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Chapter 1178

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"Friends or enemies, one should always respect!" Chu Yang looked up and his eyes focused . "The deceased is the most important . I came to pay my respects, and that is because of my goodwill . Does Zhuge Clan not even have such a bit of tolerance?"

Zhuge Yunshan, who had been standing at the top position the whole time, wore a somber look and said, "Brother Chu has not come just to pay respect, right?"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "Sir Head of Clan is very wise . I have come this time for several matters . The first is to pay my respects to the seniors . The second is that I have some matters to discuss with Sir Head of Clan… The third matter… is also something that I would invite Head of Zhuge Clan to help . "

Zhuge Yunshan's eyes flickered . "Divine Doctor Chu means that it is not convenient to discuss it here?"

Chu Yang said straightforwardly, "Please kindly move to another place, so that I can talk to you face to face . "

Zhuge Yunshan paused for a moment and said, "Take care of things here, I will go for a good talk with Divine Doctor Chu . "

Someone yelled angrily, "What's the point of talking to someone like him? You should just beat him to death and throw him out!"

Zhuge Yunshan raged . "Shut up! What day is it today? How can you afford to be so presumptuous? After today, go to the family commandment hall immediately to take your punishment!"

Immediately, he turned and spoke to Chu Yang, "Divine Doctor Chu, please . "

Chu Yang smiled and replied, "Please . " He walked out, following Zhuge Yunshan .

Behind them, there was sudden chaos . The people from Zhuge Clan were madly angry, and started cursing one after another .

Once they reached the study of Zhuge Clan, the host and the guest sat down accordingly . Zhuge Yunshan called for the servant to serve tea, before saying, "Divine Doctor Chu, what matter is it that you need to talk to this old man? Please tell me clearly . "

Chu Yang smiled lightly . Without saying what the matter is, he actually asked unconventionally, "Do you think it is right for me to come today?"

Zhuge Yunshan, despite all his good manners, was so angered by this sentence that he jumped up with rage .

You came today and humiliated all the living and the dead . You may tell me whether it was right!

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Now that you've been tolerated, you actually became even more offensive and asked right to my face whether it is right for you to come…

"Divine Doctor Chu, do you yourself think it is right for you to come?" Zhuge Yunshan suppressed his anger and asked indifferently .

"Yes!" Chu Yang said firmly, "It is indeed very right for me to come today!"

Zhuge Yunshan's face turned purple immediately . He looked up at Chu Yang harshly . "Chu Yang! You've gone too far in your bullying!"

"Nope . It is also a very good thing to you Zhuge Clan that I came today!" Chu Yang said calmly, "How can it be called bullying?"

Zhuge Yunshan raged . "You've come here and ridiculed us in all kinds of ways, and it is actually a very good thing? This is such nonsense!"

Chu Yang sneered . "May I ask, Sir Head of Clan, how is the mood of Zhuge Clan today? Has anyone been discussing revenge? Has anyone plotted to fight? About these, Zhuge Clan can't be unaware?"

Zhuge Yunshan didn't know what to say .

Indeed, in the past few days, Zhuge Clan had continuously discussed revenge . This wave was only temporarily suppressed solely by the extremely forceful suppression of the top-level leaders .

And the funeral today would actually spur the tide of revenge in Zhuge Clan! Zhuge Yunshan had been worrying about it previously, because after today, the atmosphere would reach its peak and go beyond their ability to suppress . If they insisted on suppressing forcefully, he was afraid it would cause even more infighting .

"Since Sir Head of the Clan doesn't speak, I'll take it that you admit it . I'll only speak about one thing . Should your people go for revenge, what's gonna happen?" Chu Yang sneered and said calmly, "To be merciful is not something we will do . "

He spoke without restraint, yet it sent Zhuge Yunshan into contemplation .

Such a thing was not impossible, but absolutely possible, and already in preparation!

Chu Yang said mildly, "Today, I've come all alone and in a domineering manner to remind you all not to do dig your own graves!"

Zhuge Yunshan paused for a while and asked unemotionally, "Is Divine Doctor Chu's intention for coming today really so kind?"

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Chu Yang said calmly, "Can there be other possibilities?"

Zhuge Yunshan sneered . "After the War of Slaying of Tao, your side has also suffered great losses, has it not? Your losses are not too far below our own . Even if our clan gets impulsive now and really goes over, it is still very possible that we may get rid of you all completely! That is what Divine Doctor Chu is worrying about right now, is it not?"

That was actually indeed what Chu Yang was worrying about .

Because Zhuge Clan had now become the underdog .

Under such a situation, coupled with the trigger of the funeral, some impulsive youths are meant to rush over uncaring…

But how would he admit it now?

He sneered and said, "You can actually go right now . "

Zhuge Yunshan's sharp eyes focused on Chu Yang . "But Divine Doctor Chu shouldn't be so kind as to come to remind us . "

Chu Yang looked right back at him and said calmly, "Of course, I have a reason . I also have requests for Zhuge Clan . "

"What is your request?" asked Zhuge Yunshan .

"My Third Uncle, Chu Feihan, is detained by you!" A bit of indignation showed on Chu Yang's face . "Would Head of Zhuge Clan like to tell me- is this the means of Nine Super Clans?"

"There's actually such a thing?" Zhuge Yunshan's eyes flickered .

"If Sir Head of Clan is willing to say that you know nothing about it, I will take my leave right now . " Chu Yang stood up . "From now onwards, I will have to settle down permanently in Tianji City . There's a lot of snow here, the scenery is pretty good . "

How would Zhuge Yunshan allow this bastard to settle down permanently in Tianji City?

It's okay that you do, but there are still the two great troubles of Moon Breeze with you, if they also settle down permanently at Tianji City with you… Will our Zhuge Clan still survive or not?

"Wait, wait… Please be patient, Divine Doctor Chu . " Zhuge Yunshan hurried to stop him enthusiastically . He smiled . "It must be that during the search for suspicious personnel previously, they arrested your Third Uncle by mistake… Otherwise, we Zhuge Clan is a prominent and established clan after all, how would we do such things?"

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Chu Yang laughed coldly . "Arrested by mistake?"

"Yes, he may have been arrested by mistake . " Zhuge Yunshan laughed dryly .

"Since it's by mistake, please do me a favor and let him out," said Chu Yang lightly, "This is the first thing I'm asking you to permit . "

Zhuge Yunshan let out a breath and said, "Let him out? Haha… Divine Doctor Chu, this is the attitude that you use to plead for me to release people?"

Chu Yang stood up and said, "Actually, I didn't want to do this as well . It was the two seniors, Moon Breeze, who considered their good relations with Zhuge Clan and specially requested for Zhuge Clan to let the person go . Since Sir Head of Clan is unwilling, I will just go back and say . "

Zhuge Yunshan's expression changed . He hurried to stand up again and stop him . "This can be negotiated, of course . Since Seniors Moon Breeze have spoken… Haha, I wonder what Seniors Moon Breeze said?"

Chu Yang said, "At that time, Senior Feng didn't say anything, but Senior Yue said, tell Zhuge to let the man go . Otherwise, the two of us will go for a walk at the backyard of Zhuge Clan . At any rate, we haven't seen Cangqiong for a long time . We'll take the opportunity to see the sky [1 . "Cangqiong" in Chinese means the sky] .

Chu Yang said, "I don't quite understand this sentence, so I can only deliver it as it was said . I can't explain it . Cangqiong means the sky, I know this, but why can it only be seen at Zhuge Clan's backyard?"

Zhuge Yunshan laughed bitterly internally . What explanation did this require?

This "Cangqiong" was not that "Cangqiong" .

Our Elder Master is called Zhuge Cangqiong…

"Senior Yue also said, Master Wu Juecheng's injuries are heavy and he has to take him out to seek medicine… But because of various worldly affairs that he has to take care of, he's really unable to leave . If there's really no way, he'd have to send people out, and the two of them will have to stay at Tianji City and wait . "

Zhuge Yunshan said generously, "Not to mention that the seniors Moon Breeze have such a wish, even if they don't, we Zhuge Clan will not detain innocent people and refuse to release them . Please wait for a moment, Divine Doctor Chu, I'll go and check on this matter and give Divine Doctor Chu an answer immediately . Please reply to the seniors Moon Breeze as such . "

He thought to himself, they were very resourceful indeed, that even someone like Wu Juecheng got captured… Such a problem should be sent away as soon as possible . With them here, we Zhuge Clan may not even be able to eat our meals properly .

Chu Yang smiled and said, "I'll simply accompany Sir Head of Clan . Since you arrested him by mistake, you must not know my Third Uncle . If I don't go, is Zhuge Clan going to release all the people you arrested?"

Zhuge Yunshan paused, smiled bitterly and said, "That's just as well . "

If right after he said he didn't know who his third uncle was, he released the man himself, wouldn't he be exposing his own lie?

But, to take Chu Yang in seemed somewhat inappropriate as well, because the location of that cell was Zhuge Clan's most secretive place, where many important people were detained .

And after they caught Chu Feihan, Zhuge Clan thought about him as a valuable prisoner, so they naturally had to keep him securely, and it was naturally at that kind of place .

In no way could they expect that this guy actually dared to come right to the doorsteps to ask for the man? His threats and arrogance were unbearable .

Should he refuse, he wouldn't be able to appease Moon Breeze .

Should he comply… Wouldn't all the work be futile?

What else could he do?

Zhuge Yunshan felt extremely conflicted internally .

Just as he was thinking, he heard Chu Yang say, "What do you think, Head of Zhuge Clan? To be honest, I'm doing your clan a big favor, right?"

"Huh?" Zhuge Yunshan's eyes opened wide . How the f*ck are you speaking… that in the end it's actually you who's giving us a big favor?

Chu Yang laughed . "Is it not so? With the power of the seniors Moon Breeze, can they not manage it if they want to come directly to save a man?"

Zhuge Yunshan only felt that his whole stomach was filled with bitterness . He kept nodding . "Divine Doctor Chu's good graces is very much appreciated by Zhuge Clan . "

He had no choice but to bring Chu Yang there . He thought to himself, just send this guy away quickly and let them go far away from Tianji City . After that, they could do whatever they wanted, and Nine Super Clans would no longer care about this guy, but only put in all effort to prepare to fight the Nine Tribulations Sword Master .

Of course, at a suitable time, they'd have to give this guy a hard shot . But they couldn't, in any case, be caught…

Chu Yang followed Zhuge Yunshan all the way for quite a long time, before they reached the entrance of the secret prison, but it was completely underground .

The guards opened the gate . The two walked in all the way, escorted by two professionals . The further down they walked, the dimmer it became .

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