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Chapter 1189

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Wu Juecheng was stunned!

He had never ever thought of this matter at all . Even if it was just a hypothetical thought, he felt that it was an utmost disrespect to himself and to his brothers!

The brotherhood back then was pure and innocent!

Everyone could brave life and death dangers for each other!

If anyone wanted my head, then just take it!

Wu Juecheng was once thinking like that and he would also do it . His brothers then, regardless of who, if they ever met with an unavoidable calamity, then he would also accompany that brother to brave all dangers and to die if necessary!

Everyone was like this!

Each of the brothers had been like this before, giving all that they had for each other, without a doubt, numerously!

Therefore, Wu Juecheng had never doubted his own brothers!

Exactly because of this reason, he was so upset and furious when the Big Brother actually betrayed them… He had stayed behind for the past ten thousand years, for the sole purpose of eliminating the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! Regardless of price, he would seek revenge for his brothers!

However, he was enlightened by Yue Lingxue today!

'Before the Big Brother betrayed you, have you ever doubted him?'

'Did you not trust your Big Brother, just like you trusted the rest of your brothers now?'

'Furthermore, you trusted even more in your Big Brother!'

'Regardless of the organization, the Big Brother is always the core! If he did not put in the effort, no one else would! The Big Brother's effort is often many times that of the others!'

'Only then would he be a well respected Big Brother that people would follow faithfully and sworn to support!'

Within the mind of Wu Juecheng, these old matters which he did not want to think of or even mention of, were again, replaying vividly in his mind, again and again .

That time, Big Brother held onto the enemies with all his might . Three or four enemies were slashing at the Big Brother; his bones and flesh were splashing everywhere . Within all the loud noises, he shouted, "Juecheng! Get out of here! Get out of here, I no longer want to acknowledge you as my brother!"

That time, Wu Juecheng himself had fallen into a trap and was severely injured while being in a tough situation . Big Brother was similarly injured badly . Yet, Big Brother still came running in from outside and carried Wu Juecheng out . At that moment, Wu Juecheng himself was already severely dehydrated . While in a coma, he felt that he was drinking some clear and sweet spring water . When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was actually drinking Big Brother's blood .

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Big Brother had leaned against a huge stone and inverted himself . He made several openings on his wrists and offered his blood to Wu Juecheng . When Wu Juecheng woke up, Big Brother had already passed out . He was even more of a dry corpse than Wu Juecheng was…

At that time, four of the brothers were up against a strong enemy . Big Brother made a plan to allow the other brothers to retreat, while he stayed as the last man . In the end, he was captured by the enemy and his flesh was sliced off piece by piece during the interrogation to find out the location of his brothers . Big Brother's lips were sealed all the way… hence, almost all of his flesh was sliced off the body, leaving behind just the bones…

That time…

Too many times .

Too many touching moments!

Wu Juecheng had thought to himself numerously that it was more than sufficient to have such a Big Brother in this lifetime! At that time, he was more than willing to die for the Big Brother ten thousand times!

However, all these were destroyed by the Big Brother personally in the end!

Big Brother's words made Wu Juecheng totally disappointed and hopeless . His heart also became as cold as ice . Big Brother said, "All of you fools, Ha Ha… I started to make use of all of you since Lower Three Heavens! Even until now, I am still making use of you all! I made use of you all, to rush up to the Middle Three Heavens; rush up to the Upper Three Heavens!"

"I made use of you all, all the way until now . Do you know how happy I am? Do you know how much happiness I felt, knowing that a bunch of fools had been conned by me to believe and to fully trust me?"

"Ha Ha… now that the Nine Heavens have been united, I am invincible in this world! What other use do I have for all of you now?"

"What other values could you all bring to me now?"

"If you think about it, I would personally kill you . However, your descendants would still serve me for another ten thousand years out of gratitude! Without any complaints! Ha Ha Ha…"

. . .

Wu Juecheng was dumbstruck as he continued to think of all these . The more he thought, the more confused he became .

"Do you doubt yourself?"

"Do you suspect any of your brothers, other than Big Brother?"

"Have you ever doubted your Big Brother, before he betrayed you?"

"Your contributions were not more than your Big Brother's contributions, right? If you would not betray anyone, then why would Big Brother, the one who had contributed the most, betray anyone?"

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However, why did all these happen?

Wu Juecheng sat down quietly . After a long long while, he suddenly stood up and said, "I will go and practice my martial arts . "

He turned around and left quickly .

Chu Yang looked at Yue Lingxue with some admiration and respect . These problems, he had also thought of it . However, he was not as direct and precise as Yue Lingxue!

Even he himself had some doubts!

However, he was unlike Yue Lingxue who directly chose not to believe it!

This was because Yue Lingxue had been someone who valued affection and loyalty . His character was also very direct in the way he spoke! For such an honorable and sincere man, he would believe only what he saw!

If he saw bad things, it would be bad things!

He used his own heart to feel and to see different matters .

Right would be right! Wrong would be wrong! Black would be black! White would be white!

If everyone had intentionally lost to him, then he would think that he was the Number one expert in the entire Nine Heavens!

This kind of person seemed very foolish . Abiding by their own internal set of rules and principles, never change! Even at death!

It was foolish until a little outdated and not suited for the changing times .

However, you could not deny that in the eyes of people like Yue Lingxue, the world was infinitely warm! This was because the good that he saw meant that the world was good!

Although he lived in the present, he lived in a present he himself had constructed out of his sweet dreams! He would not scheme or plot against you . Anything to him would be open, transparent and honorable!

This kind of person might not be considered cute . They might even be considered as irritating to some . However, who dared to say that they were not respectable!?

Whatever that he had decided on would not change . Therefore, today, even if everyone thought that Wu Juecheng had been deceived his entire life, Yue Lingxue would point it out directly that: You are wrong!

This matter would never be possible!

Even if it did happen, there must be a reason behind it!

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Seeing that Wu Juecheng left his seat, Yue Lingxue was somewhat stunned . He said, "I'm not done with my words, why did he leave? We have neither finished drinking nor eating . We were just halfway through our conversation, so what kind of martial arts exactly is he going to practice now?"

Feng Yurou rolled her eyes on him . She then scolded, "You are such a fool!"

Everyone laughed .

However, Chu Yang frowned his eyebrows and appeared to be in deep thoughts over something…

At the end of dinner, everyone was full . After the meal, Chu Yang came to the room of Third Uncle Chu Feihan . He had long regained consciousness and gently smiled when he saw Chu Yang and Chu Le'er coming over .

Hearing how Chu Le'er had been taken as a disciple by the legendary poison doctor Wu Juecheng, Chu Feihan was startled, but he was pleasantly surprised .

That night, Chu Le'er became the chef and cooked up a meal for the three of them, beside Chu Feihan's bed . Mo Qingwu cheekily forced herself in, receiving several stares from Chu Le'er, and had a really enjoyable meal .

Chu Le'er finally declared peace between the two of them, with the reason being: "Other than my family members, no one dared to eat what I cooked . You are not bad, for daring to eat what I cooked! So, we are now good with each other . "

However, she added one sentence, "But, if you want to be my sister-in-law, that would be impossible!"

Mo Qingwu was not to be outdone . She said, "This matter is decided by your big brother and not up to you! More of concern is that in the future, your husband shall be decided by your big brother . " Mo Qingwu shook her little fist and added, "You have no autonomy over it!"

Seeing how the two girls made peace, only to start fighting again, Chu Yang was really in a headache .

Ever since Wu Juecheng stepped into his room, he had not stepped out at all .

On the next morning, when Mo Qingwu and Chu Le'er were sparring in the courtyard, Wu Juecheng finally came out of his room .

The crowd was in shock when they saw him!

Overnight, all of Wu Juecheng's hair turned flowery white! Each of the hair was silvery bright like snow . It was the white brought about by exhaustion of all life forces .

At his level of cultivation, as long as he was not willing, nor did he encounter any important matter that was mentally exhausting, it would not be possible for his hair to turn white overnight!

Therefore, it was obvious just how much Wu Juecheng was thinking about over the last night .

In his eyes, there were traces less of anger and hatred, but rather more of dilemma and deep thoughts . Even present in greater amount was confusion .

He was really doting towards Chu Le'er, supervising and urging her on for her training, discharging his responsibilities dutifully and hoping that she would become the best in the world . In a day, he would only reveal a tiny smile when he saw some improvement in Chu Le'er's martial arts or she had a deeper understanding of martial arts .

However, all other times, Wu Juecheng was basically in deep thoughts and looking confused .

Toward other people, even to Yue Lingxue who enlightened him, he was nothing but blunt . He never ever spoke again about the things that had happened at that time .

Three days later, the injuries of Chu Feihan started to show some progress .

Zhuge Clan finally came . Zhuge Cangqiong was the one leading the clan . He respectfully gave the Moon Breeze couple a storage ring . Within it, was the 'explanation' and 'compensation' for the Moon Breeze couple .

Yue Lingxue accepted the gift while maintaining an impassive face .

Immediately after, Yue Lingxue requested for four horse carriages and four snow sleighs . Knowing that the Moon Breeze couple was leaving, Zhuge Cangqiong was instantly excited .

These items were all of the highest quality .

That night, Chu Yang went to look for Han Xiaoran . Han Xiaoran would move out a dozen days later . Regarding Chu Yang's departure, there were no surprises . However, when Chu Yang was about to leave, Han Xiaoran quickly passed on a message to him .

"Brother, at all costs, you should not take up any appointment by the law-enforcement headquarters! Never ever enter the Law-Enforcement City in this life!

Chu Yang wanted to ask why, but Han Xiaoran had already turned to leave . He only left a few words: "Hurry and get back to the South East!"

Chu Yang could totally understand the first sentence . However, the last sentence, which Han Xiaoran said out openly and honorably, was baffling to Chu Yang . This made him seriously consider for a long time, the actual meaning of the sentence .

Early morning, under the warm farewell of the Zhuge Clan, Chu Yang and the rest finally left Tianji City!

Within the people who came to bid farewell, Chu Yang saw Diwu Qingrou looking at him .

Chu Yang gave a gentle smile and intentionally spread out his five fingers of the hands and waved to him . It was as if he was writing the word 'Five' in mid-air . Diwu Qingrou gave a bitter smile before turning to leave .

After bidding farewell to the Moon Breeze couple, Zhuge Yunshan looked at Chu Yang with a complicated expression . He said indifferently, "The mountains are high, the rivers are wide . "

Chu Yang gently smiled . His eyes were sharp and he said indifferently, "I will be back!"

Zhuge Yunshan replied indifferently, "We are ready to welcome you anytime . If you don't come, I may just pay you a visit at the South East . "

Chu Yang shook his head and smiled indifferently . "You wouldn't have the chance . "

Both of them looked at each other and they could only see the hatred and murderous intentions in each other's eyes .

. . .

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