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Chapter 1342: 1342
Chapter 1342: The Forceful Li Clan

Pop! One more! Pop, and another one! Pop…

Ling Hanyu sat on the ground, as though completely rooted, unable to move at all . He wanted to close his eyes, but it was as if his eyelids were refusing to listen even one bit to his command .

Just like that, he stared with his eyes widened big and round .

Watching in total fear… Only the front and back areas below his hip were still leaking some kind of stuff uncontrollably…

Mama… Nine of them! There were a good nine ghosts here! Nine!

He looked at the row of human heads in front of him and then around the graveyard . There happened to be exactly nine tombstones there…

Could it be… could it be that…

The next moment, next to the nine human heads, blackened arms reached out neatly . All five fingers on each hand were pitch-black and their joints made cracking noises as they pointed at Ling Hanyu simultaneously…

Ling Hanyu’s eyes widened to its absolute limit . The next moment, he fell limply onto the ground and passed out…

This is… too scary…

Since he had fainted, he naturally didn’t hear the conversation that took place among these nine people .

“My god… It stinks… Interrogation Officer One, you frightened this person so badly that he pissed himself and even lost control of his bowels…”

“Who’s he?”

“I don’t know… Judging from his clothes, he seems to be from the Ling Clan . And it’s someone whose status isn’t low…”

“Someone from the Ling Clan? Whose status isn’t low? Yet he was so frightened that he… pissed himself just like that?”


Laughter rang out all around .

Following which, Chu Yang urged them, “Hurry, get out, get out . Don’t just show your heads… Uhh, I know why this person is so scared now… It’s because we look like this . Moreover, this is a graveyard…”

Everyone was rendered speechless .

What a coincidence this was .

With a whoosh, Chu Yang was the first to jump out . Then, as if carrots being plucked from the fields, the others jumped out one by one .

Since the others stayed far away, Interrogation Officer One naturally took it upon himself and grabbed hold of Ling Hanyu — Surely they needed to get a clear idea of where they were and what the situation was like, right?

Even though this kid in front of them was a little stinky, he was also the most suitable person to ask, wasn’t he?

Ling Hanyu felt like he had just had an extremely chilling nightmare!

The nightmare… was exceedingly terrifying…

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He slowly came to, but the moment he woke up, he felt like something was not quite right with himself . It seemed like…

When he lowered his head to take a look, he couldn’t help but let out a squawk . Right in front of his chest, there was a large blackened hand grabbing his collar and lifting him up…

When he raised his head to take a look…

Interrogation Officer One lowered his head, his mouth spreading out into a grin . “Kid, what’s your name…”

However, what Ling Hanyu saw immediately was instead a mouth full of gleaming white teeth and him leaning down toward him…

He’s gonna eat me! He’s gonna eat me!!

Right away, he had a terrible mental breakdown and let out a loud and intense scream . Then, his body jerked violently and a mouthful of green sticky fluid spurted out from his mouth, followed by mouthful after mouthful of blood…

His breathing was weak . His body stiffened before it trembled a little . His eyes then rolled up and with a jerk, he stopped breathing…

Interrogation Officer One was stunned . “What’s wrong with this guy?”

Chu Yang stepped forward and took a look . Sighing, he replied, “He was so terrified that his gallbladder burst… Extreme fear also caused his heart to burst… Interrogation Officer One, you’re too impressive! You literally scared an expert to death… And he’s an important figure from the Ling Clan too… No wonder you’re a law-enforcement officer and from the Interrogation Hall… So sharp and piercing indeed!”

Interrogation Officer One was dumbfounded . With a flick of his wrist, he tossed Ling Hanyu out . “Did he have to… What the f*ck, to think he actually came out to make a name for himself in the martial world with this level of guts… I’m truly impressed… What kind of people have the Ling Clan raised… I couldn’t even ask him for any news . ”

Right at this moment .

“Where did you come from, demon? Let go of our Fourth Master!” A voice shouted belligerently . However, it sounded as if the person was just trying to boost his own courage .

Seven people flew over from the other side .

They were Ling Hanyu’s personal bodyguards . In the beginning, they didn’t dare to disturb the Fourth Master in his mourning of the deceased, choosing to watch from afar . However, after a while, they felt that something wasn’t right .

Because the Fourth Master had suddenly fallen onto his bottom and was murmuring and crying out for his mother…

As the tombstones were in the way, they couldn’t see at all that so many human heads had appeared in the ground of the graveyard…

They merely sighed inwardly . “Fourth Master has really had it tough, losing his mother since he was still a young child… And now, this scene has evoked his emotions and reminded him of his mother… This is totally understandable!”

This was a man who stayed true to himself…

Then, the situation seemed to become even weirder…

A… large man who was filthy and covered in black dirt had appeared? And grabbed hold of the Fourth Master? And then, the Fourth Master let out a scream? And then, there was no longer any sound?

What was going on?

Glancing around the spooky graveyard, all of them were rather nervous .

The seven of them mustered their courage and hurried over . Before they even reached, they breathed and spoke . If it was really a ghost…

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There are so many living people here; our Yang energy can definitely chase them away…

The moment the seven of them came over, seven people from this side also came forward neatly .

Other than Chu Yang and Wei Wuyan, the other seven came forward excitedly . They had really been repressed beyond belief when they were underground…

Seven loud thuds rang out one by one . Before they could even stretch their limbs, with barely a few moves… these seven people had already been captured…

Their movements were so quick that even Chu Yang was somewhat startled .

Damn it, even I, the author, haven’t thought of a way to describe their moves and they had already captured them…

This was really somewhat unfair — Seven Supreme Martial Artists joining hands to go up against seven Monarchs…

This wasn’t much of a fight at all . In fact… it couldn’t even be considered as fooling around .

Watching Interrogation Officer One and the rest grilling them one-on-one at the side, Chu Yang felt a little faint .

These… are the people whom the Ling Clan had sent?

With this level of cultivation, they had actually been… able to drive the Li Clan back so much?

Was… this a dream?

Even nine Supreme Martial Artists had to dig an underground tunnel in order to escape . Yet after they got out, they discovered that the people whom they had held reservations toward were actually being driven back by a group of Monarchs…

“Goddamn it!” Chu Yang swore . He was in an extremely terrible mood!

After a short while…

As he listened to the reports of Interrogation Officer One and the others, Chu Yang gradually sorted out a train of thought .

As for Wan Renjie and the others’ interrogation results, Chu Yang didn’t even bother listening to them . In this aspect, who could compare with the interrogation officers in terms of experience?

These people weren’t the Ling Clan’s main forces .

Here, Ling Hanyu was just the highest officer in command in name . He was merely a representative of the clan . In truth, there was someone else who was in charge .

However, even the highest officer in command was just a ninth-grade Martial Saint . After all, they were just employing harassment tactics…

The Li Clan did indeed hold reservations toward them . To the Li Clan, even though these people weren’t even enough for any old Supreme Martial Artist to play with, they were still hesitant to go too far, for fear of the forces behind them . Other than the Zhuge Clan, all the people whom the eight other clans had sent were of this caliber…

If they did anything to them, it would mean that war would start . And what the Eight Great Clans were waiting for was exactly war!

Did they dare to do anything to them?

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Of course not!

As a result, the circumstances here were extremely delicate and tricky…

After listening to all the reports, a frowning Chu Yang spent a long while contemplating before he said decisively, “For now, let’s settle the underground tunnel and prevent others from discovering it… Take a bath and change your clothes . We’ll change into the Li Clan robes… Yes, like this and this… After that, we’ll…”

“Alright! Let’s give the Li Clan a huge present before we leave!”

After half a day, when the Ling Clan discovered that the Fourth Master hadn’t returned from his usual daydreaming despite so much time having passed and sent people out to look for him, they discovered eight corpses .

On the corpses, on the signature white robes of the Ling Clan, five words were written in blood —”Get out of the northwest!”

Other than that, there were no other clues!

In the cold moonlight and amongst the snow, in the middle of the graveyard… these five words were written on the corpses!

The warning behind it was obvious to all!

“The Li Clan!” A blinding glint shot out from the narrow long eyes of the Ling Clan expert . “The Li Clan has finally made their move! Send a message back to the clan at once and report the death of Fourth Master! Request for a second batch of Supreme Martial Artist experts to hurry over as reinforcements! All personnel, retreat 150 kilometers and beef up security!”


This night was destined to be an unusual one .

The conflict with the Li Clan earlier had caused the people from the eight Super Clans to retreat 25 kilometers . They were in a state of mind where they were the most high-strung toward battle .

The Li Clan had made a move again!

And the moment they did, they had dispatched Supreme Martial Artists!

The news went that the Ling Clan was the first to suffer disaster, followed by the Shi Clan . The Shi Clan was ambushed by three Supreme Martial Artists and suffered terrible casualties . In addition, the Ninth Young Master from the direct bloodline of the Shi Clan was killed!

The Lan Clan was ambushed by Supreme Martial Artists and suffered more than thirty casualties . They were also warned by the other party —”Get out of the northwest! If not, we’ll wipe out all of you!”

The Ye Clan… Xiao Clan…

And so on and so forth; none of the Eight Great Clans was spared . On this night, blood flowed like a river!

The law-enforcement officers’ encampment was also ambushed .

Among the northwest law-enforcement officers, the number of people who died on this night was especially large . It was as if the Li Clan had set their sights on the law-enforcement officers; the way they killed them was especially brutal . In addition, it was said that someone among them had said, “Even the Dharma Supreme needs to get out of the northwest even if he comes here personally!”

There was boundless power in this sentence!

It made every single law-enforcement officer go mad…

The border of the northwest was boiling over! Countless messenger flying spirit beasts rushed into the air and flew in all directions, carrying with them a sense of frustrated and bloody aura!

This was already the second emergency message!

Three days later, the same raids happened again . During this time, the reinforcements from each clan hadn’t arrived yet, so it went without saying that they were beaten up badly again .

Besides, the losses they suffered were even bigger!

After a night of escaping, people from each of the clans realized something — They had returned to where they started from! All the territory that they had devoured during this period of time in the northwest… were now back in the hands of the Li Clan!

Moreover, there was an indistinct trend of expanding outwards!

Out of 500 law-enforcement officers, 378 were killed, leaving behind only injured and defeated troops .

The Li Clan was indeed plotting something big! And to be able to pull off something like this, there must be something backing them up!

Furthermore, after the Li Clan chased the other clans out, they immediately retreated . The Li Clan actually didn’t send anyone to guard the large spreads of territory that the other clans had given up .

Instead, they drew a crisp and clear bloody line in front of the stone tablet indicating the Nine Super Clans’ distribution of forces!

Showing very clearly that this incident was merely a display of power! The Super Clans had better know what was good for them! If they overstepped this line again, they would die for sure!

Messenger flying spirit beasts were dispatched once again . They flew animatedly toward all directions of the continent .

The Li Clan was too arrogant!

Did they think that their clans didn’t have Supreme Martial Artists too?!

Another night passed .

“It’s about time…” Clothed in soft fur and loose girdles, Chu Yang stood handsomely atop a tiny hill . He said softly, “All of you should go back soon…”

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