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Chapter 1296: 1296
Chapter 1296: The Person Cultivating Next Door

This successor to the Purple Crystal Clan really had a lot of vitality .

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His scolding didn’t even pause a single moment for an entire hour . There was also no repetition at all . His vocabulary of vulgarities and profanity was extremely wide; it could practically be said to be one of the greatest manual of insults of all time .

It was a big ‘ear-opener’ for the Li Clan .

So much so that after this incident, when the shrews of the Li Clan squabbled in the streets, they had a lot more new and interesting terms that could make people so angry that smoke came out of their ears…

His voice reverberated so much in the Purple Crystal mine that the whole place was shaking .

Everyone was dead silent!

It wasn’t that they couldn’t rebut him, but more like… they truly felt that their actions were rather dishonorable . They were also worried that if they really displeased this lord for real, he would suddenly turn into a stubborn old mule —”I’m not helping you to mine this thing anymore! Kill me if you want to or do whatever you want to me, I don’t care anymore!”

That would be terrible .

In addition, judging from this Lord Zi’s personality, they really wouldn’t put it past him to do this . Despite being all alone in the Li Clan, he had the guts to even scold the Li Clan’s clan leader while mentioning his full name . Was there anything that this intrepid lord didn’t dare to do?

Everyone very wisely chose to keep quiet .

Chu Yang’s brutal scolding went on for a while before he finally went back to start work again .

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief .

What a close shave… This lord actually didn’t go on strike…

What they didn’t know was that not only would this Lord Zi not go on strike right now, even if the entire Li Clan boycotted him, he would still finish the extraction…

Such a huge treasure trove… How could Chu Yang feel safe leaving it in the hands of the enemy?

When Chu Yang started on the re-opening of the hole, he breathed a sigh of relief . Although the gap had been completely blocked out, it was not as firm and solid as what it previously was . In just four hours, he had succeeded in re-opening it .

The Sword Spirit unsurprisingly slipped in the first chance he got and plundered the area with no restraint whatsoever!

He put into action the three ‘everything’ strategies according to the Lord Sword Master’s request — Bring out everything! Take everything! Keep everything! Don’t even… leave them any Purple Crystal dust!

The Sword Spirit took on the role of a coolie — one who was… extremely jubilant and enthusiastic! Within the Nine Tribulations Space, it started raining Purple Crystal Cores and storming Purple Crystal Jade Essence…

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This time, Chu Yang discovered to his astonishment that as it went on, the Purple Crystal Jade Essence that were being extracted were no longer small pieces but large ones… The heaviest easily weighed several hundred kilograms!

This one piece was already equivalent to several hundred millions of regular Purple Crystals… It was also far superior in terms of the degree of purity!

And how could there be just one? There were easily several hundreds, several thousands, several tens of thousands pieces!

Lord Zi started to work overtime again . It lasted three days as well this time .

It went without saying that this expended another 60,000 Purple Crystals from the Li Clan .

But this time around, no one in the Li Clan felt any heartache over the Purple Crystal consumption . On the contrary, they were rather worried — Would Lord Zi’s health suffer because of how he was sparing no effort in his work?

Naturally, no one was worried about his health . What they were worried about was… This Lord Zi had better not tire himself out before he succeeded in mining the Purple Crystal mine… That would be beyond terrible .

Nobody knew that this enormous treasure trove had actually been opened up long ago . In addition, the astounding treasures inside had already been plundered by this ‘diligent’ Lord Zi and gone into his own pocket .

All the Li Clan members craning their necks in anticipation probably never even dreamed that what they were looking forward to… was merely an empty shell and that they would not be getting anything at all…

When that Supreme Martial Artist supervisor came over carefully with an ingratiating smile to request that Lord Zi ‘rest a little because there was no need to be so desperate and to take care of his health’…

…Chu Yang jumped up and down in rage . “How are you going to resolve this if I don’t work overtime? Those dumbasses blocked out the area again; if I don’t reopen it while I still can and it ends up going back to its original toughness… Wouldn’t all my previous efforts be for naught?”

The Supreme Martial Artist responded servilely and hurriedly fled with a face full of saliva .

What a waste of my kindness… Go on and tire yourself out… It’s none of my friggin’ business .

Three days later, an exhausted and weak Lord Zi was carried back to his residence as usual . Before he left, he actually warned, “Guard the place carefully . If anyone dares to come and make any trouble… I’ll smash my head against the pillar and kill myself right here!”

To be honest, he didn’t need to say that anymore… Who would be so bored to enter the Purple Crystal mine for a scolding?

Even the clan leader had suffered such a terrible scolding…

After he went back, Lord Zi rested for a whole two days this time, causing the entire Li Clan to be extremely anxious and impatient . The extent of their anxiety didn’t even need to be mentioned anymore…

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Chu Yang didn’t want to rest either during such a critical moment . But the Sword Spirit couldn’t really stomach the six consecutive days of super tough work anymore and needed to rest and recover .

In addition, the Sword Spirit discovered that with the overexertion of his mental energy this time, his mental energy seemed to also be increasing…

Even though Chu Yang was reluctant to rest while the Sword Spirit was recovering, he also took the opportunity to absorb the Earth Core Fire and earth energy at full power!

Therefore, during these two days, in the eyes of outsiders, this Lord Zi was immersed in the pool the entire time and didn’t come out at all .

This was truly strange to the max!

They had never seen anyone who was so addicted to bathing… He asked for so many goddamn beauties to wait upon him but after so much trouble, he ended up bathing by himself . Up till now, he hadn’t even gone onto the bed at all…

This was simply too bizarre .

However, nobody dared to ask about it .

Especially when the moment Lord Zi recovered a little of his strength, the first thing he did was to dole out a palm strike and punch a huge hole through the ceiling of his residence .

The area that he punched a hole through happened to be the hiding place of the two Supreme Martial Artist experts . They had hidden there without being discovered for more than ten days; how would they have expected to be attacked today?

With a loud cry of shock, the two Supreme Martial Artists fell through the hole .

Only to see Lord Zi laying in the water pool in a half-dead state with his eyes still closed . In a somewhat lazy tone, he said, “You should have a clear idea by now after watching me for so long… Go back and tell Clan Leader Li that I prefer being watched by women while I bathe . As for men… Let’s forget about it . ”

He didn’t speak any further after saying that .

From start to end, he didn’t open his eyes even once .

The two Supreme Martial Artists exchanged a resigned smile .

They could only leave and report to Li Wubo . There was nothing that Li Wubo could do either . He dismissed the two with a wave of his hand and canceled the surveillance on Lord Zi .

Even fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists had been discovered . It wasn’t like he could trouble the old masters to keep a watch on this Lord Zi who was no different from a coolie while being exposed to the elements, right?

It would do to just keep a lookout from the boundaries…

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Besides, this Zi Xiaoyan was obviously a straightforward character with a bad temper and an unbelievably one-track minded dimwit .

Was there a need to be so scheming toward him?

One must admit that the scenes, which Lord Zi had created in the last few days, all served as evidence of his positive image as… a ‘one-track minded dimwit’!

If they had to treat even such a person as though they were up against a formidable foe… Wasn’t this… holding him in too high of a regard…

Chu Yang finally got his peace and quiet .

However, he developed a great interest in the person living next to him .

Within the area of influence of his divine sense, the neighbor nearest to him was naturally the first target of his attention . Besides, Chu Yang was also aware that his residence was one of the few most important buildings .

In that case, how could the person living next to him be just an average person?

But what astounded him the most was that the person on his left was seriously quite the… madman!

During midnight every day, all sorts of torturous sounds of cultivation could be heard coming from there . Even though that person tried his best to keep the volume in check, how could it escape Chu Yang?

This person’s determination and tenacity had certainly reached an ‘astounding’ level in the last few days .

The person would start practicing his fighting techniques from midnight onward . Strong winds swept here and there constantly . His output at full power lasted for a good four hours . After four hours, under such a tough regime, the internal energy in his body should have been completely expended . Then, he would commence on various kinds of muscle strengthening training, such as running with weights and all kinds of masochistic drills…

Chu Yang was sure that this person’s weights were at least 1,500 kilograms!

In addition, these were on top of the weights which he wore for regular training . Based on the sound of his footsteps, it was likely that this person usually carried weights no less than 250 kilograms at any given moment . No matter during eating or sleeping, the weights remained on him .

After muscle training, based on his breathing, it was time for breathing exercises . After doing breathing exercises for two hours, he started on the same cycle again! This cycle occurred at least four times per day!

According to Chu Yang’s calculations, this person’s actual resting time was definitely no more than two hours a day! In addition, once he started on his cultivation, he put in his full effort!

Compared to an average martial artist’s practice, the amount of time he put in was a good four times of it, while the difficulty of his regime was tougher by countless times!

There was actually such a person in this world?

This kind of insane practice had practically reached a ‘self-mutilation’ level! If his body weren’t resilient enough, he would probably tire himself to death with this kind of cultivation method!

But the person next door was clearly improving everyday…

According to Chu Yang’s estimation, the kind of body condition that could withstand such high-intensity training and persevere and improve continuously… On the assumption that no one had the help of the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill, only the body and muscle resistance of one person among his brothers could withstand it!

That person was Dong Wushang!

This muscle resistance was innate and had nothing to do with mental energy or battle strength . It was a blessing which came with birth!

Gu Duxing’s battle strength was not necessarily lower than Dong Wushang’s . However, in terms of pure muscle resistance, he was far inferior .

But if Dong Wushang were to train like this continuously, even he would tire himself to death sooner or later!

Dong Wushang already spared no effort in his training . But in comparison to the person next door, it was still a far cry . Chu Yang even stopped him from his occasional desperate bout of training — Even though doing this could allow him to see the most significant results in an extremely short amount of time… In the long run, it was no different from committing suicide .

Once the body showed signs of inability to withstand the strain, this person would be ruined .

How could Chu Yang let Dong Wushang make such a sacrifice?

But right now, this person next door was doing this exact hard work!

Chu Yang couldn’t contain his curiosity . He asked, “Who’s the person living next door?”

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