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Chapter 1176

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After this went on for three days, Wu Juecheng was very worried .

But the sword intent became more lively .

Its absorption became faster and faster, and it started to absorb Wu Juecheng's potential energy .

Wu Juecheng's health was weak at the moment, and he couldn't even move his little finger . He had absolutely no power to stop it .

Moreover, aside from absorbing potential energy, the sword intent also started getting agitated in his Dantian .

As though realizing that the person who had trapped him already didn't have enough strength to suppress him, and the sword intent wanted to leave…

The sword intent jumped even more fiercely, and it was eventually "discovered" by Chu Yang .

One day, after applying medicine, Chu Yang sat on the small bench next to Wu Juecheng's bed and looked at him seriously . "Sir Wu, I think there is something that I have to say to you clearly . "

Wu Juecheng turned his eyes with great difficulty . "I know what you're going to say . Go on . "

"In these few days, I finally discovered that this is not because of Sir Wu's lack of cooperation, or my mistake in using medicine, but that there is still a significant hidden danger in Sir Wu's body . "

Chu Yang said seriously .

To this, Wu Juecheng agreed completely . He gave Chu Yang an encouraging look and let him continue .

"Besides, this unknown power is absorbing Sir Wu's spiritual energy . Only after satiating its absorption, can the rest of the spiritual energy be used for Sir Wu's recovery . "

Chu Yang said heavily, "But, with Sir Wu's current condition, you can't satiate the needs of this power at all, so you can't help yourself properly . My medicines, after passing through Sir Wu's meridians, turn into spiritual energy, yet also end up being absorbed by this power . In fact, in these few days, it's the same as if Sir Wu has… not received any treatment at all . The injuries are deteriorating continuously!"

"Yes . " Wu Juecheng sighed deeply .

"So, I've been thinking these days, whether to release this power first… Or, to give it up temporarily, and let the body heal itself first . After that, either to cultivate again or to use some other method… I believe that since Sir Wu knows about this mysterious power, there has to be a way . "

Chu Yang said sincerely .

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"Indeed," Wu Juecheng agreed and said, "Unless this power gets out, my body can't heal . "

"How can I let this power out?" said Chu Yang, "About this, I really have no experience . Hope Sir Wu would teach me . "

He added, "Sir Wu, please allow me to say something unpleasant . Right now, it's your life that is the priority . Without that, there's no speaking about revenge, or anything else…"

Wu Juecheng let out a long sigh .

"Release this power…" Wu Juecheng really felt unwilling to give it up . It was the sword intent after all: an all-defeating weapon, a superpower that could kill Supreme Martial Artists in a second, the biggest tool to seeking the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

If it was gone, his strength would shrink significantly .

But Chu Yang was right too: without life, you are a corpse even if you own the complete Nine Tribulations Sword, not to mention a sword intent . It'll have no f*cking use at all!

Wu Juecheng said with resignation, "But with my present strength, even if I want to expel it, I can't do anything . Right now, this power is very agitated, as though it wants to break my body and come out… I can only wait for it to get out itself . "

"After it gets out, how should we preserve this power?" asked Chu Yang understandingly .

"There's no way to preserve it . " Wu Juecheng sighed . "After it gets out, one can only let it go wherever it wants…"

Chu Yang paused and said, "What a pity… such a strong power . "

Wu Juecheng sighed deeply . Pity? If you knew what kind of power this is, you will feel even more pity!

Two days later, the injuries of Dong Wushang and others had pretty much healed . Mo Qingwu had recovered more than half . Among the others, everyone except Wu Juecheng and Wu Qianqian had mostly recovered .

Of course, Moon Breeze's injuries could only be called showing improvement, but from being completely recovering… It's really as far as the distance to the moon .

The sword intent inside Wu Juecheng's body became more and more agitated, making his injuries worse by the day .

His Dantian had already swelled a little, and became a bit translucent: a thing that looked like a silvery snake scurried about .

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Wu Juecheng lived in extreme pain every single day…

Eventually, one day, when Chu Yang arrived, Wu Juecheng suggested a way, "Open up my Dantian with a knife! Get that thing out immediately…"


Sir Wu had really had enough .

No matter who it was, for him to experience such pain as though he had passed through all eighteen layers of hell many times a day… He would have had enough!

Right now, even if he had a whole Nine Tribulations Sword in his Dantian, he would give it up without hesitation!

It was costing his life .

"Ok!" Chu Yang went out immediately, got all medicines needed and spent a long time preparing, before he came inside again .

"Sir Wu, you'll have to endure this," said Chu Yang slowly .

Then, the sword intent started moving ever more violently . Wu Juecheng was already in great pain . He said furiously, "Hurry…"

His voice was already trembling a little .

Chu Yang didn't hesitate anymore . With a decisive movement of his knife, he opened up Wu Juecheng's Dantian .

Immediately, he saw a bright silvery gas rushing out of Wu Juecheng's body like a wild horse let loose . It went all the way up, and with a loud clash, it opened a large hole in the ceiling . In the sky, it turned into a bolt of silvery lightning several dozen feet long, and disappeared completely .

From the beginning till the end, it didn't stop at all .

Without any bit of hesitation .

Wu Juecheng let out a long sigh .

Thick attachment showed in his eyes .

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His body felt relaxed instantly, yet, after all, the sword intent was gone .

Chu Yang started busying about immediately . He stopped the bleeding, and then put the torn-up flesh together, applied medicine, cleaned up the wound, and used martial techniques to help Wu Juecheng re-connect his broken meridians…

All of this took more than two hours .

When they finally finished dealing with the wound and helped Wu Juecheng take medicine, Wu Juecheng felt a long-lost sensation: a strength slowly emerged from the medicine, entered his completely dried-up meridians and worked hard to fix his wounds…

His life was preserved after all .

Besides, with Chu Yang, a divine doctor not second to himself here, though it would take a long time, his cultivation was as good as having been preserved .

Wu Juecheng let out a long sigh internally: this is already very good . What else can I hope for?

Outside the Orchard Palace, on the sky, a ball of black shadow floated quietly . It made amazing silent waves .

When that ball of silvery from sword light saw this ball of black shadow, it suddenly made an excited sound, and immediately, it flew towards the black shadow like a moth flying toward fire . It came nearer and nearer, yet the volume of silvery light became smaller and smaller . It surrounded the black fog and moved in circles with great liveliness like a son who had been away for a long time coming into his parents' arms once more .

Eventually, it integrated into that ball of black mist silently .

The black mist dispersed without a sound into the sky…

All of this happened in complete silence .

After Chu Yang finished treating Wu Juecheng, the latter let out a long, tired, bitter sigh, before closing his eyes and falling into a slumber .

Chu Yang retreated quietly .

Once he returned to his room, a ball of black shadow entered the Nine Tribulations Space eagerly .

Chu Yang hurried to enter with his consciousness, and then immediately saw the Sword Spirit, with a face full of excitement . He asked, "Got it?"

The Sword Spirit nodded excitedly . "Hahaha… The sword intent has already returned . Thanks to Wu Juecheng warming it for such a long time, right now its edges are already smoothened, and after melting it into the Nine Tribulations Sword, the power of sword will increase to twice what it was, regardless of whether it is the tip, sword blade or sword edge . "

Chu Yang said excitedly, "Does that mean that I will also be able to kill Supreme Martial Artists in a second in the future?"

The Sword Spirit rolled his eyes immediately . "Big Brother, don't joke like this . With your power right now, it's good enough if you can activate the primary form of the sword intent . You think that because Wu Juecheng can kill Supreme Martial Artists in a second, you can as well?"

Chu Yang said furiously, "Wu Juecheng is not even the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, he can use it, yet I, the proper Nine Tribulations Sword Master, actually can't use it?"

The Sword Spirit said, "That's not how it works . If the actual powers of the sword intent are activated, you can even cut up the whole Nine heavens continent with a wave of sword, but the prerequisite is that you need to have the cultivation to apply its highest power . Everyone knows that if one gets the Nine Tribulations Sword, one can unite the Nine Heavens, but did you? Wu Juecheng is well beyond the ninth supreme level, are you?"

Chu Yang said angrily, "I only spoke a single sentence, yet you have ten waiting for me . You are as talkative as a woman…"

The Sword Spirit was very angry . He stayed silent .

Chu Yang checked his own Dantian . He saw that on the Nine Tribulations Sword, a flash of white light was moving from the sword tip to sword blade, and then two sword edge, moving over to sword case, having much fun .

Only that the sword tip, sword edge, sword blade and sword case seemed very dissatisfied with this ray of white light . Occasionally, the sword tip flipped it out, the sword edge threw it out, the sword blade cut it right into several pieces, and the sword case protested in silence…

Chu Yang was amazed .

This sword intent seemed not very welcome?

"They blame him for having different aura on him, and they were very dissatisfied," explained the Sword Spirit, "Like when a husband catches his wife having an affair, he has to wash her . What they are doing now is to wash the smell of Wu Juecheng off it . "

Husband catching wife having an affair? Washing??

Chu Yang was sweating buckets .

He couldn't stand it and didn't talk with that guy anymore . He focused on looking at the sword intent, and saw that with its continuous collision and movement, the white light on it became clearer as well . Slowly, it changed from a kind of shining color to a stable, soft white light .

And then, it attached itself to the sword edge . The sword edge shook a little and refused no more . Then, the sword edge, sword blade and sword case also didn't refuse it . Immediately afterward, a faint light shone from the whole Nine Tribulations Sword…

A soft light slowly integrated into the Nine Tribulations Sword and disappeared .

A kind of sensation rose in Chu Yang's heart . If the Nine Tribulations Sword was a person, then the sword intent was his meridians . Now that the meridians are returned to position, he could clearly feel that the power of the Nine Tribulations Sword is increased once again, at least by several times!

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