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Chapter 1320: 1320
Chapter 1320: Collapse of Heaven and Earth

Everyone felt it at the same time . The most unbelievable and most unexpected matter of the century… had happened!

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Li Wubo let out a roar and his palm struck .

The palm attack came with a loud howling and hit directly on the center of the hole which Lord Zi had created!

The crowd tried to dissuade him from it . Some were at a loss of what to do while some were on guard for any sudden occurrences . Some were already preparing to rescue the Clan Master…

However, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, a loud boom rang out!

Stone debris flew everywhere!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

With a loud boom, a huge hole was created in the large round pillar that even a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist could not leave a scratch on . All just from a single palm attack from Li Wubo!

The huge hole was a good 400 to 500 feet deep!

Everyone was stunned to the spot, dazed and speechless!

They thought in their minds, “What is going on here? Could it be that the cultivation level of Clan Master has surpassed that of a peak level ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, to a level that no one could comprehend?”

Otherwise, how could the Clan Master manage to crack open the large round pillar, which injured the Elder Master when he tried it previously, all in just one palm strike? Furthermore, it looked like it was an easy job for the Clan Master?

Although Li Wubo was already mentally prepared for this, when it actually happened, he too was dumbfounded . He could not help it but take a look at his own palms…

The hole that Li Wubo created was through and through all the way in, like a wide and broad highway . At this moment, the stone debris was still falling from everywhere and white smoke came out from within the hole, making the whole place smoky in no time .

However, the white smoke was only irritating to the people’s noses but not the kind of overwhelming spiritual energy that they had expected .

Li Wubo’s facial expression turned even uglier .

Without waiting for the smoke to disperse, Li Wubo stood up and dashed inside!

A few other Supreme Martial Artists followed suit and went ahead inside .

The next moment, everyone stood within the spacious round pillar, gaping and speechless!

Inside, it was empty!


Nothing here at all?

Purple Crystals? Purple Crystal Cores? Purple Crystal Jade Essence? Soul of the Purple Crystal? Holy Crystal? Divine Crystal?

All these wonderful things that Lord Zi had described, all these things were absent! There was only air within the round pillar!

Li Wubo’s face turned red and swollen as he roared, “Where are the Purple Crystals?!”

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Everyone was stupefied and kept quiet out of fear . They too were filled with questions and irritation in their mind as they thought, “That’s right, where are all the Purple Crystal?”

To begin with, no one would believe that there was nothing here, even if they were to chop off everyone’s head . Who would believe that all these large amounts of Purple Crystals were surrounding nothing but an empty shell?

The thing, which even a peak level ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist could not leave a scratch on, was actually an empty shell? Who would believe?

“Where are the Purple Crystals!? Where’re the treasures?” Li Wubo let out a miserable cry . “Where did they go? Where did they go!? Where? Ah!!!”

The truth was a little unacceptable for Li Wubo .

It was unacceptable for everyone .


This was the greatest belief and also the greatest hope that Li Clan had for the past 10 thousand years! Everyone knew that there was definitely astonishing treasure inside!

As long as they could open it, the strength of the entire Li Clan would increase drastically!

There were no two ways about it .

However, now that they had managed to open it…

…There was nothing inside . If a mouse came in, it would have scurried out crying .

“Zi,Xiao,Yan!!” Li Wubo stomped his feet and shouted his name, word for word . His voice was filled with bitter resentment . He felt heavy and rough in his chest, almost wanting to vomit out fresh blood from his mouth .

Before Zi Xiaoyan came, even a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist could not put a scratch on it . It was filled with spiritual energy, and the purple fog was everywhere . However, after Zi Xiaoyan left, both the purple fog and spiritual energy were gone . Even the stable and strong pillar collapsed with a light attack .

Who would believe that all these had nothing to do with that ‘Zi Xiaoyan’?

Who would believe that Zi Xiaoyan did not steal away all the treasures within it?

“Zi Xiaoyan…” Li Tongtian was the most miserable . That was because he was the one who had introduced him to the Li Clan! At this moment, he was the most furious . All his white hair was almost going to stand up on one end .

However, before he could say anything, Li Wubo had already rushed over and grabbed Li Tongtian by his collar and asked fiercely, “Who exactly is this Zi Xiaoyan?”

There was totally no regard for the fact that Li Tongtian was his ancestor…

Li Tongtian’s face flushed, and his eyes were avoiding contact . “I-I…”

“You… What… You?!” Li Wubo stomped his feet and shouted, “You are an old muddlehead! You… this old b*stard… You have destroyed the Li Clan’s foundation! You have destroyed the Li Clan’s future! You you you…”

With a sudden groan, Li Wubo spurted out a mouth of blood . His heart was overly furious that he fainted in a moment .

Right at this moment, a series of subtle sounds rang out continuously . The sounds were soft but strange… almost as if…

Yes, it was just like now, the feeling and sound of window glasses cracking up quietly…

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Suddenly, a Supreme Martial Artist shouted with panic, “What-what-what… what is going on here…”

Instantly, numerous people were awakened . “What… What is this sound…”

Everyone turned their heads to look upward with panic . On the cave walls of this huge pillar, numerous crack lines were spreading along the surface of the wall at an extremely rapid rate…

It started from the hole that Li Wubo opened up, radiating out in all four directions .

Instantly, the huge round pillar was already filled with this kind of crack lines everywhere!!

Everyone stared widely with panic and were all speechless .

Immediately after…

“This place is going to collapse… Everyone, get out of here quickly!!” Someone started to scream at the top of their lungs . From the voice, one could imagine how anxious that person who screamed must have been, until he already started to spurt out blood from the mouth .

Everyone instantly came to realization and carried Li Wubo, who was lying on the ground, and dashed toward the outside…

“Everyone hurry! Get out of the Purple Crystal mine!”

Li Tongtian let out a loud roar .

Within the Purple Crystal mine, there were 50 to 60 thousand people still working… Inside, many were commoners who largely had a cultivation level below King level . These people would never be able to withstand the collapse of such a huge mountain…

Furthermore, these people… they were largely… members of the Li Clan!

It was too late .

Within this huge Purple Crystal mine, the entire underground had long been dug empty to accommodate all these people working . How was it possible to evacuate all of them in such a short time?

Worse still, it was not even the duration of one breath .

Even before Li Tongtian and the others had managed to dash out of the cave…


The central round pillar suddenly disintegrated, caved in and crumbled… following which, the entire mountainous ridges that had towered into the clouds…

…came down like an ancient giant suddenly falling down, from slow to fast…


“Wa, la la…”

“Bang boom boom wa…”

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“Wa, la la la bang…”

Thereafter, it was loud…


The entire mountain had collapsed!

It had sunk into the ground!

The huge impact from the clashing, that huge vibration!

It shook all the surrounding buildings of the Li clan, causing them to jump up at the same time uniformly!

Yes, to jump up!

All the houses and buildings, it was as though they were doing rope skipping as they jumped up together . One could try to imagine in their mind that it was as if all the buildings were like people, skipping into the air because they had just received a huge surprise and forgot about their own composure .

A huge mushroom-shaped cloud burst into the sky!

The remnants of the vibration spread out… The next moment, the surrounding seven or eight towering buildings jumped uniformly . Afterward… “Hu la la la… . ”

A snow avalanche occurred at the same time!

Myriad amounts of… ice and snow that had accumulated over the past ten thousand years dislodged from the mountain peak . In an instant, these ice and snow rushed downward, pushing and shoving like a meteor shower and dashed forward… the target was the home ground of Li Clan!

Of course, when building a house, who would build it at the mountain peak? Especially if the houses spread over large areas . Most people would build their houses in the middle of the mountain, the level grounds in the mountain ranges or the basin area…

Yes, it was exactly like this . When the Li Clan was choosing the location and geomancy for their home ground, they had already fancied this piece of mountain valley and basin . Somebody praised then, “A great place, back against the mountain ranges! A strong backing! Furthermore, it’s such a huge mountain range with nine separate mountains! Surrounding this mountain basin… It is fitting of the phrase, ‘With Nine Stars Shining, Good Fortune will come non-stop!’”

However, no one at that time, including the geomancer, would have imagined that there would be a day when all nine huge mountains would have snow avalanches together . What would they do then?

This majestic scene would really challenge anyone’s imagination to the limit .

The huge amount of snow from the various mountains converged into a torrential flow rushing down rapidly . At this speed, it had already exceeded any form of weight lightening technique in this world . The torrential flow of snow carried with it stones, rocks, Mysterious Ice and others… howling as it came down… crashing into the Li Clan!

The Li Clan’s various buildings had just landed from the jump and were still vibrating, almost as if they were considering seriously whether to collapse or not . Immediately after, the snow avalanche came to their doorstep .

It was really with incredible ease .

There was a perfect interpretation of all these . The buildings had collapsed uniformly . Afterward, with a row of snow waves coming in to wipe and to cover up all traces of the collapse!

On the opposite side, the snow waves came crashing down as well… Finally, at the center, all the rolling snow waves clashed fiercely together, as if they had strong hatred against each other…


The accumulated snow bursts into the sky in the shape of a mushroom cloud!

No one knew how high it went!

Nor knew how far it went!

This kind of circumstances was just like:

Off to the East went the great river whose waves washed out all but the greatest heroes of all time! There are remnants in the West, with people thinking that it’s the former home ground of the Li Clan . The waves that hit the shore resembled a thousand piles of snow!

Thinking back on the Li Clan in the past, they were one of the Nine Super Clans . Such prestige, majesty and arrogance . In an instant, they were now devastated with all the innocent killed…

Now that they had been buried under the snow, the passionate ones would cry for them . Life was like a dream, everything whether good or evil would have its own deserving retribution!

After a long long while, the commotions finally died down .

The home ground of the Li Clan was like a ditch filled to the brim fully .

It was such a big piece of flat land . Just that there was no sight of any houses or buildings anywhere…

Within these heaven and earth, it was all quiet .

After a long while…


Within the ground filled with snow, popped up a brain and a face filled with confusion and panic . The head turned to look around this vast piece of flat land filled with snow . He suddenly turned sorrowful and spoke, “Ah ah ah ah~~~ what is going on here…”

Whiz whiz whiz…

More heads popped up one after another from the snow ground, like carrots popping out after a rain . Similarly, all of them stared blankly and were dumbfounded . Afterward, they appeared hysterical…

“Ah ah ah~~~ what is going on here…”

No one would have thought that in this remote North West region, where there was nothing but ice for the past 100 thousand years, there would actually be a collapse of heaven and earth?

This… even if it’s a dream… it’s also… that… and that…

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