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Chapter 1186

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"Why are you checking my body constitution?" Chu Le'er looked at Wu Juecheng in front of her and took a couple of steps back instead . Her face was filled with wariness . "Why does everyone want to check my body constitution now?"

Wu Juecheng was taken aback . He replied, "I'm just taking a look, nothing else . It's not like I can harm you when your elder brother is right next to you, right?"

Chu Le'er snorted . "That's not necessarily true . "

She looked over at Chu Yang for help . "Big Brother…"

Chu Yang knew that this was probably one of Chu Le'er's greatest chance encounters! This man in front of them was the one who had written the 'Guide to the World of Poison'! His skill in poison techniques was definitely the acme of perfection!

Chu Yang said, "Le'er, Elder Wu is a super expert and a senior . Wasn't there a lot of areas in the 'Guide to the World of Poison' that you didn't understand? This Elder Wu is the very person who wrote that book . "

Chu Le'er tilted her head and said, "Fine, I'll let you take a look . " She sounded as though she was bestowing a great kindness upon Wu Juecheng .

Wu Juecheng replied enthusiastically, "Sure, sure!"

Then, he reached out again and placed his fingers on Chu Le'er's wrist .

A look of astonishment flashed across his face . He uttered in surprise, "Innate Ethereal Body?"

His countenance then became cautious . As if he had sensed something, he jolted again . "Not just an Innate Ethereal Body but also a Martial Saint? At such a young age…"

Next, he shuddered intensely, his fingers drawing back from Chu Le'er's wrist . He let out a cry that sounded like a moan . "O-oh my god… Innate Poison Meridians, Innate Poison Body, Innate Poison… O-oh my god…"

"Cough cough cough…" Chu Yang wanted to laugh but felt that it was rather inappropriate . As such, he could only suppress the urge to laugh and let out a few coughs as a reminder to this old fellow .

You're the descendant of Chen Feng and one of the Nine Tribulations how many tens of thousands of years ago, as well as an existence that surpasses a Supreme Martial Artist… Can you not be so shocked by every single discovery? Please mind your status… and bearing, you must maintain your bearing…

However, Wu Juecheng had clearly tossed 'bearing' and 'status' out the window . He remained wide-eyed and his hand shook as he stared at Chu Le'er, an endless stream of surprised outbursts coming from him . "O-oh my god… oh my god… I see! I see! So there really is such a person and such a body constitution in this world! Oh my god…"

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Chu Le'er stared at him, rather fearful as she went back to Chu Yang's side . She leaned on him and whispered, "Big Brother, has this old man gone mad?"

"Cough, it's just that Le'er's aptitude is too wonderful . That's why he's so stunned!" Chu Yang coughed awkwardly and said in a whisper, "Le'er, you should really be proud of yourself . To be able to shock the Poison Doctor Wu Juecheng into this state… I reckon that you must be the only one ever in history to do so . "

Chu Le'er let out an 'oh' and said, "So this body constitution of mine is still considered good… Being tortured for over ten years since I was born with this body constitution that made me go back and forth in hell everyday… It could actually shock someone to this extent…"

Chu Yang coughed again . "Yes, indeed . How would you be able to see the rainbow without experiencing setbacks? For you, pain is already a thing of the past and has turned into your capital that can never be erased . In front of you now lies a rainbow path that leads straight to beyond the clouds!"

"Hehe…" Chu Le'er started to giggle .

"Chu Yang! I have something to tell you!" Over at the other side, Wu Juecheng let out a loud yell .

"Err, what is it?" Actually, Chu Yang already knew but he still pretended to be muddle-headed .

"Let your younger sister acknowledge me as her Teacher!" Wu Juecheng's eyes were bright and shiny . He grabbed Chu Yang's hand in one smooth motion while his other hand clamped onto his shoulder . "Let this girl acknowledge me as her Teacher!"

Cracking sounds were actually coming from Chu Yang's shoulder under this extraordinary strength of his .

"My f*cking god… Can you let go of me first… My shoulder is going to shatter…" Chu Yang was in so much pain that his facial features were all scrunched up .

"Oh, oh…" Wu Juecheng hastily let go of him, somewhat embarrassed .

Chu Yang rubbed his shoulder and said in exasperation, "Shouldn't you ask the person in question if you want to take a disciple? What's the point of crushing my shoulder?"

Wu Juecheng snorted . "Who can't tell that this girl listens to everything you say? If you say yes, she won't say no . If you say no, even if I'm a deity, she won't acknowledge me as her Teacher either!"

The Poison Doctor was pretty shrewd to be able to see the crux of the matter so quickly .

Chu Yang could only ask Chu Le'er, "Le'er, what do you think?"

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Chu Le'er had a complex look on her face . "I will follow what Big Brother says . "

Chu Yang thought about it for a while, weighing the pros and cons in his heart and unable to make a decision for the longest time .

To Chu Le'er, Wu Juecheng could be said to be the most suitable Teacher for her in the world . Even someone from the Nine Heavens Imperial Court might not compare to Wu Juecheng in terms of suitability .

However, Chu Yang was ultimately still concerned about Chu Le'er's safety .

His identity as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was something that had to be made public eventually . When that time came, should Le'er be by Wu Juecheng's side at that point, would he hurt Le'er?

"What's there for you to be in a difficult situation about?" Wu Juecheng was rather anxious . He was ferocious as he said, "What's there to think about for such a great deal? Hurry up and let the little girl acknowledge me as her Teacher! Only I would truly understand the worth of her aptitude, and only I would truly understand the direction in which she should go! Others would only see her Innate Ethereal Body constitution but what's the big deal about that!"

It was a rare occasion to find a disciple so suitable for himself; gaining a successor for his legacy of a lifetime could be considered one of life's greatest joys .

But this fellow was hemming and hawing while the little girl was unconcerned…

This was the first time Wu Juecheng had ever encountered such a situation!

With his status, if he announced that he was taking a disciple, even if he made the applicants prostrate themselves and kowtow thrice at each prostration for ten over thousands of miles, the queue would probably stretch from the South-east to the North-west . Why was he suddenly so worthless when it came to these two siblings?

"I can agree to let you take her as a disciple under one condition," said Chu Yang at last .

"Condition? Hurry up and say it!" Wu Juecheng was practically out of patience .

I actually have to agree to someone's condition just to take a disciple… What the hell, is it so difficult to be someone's Teacher these days?

"My condition is that you cannot hurt Le'er under any circumstances at any time!" Chu Yang said seriously .

"Of course, what rubbish are you saying! Why would I harm my own disciple?" Wu Juecheng glared at him furiously . "That's practically a retarded thing you're saying! This kind of concern is literally unreasonable!"

Chu Yang said seriously, "Whether it's retarded or not, I don't know, but I only have this one condition — You cannot hurt Le'er under any circumstances at any time!"

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"I promise!" Wu Juecheng was so annoyed that he started to smile instead . He said, "She's going to be the successor to my legacy; even if this girl were to poison me to death in the future, I will also smile and close my eyes and say joyfully, 'My disciple has surpassed her Teacher!' Would that do?"

Chu Yang smiled and replied, "I am thankful for Elder's understanding . I hope Elder will not forget this sentence of 'My disciple has surpassed her Teacher' when that time comes . "

Wu Juecheng was immensely irked . He retorted furiously, "Are you really looking forward to me getting poisoned to death by my disciple?!"

Chu Yang burst into laughter .

He gave Chu Le'er a look . "Le'er, hurry and pay your respects to your Teacher . "

Not really sure what was going on, Chu Le'er replied with an 'oh' and looked at Wu Juecheng .

Only to see Wu Juecheng waving his hands non-stop, as if he was shaking a rattle-drum . His face was red from agitation . "Acknowledging a Teacher and taking a disciple are both important events in one's life, how can we be so casual about this? We'll need to find a few witnesses and make it a grand affair . "

Both Chu Yang and Chu Le'er were rather stunned . This old master actually wanted to have a grand affair in their current circumstances…

Wu Juecheng was still muttering to himself . "We can get Moon Breeze to be witnesses for now, even though their status is still not really enough… I guess that's as far as we can go for now… We'll set the Teacher-disciple relationship in stone first; when my wounds have healed, we'll have another grand ceremony and accept some congratulatory gifts . Damn, if any of the Nine Super Clans doesn't show up with well-wishes and gifts, I'll go over and wipe out their entire clan! The law-enforcement officers must come too; if any department of the law-enforcement ward doesn't send congratulatory gifts, I'll also destroy them…"

"Huh?" Chu Yang was flabbergasted .

"Of course, that goes without saying . This old man taking a disciple is a grand occasion in the Nine Heavens! If no one congratulates us, it will be embarrassing for my disciple too!" Wu Juecheng glared at him .

Chu Yang raised his hands in defeat . "You hold the right of reason, you are the most awesome . I admit defeat . "

The speechlessness in his heart was truly indescribable .

Moon Breeze was among the ranks of the top five people one should never mess with . Yet them as witnesses for him taking a disciple was still 'not enough status'? What kind of grand ceremony was there to do just to take a disciple! Actually threatening the whole world to send congratulatory gifts…

Did he really have to stir up the Nine Heavens?

It looked like this descendant of Chen Feng's way of doing things was really rather peculiar . And truly domineering too…

However, it was apparent from this just how highly Wu Juecheng regarded Chu Le'er in his heart . He really couldn't go any further than this .

Wu Juecheng yelled, "Yue Lingxue, Feng Yurou, Meng Chaoran and the rest of the juniors! Come in, all of you! This old man has something very important to announce!"

After a short while, Moon Breeze, Meng Chaoran, Dong Wushang, Rui Butong, Mo Lei'er, Mo Qingwu were all gathered here .

Wu Juecheng instructed Dong Wushang and Rui Butong, "Go and bring a few chairs over for everyone to take a seat . And find some incense while you're at it . In short, the more the better . "

Both of them went out utterly confused and returned in less than fifteen minutes with everything he had asked for . Everyone took a seat and looked at Wu Juecheng in confusion .

Wu Juecheng said, "Chu Yang, you're the emcee . "

Chu Yang almost spat .

Did he really need to be so formal and stiff?

Left with no other choice, he could only do as he was told .

Seeing that everyone had taken their seats, Chu Yang cleared his throat . Just as he was about to begin his task as the emcee, Wu Juecheng said, "Don't any of you laugh! And sit properly . How can you behave like this at such a serious time?"

Chu Yang almost died of suffocation . He looked over, only to see Wu Juecheng sitting below properly with a stern and serious look on his face .

Chu Yang cleared his throat again . "We have gathered everyone here today for an important affair . "

Wu Juecheng interrupted and said, "It's an extremely important affair!"

Chu Yang rolled his eyes . "We would like to invite everyone to be witness to this!"

Wu Juecheng interrupted again . "You should be honored!"

Chu Yang flew into a rage . He turned over and snapped furiously, "Goddamnit! Are you the one talking or am I the one? How about you just say it yourself?"

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