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Chapter 1313: 1313
Chapter 1313: Eighteen Levels of Hell

Li Qingyun was incredibly frustrated!

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Something that he hadn’t expected at all had happened!

The moment the battle began, Li Qingyun had leaped straight into the air . With his arms extended outward, he shot forward at high speed and went straight for Lang Yilang!

Pawn against pawn; general against general! This was the correct way of fighting and killing!

“Master Lang, you’ve been hiding your true strength . If I hadn’t seen this for myself, I really wouldn’t have imagined that you’re already a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!” In mid-air, Li Qingyun shouted, “I shall see what Master Lang’s Purple Crystal Hand is made of!”

The purpose behind this shout of his was firstly to intimidate Lang Yilang; secondly, it was to warn his companions — Lang Yilang was far stronger than the third-grade Supreme Martial Artist cultivation that everyone had thought he was; he was a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist instead! Everyone must be careful!

The earlier rumors claiming that Lang Yilang had gone into seclusion to attempt breaking through to third-grade Supreme Martial Artist was inaccurate!

Lang Yilang’s eyes flickered . He remarked without much emotion, “So that’s what the Li Clan is here for . ” With a jerk, he rushed forward and met him straight-on!

With a loud laugh, Li Qingyun spun around . Sword light shot out with great intensity .

With nary a change in his expression, Lang Yilang met him head-on just like that . Just as they were about to exchange blows in mid-air, something which greatly surprised Li Qingyun happened . Because of this unexpected occurrence, he couldn’t even change his move or retreat in time — The very moment before their weapons clashed… Lang Yilang suddenly threw his sword aside . He withdrew all his defenses and switched to a full-on offensive mode!

Two hands clapped together in mid-air . With a loud clap, his palms were revealed . Purple light shone brilliantly on his palms as a purple aura permeated the sky!

The Purple Crystal Hand!

Lang Yilang charged right into Li Qingyun’s sword light!

“Bastard!” bellowed a furious and distressed Li Qingyun thunderously . However, it was too late . Before he even finished, his sword was already moving . He easily stabbed two holes through Lang Yilang’s body, the sword going through his body completely and opening up two holes that one could see through from front to back! However, this exact moment was the reason why Lang Yilang had abandoned his defenses!

With two loud smacks, one palm struck Li Qingyun’s chest and the other his Dantian!

“Lang Yilang, you suicidal lunatic!” Li Qingyun cried out as he somersaulted through the air . He was still in mid-air, but his heart had already turned icy cold with dread!

It had never occurred to him that Lang Yilang would adopt a fighting style that risked his own life to take the opponent’s right at the start of the battle! Oh, no, he wasn’t risking his own life to take the opponent’s life; it was obvious that he had already thrown away his life and was willing to disregard his own safety just so he could use the Purple Crystal Hand to strike the opponent twice!

And this time around, the power of the Purple Crystal Hand, when dealt by Lang Yilang who was now a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, was even greater .

The most terrifying thing was that one of the strikes had landed directly on the Dantian!

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Li Qingyun felt a strange wave of energy swiftly enter his meridians . Then, all the internal energy in his body began to change into the same type of energy…

…and slowly dissipate .

Li Qingyun really wanted to cry . What was he to do now? Based on this speed, the amount of Purple Crystals he would need on just the first day of treating the Purple Crystal Hand was already at least 3,000…

And this amount might not even be enough!

Blood spurted from four spots on Lang Yilang’s body . His chest had been completely pierced through and his organs had also suffered damage from the sword!

Just the first exchange of blows between them and the leaders of both parties had already suffered lethal wounds!

However, Lang Yilang was not bothered in the least . With a pale complexion, he commented calmly with a smile, “Brother Li, you’ve already gotten a taste of the Purple Crystal Hand . Feels pretty good, right?”

Li Qingyun almost wanted to smash his own head against the ground . “Lang Yilang… You who should be hacked into a million pieces, you…”

He was so furious and distressed that he couldn’t finish his sentence .

Lang Yilang replied leisurely, “Oh, I forgot to mention this to Brother Li . The effect of the Purple Crystal Hand dealt by a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist increases exponentially — The first day may require 3,000 Purple Crystals, the second day 6,000… Hmm, 12,000 on the third day and… 24,000 on the fourth day… And on the fifth day, 48,000…”

“Stop!” Li Qingyun roared furiously, his heart icy cold .

“…96,000 on the sixth day… And on the seventh day, that would be 192,000…” Lang Yilang snickered and said, “Brother Li, I heard that the Li Clan has a large Purple Crystal mine… but I wonder how many days can this large Purple Crystal mine sustain you?”

As he snickered, blood trickled down the corners of his lips .

Li Qingyun’s face contorted .

Just like what Lang Yilang had said, after suffering a strike of the domineering Purple Crystal Hand, even if the Li Clan extracted everything from that part of the Purple Crystal mine that couldn’t be mined yet, it probably couldn’t sustain his life for a month…

Once the Purple Crystal supply was cut off from someone suffering from the Purple Crystal Hand… When he thought of the dreadfulness of the Purple Crystal Hand, Li Qingyun was filled with hopelessness .

“Once the Purple Crystal supply is cut off from you, someone suffering from the Purple Crystal Hand… You will not be able to control his cultivation at all . You won’t even be able to end your own life even if you want to…” There was a cruel smile on Lang Yilang’s face . “Your entire body will slowly turn as hard as a Purple Crystal . And when three days have passed, even if you ask someone to end your life, nobody would be able to damage your body anymore… And yet the inside of your body is still constantly suffering from boundless pain and agony! After that, starting from the fingers and toes, you will see yourself slowly disintegrating into Purple Crystal dust and dispersing into the wind… Up until the moment you die, your mind will continue to remain very much awake!”

“When the practitioner of the Purple Crystal Hand has crossed the boundary between immortal and mortal, he’ll be able to seal the spirit of the person suffering from the Purple Crystal Hand!”

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“Both your spirit and body will suffer and be destroyed together, leaving behind no trace whatsoever after you perish!”

As Lang Yilang coughed, blood dripped from his mouth constantly, yet he didn’t bother even wiping it . He went on, “Thus, there is a saying in the legends of the Purple Crystal Hand — Once the Purple Crystal Hand appears, so does eighteen levels of hell!”

“I am ashamed to say that I haven’t reached the point where eighteen levels of hell will appear when my Purple Crystal Hand strikes, but now… there are already easily more than ten levels…”

Lang Yilang sniggered . “Take your time to enjoy it . I, Lang Yilang… will wait for you in the underworld! Oh, my bad, I won’t be able to wait until you arrive because your spirit would already have been destroyed…”

For Lang Yilang, those two sword wounds earlier were also fatal!

Everyone was stunned in this instant!

This was nuts!

Lang Yilang definitely must have gone nuts .

“Give me the antidote!” Li Qingyun roared, his countenance bitter .

“When have you ever heard… of an antidote for the Purple Crystal Hand?” Lang Yilang swayed unsteadily for a moment before he went on, “If there’s an antidote for it… Why would I cultivate the Purple Crystal Hand?”

“Master!” exclaimed the nine Interrogation Hall officers in concern as they came forward at the same time .

“Cough… I won’t be able to make it either…” Lang Yilang chuckled . “You can consider my death here as me returning to my roots… I am very sorry for dragging all of you into this dangerous situation… Now, my nine brothers, hear my final command!”

“Hear!” Lang Yilang shouted .

“Yes!” The nine officers stood ramrod straight, awaiting orders .

“I order all of you to break out of this encirclement at all costs and return to the Law Enforcement Hall and report the news of my death!” Lang Yilang continued fiercely, “Those who disobey my orders will not be my brothers, whether in life or death!”

“Master!” The nine of them cried out in grief .

“Receive your orders!” Lang Yilang shouted furiously .

“We… have received your order!” The nine of them hung their heads sorrowfully .

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“I’ll open a path!” Lang Yilang straightened his back . “Wei Wuyan, if you don’t wish for your brothers to die here with you, then fight your way out with them!”

Wei Wuyan took a deep breath . “Understood!”

“Purple Crystal Hand, The Power of Revival!” Lang Yilang let out a ferocious roar . With a violent jerk, he suddenly straightened his back . A crystal clear purple glow covered his body and the blood dripping from the wounds on his chest and back actually miraculously stopped . “This is the Purple Crystal Hand’s final move — Purple Crystal Revival! It allows me to recover all my cultivation within the shortest amount of time . However, after two and a half minutes, my life force will be completely drained! If all of you don’t wish for me to be unable to die in peace, then follow after me!”

Turning suddenly, he strode toward the human wall formed by the Li Clan .

Although there were tears in the eyes of the nine officers, they followed after Lang Yilang without any hesitation .

This could be the last time in their lives following after the Master…

Seeing Lang Yilang striding toward them, a jolt went through many of the Li Clan members . Fear appeared on their faces and they couldn’t help taking a few steps back .

“Kill them! Kill them!” Li Qingyun shouted furiously, “I want to torture these bastards to death in the cruelest way possible… Kill them!”

Lang Yilang laughed wildly, his body shooting forward as though an arrow leaving the bow .

Li Qingyun let out a loud roar . He went forward and blocked Lang Yilang in his path, risking his own life in a bid to take his opponent’s! Li Qingyun no longer had any reservations toward Lang Yilang’s Purple Crystal Hand . He had already been hit by it anyway; even if he were to suffer anymore hits, it wouldn’t get any worse .

The most pressing thing now was to kill Lang Yilang!

Since things had already turned out like this, Li Qingyun couldn’t care less anymore . He didn’t duck or try to avoid being hit at all; he fought the enemy head-on . At this point, the leaders of both parties were already prepared to throw their lives away…

The Li Clan members came forward and surrounded them, engaging them in battle . With a ferocious cry, Wei Wuyan and the others drew their weapons!

It had only just begun, but the battle situation was already at an unprecedented level of horrification!

Before the weakest ones even got injured, blood was already trickling from all seven of Lang Yilang and Li Qingyun’s facial orifices . With a bam, Li Qingyun’s left arm from the shoulder down was crushed and thrown out; Lang Yilang’s left lower arm and hand also left his body at the same time!

Only after that did screams and grunts start coming from the others on both sides…

Holding the Wuyan Sword, Wei Wuyan fought his way out with Wan Renjie and the other two . Sword light coming from him gushed everywhere, as though a waterfall!

The nine officers also roared ferociously as they tried to break out of the enemy circle .

But how much more strength did the Li Clan possess in comparison to them? If it weren’t for the fact that they had reservations about Lang Yilang’s Purple Crystal Hand and didn’t dare to come too close, there would probably have been fatalities by now .

With a loud battle cry, Wei Wuyan thrust his left shoulder forward, his sword stabbing into the chest of an enemy in front of him . At the same time, his shoulder was also slashed by an enemy . Amidst the bloodbath, Wei Wuyan rushed toward the outside, his momentum as fierce as a mad tiger .

The Li Clan members tried desperately to hold them back .

Right at this moment, a dazzling light started to shine quietly behind the Li Clan .

It had already reached a point where Chu Yang had no choice but to take action .

Judging from the current situation, if he waited any longer, Lang Yilang would probably leave this world for good . Once he was dead and the threat removed, Wei Wuyan and the others definitely wouldn’t have any hope of breaking out .

This sword move of his carried a spinning power; it was a few Nine Tribulations Sword Technique moves in non-linear order that, upon Chu Yang’s modifications, had now merged together!

‘What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’!

‘The sun and moon thunder at my will’!

‘Cut off the traveler’s attachments with worldly affairs’!

‘Nine-colored clouds gather in unison’!

A total of four moves!

The Li Clan members who were currently absorbed in a fierce battle never would have thought that behind them, on the path which they had come from, a powerful death god would suddenly appear with his blade sharpened and all ready to kill!

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