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Chapter 1328: 1328
Chapter 1328: No Way to Escape

The past three days were finally over .

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For the entire journey, 200 miles had already been completed .

Even till now, Wei Wuyan and the rest together with the four interrogation officers still felt as if they were having a dream .

It was hard to imagine that other than an easy passing of the first gate, the second and third gate was practically unguarded . They just basically strolled right through .

“This is psychological!” Chu Yang smiled indifferently . “After these three gates, I can already guess the rough intelligence of the ones who had planned for these defense and blockade lines… However, it is no time for you all to be complacent . The following few gates would be tough . Besides, if my predictions are right, the enemy would quickly reorganize… By then, it would be tough battle after tough battle . ”

“To think of having such smooth transit all the way out… not even your dreams could be so ideal . ” Chu Yang smiled .

Immediately, everyone revealed an understanding smile .

The mind that had been tensed up all the way finally relaxed a little because of this .

“How should we go next?” asked the four interrogation officers humbly .

The four of them really admired Chu Yang . They thought in their minds, “No wonder that despite having the entire world’s law-enforcement officers chasing after Chu Yang, no one had succeeded . Just look at his brain… How many people within the law-enforcement group could match up with Chu Yang?’

“How should we go next…” Chu Yang smiled bitterly and added, “Let’s take one step at a time . In such a situation, even the deity could not draft out a complete route from here to the next gate… Who knew how much further is the Li Clan’s defense and blockade going to be…”

“However, the next gate would require some luck…” Chu Yang’s body flashed and entered the forest by the roadside .

When he next came out from the forest, the looks of Chu Yang had already turned into that of Li Tongtian .

Chu Yang regretted that he had not memorized more faces . This resulted in the current situation when he had no other option left to use when he wanted to disguise himself .

Wei Wuyan and the others who were following beside Chu Yang had also put on their disguise . All these were not based on someone . They disguised themselves freely, just as long as they looked different than before .

The four interrogation officers stared widely and were dumbfounded .

They did not imagine that Chu Yang had this ability . Everyone knew how to disguise themselves . However, at best, it would be to disguise themselves into someone that no one knew, or they would directly put on another human face mask .

However, in the case of Chu Yang, he had disguised himself as someone that the opponent was familiar with… This technique was really beyond the imaginations of the four interrogation officers .

However, on a closer look, there were still some differences in appearance from the real Li Tongtian .

Chu Yang showed his teeth . This degree of disguise would definitely require a certain level of technique and also a precise understanding and control of the human body’s muscles . Everybody’s face shape was different .

Everyone’s innate features were different . Changing oneself totally into another person would require an unimaginable amount of pain and effort…

Just imagine tearing your own muscles up and adjusting them to the shape of another person’s face . All these changes without showing any visible signs…

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This was definitely a great amount of pain .

Therefore, this level of disguise for Chu Yang could not be sustained for long .

If it was sustained for long, the torn muscles might no longer recover . By then… if Chu Yang had to take a Nine Tribulations Pill for this kind of injury, that would really make him a laughingstock…

Chu Yang waved his hands and stood up angrily before dashing ahead at lightning speed!

Wei Wuyan and the others actually found it tough to follow after Chu Yang .

Only Chu Yang knew that the time which the enemy had given them was running out . They had to act speedily and break through the fourth gate before talking about the others!

Furthermore, as the enemies at the fourth gate were dispersed out now, all the more they should hurry and achieve a breakthrough now .

The experts from the Li Clan who were guarding the fourth gate also found it strange . They thought in their minds, “Why is it that no one has come back with any news despite having almost two-thirds of the people gone forward to reinforce?”

“Could they have already caught the enemy?”

Just when they were wondering about the weird situation, a white figure suddenly came rushing toward them like an impending thunder!

“Who is it!?” the guard asked loudly .

“It’s me!” A gloomy and raging voice was heard . The voice was very familiar and immediately after, that person had already reached the front . He added, “Where is everyone? Get out here, now!”

“So it’s actually Elder Master!” The guard hurriedly paid his respect .

He made a hand sign and gave out a voice command .

Instantly, fifteen or sixteen people came out .

“How is it that there’s only these few of you here?” Li Tongtian was furious and added, “Where are the rest of the people?”

“They had been reassigned by the Seventh Elder… to over there . ” The Supreme Martial Artist who was guarding the place felt weird in his mind as he thought, “Didn’t we hear that Elder Master Tongtian would not be coming out here? How is it that he’s here now?”

“Damn! What does he know!” Li Tongtian was furious . “He only knows how to open up paths for the enemy! He is unable to do anything right! In his entire lifetime, since when was he able to succeed in anything?”

“Ke…” The face of that Supreme Martial Artist blackened . He thought in his mind, “You dare to scold, but I don’t dare to agree and go along with you…”

After plucking up his courage, he finally said, “Elder Master, aren’t you supposed… . to be at home? This…”

Li Tongtian glared with both his eyes looking fierce and ferocious . “Do I have to seek your approval for the places I go to?”

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“I don’t dare . ” The Supreme Martial Artist was shocked and confused .

“Are there any findings?” The Elder Master asked, “Especially that Zi Xiaoyan?!”

The person suddenly realized something . The Elder Master had actually come over because of this matter . After all, the Elder Master had been cheated real badly… He was the one who introduced Zi Xiaoyan into the clan and this Zi Xiaoyan actually tried to annihilate the clan instead of helping…

This caused the Elder Master Tongtian to be placed in an embarrassing and difficult situation!

The person thought in his mind, “No wonder Elder Master could not take this lying down . If it was me, I would never take it lying down as well . ”

“No findings!” replied the Supreme Martial Artist in reverential awe . The Elder Master was now fuming mad and it would be best not to mess with him now .

“No findings?! You can go and eat sh*t!” Li Tongtian raised his hands and gave a tight slap . This made the Supreme Martial Artist turn two rounds on the spot . He then added, “Such a big, alive person and you are unable to find him?”

The Supreme Martial Artist was instantly filled with grievances and felt really awful .

He thought in his mind, “Yes, he is such a big and alive man . However, such a person really did not pass by here . ”

“Where can I go to find him?”

“The eight of you! Why don’t you all hurry and follow me? Another look at all these losers and you may catch their stupidity!” Chu Yang who was disguised as Li Tongtian turned his head and shouted angrily .

Wei Wuyan and the other eight people followed the orders and came over hurriedly .

“Any more oversight and I will chop off your head!” Chu Yang pointed his finger at the nose of that Supreme Martial Artist, angry but majestic .

“Yes, Yes . ”

When the Supreme Martial Artist lifted his head, Elder Master Tongtian had already led the nine people out of sight and without a trace . The Supreme Martial Artist was annoyed as he muttered to himself, “What has Zi Xiaoyan got to do with me… He did not deceive me! You have anger within yourself and you try to vent your anger on me… Am I supposed to be your…”

One person from the side said, “The people which Elder Master Tongtian brought along this time… why do they all look so unfamiliar? I don’t recognize any of them…”

A casual remark could be taken seriously by the others . That Supreme Martial Artist was suddenly startled and said, “You mean to say… you too don’t recognize any of them?”

The other person nodded his head sternly .

“This is bad!” That Supreme Martial Artist slapped his thigh and added, “It wouldn’t be that thing, right?”

Everyone was stunned and froze in motion .

That Supreme Martial Artist suddenly became more suspicious . “I was still thinking why would Elder Master Tongtian suddenly appear here…”

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Just as he was about to come to a decision .

Suddenly with a few noises, numerous white figures landed . Their leader was the Seventh Elder whose entire head of white hair was already all standing up in attention .

Going away empty-handed consecutively and the repeated dashing as if he was running for life had made Seventh Elder really upset and filled with grievances . His facial expression was giving off a serious meaning of, ‘I am just a puppet being pulled along by others . Whatever that they want me to do, I will do it . ’

It was really unbearable .

Especially the mockery that he saw from the facial expression of his subordinates . All these were really unbearable and intolerable to Seventh Elder .

Did you not mention psychology? The study of human nature? Or even experience in the martial world?

In the end, the Seventh Elder was still toyed by the enemy like an idiot .

Happy? And you still had the face to lecture others?

With all these thoughts, Seventh Elder was even more furious but had nowhere to vent out his anger .

“Any movements or news here?” The Seventh Elder’s face was black .

“Just just just… Just now…” That Supreme Martial Artist was breaking out in cold sweat as he thought in his mind, “The careless mistake just happened and Seventh Elder has already arrived?”

“What happened just now? Stop stammering!” The Seventh Elder shouted angrily .

“Just now Elder Master Tongtian led a group of people beyond the gates . ” That Supreme Martial Artist did not dare to say that those few people could be impostor… As the saying goes, ‘One who does not know is not guilty’ .

“Elder Master Tongtian?” The Seventh Elder was startled, almost as if he just received a tight slap on the face . “Elder Master Tongtian is currently in charge of the clan’s rebuilding, why would he be here?”

“Indeed…” That Supreme Martial Artist was again beaten so badly that he turned two rounds on the spot . With dizzy eyes, he said, “It’s really him…”

“Nonsense!” The Seventh Elder finally found a place to vent all his frustration and anger . A tight slap on the left followed by another one on the right side . He said, “I will make a blind person like you…”

“Since that person is not our Elder Master Tongtian, then he must be a spy . How many people in total?” asked the other person anxiously .

“Nine of them…” That Supreme Martial Artist had a bitter expression as he held up his already swollen face .

“Why are there only nine people?” That man frowned and continued, “Lang Yilang and his four interrogation officers, plus the one who rescued him . There are another four of them… There should be a total of 10 people . ”

Suddenly, his eyes brightened . “Could it be that Lang Yilang had died from his severe injuries?”

“Wouldn’t we be able to find out exactly what happened once we managed to catch up with them?” The Seventh Elder was really annoyed and angry . “What’s the point of plain speculation?”

“If we were to chase again, I’m afraid we would be led everywhere by the enemy, only to eventually let them escape . ” That man groaned for a moment before he said sarcastically, “After all, we have quite a few people in our clan who are not so proficient at using their brains . Do you think I’m right, Seventh Brother?”

Instantly, The Seventh Elder’s face reddened . “You…”

“Stop arguing! Now listen to me!” That man said, “All the ambushes ahead shall stay put as it is . Everyone will stay guard to their own position . Whichever gate had a problem, the people in charge will answer for it with their lives!”

“Every hour, there will be two Supreme Martial Artists who will observe the forest from mid-air . After an hour, there will be someone to take over them, before they can come back down . If a problem occurred during anyone’s shift, they will answer for it with their lives!”

“Regardless of what happens, no one shall leave their position . Whoever does not follow will answer for it with their lives!”

“Only when you are engaging with the enemy do you send out a signal . As for any potential traces of enemies… we shall ignore all of them! Within our stronghold, they would not be able to escape from here if they are unable to execute any of their deceptive tactics . We will cope with the changing events by sticking to our status quo . Even if they had any great plans, they would be unable to execute them!”

“For the few of us here, each of us will chase down one of these paths . ”

“Let’s take action immediately!”

Following this command, the entire Li Clan’s defenses had tightened up significantly, forming strong barriers .

It would be impossible for Chu Yang and the others to go past another gate easily!

The circumstances for them had worsened instantly!

Although the plans of Chu Yang had allowed them to go past four gates easily, it had also made the Li Clan adopt the most appropriate and correct strategy after being deceived many times .

Under the seemingly clumsy method, it would really be impossible for them to escape!

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