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Chapter 1194

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Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou guarded Chu Yang very carefully . After a while, both of them gradually discovered that something was not quite right .

The wounds on Chu Yang's chest, shoulders and abdomen were slowly healing; they were not particularly surprised by this . The Nine Tribulations Sword Master's Nine Tribulations Pill was an incredible elixir that could heal everything . In fact, it would be very weird instead if it couldn't heal his wounds .

However, during this recovery process, why was it that the more Chu Yang recovered, the more the aura around him became vigorous and wild?

Besides, a bleak aura was emanating from him . A kind of presence that didn't belong to a human… but more like that of an overlord among Spirit Beasts was also starting to sprout .

Then, with a violent jerk, Chu Yang threw up a mouthful of purple-black stagnated blood .

When Feng Yurou checked Chu Yang's aura, she almost let out a cry of surprise . She grabbed Yue Lingxue's arm!

Eighth-grade Martial Saint!

And a soundless breakthrough at that!

What a monster! Yue Lingxue held his wife's hand in a calm and collected manner . He gazed at Chu Yang, a sense of approval in his heart .

Chu Yang's aura gradually started to become stronger until it reached the peak of eighth-grade Martial Saint . It seemed to pause for a moment before they subsequently heard a low boom, which made the Spiritual Snow Mastiffs pulling the snow sleigh yelp in surprise .

"Ninth-grade Martial Saint!" Feng Yurou communicated telepathically in astonishment to her husband .

Yue Lingxue smiled and returned a message . "This is very normal for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . "

A contemptuous Feng Yurou replied, "As if you've seen the Nine Tribulations Sword Master before… Don't you even know how to comfort someone?"

Yue Lingxue chuckled in response .

Feng Yurou said, "My lord, about Meixian earlier…"

Yue Lingxue pulled a long face . "I know what you want to say but I won't do it . "

Feng Yurou said mournfully, "Because of our Moon Breeze Dual Cultivation, it has always been difficult for us to have children… Since several thousand years ago, I've already told you that you… can take a consort . "

Yue Lingxue smiled bitterly . "Do you think that I've never considered that? I've thought about it before . In this world, having several wives is the norm; it's commonplace and has become a common practice, but it's not something that I want to do . I need to develop feelings in order for me to take a consort, as well as take responsibility for that person . If I were to take a consort just because of children… Once the child is born, I would probably be done with the person… If that's the case, aren't I ruining someone else's entire life, as well as leaving a thorn in your heart for life?"

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"Yet at the same time, my feelings are something that is truly difficult to share with others . I must say that this Moon Breeze Dual Cultivation Technique is indeed something great; the moment I cultivate, I'll think of you . It's not difficult for me to develop feelings for someone else but surely I can't just not cultivate?"

Yue Lingxue chuckled and went on, "Silly girl, your husband is also a man . Of course, I would know the benefits of having several wives; would I need you to tell me that? But… What can I do when my Rou'er captivates me so?"

The moment he said that, he heard an 'ugh' coming from beside him, as if someone was so grossed out that he was throwing up .

He turned back only to see Chu Yang still solemnly and his attention undivided in cultivation, just that he was throwing up a mouthful of stagnated blood…

Oh, so he was getting rid of stagnated blood…

The two of them were relieved at once . The conversation between the married couple was rather mushy and unsuitable for other people's ears… They felt like they were doing something sneaky and were relieved only when they saw that Chu Yang didn't hear them .

Feng Yurou smiled at him blissfully . "Meixian was somewhat selfish but she does indeed treat you wholeheartedly . "

Yue Lingxue replied, "Can we not talk about her?"

Feng Yurou said tenderly with deep affection, "I am so happy . "

Yue Lingxue said gently, "I am even happier . Because you've always been by my side and never once left . "

"Ugh~~~" A retching sound came from the back again; Chu Yang was starting to eject 'stagnated blood' again…

He had no choice; not ejecting stagnated blood was detrimental to his injuries . In addition, after hearing certain things at a critical moment, he really couldn't hold the stagnated blood… He couldn't keep it in anymore…

Yue Lingxue didn't put up with him this time around . He lifted his leg and kicked him over, and scolded, "Little brat, what do you know!"

Feng Yurou's delicate face was entirely red . She lowered her head and didn't speak anymore .

Chu Yang jumped to his feet and said furiously, "I'm in the midst of cultivating and treating my injuries . What if my energy strays and I go mad because of your kick that came out of nowhere?!"

"You deserve it!" Yue Lingxue retorted fiercely .

Chu Yang snorted and sat back down cross-legged again .

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This time, he went into a state of meditation very quickly .

Right after, Feng Yurou felt a bone-chilling iciness suddenly emanate from Chu Yang . This extreme chill actually gave Feng Yurou no choice but to circulate her energy in order to resist it .

Yue Lingxue also discovered this . He murmured, "Seems like this fellow really has a lot of secrets on him…"

After a long time, the chilliness stopped emanating from Chu Yang . However, the chilly air of the heavens and earth started to converge around him .

Right at this moment, Chu Yang opened his eyes .

The two of them felt that Chu Yang's eyes were as though two icy stars now, shining with a piercing cold . This peculiar icy gleam flashed and disappeared, and Chu Yang's eyes returned to its usual warmth . He smiled and asked, "They are still not here yet?"

Yue Lingxue replied, "Not yet . "

Chu Yang got to his feet and stretched his body on the racing snow sleigh . He said, "Since that's the case, I'll return to my own snow sleigh . Elders… Don't forget that you're still gravely injured . "

Yue Lingxue guffawed . "Alright!"

Chu Yang gave a sneaky chuckle and sprung into the air . With a turn, he reached the first snow sleigh in no time . The sleigh charged forward and the next moment, it appeared in the vast and boundless snow plains again .

When Mo Qingwu saw him, her eyes brightened . She pouted and leaned against him again .

Meng Chaoran sat peacefully on the snow sleigh with Ling Hanwu's sword in his arms . With a smile, he said, "Yang Yang, among so many people here, your Teacher here must be your only burden, hurhur . "

Chu Yang replied, "But I'm very happy that Teacher is here . " He paused before saying, "Qingwu's Teachers are the two Supremacies Ning and Bu . Qianqian's Teachers are the two Supremacies Feng and Yue . Le'er's Teacher is the famed Poison Doctor of an era, Wu Juecheng . "

"Does Teacher think that all of them are stronger than you?" Chu Yang tilted his head and asked Meng Chaoran .

Meng Chaoran gave him a free and easy smile and shook his head . "No! On the contrary, I think that they are far beneath me! Because they do not have a disciple called Chu Yang, nor do they have a disciple called Tan Tan . "

Chu Yang smiled at him somewhat cheekily and said, "Indeed, so how can Teacher possibly be my burden?"

Meng Chaoran laughed loudly, tapping him with his finger . "Sly little fox!"

On another sleigh, Wu Juecheng's expression was relaxed . He asked Chu Le'er, "Have you remembered that?"

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"Yes . "

Wu Juecheng nodded and said in a relaxed manner, "Now that you've remembered that, then here's one more thing to keep in mind! Later on, when the battle starts, if the situation turns dangerous, I will throw you out . Understand? You must remember to run in the direction that I throw you in and use illusory poison to conceal yourself as soon as possible . Understand?"

It was apparent that Wu Juecheng was aware that once the enemies had chased up to them, with his cultivation only half-recovered, he might not make it . Thus, he was arranging a path of retreat for his disciple .

However, Wu Juecheng's expression was very passive and there actually seemed to be a hint of relief in it .

Chu Le'er asked, "Yes, I understand, Teacher . But what about you?"

With his head of silvery-white hair, Wu Juecheng smiled somewhat passively . "Me?"

There was a faraway sentimentality in his eyes as he said, "I will be very happy…"

. . .

Right at this moment, a flurry of smoke and dust flew in the distance .

As though mounting the clouds and riding the fog, a few shadows came forward . It was obvious that they were moving at the fastest speed that they could muster . That kind of anxious haste that brook no delay was clear to anyone looking on .

It was obvious that there were two groups of people incoming .

However, the first group was clearly much more anxious and way quicker than the other . In fact, there was some feverish excitement burning in the eyes of the person in the lead .

Yue Lingxue, who was on the second snow sleigh, lowered his head forlornly .

With his eyesight, he could already tell that the person who was rushing toward them this moment was from the Lan Clan! Lan Meixian's great-grandfather, the person whom he had given aid to the most back then!

As well as the person who treated him with the utmost respect in these several thousand years!

'Every day that I am alive is a day to repay the kindness that has been bestowed upon me' was what this man had said .

'As long as the Lan Clan is around, the great kindness of Moon Breeze will be passed down to future generations eternally!' was also what this man had said .

And now, when the news of his grave injuries was made known, this man was the first to come forward! Not to help him, but to kill him!

Feng Yurou sighed lowly and clasped her husband's hand . She could sense just how terrible her husband must feel…

"Halt!" The person coming toward them shouted in a voice full of lofty heroism! The shout reverberated in the surrounding mountains so hard that even the snow that had accumulated on trees several tens of feet away fell off in chunks and pieces!

The excitement in his voice was apparent!

With a loud whistle from Chu Yang, all four snow sleighs came to a halt .

At the exact moment they stopped, over twenty shadows went by them in a swoosh and blocked the path in front of them . The man in the lead was fair and had no facial hair; he had almond upturned eyes and a tall slender figure . Although his hair had already turned somewhat silvery-white, he was no doubt a beautiful and attractive man . He sported a dignified and righteous expression and had an imposing aura around him!

Slightly out of breath, he came forward a couple of steps . With great respect, he said, "Are those the Moon Breeze elders in front?"

Chu Yang interrupted him flatly . "What, is there something you need?"

The man smiled kindly at him . "I am Lan Qingtian of the Lan Clan . The Moon Breeze elders are my Lan Clan's great benefactors; after receiving the news that they are here, I have especially come to give my respects . "

Yue Lingxue's voice rang out . "Oh, it's Qingtian . Why have you come?"

Lan Qingtian's eyes gleamed . He took a look at Yue Lingxue's stance and said respectfully, "I heard a crucial piece of news and came to report it to Elder . "

Apparently, he wasn't entirely trusting of the information and was still testing waters .

"What important news?" asked Yue Lingxue .

"It is inconvenient to speak here . May I be so audacious as to request for Elder Yue to step aside for a discussion? This concerns the lives of a million people; Qingtian has no choice but to act with caution," said Lan Qingtian .

Yue Lingxue replied impassively, "You're already a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist . Have you even forgotten how to use the skill of telepathy?"

There was a look of surprise on Lan Qingtian's face . Then, a pleased and sinister smile crossed his face .

Such a smile on that upright, imposing and righteous face was seriously rather unbearable . It was as though the face of an angel had suddenly changed into a devil!

After so many years, the Lan Clan had grasped Yue Lingxue's temperament through and through by now . If he wasn't injured, he would already have flown out of the vehicle long ago . Though Yue Lingxue was prideful, he was a man who didn't put on airs at all .

For him to not come out at this point and remain seated on the snow sleigh…

Lan Qingtian had a grasp of the situation immediately . With a slight smile, he said, "The reason I came today is to ask Elder Yue how that granddaughter of mine, Meixian, had offended you so for you to kill her? Though this old man knows that I am not Elder Yue's match, I must also seek justice for my granddaughter today!"

The shamelessness in this sentence of his could practically shake the heavens!

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