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Chapter 1371: 1371

Chapter 1371 The Aura of the Sixth Sword Fragmen

The dark night above his head seemed to be lifted slowly by a giant hand, showing the clear blue sky . The ground underneath his feet also slowly started to glow in the color of dawn…

But Chu Yang suddenly realized that the place where he stood was very different .

The sky above his head had been illuminated, and the ground under his feet was all brightened . Besides this mountain range where he was at, it was still the deep dark night in the vicinity!

It seemed that this sky and this earth was not in the same space!

The heavens and earth had already been lit, yet it was actually still night here!

Chu Yang’s breathing quickened .

‘Violet Aura from the East, a bright moon comes out above the mountains . When heaven and earth are covered in the same light, the night is cold and chilly’!

The scene described by these verses finally appeared clearly in front of Chu Yang!

There was definitely no mistake: This was the place that Lang Yilang had described!

The place where Purple Crystals were abundant, a place full of blessings!

Every single thing matched!

Chu Yang’s two hands trembled a little, but his eyes still watched all of this clearly and sharply . He had a clear premonition: The answer to the riddle is about to appear!

Finally, at the moment when the sun rose above the horizon…

A purple light came from the eastern sky and a clear glow emanated from the moon in the west .

Right when the clear glow just appeared on the horizons, the moon sunk below the horizon and was not visible anymore .

But this clear glow still penetrated into this blurry night mist .

On the same night, the purple light also came in persistently .

The clear glow and the purple light met five feet in front of Chu Yang! Right at the moment when the two glows abruptly converged, the point where they met brightened at once . The void that was there disappeared, and the mountains and rocks all around floated upward . In a flash, a passage appeared .

Chu Yang took a deep breath, and his body floated up like a feather and dropped at this intersection . He took two steps forward and entered a magical passage!

Those two rays of light guided Chu Yang past a turn and then disappeared suddenly .

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And then, Chu Yang found that he was facing the south . The dark mist all over the sky disappeared . All around him, everything was clearly visible, including the smallest details . In front of him, a straight passage went toward a dark cave .

The Sword Spirit shouted excitedly, “I feel it! I feel the aura of the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!”

Inside his Dantian, the first five fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword buzzed and vibrated .

The sword intent started moving up and down the Nine Tribulations Sword .

At the entrance of the cave, something in faint purple was about to burst outward!

Chu Yang had smelled the Purple Crystal mine! Yes, inside this cave was an unbelievably thick smell of Purple Crystals!

There must be a super Purple Crystal mine over here! Or it wasn’t a Purple Crystal mine at all, but one gigantic piece of Purple Crystal!

Inside the Purple Crystal was the sharp aura of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

It seemed that it was about to cut through this Pagoda Mountain and fly out!

The Sword Spirit urged, “Go inside! Go in and you’ll get the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!”

Chu Yang’s footsteps stopped at the entrance of the cave .

He could feel the eagerness of the Sword Spirit and also the desire of the Nine Tribulations Sword . But now, he stopped!

If I entered now, I would be able to obtain the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword .

But If I got the sixth fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword, the passage between the three levels of the Nine Heavens continent will be reopened .

And the people of the Lan Clan will definitely send people to check on the Iron Cloud .

Then, will my return or the Lan Clan’s arrival be faster?

It would definitely take some efforts for me to obtain the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword . It may take half a day, one day, or even three days . Everything is possible .

But the Lan Clan was originally on the south side of the continent, and there was a passage to the lower three heavens over there originally!

Within a day, they could reach the Iron Cloud .

I’ll need to obtain the sixth fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword here, then break through the blockade of the Ye Clan, travel day and night to rush to the passage, and then enter the passage down to the Lower Three Heavens and rush to the Iron Cloud!

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Can I make it in time?

Calculating like this, Chu Yang felt that he would be at least three days late!

But at such times, not to mention three days, to be even one day, one hour, or even just an instant too late could cause regrets for a lifetime!

Though he had already improved the strength of Tie Butian and arranged for Feng Qiliang to be there, Chu Yang was clearly aware that such little strength was not enough to fight against the Lan Clan at all!

Twisting his brows, Chu Yang stopped . At the edge of the cave toward the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, he stopped .

And my brothers!

They are all in the Middle Three Heavens, and there’s no knowing if someone has found out the relationship between them . Even if they were only slightly suspected, they would be killed .

Chu Yang frowned, looking upward . He asked via telepathy, “Elder Ning, can you hear me?”

After a moment, Ning Tianya’s voice sounded . “What’s the matter?”

“Could you please come to me for a moment?” Chu Yang asked via telepathy .

In a moment, Ning Tianya descended following the direction of Chu Yang’s voice, and then immediately, he asked, “What’s going on?”

He came down following the voice, yet arrived into a void, but the moment he saw Chu Yang, his world got all bright again and everything returned to normal .

“The wonders of the heaven and earth can’t be explained,” said Chu Yang briefly .

“What’s the matter?” Ning Tianya naturally also knew that in this Pagoda Mountain, many things could not be understood with common logic . He didn’t insist but said, “You look so desperate, is the sky going to collapse?”

Chu Yang laughed and said, “Yes, for me, the sky is going to collapse indeed . ”

Ning Tianya stopped short . “Oh?”

“Elder Ning, come and look at this cave . ” Chu Yang pointed a finger .

“Well, I haven’t found it before . ” Ning Tianya nodded and then got shocked . “Is this the cave Ye Zui inherited from the Extraterrestrial Demons?”

“No!” said Chu Yang seriously . “This will be my inheritance . ”

Ning Tianya was not stupid . He exclaimed, “You mean there’s a fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword inside here?”

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Chu Yang smiled bitterly . “Not only a fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword but a crucial fragment as well . The sixth fragment . As long as I obtain it, it can immediately lead to free passage in the whole of the Nine Heavens…”

Ning Tianya’s expression grew heavy . “I see!”

“But this free passage is what I’m worried about,” said Chu Yang . “I have brothers in the Middle Three Heavens and a woman in the Lower Three Heavens . And the Lan Clan seems already very sure about the identity of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master… Although they aren’t sure that it’s me yet, they know that Her Majesty, the Emperor in the Lower Three Heavens, is the woman of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . ”

Ning Tianya was horrified . “How can you be so careless?”

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . Back then, who would have thought that this could happen today? At that time, it was just a lifesaving thing given to Tie Butian for her to stay safe… Who would think that the impact was so huge?

“So the Lan Clan had arranged a few Supreme Martial Artists from early on, waiting at the Iron Cloud together with the Eldest Young Master of the Lan Clan, Lan Ruo . ” Chu Yang said, “But the last time I went down, I killed all those people!”

Ning Tianya’s eyes widened . “Killed all those people… They went down for the glory of a million years… And you killed them all…”

“Yes, I killed them all . ” Chu Yang spread out his hands . “So this time when the passage opens, the Lan Clan will definitely go down to Iron Cloud at once . ”

He said in a low voice, “I am worried about the safety over there!”

Ning Tianya finally understood . “You mean, you want me to go over, protect them and stop the Lan Clan?”

Chu Yang said, “If you, Elder Ning, are willing, I certainly hope that you can go there yourself!” He said heavily, “For protection!”

Ning Tianya let out a sigh . “Since I met you at the Far North Wastelands of the Middle Three Heavens, boy, this old man has never been comfortable … Now, I’ve actually become your hitter… And I’ve got to travel so far across the Nine Heavens…”

“I was going to go and visit my disciple first,” said Ning Tianya .

And then, he was suddenly stunned .

But Chu Yang didn’t really notice, and he said, “Actually, I feel very embarrassed too . But if you can do me this favor, I will be immensely grateful…”

“Who wants your gratefulness!” Ning Tianya looked around to agree at first, but he became angry suddenly . “I’m not going!”

Chu Yang was dumbfounded .

What’s going on with this old dude?

Ning Tianya said angrily, “I’ve only just realized, that day you kept saying you feel guilty, you were actually talking about my disciple! You’ve got my disciple, and you’re still thinking of having concubines!?”

Chu Yang was confused .

How many days had passed? This old guy actually didn’t get it back then?

The veins on Ning Tianya’s forehead became visible . He was infuriated . “Back then, I only remembered Master Xue’s entrustment and focused on comforting you… I didn’t think that you’re actually such a beast, getting ideas on my poor disciple!”

“You were too extreme and rigid in your past life, so Wu Qianqian gave you gentleness . You were too straightforward and inflexible in your past life, so Tie Butian bestowed upon you wisdom . You were too heartless in your past life, so Mo Qingwu supplemented you with sentiment . ”

Chu Yang repeated this passage and asked, “Elder Ning, do you have a weak memory… Didn’t you tell me this?”

Ning Tianya yelled . “That was what Master Xue had said! I was only repeating… Well, I’ve only known about such sh*tty things recently .

At the same time, Ning Tianya was also wondering .

When Xue Leihan’s words to comfort Chu Yang were repeated, Ning Tianya found that he really did not have any emotional fluctuations .

In the whole period of time back then, he actually felt very calm .

He didn’t realize that the Mo Qingwu in the story was the sole disciple that he loved the most .

Only now, when he heard Chu Yang revisit the old events, did he suddenly come to the realization .

Chu Yang sighed deeply . “I deeply admire your ability to react, how long has it been already…”

Ning Tianya was just as speechless . About this matter, he also felt confused . He just yelled . “You actually want me to go and protect Little Wu’s love rival…”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes . “Don’t you think that… you’re making a fuss for no reason?”

Ning Tianya snorted loudly and still felt uncomfortable inside . He said, “If I go, what about you? These little boys of the Ye Clan are all here to get you!”

Chu Yang frowned . “It won’t take you much time to clean them up a little before you leave, right? You can make all of them disabled, I can go down later to kill them off myself…”

Minister Chu was totally going to recruit cheap labor .

With the world’s best hitter, it would be a loss not to use him!

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