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Chapter 1290: 1290

Li Wubo decided at once — This fellow must not be killed even if he couldn’t mine the core Purple Crystal mine inside . If they kept him alive, with his cultivation and speed, mining 20,000 Purple Crystals within a day was practically child’s play to him…

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 What a talent!

 “This is such a drag . ” Lord Zi clapped his hands smugly . “We should go over and take a look at that Purple Crystal mine that can’t be mined . ”

 “Yes, yes, yes!”

 Li Wubo nodded like a chicken pecking at grains .

 At this moment, the confidence in him was increasing constantly!

 The other party actually had such an unfathomable ability . It looked like breaking through that damned Purple Crystal mine that they hadn’t been able to do anything about for the past ten thousand years was probably highly possible .

 After they entered the mine cave, under the lead of a supervisor, the few of them put up with the noise and walked briskly downward .

 After descending a full kilometer, they finally reached an enormous space .

 From the view here, in the middle, there was a mountain body that looked like a massive round pillar and spanned a good kilometer or so . Neither its height nor its depth could be determined . The entire surface from top to bottom was smooth and shiny .

 “This is it . The interior of this entire place is full of it!” Frowning, Li Wubo gave him a wry smile . “The Purple Crystal mines surrounding it have all been fully mined . We’ve already started to mine the area stretching out from here . This is the only place, the most important core, which we haven’t been able to do anything about for the past ten thousand years!”

 “Even the all-out digging of a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist didn’t leave a single mark on the surface! It’s connected as a whole and so sturdy; I really have no idea what it is . ”

 “I’ll take a look . ” Chu Yang went up to it and placed his hand against the surface . Suddenly, his countenance changed drastically . “You’re right, there really is an inconceivable amount of high-quality Purple Crystals in here! Even the lowest quality ones are Purple Crystal Cores . This fact is indisputable!”

“Is it possible to mine it?” asked Li Wubo with rapt attention .

 “Let me try… Step back, everyone . ” Chu Yang’s expression was solemn .

 Everyone followed his instructions and retreated backward .

 The Purple Crystal Clan successor stood with his legs apart . Raising his arms and with all ten fingers splayed out, he seemingly pushed forward with great strength . In just an instant, his face had already turned all red from the strain!

 This pose of his looked no different from someone suffering from constipation who couldn’t defecate no matter how hard he tried…

 Thereafter, this Lord Zi shouted . “Hei~~~”

 Following his shout, a clear purple line appeared on his palm, as though it was about to pop out of his palm! He strode forward in a majestic gait, seemingly resisting the weight of a mountain, and took step after step toward the massive round pillar body . With another ‘Hei!’, he slowly placed his right palm onto it!

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 His palm pressed tightly against the surface!

 Then, his palm started moving!

 The speed at which it moved was just like an old ox pulling a broken cart — Unbelievably slow!

 He gave out thunderous shout after shout of ‘hei ah~~ hei ah~~ hei ah~~’, as if he was suffering from constipation . Bouts of steam emanated from his face and the color of his face gradually turned purple .

 At the side, everyone’s faces were contorted and their brows furrowed . These sounds were simply just too… unbearable!

 Just listening to him alone made them all feel like they were squatting in the toilet with the person opposite suffering terribly from constipation…


 After a long while, this Lord Zi finally fell onto the ground with a thud . He panted heavily, his entire body shaking like a leaf . Droplets of perspiration formed and dripped downward as though a waterfall . In an instant, his clothes were all drenched through!

 “How is it?” Li Wubo and the others went up to him immediately .

 “It’s possible to mine it… but it’ll be very troublesome,” answered Chu Yang weakly .

 None of them heard the latter part of what he had said . The moment they heard the words ‘possible to mine’, they cheered in unison! A Purple Crystal Core and a Purple Crystal were two entirely different concepts .

 The effect of a Purple Crystal Core was more than a hundred times that of a Purple Crystal!

 Besides, the universal energy within was even denser and purer!

 Everyone hurried over to look at the area where Chu Yang’s palm had pressed against earlier . When they took a look at it, they were overjoyed and speechless at the same time .

It certainly was effective!

 And Lord Zi was right — It was very troublesome indeed!

 And it wasn’t just an average amount of trouble .

 There was indeed a change in the area where Lord Zi’s hand had pressed against!

 This change proved that it was possible to mine the Purple Crystal mine — There was a thin gap the width of a strand of hair and only half an inch deep!

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 If one didn’t look carefully, one wouldn’t be able to detect it at all!

 This was the reason why everyone was immensely overjoyed . Before this, even after a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist had tried hard for a long amount of time, he didn’t even manage to create a tiny mark like this!

 But this was also the reason why everyone was speechless . This Purple Crystal Clan successor had used a herculean amount of strength and power, only to create such a small effect . If they were to wait till everything was opened up… How long would they need to wait?

 When in the unforeseeable future would he be able to create a hole big enough for someone to pass through?

 “I need Purple Crystals! A large amount of Purple Crystals!” This Lord Zi had clearly gone somewhat mad . He gnashed his teeth and declared, “I need the power of Purple Crystals to give me the strength to take down this fort! I’ve never seen this kind of premium Purple Crystal mine of a lifetime! My clan has never encountered this during the last hundred thousand years!”

 “This is the biggest challenge of us Purple Crystal Clan! And also the biggest opportunity which the Nine Heavens has encountered in the last hundred thousand years! The most powerful fortune!”

Gritting his teeth, Lord Zi’s eyes were ferocious . “I must retrieve all the Purple Crystals inside!”

 Li Wubo consoled him . “Take your time . It’s alright as long as there’s hope . We can take our time to discuss this . ” To be honest, he was more anxious than anyone else . However, this Lord Zi obviously looked like he was about to go mad, so he had no choice other than to say a few comforting words .

 “No!” Lord Zi raised his arms and shouted, “Clan Leader Li! You may not know this but based on the Purple Crystal Clan’s secret experience for the last hundred thousand years! It’s too horrifying inside of this thing! Too horrifying!”

 “Inside, Purple Crystal Cores form only the outer rim! If you go further in, you’ll find Exquisite Purple Crystal Cores! In addition, Purple Crystal Jade Essence is also contained within Exquisite Purple Crystal Cores! Within the Purple Crystal Jade Essence is the Soul of the Purple Crystal! And within the Souls of the Purple Crystal are Holy Crystals! Do you know what a Holy Crystal is? It’s something that only exists in legends but has never been seen before since ancient times!”

 “Do you know? The quantity of Souls of the Purple Crystal in there has reached a frightening number! And there’s definitely not just one Holy Crystal; there are at least ten! At the heart of Holy Crystals is the Divine Crystal! Do you know of the Divine Crystal? Do you?! Huh?!”

 “Did you think that there are only a few Purple Crystal Cores in here when there’s such a terrifying seal? Bastards! A bunch of short-sighted bastards!”

 Lord Zi, the successor to the Purple Crystal Clan, yelled and bellowed agitatedly, his saliva spraying Clan Leader Li’s entire face! In addition, as he spoke on, it evolved into him giving him a scolding!

But right now, Clan leader Li didn’t mind at all . He didn’t even feel the slightest bit of discomfort… He had already passed out from this incredible bliss!

 Purple Crystal Cores formed only the outer rim!

 Exquisite Purple Crystal Cores!

 Purple Crystal Jade Essence!

 Souls of the Purple Crystal! A terrifying amount of them!

 Holy Crystals! At least ten!

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 Divine Crystals!

 Oh my god…

 Li Wubo and the others were so stunned by this that they were overcome by waves of dizziness and they trembled uncontrollably! This, this, this… These were all the most, most, most premium grade of treasures that existed in legends of legends!

 At this moment, everyone was filled with so much bliss that they practically wanted to run naked! Their hearts stopped beating in this instant!

 This is too blissful… I practically can’t believe my own ears! How many Exquisite Purple Crystal Cores have ever appeared in the whole continent from olden times till now?

 Absolutely not more than a hundred! In addition, only in the center of large-scale Purple Crystal mines would there be just one!

 As for Purple Crystal Jade Essence, they were even rarer! Their quantity could be counted on one hand .

 And now, there are even higher-grade ones inside of here… Souls of the Purple Crystal? Holy Crystals? Divine Crystals?!

 Oh my heaven! Oh my earth! Oh my god!

 The successor to the Purple Crystal Clan was still stamping his feet and yelling non-stop . “Holy Crystals! Just one crystal alone… Absorbing the energy inside of just one would turn a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist into a ninth-grade peak-level Supreme Martial Artist within a night! Perhaps even sink the heavens and break through the void…”

 Chu Yang panted heavily and so did everyone else . Their reactions were the same — Eyes widened in so much joy that they were all blank and empty and their bodies shaking like a leaf .

 They all fell into a daze in an instant!

 Pin-drop silence everywhere!

 After a long time, in a trembling voice, Li Wubo finally asked, “What will happen if one absorbs a Divine… Divine Crystal?”

 Chu Yang pursed his lips in scorn . “Divine Crystal? Even the Nine Tribulations Sword Master from ten thousand years ago would explode and die in an instant from the powerful spiritual energy of the universe if he were to directly absorb the Divine Crystal!”

 They were astounded once again!

 Chu Yang was not lying! According to the Sword Spirit’s examination, this was indeed a premium Purple Crystal mine! Its capacity could easily let it rank top in the continent!

The Purple Crystal Jade Essence, Souls of the Purple Crystal, Holy Crystals, Divine Crystals… they weren’t nonsensical talk either! They truly existed! And their power was exactly like what Chu Yang had described — Absolutely terrifying!

 Chu Yang had originally thought that the premium Purple Crystal mine here was highly likely to house the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword . His most important goal in braving the dangers to infiltrate the Li Clan this time was precisely that .

 If he could also find the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword here… How awesome would that be?

 But he didn’t expect that it wasn’t here . Here, there was only the purest Purple Crystal mine! An amazingly huge treasure trove!

 The Sword Spirit scoffed somewhat condescendingly at Chu Yang’s assumption . “If the Nine Tribulations Sword were in there, it would definitely have destroyed the Divine Crystal! Even though the Nine Tribulations Sword has tasted a countless amount of blood, it has only ever nourished Heavenly Treasures; it would never ever damage them!”

 “Therefore, the Nine Tribulations Sword is not here . ”

 “But if you manage to obtain the things in there, the effect, as compared to obtaining the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, certainly will not differ by much . Also, in some aspects, its effect will even far surpass that of the Nine Tribulations Sword!”

 “Furthermore, Holy Crystals and Divine Crystals will also be of great help to your development in the future!”

 The Sword Spirit even ground his teeth somewhat in frustration . “No matter what you do! No matter what price you pay! You must obtain them!”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes . “Is obtaining them of any use to you?”

 The Sword Spirit was stunned . “I’m just a spiritual form . How are they of any use to me?”

 “If they’re not of any use to you, then what are you agitated for?” Chu Yang looked at the Sword Spirit haughtily .

 “Then I don’t want it anymore!” The Sword Spirit became all dejected .

 “Nonsense! How can we give up such awesome stuff?” Chu Yang yelled furiously, “It’s fine that it’s not of any use to you . Isn’t it fine as long as it’s of use to me?” Inside the Nine Tribulations Space, he ground his teeth and yelled savagely, “No matter what I do! No matter what price I pay! I must obtain them all!”

 “It’s a waste if I don’t take them! And it’s free of charge even if I do! How can I pass on something so fantastic!” bellowed Chu Yang!

 The Sword Spirit was so mad that he passed out completely…

 Too shameless…

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