhorses… the thought… the very thought of watching more than 20,000 people moaning while ‘doing’ with their warhorses is making me overjoyed. That will be Golden Horses, and the Riders, ‘lying down’ together ah..."

"Fu*k!" Cheng Zi Ang’s cursed in rage as his complexion turned dark. But, he also smiled a bit. Then, he somewhat anxiously turned towards Chu Yang and asked, "Minister Chu, can... can it be detoxified by doing it with the warhorses?"

"That’s utter nonsense!" Chu Yang silently looked at him, "Can warhorses become your wife?"

"Uh... uh..." Cheng Zi Ang lowered his head. He didn’t dare to speak further.

"Let’s move out, and go as far as possible! We will just move around for 2 hours, and then make a round trip back to the battlefield!" Chu Yang chuckled, "We must defeat them fair and square in the battlefield!"

[Defeat them fair and square?]

The facial muscles of Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong twitched at the same time. [You have given so much aphrodisiac to those guys! It can be estimated that those guy will have started to fester up by the time we return to the battlefield. Don’t you think it’s quite shameless of you to say ‘defeat them fair and square’?]

Everyone got on their horses, and raced away.


Jing Meng Hun could faintly feel that something was fishy.

One hour had passed since he had drunk the water. And, he had suddenly begun to feel more and more feverish. Moreover, he felt as if the heat was coming out of his body.

King Level Expert Jing felt a little ashamed. He hadn’t even ridden the hoses for a day, and his thighs had still started to go numb from the rubbing. And, King Level Expert Jing made a shameful discovery when he realized that the friction between his crotch and the horse’s back had surprisingly incited a reaction down there...

[Crap! What’s going on!]

Jing Meng Hun also began to experience a dry mouth and tongue. The thing down was getting harder and harder, hotter and hotter with every passing minute… just like a red-hot iron bar. This was making him feel very uncomfortable.

King Level Expert Jing was awfully embarrassed. He bent over on the horseback to lower his body and concealed himself, [motherfu*ker, if my subordinates saw that I’ve got a hard on from riding a horse... that would destroy my dignity as a man.]

However, he was very excited in his heart. Moreover, he was experiencing a blood rush throughout his body. He was having a very weird and ticklish feeling in his entire body. He felt as if that ‘masculine impulse’ had suddenly returned to his body after a long absence…

In fact, Jing Meng Hun felt that the wind blowing against his face was full of tenderness. Gentle like… his wife’s tender hand on the wedding night…

Jing Meng Hun’s vision soon began to blur a little. He couldn’t help but think of that night... [Ah! My wife… I didn’t even realize that you’ve been gone for so many years...]

Jing Meng Hun’s eyes were full of gentleness as he recalled the most beautiful years of his life. He couldn’t help but heave a long and sour sigh in his heart...

He was dashing against the wind as he pushed forward. However, his train of thought had already started to wander far away...

His subordinates were blushing in the back. Their eyes were emitting stimulated rays of light... everyone was breathing heavily… and that too in a rhythmic manner...

The warhorses were also getting more and more excited. They sped up, and became vigorous and livelier. Furthermore, they began to jump-about needlessly, and started to hop around continually...

If one would lower one’s line of sight a little… one would see that it was already erect down there… like a big red spear! It was like thousands of stampeding horses going ahead full speed – with thousands of spears – ready for battle...

However, this beautiful and hazy feeling vanished when the second hour passed. And, everyone fell into a berserk state. Their eyes turned red. And, they all began to gasp for breath...

Jing Meng Hun awakened from the recollection that had filled his heart with overwhelming emotions. He was now sure that something wasn’t wrong, [don’t tell me!] He turned around, and what he saw… left him completely baffled! His subordinates were also in the same state as he was — bloodshot eyes, gasping for breath, and full of desire...


Jing Meng Hun was so frightened… that his soul seemed to have left his body, and had then flown beyond the confines of the sky!

[My God, when did it happen? When were we all given an aphrodisiac?] The feeling of restlessness was getting more and more powerful in his body. And, he had started to burn with impatience.

He suddenly thought of that lake, and it flashed in his mind like lightning. He immediately understood everything. He couldn’t control his grief and indignation, and let out a long and loud cry, "King of Hell Chu... you are very cruel! King of Hell Chu! You are very cruel! You are very cruel..."

Jing Meng Hun stared in anger while he was being torn apart by desire!

King Level Expert Jing had realized what was going on, but he was still puzzled, [where did King of Hell Chu bring so much aphrodisiac from? Tossing lots of aphrodisiac into such a large lake with running-water won’t work for sure. What exactly did he use?]

He was unaware that King of Hell Chu had used the aphrodisiac that had been derived from those flood dragons who had appeared in the midst of the mountain fire that he had started. Moreover, Jing Meng Hun had personally wounded those flood dragons. This was just like… Jing Meng Hun had given these flood dragons to King of Hell Chu as presents!

Jing Meng Hun had personally started the fire that had compelled the flood dragons to come out. Then, he had personally wounded the flood dragons. So, he had basically wrapped them up as presents for Chu Yang. And now, Chu Yang had used the lust poison of those very flood dragons on Jing Meng Hun...

Jing Meng Hun would probably not wait for the lust poison to take its course if he found out about all this. In fact, he would’ve snapped his own neck the very next moment...! Can such a thing happen in this world? This was simply unimaginable. In fact, this was out-rightly inconceivable...

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