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Chapter 1415: 1415

Mo Tianji grinned and looked at Chu Yang very meaningfully . “You can rest totally assured about this . As long as you treat my younger sister well, I’m fine even if you order me about and make me do things for you . ”

Chu Yang flew into a rage and said rather guiltily, “Nonsense! Am I that kind of person!”

Mo Tianji snorted and rolled his eyes . “Don’t forget that female emperor of yours in the Lower Three Heavens! Hmph…”

Chu Yang replied furiously, “I’ve already spoken to you about that!”

Mo Tianji snorted another couple of times and replied, “In any case, you mustn’t make my sister sad!”

Chu Yang grimaced painfully . “Shut up!”

Laughing aloud, Mo Tianji turned and left gracefully . When he reached the entrance of the tent, he suddenly turned around and walked back . He ripped off the map on the wall that he had just doodled a mess all over, balling it up and crushing it into dust .

Only then did he walk out of the tent .

Chu Yang took his hat off him .

The degree of this fellow’s caution is incredible . To think he’s actually worried that our secrets will leak out even though I’m here watching over it .

Raising his head, he sank into thought .

If Diwu Qingrou got wind of what’s going on here, what would he do? What would he think of it? Everything that Mo Tianji envisaged is no doubt extremely wonderful .

But would Diwu Qingrou allow everything to go according to Mo Tianji’s plan?

The next day .

In the early morning .

With their signature masks on their faces, the brothers walked out of Mother City in an ostentatious manner . For some reason, the news of them leaving got out and along the way, there were actually people who came to see them off . In fact, some of them were even weeping in reluctance for them to leave .

This situation made Ji Mo and Luo Kedi’s jaws drop .

“This guy kills people like flies and can’t tell right from wrong . Why are there so many people who respect and support him?” For the life of him, Ji Mo couldn’t understand the reason why .

“Exactly, this fellow is the chief culprit who destroyed their homes…” Luo Kedi was also terribly confused .

“What the hell do you guys know!” Ao Xieyun chided them in disdain .

“Since we don’t understand, why don’t you tell us then?” Ji Mo and Luo Kedi started to protest in dissatisfaction . “Are we wrong?”

“You’re not wrong . ” Snorting, Ao Xieyun said, “But you don’t understand this world at all . Previously, after tens of thousands of years, the gap between the rich and the poor has already reached a point that made people tremble with outrage!”

“Even people who have no need to worry about food or clothes lamented over the unequal distribution of wealth . ”

“For regular folk like these, not just a hundred thousand people would think that way . ‘If the world were to return to its starting point where everyone starts out from the same starting line, I might not be worse off than others . I can also become a millionaire, a billionaire…’ This was nothing but a fantasy in the past, but now, Mo Tianji has helped to make it come true for them . All of them are starting from zero . ”

“You saw only the cruelty of his methods but not the fairness that he created . To the people, fairness is what gives them respect and convinces them the most! Furthermore, he even planned for the city’s future . People who will live here in the future will be far more blissful than those who lived here in the past… He did kill a lot of people and out of these people he killed, a lot of them were certainly wronged . But so what? The lives of a few people when compared to the happiness of millions of people in the city — Which is more important? This is something that anyone can tell!”

“The massacre now is instead capable of ensuring that for a long time to come, people will not easily break the law . How massive are the benefits that this brings to the people? This is a good deed that brings many years of benefit to them despite the temporary massacre! How can they not respect and support him?”

Ao Xieyun explained solemnly .

“Perhaps that’s the case but those who were originally wealthy have been stripped of their family assets overnight, so why would they support him?” asked Ji Mo who refused to admit defeat .

“That’s why I say you’re foolish . ” Even Xie Danqiong couldn’t stand it anymore . “Poverty is a kind of force . When this force goes out of control, the ones to suffer are always the wealthy . If those riches continue to stay in the hands of the wealthy, the riots of the poor will become unavoidable . It has already happened several times in the past . Not only did the wealthy who were implicated in the riots lose their wealth, but even the lives of their entire family were also lost…”

“Having Mo Tianji take their wealth is the same as guaranteeing their lives! Furthermore, they are also very satisfied, even though they were given the same amount of monetary assets as others . This is because they have more experience than the average person, and also have more channels and connections… Therefore, they are filled with confidence in themselves… Don’t you even know this?”

“In addition, it can even give them that ‘starting all over again’ kind of feeling, as if they are living their life all over again… Do you understand this feeling?”

Xie Danqiong looked at the two goons in contempt .

“No . ” Ji Mo and Luo Kedi shook their heads with great rapport .

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“I can’t bring myself to talk to the two of you anymore…” Xie Danqiong glared at them for a while . Then, he sighed and turned away, muttering to himself, “These are helpless cases…”

Luo Kedi suddenly burst into peals of laughter . “Ji Mo, I’ve only just discovered that Xie Danqiong is indeed very beautiful, especially when he’s glaring . His eyes are dewy and spirited and clear, no wonder people take him as a rabbit…”

Ji Mo nodded repeatedly . “Yes, yes, yes… My heart was almost stolen just now…”

The two goons actually forgot all about what they were arguing over just a moment ago and turned their conversation to evaluating Xie Danqiong from head to toe instead .

Xie Danqiong was so furious that his entire countenance darkened . With a loud shout, he started to chase them around .

At the side, Chu Yang was smiling . Though Ji Mo and Luo Kedi didn’t get it, he understood it completely…

This was just like a person who was doing something that he had always wished to accomplish in his whole life . When he succeeded in accomplishing it, he would have a ‘it’s time to relax after completing a great task’ kind of feeling . At this point, people would usually feel as if there was no longer anything to work toward in their lives anymore . But if one were to erase all his accomplishments and let him work on it all over again… While there would no doubt be a disparity in his mindset for a short period of time, as long as he could adjust his mindset, he would instead find greater pleasure in life .

Almost like a thrill akin to cheating .

Especially when what erased their accomplishments was even something that one couldn’t go against… Humans were able to adapt much faster than any other living creature .

The first thing people did after getting back something they lost and coming back to life after dying wasn’t to resent and to hate immediately . Instead, they would be filled with thankfulness .

Chu Yang sighed inwardly . This was perhaps also a kind of human nature .

The little baby, Yun Nianci, hugged Mo Tianji around the neck and refused to let him leave as tears streamed down her cheeks . Mo Tianji exhibited rare patience and coaxed the three to four years old little loli for a terribly long time, until her tears finally turned into a smile . Only then did he hand her over to someone whom he had appointed . Then, he instructed, “Take care of her properly! If I find that she has lost even a bit of weight when I return, I’ll break your legs…”

With a deflated expression, that person agreed repeatedly as he thought to himself, “Do I even dare to not put effort into this? I’ve already been poisoned by you, you know…”

When they finally disappeared into the distance, the little girl finally burst into tears…

The delicate and weak sound of crying drifted over in the wind . Mo Tianji’s eyes were actually a little red .

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Chu Yang pressed toward him curiously and pretended to be greatly astonished . “My god! Tianji is crying…”

Right away, Ji Mo and Luo Kedi surrounded him with great interest . “Crying? He’s really crying? I thought this guy was incapable of crying . To think he’s actually crying today…”

Mo Tianji’s face was completely red . He bellowed furiously, “You’re the ones crying! All of you are crying!”

And he galloped off swiftly .

The brothers burst into laughter and chased after him while speaking in a funny manner . A loud whistle shot high into the sky — This was Ji Mo’s great work . This fellow picked up things very slowly, but he was a weirdo where learning to be mischievous was something that he understood without even anyone teaching him! Take whistling for example… After being taught twice by Luo Kedi, his was already much crisper and louder than Luo Kedi’s now…

Subsequently, after turning the corner at a mountain, the experts from the various clans chasing after them discovered that they had lost them .

These few people seemed to have vanished into thin air, disappearing without leaving even a trace . They couldn’t help but lament — The Nine Tribulations were just too impressive!

After being here for so many days, they actually didn’t even manage to find out what they looked like .

The only thing they knew was that the surname of one of them was Mo, while they didn’t even know what the surnames of the others were . Their looks were even more of a mystery . Just as they were about to return and deliver the news to their respective clans, all of a sudden, sword light flashed and dazzled in front of them . Flowers bloomed and hidden weapons flew about…

It was Chu Yang and the others who had turned back! With each brother in charge of two to three men, they wiped them out smoothly and cleanly!

After killing their opponents, they didn’t linger even a moment . Neither did they care about how the others were . Each of them chose a direction each and with a flying leap, they disappeared without a trace…

One day later, the Zhuge Clan’s territory was as though a calm and peaceful pot of oil had been lit up at the bottom and started to boil and bubble . Smoke and fire were everywhere . Supposedly, dozens of waves of bandits had launched into action simultaneously and attacked 30 to 40 strongholds of the Zhuge Clan one after another .

Thick smoke from the raging fires billowed into the skies!

A few big words were scrawled on a wall of every area that was attacked —”Withdraw your men!”

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There was no explanation or conclusion to it, just these few words!

In addition, the attackers came and went like ghosts . More often than not, when they thought that the next place to come under attack would be a certain place, it would end up being another place instead . In any case, every attack caught them off-guard and every time they were harassed, it was always during a point where there weren’t a lot of people .

Even the Zhuge Clan who was renowned for their intelligence found themselves terribly taxed and overloaded after suddenly encountering such a shameless battle tactic out of the blue .

Dispatch the experts?

No problem… Because they totally didn’t face their experts head-on at all . No one knew just what kind of method these people used, but they were able to conceal their presence completely without leaking even a wisp . Even ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists weren’t able to locate them .

However, so long as low-leveled Supreme Martial Artists from the Zhuge Clan ended up alone, there was absolutely no chance of them surviving!

For a time, everyone was startled at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind and even trees began to look like enemies .

The Elder Master of the Zhuge Clan flew into a terrible rage, issuing strict orders and activating all the experts in the clan to investigate thoroughly . All the secret forces of the clan were also dispatched . At the same time, they made use of the convenience of being familiar with the terrain to set up trap after trap . Layer after layer of traps surrounded the entire Tianji City, as though an all-reaching net!

But the bizarre thing was that ever since then, nothing happened in Tianji City!

As though those people had already left after creating the disturbance…

Within a mere ten days, the Zhuge Clan’s Tianji City was attacked more than 300 times and more than 200 cases of arson took place . The moment a place was set on fire, absolutely nothing would remain of it…

More than 100 Martial Saint experts were killed . Five to six Supreme Martial Artist experts also perished .

The clan’s monetary assets shrunk by a huge degree…

The entire Zhuge Clan was in a thundering rage yet there was nothing that they could do!

Chaos in the Nine Heavens seemed to start from here . In addition, everyone had a kind of premonition — These chaos had already spread, beginning from the Lan Clan to the Zhuge Clan . Slowly, these little sparks would surely kindle a great fire all the way until it burned throughout the entire Upper Three Heavens!

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