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Chapter 1199

Furthermore, it was apparent from what Qin Baoshan and Sha Xinliang said that the Law-Enforcement Headquarters were extremely dissatisfied with the south-east law-enforcement officers, in particular the side branch in Flat Mountain Ridge .

It was highly probable that the two of them would be transferred back and at present, there was already the intention to .

In addition, the head law-enforcement officer of the south-east, Han Xiaoran, would also be transferred out soon .

Later, a preoccupied Sha Xinliang said to Chu Yang, “Young brother, with the two of us here, your Chu Clan is still safe and sound . Some time back, when people from the Xiao Clan came to create trouble for the Chu Clan, we managed to drive them away in the name of the law-enforcement officer . However, once we’re gone… sigh, I think it’s better that you relay to Old Master Chu that the Chu Clan… needs to be careful in the future . ”

After the meal, both Qin Baoshan and Sha Xinliang drank themselves silly and passed out .

After Chu Yang sent the two of them back, he sat in the law-enforcement side branch for a long time before he returned to the Chu Clan .

Neither Sha Xinliang nor Qin Baoshan was much of a good guy . However… What they said today and the sincerity that they expressed truly warmed and moved Chu Yang’s heart .

As for law-enforcement officers being changed in order to punish the Chu Clan or the Xiao Clan coming to look for trouble, Chu Yang was not worried at all . With Wu Juecheng and Moon Breeze here… This place could live up to the name of being the number one trap in the world!

Even if the Dharma Supreme personally came, this place would probably still be an impregnable fortress .

Now that he was back home, Chu Yang stayed for a good one and a half months .

The only rather peculiar thing was that despite the arrival of so many super experts, the Elder Master of the Chu Clan, Chu Xiaoxin, only came to give a quick greeting before he left very leisurely and went back to his little compound to live in seclusion .

His tranquility filled Chu Yang with admiration .

What was even more out of his expectations was that Wu Juecheng and Moon Breeze also very much admired this sense of tranquility that Chu Xiaoxin displayed toward them . The three of them started to regularly go over to Chu Xiaoxin’s to chat and interact .

Of course, what was even, even more out of his expectations was that… Chu Xiaoxin actually got irritated when the three of them went over too frequently . The moment the three of them went over, they would drink Chu Xiaoxin’s precious tea . Finally, one day, Elder Master Chu threw Wu Juecheng out with a huge frown…

After being chased out, not only did Wu Juecheng stay calm, he instead burst into laughter and started to be even more diligent in going over…

Chu Yang was filled with confusion at this bunch of old fellows’ interaction . Who dared to throw Wu Juecheng out? In this world, probably even the Nine Super Clans wouldn’t dare to . Chase Wu Juecheng out? F*ck! The moment he was displeased, the entire area within a radius of a hundred kilometers would become a wasteland! Who could afford such consequences?

But Chu Xiaoxin dared to!

Not only did he dare to, he even threw him out in an extremely unceremonious manner interspersed with curses .

And Wu Juecheng was even happier to be chased off like that…

He became even more diligent, running over three times a day . Other than when he was teaching his disciple, he would stay at Chu Xiaoxin’s and refuse to leave…

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Chu Yang was completely baffled by this .

Later on, resigned to his fate, Chu Xiaoxin tacitly gave his permission . Sometimes, the two of them would sit opposite each other and drink tea . When Wu Juecheng went over, he would drink tea for half a day without saying a single word . Then, he would just leave and neither would Chu Xiaoxin send him out .

From beginning to end, neither of them spoke a word .

Occasionally, when Moon Breeze went over, it was also the same situation — Drinking tea in silence with no one speaking .

Regarding this, Chu Yang had a vague kind of understanding but couldn’t really understand the experience either .

“This is a kind of solitude… This place is one that is truly separate from the secular world . ” Wu Juecheng once gave this answer to a similarly curious Chu Le’er . He said, “I didn’t expect Chu Xiaoxin to really be a person away from the secular world while still in this material world… Sigh, you are still young . You won’t understand these things nor do you need to . ”

Chu Le’er relayed his words to Chu Yang, though she couldn’t fully understand it . Chu Yang stood there for a long while without speaking .

Solitude was also a kind of artistic notion .

Especially the kind of solitude that people who had experienced great trials and tribulations and the evanescence of worldly affairs had when facing each other… Probably even they themselves couldn’t tell whether it was nostalgia or an emotional state of mind?

After one and a half months, Chu Yang finally decided to set out on his journey .

This time, both Chu Le’er and Mo Qingwu remained in the Chu Clan .

Only Chu Yang, Dong Wushang and Rui Butong set off . Even Mo Lei’er remained behind .

Everyone was rather reluctant to part but Moon Breeze and Wu Juecheng gave the final word on this with just one sentence — When was a better time to go out to explore and make a name for oneself than when one was young?

What kind of great things could one ever achieve by immersing oneself in the affairs of the heart? If they stayed like this in Flat Mountain Ridge for life, others would come forth and annihilate the whole clan sooner or later!

Before they left, Moon Breeze brought Chu Yang aside and especially left him instructions .

“Are you sure you really don’t want either of us to accompany you?” Feng Yurou looked at Chu Yang in worry . “You can be said to be on irreconcilable terms with the Nine Super Clans! Should they intend to take your life… Even though they have lost 400 to 500 Supreme Martial Artists at one time, that’s only 50 to 60 on average per clan . Besides, since they could afford to send out so many, there must be a good number left behind to guard the clan as well . After all, no matter when, one’s roots are always the most important… With you guys’ current level of cultivation, it’s really not going to be enough!”

“But if we were to follow you all… I’m afraid we would not be able to grow . ” Chu Yang said seriously, “He who does not train at the precipice of death… won’t be able to achieve great things . ”

Yue Lingxue was lost for words .

“If the three of you really intend to leave, then you must be prepared to run for your lives at any time . Also, you have to take absolute care to be mindful of a few people,” said Yue Lingxue after keeping quiet for a long while .

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“Who?” asked Chu Yang .

“The morning rain and evening sun have no regrets; autumn leaves and spring rivers face the wind . Thunderous roars rage under the skies of the heavens, and night is already deep before one realizes!” Yue Lingxue recited a poem word by word .

Chu Yang was taken aback . “Huh?”

“There are nine names in here! They are the sons of the Nine Tribulations back then! The ones who founded the Nine Super Clans by their own hands!” Yue Lingxue continued, “They have not appeared in the world for ten thousand years but once they do… You’ve already had a taste of Zhuge Cangqiong’s prowess; he is the ‘skies’ in the poem!”

“May I ask who the others are?” asked Chu Yang .

“Xiao Chenyu1 of Xiao Clan; Ling Muyang2 of Ling Clan; Lan Buhui3 of Lan Clan; Yè Qiuye4 of Yè Clan; Li Chunbo5 of Li Clan; Chen Yingfeng6 of Chen Clan; Zhuge Cangqiong7 of Zhuge Clan; Shi Paoxiao8 of Shi Clan; and of course, the top expert among them all — Ye Chenchen9 of Ye Clan!”

Yue Lingxue went on, “Come with me, I’ll properly introduce to you these few people’s characteristics, appearances, habits, voice, etc… If you run into them, do not ever reveal your identity… Run as far as you can at once!”

“I understand . ” Chu Yang, Dong Wushang and Rui Butong followed Yue Lingxue into the room . They listened to him with rapt attention, committing every word he said to memory…

The first generation ancestors and founders of the Nine Super Clans…

A few among them were people whom even Yue Lingxue needed to carefully introduce…

After the introductions, Chu Yang finally had an understanding of these people . He couldn’t help but ask in a very repressed manner, “The second grandmasters are all dead but now the Elder Masters are here . After killing off these few, surely there won’t be any more special masters or whatever?”

“There’s definitely no special masters or anything like that!” Yue Lingxue laughed somewhat meaningfully . “However, it’s not going to be easy to kill them . Definitely not easy at all . ”

He narrowed his eyes and smiled at Chu Yang . “At the very least, it will be very difficult until you become seven or eight fragments…”

Chu Yang was filled with speechlessness .

He truly felt that after talking about schemes and things like that the moment he chatted with Moon Breeze these past few days, Yue Lingxue who had been so pure-hearted and honest was actually starting to play mind games with him…

He was really asking for it .

When they came out of the room, Rui Butong was very bewildered . He scratched his head and asked, “Boss, it can’t be that in order to kill those few old guys, we actually have to chop you into seven or eight pieces? I seriously don’t understand this sentence . Does Boss have the ability of being immortal and indestructible too?”

Chu Yang gave him a flying kick and scolded him, “It’s not like I’m a bird! Get lost!”

“I’m not a bird either!” Rui Butong was filled with indignation . He said furiously, “Which part of me looks like a bird?!”

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With a straight face, Dong Wushang said, “The part in your trousers!”

Rui Butong flew into a rage . “So does yours!”

Chu Yang shouted furiously, “What are you being so noisy about? Every man’s looks like one! Get lost!” Then, he turned to Dong Wushang and said with much heartache and headache, “Wushang, you should get Mo Lei’er to check whether yours looks like one or not…”

Dong Wushang was flabbergasted . “Boss, you…”

“I’m off to make preparations . ” Chu Yang shrugged and walked off .

Rui Butong jabbed Dong Wushang with a surreptitious wink . “Did Big Sister Lei’er say anything when she saw?”

With a black face, Dong Wushang said, “Your Big Sister Lei’er said, ‘Wah, it really looks like an immortal and indestructible phoenix’…”

Enraged, Rui Butong squawked and started to throw punches and kicks at him . The two of them got into a brawl at once .

Right at this moment, Mo Lei’er walked out and asked in confusion, “What are you guys doing? Do you get uncomfortable if you just don’t fight for a day?”

Rui Butong called out, “Big Sister Lei’er, this bastard said that you said that his…”

Dong Wushang pounced on him in great fury . “Shut up!” His fists rained painfully upon him . Rui Butong struggled to speak while Dong Wushang tried his best to stop him .

Mo Lei’er’s face was full of bewilderment .

That night, Dong Wushang was given a good thrashing by Mo Lei’er .

Miss Mo was very angry and also very indignant . And so, she taught him a good lesson .

Just when have I ever seen such a thing…

Three days later, Chu Yang, Dong Wushang and Rui Butong bade farewell to their loved ones . Under the tearful eyes of everyone, the three humans and their mounts set off from the main gates of the Chu Clan and disappeared into the long winding roads of Flat Mountain Ridge like a tornado .

“Boss, where are we going this time?”

“The north-west!”

“North-west? How far?”

“23,500 kilometers from here!”

“So far… This journey is going to be a lot of fun for sure . ”

“Yes, you, the phoenix, dying and coming back to life time and again is definitely going to be a lot of fun . ”


The three of them set off at top speed and left the Flat Mountain Ridge!

At this point, spring was already here and the lands were a spread of greenery .

As they looked out into the horizon, everywhere was covered in the bright light of spring .

All three of them were rather proud of themselves .

Both Rui Butong and Dong Wushang were very excited . This was the first time they were truly wandering the world together with Boss after Middle Three Heavens times!

Galloping across these Upper Three Heavens!

Chu Yang was in the middle, Dong Wushang on the left and Rui Butong on the right; the three brothers sat with their backs upright, their horses as though dragons beneath them . Leaving behind clouds of dust, they sped off and disappeared into the vanishing point of the path .

North-west, here we come!

Wind Thunder Platform!

The fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

Here I come!

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