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Chapter 1278: 1278

Ao Tianxing said with sincerity and earnest wishes, “Dear friends, in our Middle Three Heavens, we cannot tolerate the presence of these black sheep amongst us! It is a threat to our livelihood! A serious threat! A huge threat! For the sake of everyone’s lives and belongings, we have to eliminate these people who do not fit into our society!”

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“Tell me, am I right to say that?” Ao Tianxing asked righteously .

His whole face was stern and his gaze was cold and awe-inspiring as he spoke with a character like deep water and towering mountains . From his stance and tone of speech, he was a big hero who had the heart for the sufferings of the entire world .

All his doings and actions were for the benefit of all the heroes in this world!

 The crowd all were stunned after hearing these words!

He should have just directly said, ‘We don’t want the bad ones, we only want the good ones! The best ones! If you cannot produce them, then we will teach you a lesson! Not only you would suffer, but also your entire family!’

 Aside, Chu Yang really admired him greatly! Looking at Ao Tianxing’s eyes was like seeing gods and deities .

There were really no limits to the amount of shamelessness a person could have! Furthermore, there was no limit to how one could talk about the most shameless things using a voice and expression that bemoaned the state of the universe and was awe-inspiring with justice!

This kind of skill really deserved worshiping .

“Right!” Everyone was crying in their heart as they cried out madly, acknowledging the correctness of Ao Tianxing!

 “Next, let us invite Pavilion Lord Gu to perform his Supreme Martial Artist Sword Techniques, do you all think it’s a great idea?”Ao Tianxing asked loudly .


 Instantly, there were thunderous cheers and applause!

The cultivation of a Supreme Martial Artist was to be proven by witnessing it . It was not something that could be proven just by saying or by word of mouth, right?

 Therefore, this kind of deterrence and show of power was necessary . Although Gu Duxing was unwilling to do so, he was still pushed up the stage by his money-minded group of brothers .

 “Clang!” The Black Dragon Sword came out of its sheath!

 Clang clang clang…

 After a series of ‘clang’ sound, everyone who had a sword to their waist all saw their long swords leaving the sheath as they flew into mid-air . This kind of scene was simply like the meeting of ten thousand swords!

 Coldly, Gu Duxing leaped up and wielded his sword in mid-air!

 Clean and efficient!

 An eye-catching sword light bent into the shape of a crescent moon and flew out slowly .

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Everyone’s gaze followed in the direction of the obvious sword light .

The crescent-shaped sword light grew bigger and longer . In the end, it was spanning a thousand feet and flew to the mountain top behind the Ao Clan .

The sword light clashed violently onto the mountain top . With a low explosion, the topmost part of the mountain suddenly toppled and rolled backward and out!

In an instant, the earth started to shake!

 Everyone was stunned until the point of being dumbfounded! This… This is the level of a Supreme Martial Artist!

 How high a level of power was this?

 A sword that was a thousand feet away and could chop off the mountain top? If that was used to chop off a human’s head…

 A few of the onlookers could not help but touch their own neck .

 When they looked back at Gu Duxing, he had disappeared without a trace .

Ao Tianxing was also stunned to the extent that his eyeball violently popped outward . He almost exclaimed . However, like a sly old fox, he quickly suppressed his shock and tilted his head to smile . “If anyone’s gift is being deemed as not up to standard… that time, Supreme Martial Artist Gu may just pop in your place to perform… Everyone would have a chance!”

 The birthday celebration ended in an atmosphere of joy and depression . Almost everyone was contemplating in their minds, ‘What should I give as a gift?’

 This was definitely a huge problem!

 If the gift was not good and not up to standard, the entire clan would be annihilated…

 If the gift was excellent, then they would have a meteoric rise…

However, what kind of gift would then be considered as good? How could anyone know if their gift was definitely a good one?

 This was a problem causing a huge headache .

Everyone was considering, muttering to themselves and weighing out the pros and cons . It weighed so heavily on their mind that this sumptuous meal became so bland, without any taste . They even did not dare to drink much .

After the birthday celebration, 80 percent of the guests left hurriedly . Time was running out . Only a total of seven days were given and already half a day had passed .

It was a matter of utmost urgency .

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 Chu Yang and the brothers naturally left . Everyone followed Gu Duxing’s contingent and traveled toward Gu Clan abruptly .

Of course, the contingent had expanded considerably .

 The wives and concubines of Xie Danqiong, the wives and concubines of Ao Xieyun, Miss Huyan and the others… all of them came along . Only the two concubines of Mo Tianji were persuaded nicely by himself to go back instead of following together .

Chu Yang had thoughts about the two ladies’ backgrounds . Before Chu Yang left, he specially prepared a generous gift . He gave each lady another piece of Mysterious Yin Jade . In this way, both the Yin and Yang jade would complement each other and greatly improve the cultivation level of the two ladies .

Chu Yang additionally gave each of them 100 pieces of Purple Crystals .

The two ladies naturally knew the intentions of Chu Yang and therefore, left the place after extending their thanks .

They only left a word for Mo Tianji . However, this made Mo Tianji, who had been deep in thoughts about the information of the Upper Three Heavens, disappointed for a long while .

“Actually, staying beside you is already our greatest revenge against you!”

 When Chu Yang heard these words, he truly admired the pure heart and spirit of the two young ladies .

It was both a timely responsibility and also castigation! It was indeed the best form of revenge against Mo Tianji .

As for Dong Wulei and the other two Young Masters, when Chu Yang warmly invited them to travel together, the three of them avoided Chu Yang, as though they were avoiding a viper . It was like they had a cut on their buttocks and they had to run away, fleeing away from defeat .

 Those who could disrupt the progress of things had all left . Along the journey, Chu Yang sneakily took out a wine that Xue Leihan had diluted previously and drank to their hearts’ content together with his six brothers .

After this drinking session, each of them had an increment of 300 years of cultivation! Furthermore, Chu Yang utilized the ability of the Nine Tribulations Sword to do all that was possible to upgrade the quality of weapons for his brothers . This made Gu Duxing and the others overjoyed .

The crowd was chit-chatting along the way as they moved speedily towards the Gu Clan . This trip was exceptionally delightful .

The only flaw was Gu Miaoling . She had a straightforward and generous character . However, the moment she heard that she was about to become a bride getting married, she actually became shy and embarrassed . She only came out once or twice and the moment she was addressed as the second sister-in-law, she was so embarrassed that she ran straight back to the horse carriage .

 However, the Middle Three Heavens became really chaotic ever since that morning . Even until the afternoon, the place was still bustling with activities .

Everyone was searching for Heavenly Treasures or any rare materials with all their might . The entire Middle Three Heavens fell into chaos .

Even for those who already had Heavenly Treasures on their hands, they also acted as if they were really panicky and went around trying to ask for more information . They thought in their mind, ‘It’s dangerous not to pretend . Others will come to steal if they know that we have a Heavenly Treasure . ’

 It was a scene of chaos .

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In the past, whenever people saw each other, they would either ask, “Have you eaten?” Or it would be, “You must have become rich recently, right?”

 However, all these opening addresses had changed . Regardless of the person, as long as two Martial World people met, the first sentence that they would definitely say was, “Have you found it?”

 “Any clues about it?”

 “Any confidence?”

 “Ai ya, I’m so miserable… I have nothing on hand until now . ”

“I’m more miserable… I have robbed a few houses but found nothing . I have collected quite a bit of gold and silver, do you have? I can buy it from you, at double the price!”

 Something like that .

 In summary, there were fighting and the shadows of sword fight everywhere in Middle Three Heavens . It was all for a wedding gift to Second Master Gu! To have a wedding that would stun all the big shots in the world…

Gu Duxing was the number one in Middle Three Heavens!

 To use a wedding ceremony as a threat to disgust all the various big shots in Middle Three Heavens . Gu Duxing was the undisputed number one!

To use a wedding ceremony to tarnish his own reputation badly… From the past until now, Gu Duxing would probably be the only person!

 Gu Clan was already in a jubilant mood . Ever since the news of Gu Duxing and Gu Miaoling getting married came out, Old Clan Master Gu Yunlan was so happy that he could never keep his mouth closed . Regardless of any other urgent matters, he only hurriedly urged the making of new clothes and decorations of the place… to prepare for everything!

The slogan of Old Clan Master Gu was, “Whatever that other people had for a wedding, our Gu Clan cannot miss out any of them! Whatever that other people did not have, we need to have them as well!”

“And it needs to be double the share!”


 “That’s because one of them is my son and the other is my daughter!”

 “If it’s not double the share, then how would it be appropriate?”

 Old Clan Master Gu Yunlan was really impressive . He alone was now the father-in-law of both the wife and the husband .

He was also the sole parent of both the wife and husband!

*Cough* Although this kind of feat could not be classified as the only one since ancient times, it was definitely an extremely rare occurrence .

“Has the dowry been prepared? What? How is this bit enough? My daughter is getting married, how can we prepare so little dowry for her?”

 “Has the financial resources been prepared? What? How can this bit work? My son is marrying his wife, wouldn’t this little bit be embarrassing?”

 Even the servants who were thrown into a turmoil by him were silently cursing in their minds, ‘Do you need to be so excited? It’s basically a transfer of things from your left pocket to your own right pocket and vice-versa . Regardless of dowry or wedding gifts, it is basically still about you forking out the money and then repackaging it for yourself again… Do you need to be so excited about it?…’

All of them really could not comprehend this!

 However, the public’s response was that of the public . Old Clan Master Gu was really enjoying the whole process!

One day later, some guests started to stream in . The Gu Clan became busier .

It was another few days later, the groom and bride-to-be finally reached home . They were scolded by the leg stomping and furious Old Clan Master Gu . “This is a wedding! You think it’s a game? You rascals! A total of seven days! You all must have wanted to tire me to death!”

“Furthermore, you sent out such a shameful notice! Outsiders would think that our Gu Clan must be really, really poor… To use the wedding as a means of gathering wealth… Trust you to come up with an idea like that! I’m so embarrassed that I want to just stuff my head into my pants…”

“Hurry go and change your clothes . Why are you standing there like a dumb bird?!”

After that, it was the greeting of guests . The face of Old Clan Master Gu turned smiley . “Ai ya ya… Welcome all you young fellows, have a seat inside . Ke ke ke… Everyone came just at the right time and everyone is happy… Ha ha ha ha . . You are so kind with your words… Tired? Why would I be tired? I couldn’t be happier than this…”

Looking at the rosy cheeks of Old Clan Master Gu, he was obviously excited till the stage of not being able to think properly . All the fellow brothers talked for a long while and after some courteous conversations, they all realized that in front of this powerful elder, even the most talkative Ji Mo and Luo Kedi were speechless…

One after another slipped through the gates into the Gu Clan villa .

From this day onwards, day by day, it became increasingly bustling with activities . The number of guests who came also increased over the days .

The guest rooms in Gu Clan were far from sufficient . They had booked all the inns and taverns around, but it was still far from sufficient . In the end, Clan Master Gu gave an order to flatten hundreds of miles of forests and pitched tents for the guest .

Instantly, the Gu Clan had become like the nomads roaming around the grasslands . Even so, the supply was not sufficient to meet the demand .

The evaluation panel for the ‘Heavenly Treasure Acceptance Team’ consisting of Chu Yang, Ao Xieyun, Xie Danqiong, Luo Kedi and Ji Mo had started their bustling business…

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