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Chapter 1239

“Wait wait wait!” Chu Yang hurriedly stopped the little guy from talking .

“What’s wrong?” The little guy bobbed his head in a self-satisfied manner .

“What do you mean? Why didn’t I understand anything you said?” Chu Yang frowned and added, “I understood the first sentence . However, for singing satires on Confucian ideals… what do you mean? Singing satires… what songs are these? Confucian ideals… what are these? A hill full of holes? Furthermore… this Tower of Yellow Storks… where is it?”

The little guy broke down . He stared at Chu Yang, speechless . “Such ancient famous sentences… I really have nothing to say to you…”

Chu Yang touched his nose and thought, ‘Have I made a fool of myself?’

He could only change the topic of conversation . “What is your second condition?”

“The second condition is for you to be as lenient to me as possible . ” The little guy pouted . “Do not micromanage me . Furthermore, I should be having my own room… If you can fulfill these two conditions, I will help you!”

Chu Yang was stunned . “Help me?”

“Help you to woo your wife!” The little guy spoke like an expert, “With me helping you, it would definitely be half the effort required for the same results! Do you believe it?”

“I believe it!” Chu Yang nodded his head profusely .

Father and son looked at each other and nodded . After which, the little guy extended his tiny hand and Chu Yang extended his huge hand . The two of them shook hands symbolically and an agreement between them was reached!

At this moment, the palace maid had already finished the preparation for bird’s nest porridge . She brought it over, with a few people following her, carrying over ten other dishes with various snacks .

“Facing you, my only choice is to stuff my mouth with food . ” The little guy muttered with a voice so soft that it could barely be heard . Then, he began to start eating .

Chu Yang sat on the chair, with both hands on his chin, looking at his son . He thought freely by himself about those few sentences that his son mentioned earlier . Without a doubt, those sentences were part of a poem…

Halfway through the meal, Tie Butian hurriedly came back and saw that her son was chewing the food by himself, while Chu Yang the father was simply looking over from the side .

Instantly, she got angry . “Even if you had never raised a child, you should have seen it before, right? Such a young child, what if he chokes while eating his meal? Don’t you know how to feed him?”

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After hearing this sentence, both the father and son rolled their eyes at the same time .

‘Feed him?’ Chu Yang roared in his mind . ‘Why not let this little rascal feed me, still want me to feed him? What a joke . ’

After a dry cough, Chu Yang thought hard for a reason . “It’s not what you think . We should train him to be independent from young! Otherwise, he will suffer in the future… The earlier we start the training, the better for him . From the looks of it now, it may be a little cruel to such a young child, but in the long term, it would be the best thing for him!”

Tie Butian was still panting with anger and wanted to reply when she heard an excited voice calling out from beside her, “Wa!”

Tie Butian turned his head and saw that the little guy’s fair face was splattered with gravy from the dishes . The little guy said excitedly with an innocent face, “Queen Mother, this uncle cannot be more right in what he said . To eat my own meals, that is definitely more delicious than being fed . It’s really nice . ”

A simple and naive face, a childish and cute face .

Chu Yang felt the urge to vomit as he turned his face away .

“Good, little Yang Yang, is it really so delicious?” Tie Butian said lovingly .

“Yes, yes…” The little guy nodded his head, like pounding garlic . That look was really endearing .

Tie Butian heaved a breath of relief and rest assured . She gave an apologetic look to Chu Yang . She meant to express that what Chu Yang said was indeed making a lot of sense . She had wrongly blamed Chu Yang and she was surprised that Chu Yang was also an expert in raising kids…

Chu Yang accepted her apology and compliments sanctimoniously, revealing a confident smile . However, in his mind, he was smiling bitterly and scolding, ‘This little rascal!’

Tie Butian took up the teacup to drink some water, as she looked over lovingly at his son eating his meal .

The next moment, this sentence from the little guy made Tie Butian choke on the water that she was drinking .

“Queen Mother, this uncle is really nice . I want him to be my father, is that good?”

Tie Butian choked until she almost could not catch her breath .

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This sentence was really abrupt . ‘Let him be my father, is that good?’

Tie Butian turned her head and looked at Chu Yang with suspicion .

Chu Yang was on the verge of breaking down . He relaxed his arms and shrugged, indicating that he had done nothing at all .

Tie Butian’s eyebrows became tightly knitted as she muttered, “Could it be due to their father-son nature?”

“Poof!” Chu Yang was just drinking his tea and all of it squirted out of his mouth .

“Poof!” The little guy who was drinking the bird’s nest porridge tilted his head and his mouthful of porridge got squirted out too, directly onto the face of Chu Yang .

In the afternoon, Tie Butian naturally had to settle other work matters . Therefore, the task to take care of the little guy still went to Chu Yang, who was well accepting of his responsibilities .

“You can play with him for a while . If he is interested, then tell him some stories . ” Tie Butian stopped talking on second thoughts . She knew that since her son had the Nine Tribulations Sword Master as his father, this entire life of his was inevitably perilous and stormy .

In that case, then all the more should she let Chu Yang tell a few stories to the little guy or even some of his own personal experiences .

It would increase the little guy’s experiences earlier .

Chu Yang nodded his head continuously and hurriedly sent away the Queen before he turned around . Both Chu Yang and his son then stared at each other .

Immediately, Chu Yang sent away the palace maid and eunuchs before he thought of something: Ever since he stepped into this place, there was no sight of the two of them . So where did the two of them go?

Keeping in view this question, King of Hell Chu looked at his own son . No matter how he looked, his son looked strange .

“I think you need to give me an explanation . ” Chu Yang placed his face in front of the little guy’s tiny and fair face . He then asked solemnly, “Don’t use the excuse of your true spirit not being destroyed to come and fool me . In this world, there are a few 100 thousand people who die every day; the number of people whom I, your father, have killed would probably range around 70 or 80 thousand… If they were all to come back alive after death, I believe no one would be able to accept that . ”

Tie Yang blinked his little eyes and said, “I knew that you would certainly have your doubts . However, I definitely want to explain it to you . ”

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“When someone dies, he will be reincarnated . After going through the six paths of reincarnation and karma, he will be reincarnated into grass and wood or reincarnated into trees and leaves or reincarnated into animals and beast . All these would not have any true spirits in them! Along the path of reincarnation, it is basically a path of spiritual destruction and wiping off of all memories . Only a tiny bit of spiritual imprint is left for reincarnation… That way, of course no one would remember anything . ”

“If everyone could reincarnate while keeping their memories, then this entire world would have sunk into chaos a long time ago . ”

“Only those whose cultivation has reached a certain level could then convert all their cultivation into spiritual energy to protect themselves . This would allow them to transmigrate the path of reincarnation and become human again, while keeping all their memories . ”

“But for this kind of situation, even within the entire heaven and earth, the number of people who have such a high level of cultivation is definitely not more than six!” The little guy said .

“Who are these six people? Then are you one of them?” Chu Yang asked . Could it be that his own son was the reincarnation of someone really really great?

“Even if I were to tell you the names of these six people, you would not know them . Also, I am definitely not one of those six people . ” The little guy thought for very long, before saying, “Not sure if you have heard of the Immortal Soul?”

“Immortal Soul?” Chu Yang frowned his eyebrows . “Nope, never heard of it . ”

“It would be more troublesome to explain since you have not heard of it before . ” The little guy blinked his eyes and said, “You can say this… When Heaven and Earth were first formed and the Primordial World first began, there was a group of really great men, before it came the thriving of mankind…”

“The only place suitable for these primordial beings is a special place called the Heaven’s Way Dimension . It is filled with special life energy within the dimension and it is these energies that gave rise to mankind, after it was absorbed by the primordial beings . These special energies are called Heaven’s Way Energy!”

“Amongst the million beads of Heaven’s Way Energy, there will be one Immortal Soul! Within the body of each Immortal Soul, there would be a complete set of traces of Heaven’s Way!”

“Of course, after the Immortal Soul is born, there is also the possibility of it being absorbed into the body and becoming a part of his own cultivation . Furthermore, anyone who managed to absorb an Immortal Soul would become a powerful and influential character capable of earth-shattering actions!”

“After that, the Heaven’s Way changed drastically . The Heaven’s Way Dimension suddenly shut closed . ”

“The Immortal Soul was then trapped within the dimension . ”

“No one knew how many years have passed; Immortal Souls were disappearing regularly . Although the Immortal Souls were too small in size to be seen, they already had their own intelligence . After a long period of solitude, they too would break down . ”

“I was the last Immortal Soul within the Heaven’s Way Dimension!” The little guy pointed at his own nose .

When he reached this point, Chu Yang was already dumbfounded .

Who could even imagine that within this Heaven and Earth, there would be such a wonderful thing that could happen? Furthermore, this wonderful thing actually happened to Chu Yang himself .

“At one particular moment, as I was absorbing the other Immortal Souls that had broken down midway, I realized that I could sense the summoning of the powerful and great cultivators from the outside world… Those were the waves and vibrations released when the great men were battling . ”

“Therefore, I tried to penetrate the dimension in that direction . Another countless number of years have passed and I suddenly managed to break out of the dimension . After that, I rushed towards the summoner happily . ”

“Thereafter, I realized that this summoner was actually using the Spiritual Energy of the Universe that he had summoned to forge a sword . Hence, I became sealed in that sword and followed the sword master everywhere throughout the world…”

“The master of the sword changed one after another, but no one discovered my presence . I had no sense of time in that weird place . In any case, I was stuck inside and unable to get out . ”

“After the passing of numerous dynasties, this sword was shelved and became regarded as a symbol of supremacy . Thereafter, the war started and the sword was stolen . Countless people fought over it! That was when I realized that I was already powerful enough to break out of the sword… Therefore, during one of the battles, I struggled forcefully and broke the sword . ”

“Thereafter, I was free . The free me wanted to become human at first thought! This was because a human could have unlimited joy and pleasure . Therefore, I wanted to become human and no longer be something that could not even be seen with the naked eyes . ”

“Hence, I continued to roam around in this world for many years and picked up some knowledge along the way . When I felt that I had sufficient knowledge, I jumped back into the path of reincarnation with no second thoughts . ”

“When I reappeared again, I was already here…” The little guy looked at his own father and said, “In my entire life, this is the first time I am a human . ”

“…” Chu Yang was speechless . His brain still could not process all this information fast enough and he replied, “But, the fact that you told me all these in our first encounter… That still gives me some doubts . ”

“The reason is very simple, your body has the traces of Heaven’s Way!” The little guy was really excited as his eyes lit up brightly . “This is the true reason!”

Chu Yang’s heart jolted and he immediately thought of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

Chu Yang thought in his mind, ‘The Nine Tribulations Sword! Isn’t it full of the traces of Heaven’s Way!’

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