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Chapter 1185

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Everyone was stupefied .

At last, unable to stand this endless stream of 'oh my god's anymore, Rui Butong hastily carried a huge bunch of firewood in and threw it on the floor . Then, he went into the room and brought out two buckets of oil . He stood far, far away and used a long rod to pick up Zhuge Changchang, lifting him out of the room and placing him at the top of the firewood . Then, he set the whole thing on fire .

The blazing fire burned violently, producing a pungent and piercing odor .

Zhuge Changchang's body actually continued to spasm and twist in the blazing flames; even when both his legs had burned to nothingness, the charred bones of his upper body continued to spasm…

Chu Le'er hid in Chu Yang's embrace, quaking in fear while Mo Qingwu hid on his other side . Both girls looked like little quails who had been plucked clean of their feathers and left out in the frigid winter, trembling and shivering .

Everyone was rather lost for words .

They seriously didn't know what to say… Without even being aware of the consequences, the culprit had already created all these . And now, their shock and fear couldn't even compare to that of the culprit herself…

Over there, as the fire continued to crackle and burn, over here, Wu Juecheng was already blabbering away non-stop with questions . "Who was the one who inflicted the poison? Why are you burning it? Bastards! Who permitted you to burn it! Who inflicted the poison? Who who who?"

. . .

Everyone's speechless gaze fixated on Chu Le'er .

Wu Juecheng followed their line of vision to see a pale little girl whose face was still tear-stained at this point . He couldn't help but jolt violently . He asked in disbelief, "Could it be… her…?"

"Cough cough cough…" Chu Yang let out a few awkward coughs and replied, "It's like this — under an unexpected turn of events, I managed to get my hands on a book called the 'Guide to the World of Poison' . Later, when I saw that my younger sister seemed to exhibit a very keen interest in using poisons, I gave her the book so that she could play around with it herself… Later on, Lady Zi came and also boosted my younger sister's cultivation a little… Cough… That was pretty much what happened . "

Wu Juecheng's breathing was rapid and agitated . His eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared at Chu Le'er and murmured, "…'Guide to the World of Poison'? …Play around with it herself? Uh hurhurhur…"

Losing control of himself for a moment there, the Poison Doctor rolled his eyes . He rolled his eyes again, wanting to say something but accidentally bit his own tongue hard . Then, he opened his mouth once more, intending to speak but his face suddenly turned red and the next moment… he had already passed out .

One couldn't blame Lord Wu for fainting .

His entire lifetime's worth of research and blood and tears were all concentrated in the 'Guide to the World of Poison' . Though poison techniques could be said to be infinite in variety and his finesse in it was extremely skilled, the few most critical types of poison were something that he could never use .

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His hypothesis was one thing, but whether or not it was feasible was the key .

And now, just by following a book and teaching herself… this little girl actually manifested them?

Even if Lord Wu weren't injured, he would also have fainted upon encountering this, much less in a situation where he was gravely injured?

Meng Chaoran hurriedly carried him back . Chu Yang followed after; when he conducted a checkup on Wu Juecheng, he couldn't help but become speechless .

The bones of the Poison Doctor that had only just begun to heal had completely broken apart again .

Chu Yang heaved a sigh; though he could understand Wu Juecheng's emotions, he still found himself in a state where he didn't know whether to laugh or cry . Did he really need to be this worked up?

After handling his wounds, Chu Yang was about to leave when he saw Wu Juecheng suddenly open his eyes . At this point, those feelings of grief, indignation and repression that had been in Wu Juecheng's eyes were suddenly all gone .

He gazed at Chu Yang and quietly said, "Wait for me . "

Then, he closed his eyes .

Chu Yang took a seat at the side .

Then, he witnessed something absolutely mind-blowing!

A white cloud emerged from Wu Juecheng and started to circle around his body . Every time it circled one round, the white cloud would shrink a little . When it reached his thighs, the white cloud vanished without a trace .

Then, a refreshing breeze started to blow .

As though the morning breeze of spring .

It was pure and fresh, invigorating one's mind .

The morning breeze whistled though nothing was blown out of place; it only blew gently at Wu Juecheng himself .

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Meanwhile, Wu Juecheng's body suddenly began to heal and recover at a speed visible to the naked eye, as though a log of dead wood had suddenly given a new lease of life . The muscles and skin tissue that were originally already dead suddenly began to revive and recover its vitality .

His face also gradually became rosy .

When the morning breeze stopped, Chu Yang could clearly hear some cracking and snapping sounds seemingly coming from within Wu Juecheng's body . They sounded as though bones automatically going back into place and healing by themselves .

At last, the happenings around Wu Juecheng came to a stop . He opened his eyes and looked at Chu Yang, smiling at him and actually sitting up on the bed .

The next moment, he stretched and flexed his arms and neck, then his waist and legs, all the while testing how they felt . Then, he got up from the bed tentatively .

He tried taking a few steps; the more he walked, the smoother his gait became .

Chu Yang's eyes were wide as he stared at this miraculous turn of events before him . He felt like his own brain had knotted together, unable to speak a word .

In this world, other than the complete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill, there was no other medication that could heal Wu Juecheng's injuries .

Yet a miracle had just happened right in front of him — Without relying on any medication, he had recovered just by relying on a gust of morning breeze and a mass of flowing clouds .

What was going on?

"Do you find this very miraculous?" asked Wu Juecheng with a smile as he looked at Chu Yang .

"Yes, very much so," replied Chu Yang with a nod .

"This is not a miracle!" There was nostalgia, kinship and gratitude in Wu Juecheng's eyes… He had a complex look in his eyes as he said, "My ancestors are Chen Feng and Liu Yun… Back then, when I was duped into becoming one of the Nine Tribulations, my ancestors had already left the Nine Heavens continent . "

"The reason why I was able to survive at the very last moment till now is that they had already predicted that I would encounter a huge tribulation in my life . Each of them had bestowed upon me three waves of primary life force energy . "

"Chen Feng and Liu Yun's primary life force energy?" asked an astonished Chu Yang .

"Yes . I had my ancestors' primary life force energy in me; that is the reason why during that time when my physical body was destroyed, I was able to escape from the Heaven Nourishing Hole at the very last moment by relying on this primary life force energy, and over a considerably long period of time, slowly reinstate my physical body . "

Wu Juecheng smiled lightly . "At that time, I used up two gusts of morning breeze and two masses of flowing clouds . "

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"If this kind of primary life force energy only stayed in my body without being used, there would be no detrimental effects on my ancestors . But once I use it, my ancestors would experience a certain degree of weakening and harm . Therefore, if not left with no other choice, I dare not use it, nor can I bear to . "

"Today, this is the third gust of morning breeze and third mass of flowing clouds . " Wu Juecheng gazed at Chu Yang . "Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes," replied Chu Yang as he nodded .

"Since my injuries are too serious this time, my ancestors' primary life force energy can only recover my wounds . As for my cultivation, perhaps only half of it can be recovered…" Wu Juecheng checked himself internally briefly and said solemnly, "However, I couldn't use it, especially after discovering that little girl . "

He chuckled a little . "She's actually able to thoroughly understand the 'Guide to the World of Poison' through self-teaching alone! And even able to manifest those kinds of poison by herself; how can I possibly let go of such a genius?"

He said emphatically, "These poisons are my biggest regret in life; the importance it holds to me surpasses even that of my life!"

Chu Yang asked tentatively, "What Elder means is?"

Wu Juecheng's eyes flashed . He said, "Ask that little girl to come here for me to take a look . "

Chu Yang nodded . "Alright . " He stood and went toward the doors, calling out, "Le'er, come here for a moment . "

Chu Le'er responded and quickly dashed over .

The moment she entered and saw that Wu Juecheng was actually standing on his own two feet, the young girl got a huge surprise too . Her mouth opened wide and she let out a sound of surprise . "How come he's standing?"

"How I'm standing is not important; what's important is you . " Wu Juecheng smiled and said, "Girl, come here and let me take a look at you . "

Chu Le'er glanced at Chu Yang in puzzlement . He nodded encouragingly at her .

Chu Le'er then obediently walked over .

"Girl, let me ask you, did you learn this 'Guide to the World of Poison' by yourself?" Wu Juecheng's demeanor was kind as he spoke to her .

"Yes . " Chu Le'er nodded and went on, "Sometimes, Big Brother would help me by explaining and analyzing with me too… But these few days, I've been looking at it and memorizing it, then conducting experiments by myself…"

"He explained it to you?" Wu Juecheng rolled his eyes . He cast a glance at Chu Yang and turned his nose up at him . "What's the goddamn use in him explaining it to you? He doesn't even know a goddamn thing . "

Chu Yang could only return a wry smile .

"Big Brother is the person I respect the most!" Chu Le'er pulled a long face immediately . She looked at the Poison Doctor who was famed and respected throughout the world and actually spoke with a tone of warning .

"Cough cough cough…" Wu Juecheng choked badly, dumbfounded as he stared at the little girl .

The young girl had a very firm look on her face . "Whoever insults my Big Brother must apologize to him!"

"Apologize?" Wu Juecheng felt rather faint . "Do you mean to say that even a deity has to apologize if he insulted him?"

Chu Le'er pursed her lips and replied, "So what even if it's a deity? Even those more esteemed than a deity must apologize if they insult my Big Brother!" She continued, "My poison techniques can kill a human right now; in the future, they might not necessarily be unable to kill a deity! Even in that world beyond the void, as long as there are suitable kinds of poison, wouldn't it be possible to poison them to the end of the world too?"

Wu Juecheng was immensely shocked, staring at Chu Le'er in a rather astounded manner .

"Even in that world beyond the void, as long as there are suitable kinds of poison, wouldn't it be possible to poison them to the end of the world"?

The impact that this one sentence had on the Poison Doctor was practically inconceivable!

The thought of whether his poison could kill an immortal had never crossed his mind! Much less the thought of using his poison techniques to slaughter the world above the Nine Heavens!

But the thoughts of this little girl were actually this insane!

Just because others had insulted her elder brother, she… actually wanted to poison them to the end of the world?

Whoa! I am in love with this kind of personality~~~!

The next moment, Wu Juecheng's entire countenance was beaming, his face bright and cheerful . He actually turned to Chu Yang and bowed . "I am sorry, Brother Chu . I shouldn't have insulted you; I apologize for that . I hope that you will forgive me . "

Chu Yang got a huge fright . He stared at Wu Juecheng who was in front of him and bowing till his forehead was practically against the floor . Chu Yang's eyes widened and his eyebrows flew to the top of his forehead, three words escaping his mouth —"What the f*ck…!"

Wu Juecheng rolled his eyes; he didn't expect that the very first sincere apology of his life was actually met with these three words…

"Come here, girl . Let me look at your body constitution . " Wu Juecheng smiled and reached out, laying his fingers on Chu Le'er's wrist .

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