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Chapter 1286: 1286


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 The white jade teacup in Li Tongtian’s hand slipped and fell to the ground, breaking into three pieces .

 Right now, Supremacy Li’s eyes were widened so large that they were the size of bells . Even his breathing became ragged and his face flushed completely red!

 He could easily prospect Purple Crystal mines?

 And easily extract Purple Crystal mines?

 This… Wasn’t this exactly what they, the Li Clan, had been racking their brains over for the last ten thousand years?

 How was it that… this fellow came out of nowhere and actually resolved this ten-thousand-year old problem in an instant?

 A wave of dizziness came over Li Tongtian . The Supreme Martial Artist next to him didn’t fare any better; his mouth was gaping so big that one could easily fit two duck eggs in there .

 A few soft thuds could be heard from outside — It was the sound of the other four Supreme Martial Artists eavesdropping outside knocking their heads against the tent .

 “What’s wrong?” asked a weirded out Chu Yang .

 “Err, err, it’s nothing . ” Li Tongtian was a rather pathetic sight . He raised his head and looked at Chu Yang . “This… Brother Zi! What you said earlier… This old man doesn’t… doesn’t really understand… Cough, could you explain a little?”

 Chu Yang shook his head, somewhat resigned . “I’m aware that this is rather difficult to believe as well . ”

 He chuckled wryly . “But it is precisely because of this that my clan didn’t dare to show its face and could only hide in the mountains . However, our clan’s bloodline is special; if we wish to cultivate, we must use the energy of Purple Crystals . ”

 He reached out his arm . “Elder Li, take a look . ”

 Li Tongtian hurriedly cast his glance over .

 Within Chu Yang’s fair-skinned palm, a clear purple line appeared as he circulated his energy!

 It was purple from head to toe! The purest shade of purple in the world!

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 When this sight entered his vision, Li Tongtian could swear that he had never seen such a pure and grand shade of purple in his whole life!

 This was the true supreme ruler of all colors!

 In addition, Li Tongtian could tell that this purple was produced purely from one’s blood and meridians! It was in no way something made up just to mystify people, nor was it pigmentation .

 Li Tongtian tried touching it . At once, he had a feeling that was difficult to put into words . It seemed like his entire mind was about to sink into it .

 When he let go in shock, his face was already full of astonishment .

 “This is my family’s Purple Crystal Divine Technique . ” Chu Yang sighed emotionally . “Only people born with the Purple Crystal bloodline can cultivate it . It is necessary to open up the Purple Crystal link as an infant and let the purple gas within pass through smoothly . One must break through the first stage of the Purple Crystal Divine Technique before turning fifteen . After that, only when one has cultivated it to a certain level can one detect the aura of Purple Crystals and determine the mine vein and obtain Purple Crystals!”

 Chu Yang’s voice, as well as facial expression, was very pained . There was even a hint of tragic misery in them . “These are such harsh conditions… and yet being a miner is the only thing one can be after successfully cultivating it… Just how tragic is that!”

 Li Tongtian was also flabbergasted . His entire body was trembling .

 What good news is that for our Li Clan!

 He was filled with relief . Good thing he didn’t come at him forcefully right away; if not, if he had enraged this fellow and made him decide to perish together… All would have been lost .

 Taking ten thousand steps back, even if he had forced him to reveal the oral formula of the ‘Purple Crystal Divine Technique’, didn’t they hear what he said? How harsh were those conditions? One needed to possess the Purple Crystal bloodline and open up the Purple Crystal link while still an infant, and achieve the first stage before turning fifteen…

 Who in the Li Clan possessed the Purple Crystal bloodline? Didn’t that mean that all of them were eliminated right in the first round?

 Good thing he was cautious .

 Chu Yang continued to pour out his woes . “Especially when you need countless Purple Crystals in order to practice this Divine Technique . Other types of spiritual energy can’t be used at all . Ever since the clan has met with trouble, I’m the only one left now . All my riches have also been stolen . It’s because there’s no one left to succeed my Purple Crystal Divine Technique that I’ve come out to travel around the martial world…”

 “These are really hard days…” Full of tears, Chu Yang spoke extremely sadly and movingly .

 “It’s indeed not easy…” Li Tongtian patronized him distractedly, his thoughts full of schemes .

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 “And it turned even more tragic after I came out . ” Chu Yang’s expression was full of misery and indignation . “Every Purple Crystal mine has been occupied by a large clan… Not only have I not been able to cultivate using Purple Crystals, but I’ve also ended up becoming a mercenary just to earn Purple Crystals to use for cultivation…”

 “Left with no other choice, I could only head north and especially look for areas where humans rarely go . When I reached here today… I could feel a very rich and dense Purple Crystal aura . That’s why I risked my life to break the Wind Thunder Platform… I had wanted to look for a few Purple Crystals to use, but I didn’t expect this Wind Thunder Platform to actually not have anything at all and to be just something used to suppress Purple Crystals!”

 Chu Yang looked to the sky and heaved a deep sigh…

 “Something to suppress Purple Crystals?” Li Tongtian’s eyes widened . “I would like to know more . ”

 “To put it simply, this Wind Thunder Platform is here to suppress fate energy,” explained Chu Yang rather resignedly . “You won’t understand if I put it this way…” He mentally added, “To be honest, neither do I . ”

 “You’re right, I don’t . Please advise, Brother Zi . ” Li Tongtian eagerly refilled Chu Yang’s teacup .

 “Let’s put it this way — Purple Crystal mines can only exist in places where fate energy is rich! Typically, in feng shui terms, such places are called dragon veins!”

 “This Wind Thunder Platform is here exactly to suppress the aura of the dragon vein and prevent it from leaking . ”

 “I had thought that this was the head of the dragon that was suppressing the dragon vein, so I summoned up all my energy and courage and hacked it down all the way using the Purple Crystal Divine Technique… How was I to know that the Purple Crystal mine here was actually this huge… It was only when I had cut right down to the bottom that I discovered that this area was still a great distance from the actual mine vein… Just as I was about to dig my way there, your men came…”

 “I had forced myself to wait for three months with much difficulty . At last, there were abnormalities in the weather today; there were thunderstorms and hail and snow flew everywhere . I had originally intended to take advantage of the power of nature to escape but how was I to know that I would be stopped by six powerful Supreme Martial Artists? No way into heaven and no way into hell! And furthermore, other than revealing my secrets… I have no other way to live!”

 Chu Yang sighed to the high heavens . “This is but my own fate! Is my Purple Crystal Clan ultimately doomed to the fate of ‘going through a whole lot of trouble only to offer all of it up to someone else’ after all?”

 His speech was truly tear-jerking!

 But in the ears of the two Supreme Martial Artists, these sorrowful words were instead a piece of shockingly good news!

 The more the two of them heard Chu Yang’s sorrowful narration, the higher their spirits became .

 In the end, they were even full of smiles and beside themselves with joy!

 This was truly like someone passing a pillow over when one wanted to snooze, and a young miss utterly devoted to oneself appearing when one wanted to take a wife…

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 The heavens were totally on their side .

 Why did the Li Clan have to stay here and bear with the frigid cold with no other choice? Why did the Li Clan attach so much importance to this matter about the Wind Thunder Platform being cut down?

 Wasn’t it exactly because of this?

 They had indeed reaped incredible rewards this time!

 Surely even the Elder Master would be so delighted that he would jump into the air after hearing this? Right underneath the Li Clan was an unbelievably rich and enormous Purple Crystal mine!

 If they let this fellow extract all of it…


 Li Tongtian took in a sharp and excited breath of air, almost choking himself to death .

 This old man is too excited!

 Hmm, it hasn’t been verified yet; we can make further arrangements after verifying the truth…

 “Brother Zi!” Li Tongtian made up his mind . “Do you really have such an amazing skill?”

 Chu Yang sighed in exasperation . “Elder Li… Although our clan has never come into the world, have you really never heard of us, the Purple Crystal Clan? I heard that every generation of the Nine Super Clans in the last several tens of thousands of years… had specially invited people from my Purple Crystal Clan to conduct site selection for them…”

 “Errr…” Although Li Tongtian was rather embarrassed, he was grumbling inwardly .

 So you also know that it’s been ‘several tens of thousands of years’? How many things can be forgotten over the span of tens of thousands of years? Putting everything aside, how many times have the Nine Super Clans already been changed?

 Do you still think that I’ll know…

 However, Li Tongtian could also understand .

 It was human nature after all; most people viewed themselves and their clans as exceptionally impressive . Even regular mortals would also possess high self-perception and act with arrogance . People always felt that others would remember them just because of some things that they had done…

 To be honest… Some things were very ordinary; it was just the person himself who thought that it was impressive .

 One could view himself as the most important thing in the world but in the eyes of others, who would think of him as that important? Perhaps that person wouldn’t even amount to a fart! …At the very least, the stink of a fart could even linger for a while .

 Therefore, the biggest flaw of most people was thinking too highly of themselves .

 This ‘one and only successor to the Purple Crystal Clan’ in front of him was a huge culprit of this!

 However, to Li Tongtian, not only was this not a flaw, but it was also a weakness to be exploited .

 “Brother Zi, as long as you really have the skill, you’ll strike it big after this trip to the north-west!” said Li Tongtian animatedly as he tried to brainwash him .

 Chu Yang’s mouth muscles twitched and he chuckled dryly . “Elder Li, let us not beat about the bush! Since I’ve landed in your hands today, you can just get straight to the point . What do you want me to do before you’ll let me go? Let’s be frank with each other; the situation is already very obvious and there’s nothing that I can do about it . If I cannot give you what you want, you won’t let me off anyway; this is something that no one here even needs to mention… In that case, I’ll leave my life here . If I can do it, I’ll get it done as soon as possible and leave the first chance I get…”

 Li Tongtian laughed aloud, his white beard trembling . “Brother Zi looks down on this old man too much; how can I possibly be that kind of person who knows only to take advantage of others? Our Li Clan has been around for ten thousand years and has a golden reputation . When have we ever done anything unjust?”

 At a loss, Chu Yang was rather flustered . “Then…”

 Li Tongtian was all smiles . He said, “Brother Zi, this is your chance . As long as you really possess the ability which you had mentioned… Then this old man can guarantee it! For the rest of your life, no matter how many Purple Crystals you need for your cultivation, our Li Clan will provide all of it at no cost!”

 Joy spread over Chu Yang’s countenance at once . “Really?!”

 “Of course!” Li Tongtian continued, “Not just that! As long as you really are that capable, our Li Clan can even help you to rebuild your Purple Crystal Clan! We’ll take full responsibility and help you to wed wives and consorts so that you can continue your lineage! We’ll even promise that our two clans will be allies for eternity, never to betray each other for lifetimes to come!”

 Chu Yang’s breathing became ragged . His eyes turned misty and he got so worked up that his fingers were trembling . His lips trembled fiercely too . “You, you, you… You’re not lying to me?”

 He seemed to be so agitated that his heart was about to jump right out . Li Tongtian became even more reassured .

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