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Chapter 1404: 1404

Seeing the two of them hanging their heads, Chu Yang immediately felt rather exasperated and amused, and he also found them somewhat close and dear . All along, the impression which Mo Tianji had given Chu Yang was that his schemes were flawless and Heavenly Secrets were in his heart . Everything was in his grasp and the world in his heart . He had never seen him in such a sorry state .

Mo Tianji could be said to be in an extremely pathetic state today .

In the case of Gu Duxing, the impression which he had given Chu Yang all along was someone who was calm, sharp, heartless, solitary, firm and resolute in killing and battle, and possessing the courage to brave on ahead . Even though Gu Duxing wasn’t the brainy type, Chu Yang similarly very rarely witnessed Gu Duxing making mistakes .

But Gu Duxing was in an equally sorry state today and had similarly made a mistake .

And a fatalistic mistake at that .

Seeing Gu Duxing’s somewhat fearful, guilty and uneasy expression, Chu Yang suddenly felt a little surreal .

And a little warmed .

These were his brothers at their truest .

Mo Tianji was susceptible to mistakes and so was Gu Duxing . There were things that Mo Tianji would overlook while Gu Duxing could also fall victim to making rash decisions…

This was humans at their truest!

And not the legends from the memories of his past life .

“Our response just now, everything that transpired and… the final outcome . ” Chu Yang mused as he asked, “How do the two of you feel about it?”

Mo Tianji’s mouth spasmed as he said with a smile, “I just feel that Second Brother Gu was rather silly . ”

Gu Duxing snorted and retorted in mockery, “Me too . I suddenly feel that this Master of Calculation and Manipulation also seems just as silly as me . ”

Chu Yang laughed . “Sometimes, this ‘silliness’ is something that only people whom we consider our own and our brothers are privy to . On the other hand, what outsiders see, or how we see outsiders in our eyes, is incomparable shrewdness . ”

“Therefore, this kind of ‘silliness’ in the world is what is most worthy of being cherished!”

Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing exchanged a look, both of them rather thoughtful as they nodded .

“Tianji, this incident has exposed your biggest weakness . Are you aware?” asked Chu Yang .

“I’ve gotten more or less an idea . ” Mo Tianji frowned lightly . “I’m a little too full of myself . And also too reliant on my ability to scheme . Getting trapped in this situation actually doesn’t have much to do with Duxing . ”

“You’re wrong . ” Chu Yang said, “Your ability to scheme and manipulate is your advantage from the start; there’s no need to say much about that . However, your ability to strategize needs to be reduced slightly . ”

“My ability to strategize needs to be reduced slightly?” Mo Tianji didn’t quite understand what he meant .

“Yes . ” Chu Yang explained, “There’s actually a reason behind Duxing’s dissatisfaction this time . If you continue to strategize in this manner and care about every single little thing, this kind of dissatisfaction will appear again in others . ”

Mo Tianji sank into deep thought .

Chu Yang went on . “Your strength is that your plans are very all-encompassing . But that’s also where your flaw lies — Your plans are too all-encompassing! Tasks are meant for people to carry out — Gu Duxing and Luo Kedi carrying out the same task may result in the same outcome, but the process will definitely be vastly different . ”

“This means that every person’s train of thought and way of doing things are different . And you, after considering every aspect, would grasp everything in your hand . But what happens after is that everyone ends up losing their personality . They can only follow your instructions and carry out their task the way you want them to, just like puppets or pawns…”

When he reached this part, Mo Tianji had already completely understood what he was saying . His eyes shot wide open and beads of cold sweat formed on his forehead .

But Chu Yang didn’t seem to notice . He continued speaking, hellbent on expounding and making absolutely clear this reasoning of his . “Let’s not even talk about how Duxing, Ji Mo and the others are all geniuses whose names have become widely known even at a young age . After being ordered around by you time and again like this, even a real fool would lose his patience…”

Chu Yang told him solemnly .

To Mo Tianji, these words of his pointed out a clear path . But at the same time, they were also a huge blow to him .

Chu Yang knew that Mo Tianji had already understood what he meant, but he wanted to say it out loud nonetheless . He wanted to amplify the blow to the maximum it could go!

Only when Mo Tianji experienced the deepest pain and changed himself would the road to maturity for the ‘Master of Calculation and Manipulation’ truly begin .

In fact, this had even occurred to Chu Yang before — Were Mo Tianji to face off with Diwu Qingrou as he was right now, there was no doubt that Mo Tianji would lose . There was no question that he would be hit so hard by Diwu Qingrou that no part of him would be left unscathed . In fact… it might even go so far as his self-confidence breaking down completely, resulting in him becoming completely useless!

Compared to Diwu Qingrou, Mo Tianji was still too young after all .

Therefore, Chu Yang wanted to apply extreme measures so that Mo Tianji could mature and grow at the fastest speed possible!

Desperate times called for desperate measures!

Cold sweat covered Mo Tianji’s forehead . Lowering his head, he said in a somewhat lost manner, “If that’s the case, then… wouldn’t strategies be pointless? Am I supposed to just arrange for them to carry out tasks on their own? And look only at the outcomes? But how can that possibly do?”

“You’ve entered a misconception again . ” Chu Yang asked, “Tianji, you’re very well-versed in painting, so you should know how to draw, right?”

Mo Tianji nodded . “Yes . ”

“Then, do you know what the most important aspect of drawing is?” asked Chu Yang .

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“Brush pressure and layout composition!” Mo Tianji answered .

“Yes, your strategies are jam-packed with details . If your strategies were to be converted into a drawing, the entire sheet of paper would be covered to the brim! However, there’s absolutely no value in a drawing like that . ”

Mo Tianji nodded .

“The composition of a drawing should possess balanced spacing and an appropriate degree of minimalism . ” Chu Yang explained slowly, “In the art of drawing, there’s a technique called ‘negative space’, as well as a technique in calligraphy which is characterized by hollow strokes, as if done with a half-dry brush[1]…”

Mo Tianji’s eyes brightened . He understood what Chu Yang was trying to tell him .

“A composition where it’s always charming whether light or heavy makeup is applied… is the best kind of composition . ” Chu Yang knew that Mo Tianji already understood what he meant . To Mo Tianji, just a line of advice was more than enough . Thus, he didn’t draw it out further with a long-winded explanation, choosing only to add a conclusive sentence . He said, “When used in military tactics, it is… also the best strategy!”

“I understand now!” Mo Tianji took a deep breath . Then, he said seriously, “When I get back, I will apologize to the brothers . And then, I’ll figure out the path I should take as soon as possible!”

“This is the true path you should be taking!” Chu Yang laughed heartily .

Mo Tianji nodded heavily . Then, to Gu Duxing, he said, “Duxing, thank you very much . Thank you very much for your dissatisfaction!”

Gu Duxing became rather embarrassed at once, waving his hand left and right repeatedly in a dumbstruck manner . In fact, he was rather bemused .

I’m in the midst of deeply reflecting upon my mistake right now . How is it that in the blink of an eye, I’m actually being thanked now because of this mistake? And this gratitude is even coming from Mo Tianji?

This… is a little confusing .

As they took in how confused Gu Duxing looked, Mo Tianji and Chu Yang couldn’t help but feel the serious urge to burst into laughter .

It could be said to be extremely difficult to witness such an expression on Gu Duxing’s face . If not for the fact that he was a little distracted today due to his guilt, the two of them definitely wouldn’t have been able to see it . At best, they would only see him pulling a long face with a straight expression and uttering icily, “You’re welcome!”

Right at this point, Xie Danfeng came over to them from afar .

On the other side, a wave of black smoke took off into the distance .

“What’s the matter?” Chu Yang asked . “Why did Tan Tan leave?”

Xie Danfeng sighed . “Because he invoked the Great Three Stars Technique, his demonic nature came back in full force . His overwhelming killing intent was triggered and now there’s no way of restraining it, so he’s heading to the Lan Clan compound now, saying that he’s going to kill every single one of the remaining Lan Clan Supreme Martial Artists…”

Chu Yang, Gu Duxing and Mo Tianji were flabbergasted .

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Xie Danfeng went on . “Actually… It’s because his demonic arts made a comeback by a huge degree this time that caused his true nature to resurface, leading to an unrestrainable situation . Under these circumstances, he needs to return to the Three Stars Divine Clan immediately to undergo a full recovery process… But he’s worried that the few of you would be in danger here, so… he will only do what he can for now…”

Chu Yang took a light breath, murmuring, “Tan Tan, he’s… really given this much thought . ”

“There’s no time to lose, let’s go over and take a look now!”

The four of them hurriedly set off and made their way over swiftly .

In the Lan Clan compound . Err, actually, it couldn’t be considered the Lan Clan’s compound anymore at this point . Calling it a pile of ruins was more appropriate .

The 30-odd Supreme Martial Artists had barely recovered from their shock . Right now, they were waiting for further instructions . Depression and fury pervaded the atmosphere .

The hatred of having their home destroyed was irreconcilable!

This feud must be avenged!

But the Elder Master had ordered them to wait here for the time being, so they could only keep their tempers in check temporarily and wait for further instructions from the Elder Master .

There was an alarming commotion coming from afar earlier . Could the Elder Master have gotten into a fight with the enemies?

Just as anxiety and doubt filled them, the sky in the distance suddenly darkened . A pitch-black cloud swooped toward them at the speed of light . In just the blink of an eye, it was already right above them .

All of them were very puzzled .

Why is this black cloud traveling so fast?

Then, they heard a peal of laughter which made their hair stand on end . “Tell me, am I goddamn handsome or not…”

Everyone’s brains short-circuited in that instant .

This bastard is here again!

Before they could even come up with a response, a violent gust of wind came out of the black fog . A figure surrounded by black smoke swooped down and rushed into the crowd, as though a tiger into a herd of sheep, and proceeded to kill everyone within sight!

This situation was truly as if a monster had suddenly come toward them on a demonic cloud to wreak havoc .

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For a while, tragic screams, sounds of people crashing into each other, cursing and swearing and weird laughter rang out without pause .

With the capability of a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, slaughtering a bunch of wounded low-leveled Supreme Martial Artists who had barely recovered from shock was practically a piece of cake .

Outside a resting pavilion by the road .

“I’m going off . ” Tan Tan seemed to be suppressing something with all his might, but a certain aura that couldn’t really be fully suppressed remained around him .

“I originally wanted to go to the Chu Clan to visit Teacher… but I won’t be able to hold on for long in my current state . I need to return to the Divine Clan immediately and focus on fusing all my memories and soul . ”

“I really find it a huge shame that I cannot fight alongside all of you . ”

“When you see Teacher, give him a kowtow in my stead . I… miss him very much . ”

“Take care!”

“When my situation stabilizes, I will definitely mobilize the troops and aid you in quelling and uniting the Nine Heavens!”

Tan Tan spoke in a serious tone of voice that he had never once used before .

This sort of tone rarely came from Tan Tan in the past . Hearing it now made Chu Yang feel extremely discomfited .

With an expression full of solemnity, Tan Tan bade farewell to Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing . Then, he took a few heavy steps toward Chu Yang and stopped in front of him . Reaching his arms out, he gave him a hug .

Chu Yang only felt a sense of heaviness in his heart . “You…”

Then, he heard Tan Tan lower his voice and say, “Yang Yaaang… Hurry and give me another few liters of that wine of yours so that I can drink it on the way back . And those Souls of Purple Crystals of yours, give me a few more pieces… I haven’t gone back in forever, so I have to bring a bit of stuff back this time no matter what . If I go back empty-handed, I’m going to die of embarrassment…”

Chu Yang was dumbfounded instantly . Then, with a face full of black lines, he swore so furiously that it shook the heavens…

[1] This calligraphy technique simulates a sense of movement and rhythm

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