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Chapter 1349

1349 May You Have A Next Lifetime

Chu Le’er shook the arm of Wu Juecheng, who heaved a forlorn sigh .

Hailed as the Poison Doctor back then, not only were his poison techniques powerful, his art of healing was also extremely brilliant! The moment he saw Wei Wuyan, he had known at once that it was hopeless .

Chu Le’er’s eyes turned red and she started sobbing .

“If you don’t want me to kill them, then I’ll get them to scram,” said Wu Juecheng to Chu Yang .

“The sooner the better!” Chu Yang nodded at him . Then, he turned and stated calmly, “The Chen Clan and Chen Tianxing, remember this! My name is Chu Yang! When the day comes when I, Chu Yang, show up at the Chen Clan, that will be the day of the Chen Clan’s destruction!”

Chen Tianxing snorted coldly, wanting to say a few harsh words in response . But his lips moved and he ultimately didn’t .

With a wave, he shouted, “Let’s go!”

And he turned to leave .

Frowning, Wu Juecheng shouted, “Are you leaving just like that? Have you forgotten the rules of the martial world?”

Chen Tianxing was so hateful that he almost threw up blood . He raised his hand and severed his little finger, leaving it behind on the ground . His entire body trembled and he asked, “Elder Wu, would this suffice?”

Wu Juecheng shook his head mercilessly . “No!”

Chen Tianxing took a deep breath, severing another two fingers . “Elder? Do you… find this passable?”

Wu Juecheng’s brows drew together . “If you’re still unable to give me a satisfactory response by the third time, I will take action personally!”

Chen Tianxing let out a deafening bellow . Holding his hand up vertically like a blade, he severed his left arm at the shoulder . Then, he threw the bloody arm on the ground, his entire body spasming . His face deathly pale, he said spitefully, “I’m sure Elder is satisfied now . ”

Wu Juecheng’s expression turned chilly . “You’d better show some respect! This old man is keeping you for Chu Yang; if not, do you think this is enough to satisfy me? Get onto your knees! And bow! Then get lost!”

Chen Tianxing started panting heavily .

Behind him, looks of fury were on everyone’s countenances .

Taking a person’s life was no more than just stopping his breathing . Wu Juecheng was indeed being rather unreasonable . As the seventh old master of the Chen Clan, Chen Tianxing had already severed his fingers and arm thrice, yet he still wanted him to kowtow and beg for mercy before he was willing to let him off?

Wu Juecheng looked at him and said imposingly, “If you do not kowtow, then all of you will die!”

Chen Tianxing let out a great shout . A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth and he dropped to his knees . “Elder Wu, Tianxing takes his leave!”

They absolutely mustn’t die here . If they couldn’t even make it back and the other party went to the clan looking for trouble in the future while they were completely unprepared, it would truly be disastrous…

“Scram!” Wu Juecheng coldly threw out a word .

His body trembling, Chen Tianxing threw up another few mouthfuls of blood, actually unable to get up . With a jerk, he fainted .

The others from the Chen Clan lifted Chen Tianxing and carried him on their backs . All of them were completely silent as they retreated hurriedly .

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From the beginning till the end, Chu Yang didn’t lift his head even once .

Filled with so much hate that blood almost came out of their eyes, Wan Renjie and the other two watched the Chen Clan members leave, their jaws clenched so tightly that the sound of teeth grinding against each other could be heard .

“Le’er, bring out your Heavenly Moonlight Essence! Work with Chu Yang’s Heaven Nourishing Jade and gather his soul fragments for him!” Wu Juecheng instructed .

Under Wu Juecheng’s command, Chu Yang coordinated his actions with his instructions with full effort . As the Heavenly Moonlight Essence and Heaven Nourishing Jade fused together bit by bit, a pure white glow slowly gathered next to Wei Wuyan .

It formed a large circle and enveloped his body .

Then, bits of scattered holographic fragments rose from Wei Wuyan’s body and slowly formed the shape of a human within the circle of light above .

More and more holographic fragments gathered . Gradually, they formed into Wei Wuyan’s appearance .

Tears fell uncontrollably from Chu Le’er’s eyes .

After a long while, the fragments stopped being produced . A holographic image of Wei Wuyan’s body had also been fully formed . He opened his eyes . As though the sight of Chu Yang and the others had entered his sight, his face actually revealed a hint of a comforted smile .

“Brother Wei…” Chu Yang took a deep breath . “Your… your wish has been fulfilled…”

The illusory Wei Wuyan nodded incessantly . There was an urgent look in his eyes .

The Wuyan Sword had already shattered along with his attack . But right now, the illusory Wei Wuyan was actually also holding on to a sword — The Wuyan Sword!

Chu Yang felt extremely heavyhearted!

It was the night before!

It was just the night before! He could still hear so clearly his conversation with Wei Wuyan!

Wei Wuyan had said, “I won’t seek death on my own accord anymore!”

‘Actually, I cannot bear to part with all of you too!’

‘I miss them, both mother and son, but right now, I have my brothers and I cannot bear to leave them too . ’

‘Even though I will not seek death on my own accord anymore, if I were to die in battle… I still beg of you to fulfill my wish and bestow upon me the Heavenly Orchid!’

The moment he thought of all these, Chu Yang’s heart hurt, as if it was being slashed by a knife .

Wei Wuyan had lost all hope in life and had wished to die since a long time ago . It was with so much difficulty that they finally persuaded and convinced him, such that he no longer sought death anymore . With so much difficulty, they had helped him to establish a goal in life and gave him something new to live for…

Yet at this point, he died!

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Life’s pranks seriously made one extremely lost for words! Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, and also helpless and powerless!

If he really had to die, what was the point of waiting till he had regained hope and had something to live for once more?

To him and to the brothers, wasn’t this too cruel? Wasn’t it?!!

There was an urgent look in the eyes of the illusory Wei Wuyan .

Chu Yang closed his eyes powerlessly!

With a sigh, Wu Juecheng applied force with both arms, pushing his ninth-grade peak-level cultivation to the limit and slowly forming a pressure field…

Slowly pressing down!

Right away, Wei Wuyan’s illusory form was pressed on top of his body . However, there was no way in .

With a cry, Wu Juecheng applied pressure with full force!

Wei Wuyan’s holographic form entered his own body .

Revival was, needless to say, impossible . However… it was possible to create the state of being right before death!

“Hurry!” Wu Juecheng’s entire face was red . It was obvious that he had exercised his full power .

Right at this point, Wei Wuyan’s body jerked . Blood flowed from the corner of his lips again, his eyes seemingly open yet not…

Chu Yang moved lightning quick . Right at this moment, a Heavenly Orchid petal was placed on Wei Wuyan’s lips .

Then, the Heavenly Orchid immediately turned into a ray of prismatic light and vanished .

Coughing, Wu Juecheng gradually withdrew his energy . He looked even more fatigued than before .

This was a person whose soul had already shattered and was completely dead . Using external force to force the soul back into the dead body… Even Wu Juecheng couldn’t last long circulating and pushing his energy to its limit .

As Wu Juecheng withdrew his energy, the holographic image from earlier gradually rose out of Wei Wuyan’s body . Right now, everyone could clearly see Wei Wuyan’s expression of joy . There was a ten-color flower petal on top of his head .

He looked at Chu Yang gratefully before his eyes swept past the faces of his brothers sentimentally . There was a hint of a smile on his face .

His lips seemed to move .

He couldn’t produce any sound but from the shape of his lips, Chu Yang could make out what Wei Wuyan had said nevertheless .

“E’er, Little Zhan… I’m coming…”

Those were his deceased wife and child’s names!

At this instant, Wei Wuyan’s expression was forlorn . There was hope in it as well as apprehension .

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Chu Yang felt his eyes burn . He shouted loudly, “Brother Wei! You do not need to feel too ashamed to see your wife and child! You were just deceived! It wasn’t your fault!”

“Besides, you’ve already taken revenge for your great feud!”

“You can look for them with pride now! And take care of them! Tell them! This piece of good news!”

“Do you understand?”

Relief appeared on the face of the illusory Wei Wuyan and he nodded at Chu Yang .

“Brother Wei! I pray for the reunion of your family!” Chu Yang held his fists out together heavily . “If there’s a next lifetime, let us be brothers again!”

Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan held their fists out together and bowed at the same time . “Brother Wei! I pray for the reunion of your family! If there’s a next lifetime, let us be brothers again!”

Her voice wracked with sobs, Chu Le’er said, “Big Brother Wei, I hope you can reunite with Sister-in-law and Nephew soon…”

The illusory Wei Wuyan raised his arms and held his fists out together, bowing deeply at everyone . Then, he straightened and bowed deeply at Wu Juecheng .

With a smile, Wu Juecheng waved .

Wei Wuyan started to float . With a look of sentimentality on his face, he waved at Chu Yang and the rest .

Then, he floated higher and higher, slowly disappearing into the horizon .

In the vast lands, it seemed like a soft sigh had quietly dispersed… Just like the melancholy in Wei Wuyan’s heart…

Chu Yang heaved a heavy sigh .

Chu Le’er cried into Chu Yang’s arms, her eyes puffy and swollen . “Big Brother, do you think Big Brother Wei can reunite with his wife and son?”

“Yes, he definitely can!” Chu Yang replied softly as he stroked Chu Le’er’s hair .

It looked as if he was consoling Chu Le’er, but how was it not Chu Yang consoling himself at the same time…

I really hope… that you can find them!

I really hope… that all of you will be able to have a next lifetime!

And if there is… I hope that your next lifetime will be filled with so much happiness…

After sending Wei Wuyan off, all of them were rather quiet .

Wan Renjie, Cheng Duying and Bao Buhuan were digging a hole in the ground so that they could bury Wei Wuyan .

They didn’t use their cultivation but only their hands and their swords, digging in the most primitive way .

As if so long as Wei Wuyan wasn’t buried yet, he would still be by their sides and was still alive as their brother… Even though they knew that it was impossible, the three of them still insisted on doing so .

If this feeling as though their brother was still around could last a little longer .

That was something they would like too .

Chu Yang raised his head and stared at the clouds in the sky in a daze .

At this instant, he was rather filled with uncontrollable hatred! He hated fate and hated the heavens!

If he really must die, why give him hope and give him something to live for?

Since he had been given hope and something to live for, why be so cruel to let him die just as he had regained something to live for?

Wu Juecheng stood beside Chu Yang . “What’s the matter?”

Chu Yang took a breath and replied lightly, “Nothing, just feeling that so-called heaven’s will and so-called fate are seriously very f*cked up!”

Wu Juecheng took a deep breath like him and said in a tone of full agreement, “Yes, they are indeed very f*cked up… Back then…”

After saying the two words ‘back then’, he suddenly stopped talking .

Chu Yang knew that this scene had evoked his memories and reminded him once again of his brothers back then . His Nine Tribulations brothers back then! Chu Yang didn’t turn to look, but he could sense Wu Juecheng’s lips trembling nonetheless .

Chu Yang could sense that bloody agony akin to slow torture in Wu Juecheng’s heart…

After a long while, what even Chu Yang didn’t expect was that Wu Juecheng finally finished his sentence . Even though he forcefully made himself retain his calm, his voice was shaking so badly that even Chu Le’er could tell .

“…Back then… I also had brothers like this… I also did!”

He raised his head and shut his eyes, saying softly, “Do they… have a next lifetime?”

His words were very light, as though he was asking Chu Yang, as though he was asking the heavens, as though he was asking himself…

The sound of his voice was carried away by the wind and disappeared into the air…

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