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Chapter 1172

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Chu Yang started to muse over this, as if he had understood something .

"Sword Spirit, are you trying to say that 'cherish' is the most precious and the most everlasting in this world?" asked Chu Yang .

"I didn't say that . You did . " The Sword Spirit had a sneaky smile .

As if he had comprehended something, Chu Yang also started to smile, muttering the word 'cherish' under his breath . He felt the pressure and stress in his heart lighten considerably instantly, as if there was a deep level of enlightenment in his heart and soul . He murmured, "Thank you, Sword Spirit, I think I understand now . From now on, I will cherish even more what I already have . "

The Sword Spirit gave him a small smile, saying with a low voice, "Indeed, having things that one can cherish in their lives is unimaginable happiness in life . You are very fortunate, because there are a lot of things that are worth you cherishing, while what is worth me cherishing…" The voice of the Sword Spirit was rather forlorn .

Chu Yang said quietly, "Sword Spirit, you are also worth me cherishing . "

He paused for a moment before he continued, "I do cherish you very much!"

The body of the Sword Spirit trembled a little before he chuckled . "Thank you . "

There was actually a tinge of awkwardness in his voice .

Chu Yang smiled comfortingly before he looked on in heartache at Wu Qianqian who was still in his arms . He asked, "Since that's the case, how do we preserve Qianqian's body?"

The Sword Spirit reminded him . "You can place her inside the Nine Tribulations Space . While the Nine Tribulations Space is unable to store living things at your current level, she's already a dead person now . Dead bodies don't pose a problem for the Nine Tribulations Space . "

Chu Yang flew into a rage upon hearing the Sword Spirit's words . "Dead person? Dead body? You're the f*cking dead body! All of your family members are dead bodies!"

This guy had only just thanked him and said that he cherished him . But the moment they had a disagreement, he started to curse and swear at him .

The Sword Spirit very smartly shrank back a little and kept quiet, not saying another word . He grumbled inside, "F*ck you! I have serious doubts about what you said earlier! Damn it, he's only just said that he cherished me and now he curses my entire family as dead bodies . To think I was kind of touched earlier…"

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This fellow was obviously on edge right now . No matter what he said, it would only invite contempt, so he might as well not say anything…

After taking a look at the others' injuries, Chu Yang's mind was a little more at ease . Other than Rui Butong who still stayed in the corner pitifully like a heap of minced meat, no one else was in mortal danger .

Dong Wushang had already regained consciousness . He struggled to stand, perspiration dripping from his face . He reached out and corrected the position of his broken ribs, setting them back into place with loud and resounding snaps . Then, he also set the broken bones of his right arm back himself, putting himself in so much pain that his tanned face turned ghastly pale, large droplets of perspiration running down his face . He hissed and gasped in pain as he said, "This really friggin' hurts," all the while still continuing his actions .

Seeing what he was doing, Mo Lei'er was mad and full of heartache at the same time . She scolded him furiously, "I've seriously never seen anyone as silly as you… There's a miracle doctor here, would you die if you'd just waited? You just had to do it yourself . "

Dong Wushang grimaced and rolled his eyes . "What do you know? If Boss were the one doing it, it'll only hurt even more…" As he spoke, he got to his feet and walked over to Rui Butong where he was still laying in a heap and cursed, "The way this fellow died this time is seriously disgusting . " With a bam, he kicked Rui Butong out .

Everyone looked at him, stunned .

Upon seeing that no one else was in mortal danger, Chu Yang was finally more at ease . He exhaled a long breath of air and picked up the unconscious Mo Qingwu, carrying her into the room before he came out to carry others .

Only at this moment did he remember that voice and those words which haunted him .

'She is Little Tian Tian . '

'She is a woman . '

'She saved you . '

'She has your child . '

A child… Chu Yang's heart gave a little shiver . That kind of complex and complicated feeling in his heart was practically indescribable .

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He recalled the time back when he was in the forests of the Beyond The Heavens Sect and fighting a fierce battle with the Golden Horse Rider Department . He had been poisoned by the Lust Dragon and was in critical condition . At that point, only Tie Butian and the Shadow husband and wife were with him…

Later on, when he regained consciousness, he didn't know what had happened at all . The Sword Spirit was coincidentally in a state of hibernation at that point too . Only up until the point where he was about to leave did he become aware that such an incident had happened and that he had been saved by someone .

When he wanted to ask about it, Tie Butian had casually passed over the topic .

He remembered being so furious at that time, choking Tie Butian's neck and lifting her as he shouted angrily at her . He lost his temper and had almost choked her to death…

Only now did he know that the one who had saved him and gave him her everything was actually her! It was actually her! Chu Yang's heart was filled with pain and agony .

Wu Qianqian had already given him so much .

Then, what about what Tie Butian had done for him?

She sacrificed her chastity to save him, knowing full well that his heart already belonged to someone else . She chose to keep quiet about it and suffer alone by herself . When facing him, she even had to try her best to control her emotions and pretend like they were friends… How would that feel?

Becoming pregnant and quietly giving birth to the child… If not for Wu Qianqian who told him today, was he going to be kept in the dark for life?

When he thought of this, Chu Yang was filled with heartache, guilt and fury all at the same time .

Isn't that girl being too stubborn?

When Chu Yang thought of that poem which Tie Butian had recited emotionally when he left the Lower Three Heavens, his heart trembled yet again, as if the softest and most vulnerable part of his heart had been triggered . In that instant, he seemed to somewhat understand how Tie Butian must have felt .

'The sky darkens in the autumn breeze and setting sun, and after a great many changes in the world, one is left alone to ponder . She lightly bemoans that heroes let one down too often, and a woman's heart that goes through innumerable twists and turns . '

When he recalled this poem, a teenage emperor in golden robes and donning the royal crown seemed to appear in front of Chu Yang again . She held her hands behind her back, looking down upon the world with a dignified bearing and reigning over the nation .

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Yet when this teenage emperor turned and glanced over, the sorrow and loneliness those eyes held…

"Sigh…" Chu Yang heaved a long sigh . "I once thought that I had left with no restraints and without anything weighing me down, not knowing that I had thrown away my roots and wasn't even aware . I once thought that I had a clear conscience and that I had bestowed kindness upon others, not knowing that I had owed a whole slew of debts instead…'She lightly bemoans that heroes let one down too often, and a woman's heart that goes through innumerable twists and turns'; I'm not a hero but how many people have I let down? Tie Butian, I had only thought that you were referring to me toward Qianqian at that time . I never expected that the one you were talking about was yourself . "

He gritted his teeth lightly, thinking to himself, "When I see that bastard again, I'm going to spank her bottom so hard! Actually hiding something so important from me…"

When his thoughts reached this part, Chu Yang started to stew again . He muttered, "Without me, how the hell are you going to give birth! Actually keeping mum about it! …Seriously intolerable…"

As he thought about it, he became somewhat perplexed again .

Tie Butian… I've suspected that she was a woman and even observed her secretly a few times . But every time I did, I saw that she's clearly a man, wasn't she… With an Adam's apple, no breast and no butt… How did she suddenly become a woman…

Minister Chu was a little mournful .

Damn, that fellow would have been pretty handsome if she were a man . But as a woman… She's probably definitely going to be flat-chested… This, cough, is a little on the losing end…

And my child… I wonder how old is he? And what does he look like?

As his thoughts ran wild and messy, a loud sound drifted over from the gates . A snow sled stopped in front of the gateway .

Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue slowly got off the sled .

After much effort and strain, the two of them had finally walked down Mount Xingyun with Wu Juecheng in tow . It was easy to go up the mountain but difficult to come down, and it was especially precarious after snowing .

Moon Breeze was only able to move about temporarily; they were far from recovering their cultivation and being able to activate their internal energy . They really couldn't even compare to a regular person right now . Just the journey down the mountain alone, the two of them, together with Wu Juecheng, had almost fallen off the cliff several times…

After much effort, they finally got to the bottom of the mountain . Only after waiting for a long time did a snow sled pass by at last . Yue Lingxue had offered ten times the price, practically begging that merchant before he managed to buy the snow sled . They carried Wu Juecheng onto the snow sled gingerly, as if serving their ancestors, and padded a thick layer of leather skins under him . Only then did they hurry back to Tianji City on the snow sled .

When had Yue Lingxue ever begged anyone in his entire life? He had pretty much set a precedent today, a Revered ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist begging a merchant… This was seriously a record-breaking first in history .

This made Yue Lingxue sigh with deep feeling, a sense of inspiration in his heart, as if he had seen through yet another facet of life .

They had a snow sled now but they couldn't return just like that yet .

Because the battle must already have begun in Tianji City .

If they went back and participated in the battle in their current state, it was no different from sending them to their deaths . Even a mere Revered Martial Artist would be able to easily kill these two ninth-grade peak-level Supreme Martial Artists!

In addition, they had a crucial motive in their return this time — Saving those few little fellows and getting them out of danger!

Now that they didn't even have an ounce of strength, they were probably only left with bluffing as a solution…

And so, Yue Lingxue experienced another first in his life — Applying rouge . Specifically, the rouge that women used .

The two of them dressed themselves up a little, changing their clothes and going back to their usual pristine appearance . Then, they used the rouge that Feng Yurou always brought about with her and applied it on their cheeks, creating a radiant appearance at once . Only then did they put up a pretense of leisurely ease and drove the snow sled back .

During the whole journey, now that the two of them didn't have their cultivation to protect their bodies, they were so cold and frozen, as though little chicks whose feathers had all been plucked off and shoved into the coldest days of winter . Yet they still had to act like they were in the pink of health and behave poetically and elegantly, their movements unrestrained and relaxed, as if ready to set the world right…

Truly elegant and refined!

In Feng Yurou's words —"There's no other day in their whole lives that's more elegant than today…"

Before they had even reached the Orchard Palace, the stench of blood was already thick in the air . Even the heavy snow couldn't cover the thick murderous intent wafting about .

The two of them exchanged a look, both sporting wry smiles . Then, they doubled their efforts in acting leisurely and easy, driving the snow sled amidst laughter and chatting .

That man in black had only taken a look from afar and seen the two of them, but he didn't take a closer look . If not, with his level of cultivation, he would surely realize that these two super experts whose awe-inspiring names resounded throughout the Nine Heavens were only two paper tigers right now . Just a fingertip of his would be able to erase these two presences that he had to look up to usually…

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