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Chapter 1164

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"Oh?" said Yè Mengse .

With a cold smile, Ye Se went on, "Before this, his momentum had already naturally formed and was at a sky-high peak! At such a moment, even if a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist like me were to go up against him, I would also need to pay a price just to take him down! As for these ninth-grade Martial Saints, were they to go up against him, all of them would be killed by him! No exceptions whatsoever . "

"Therefore, at such a period, we'll send some men over for him to kill! And let him have his fill! When he's done with them, there will naturally be a lull period when we don't go in nor does he come out . Once there's a break, this sense of drive would naturally abate . "

Ye Se added, "And at that time, we'll need only a few ninth-grade Martial Saints to take him down!"

Yè Mengse was rather dumbfounded . "Is that what you thought? It really wasn't because you, as a hero, appreciated another hero…"

"What rubbish hero!" said Ye Se crassly, "Heroes die too young!"

Yè Mengse was so mad that he couldn't say a word . "And so, you let those men die under his saber just to reduce his momentum… When you know full well that had you struck, you would be able to take him down, especially when the price you'd have to pay to do would also only be minimal? But just so you didn't need to pay this minimal price, you allowed a hundred men to die?"

Ye Se was unmoved . "Young Master Yè, let me give you a piece of advice . Your talent and aptitude are certainly impressive, but you are merely the third young master in the Yè Clan and not the eldest young master . The first reason is that your brothers came before you and you're still young . However, the second and more important reason is that you do not possess the bearing of someone who sits at the top!"

Yè Mengse was so furious that he smiled instead . "What bearing of someone who sits at the top?"

"The bearing of someone who sits at the top is someone who's ruthless; using whatever he should use and forsaking whatever he should forsake!" Ye Se lectured on, "At a critical moment, forsaking a hundred or a thousand men to ensure the safety of one person . And this person must be worthy of having his safety secured! Such as in a situation like ours right now, and a person such as myself . "

"I am a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist . At first glance, a minor injury isn't of any threat to me . However, should the enemy be at the peak of their momentum, at a critical moment, I can leave, I can deliver information, I can run back and forth, I can go back alive and bring back information that the clan needs . If I, in order to protect them, get injured, then there would be a possibility that I'll be wiped out alongside them! While the clan remains uninformed, resulting in an unjust case!"

"Just a minor injury alone can lead to such an outcome . It's completely different!" Ye Se went on, "Therefore, I'd rather sacrifice these hundred men and more and still not use my cultivation to meet head-on the drive of a Saber Saint whose momentum has become invulnerable!"

"That is sheer foolishness!" Ye Se said, his eyes on Yè Mengse, "Third Young Master Yè, your biggest flaw is the extent of emphasis you place on loyalty and friendship!"

Gritting his teeth, Yè Mengse wanted to rebut him . But for some reason, he lowered his head and started to ponder .

Was it wrong to give emphasis to loyalty and friendship?

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Dong Wushang had already wiped out everyone . He leaned on his saber and stood in the center of the courtyard, watching the opposite with a detached air .

His heavy breathing had already gradually calmed down .

During this period, several people were itching for a try, their eyes blood-red and clamoring to kill this great foe of theirs . All of them were stopped by Ye Se .

"We must let him rest during this time . When his breathing has turned steady after resting, while on the surface it looks like he has recovered his stamina, it means that his drive has completely died down!"

"Momentum is crucial in high-level combat such as this!"

After a while, Dong Wushang's breathing finally returned to normal . However, everyone could clearly tell that that invulnerable aura around him had already diminished .

His hands behind his back, Ye Se observed Dong Wushang closely . He said passively, "All ninth-grade Martial Saints, move together and slay Dong Wushang! I will hold the line and personally go after Chu Yang and Meng Geyin!"

With a thundering roar, everyone charged forward .

Right at this moment, something unexpected happened! A shadow drenched in blood quietly got up and got close behind them, pulling killer moves all of a sudden!

A few screams rang out and everyone spun around in shock .

Only to see someone covered head to toe in blood standing in front of them . The shiny short sword in his hand had already exited the back of a ninth-grade Martial Saint and plunged into the heart of another shocked ninth-grade Martial Saint who had only just turned to his back .

Seeing everyone turn behind to look, the lips of this man spread and widened into a bright smile . "Awoooo~~ Aunt Doggy! All of you are so dumb, doesn't it feel awesome to be killed by me, wahahaha…"

Everyone was so mad that they almost passed out .

Rui Butong!

This bastard actually didn't die! To think he was pretending to be dead!

Just a mere pretense and five ninth-grade Martial Saint experts were destroyed in his hands! By right, Martial Saint experts had a basic degree of self-recovery . Especially when under attack by an enemy whose grade was lower than theirs, there was basically no such thing as a one-hit kill .

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But for some reason, every expert that had been assassinated by this fellow all died an unnatural death!

Everyone was stewing so much that none of them noticed the fact that the current Rui Butong was no longer the fifth-grade Martial Saint he was earlier, but already a seventh-grade Martial Saint!

Rui Butong laughed hard and raucously . "What a bunch of dumbasses, hahaha… Actually letting me off just like that and thinking I'm dead just because you saw me collapse… And you still call yourselves the Nine Super Clans when you take such a careless attitude against your enemy… Wahaha, I'm gonna die from laughter…"

Everyone was rather confused for a moment there . Was it really like what he was saying?

The ones who had partaken in the siege against Rui Butong were pretty much all dead . There was actually no one around to verify the truth of his words now .

"Trash!" Ye Se was so furious that he cursed . With a flash, he came to the corpse of a ninth-grade Martial Saint . With a wave of his arm, the inside of this Martial Saint's chest was exposed at once .

When Ye Se saw the wound within, even he couldn't help but gasp in shock .

Because the heart of this ninth-grade Martial Saint had already turned into charred ashes!

As if it had been burned by a great fire!

Ye Se rose to his feet, his pupils fiercely contracting as he eyed Rui Butong . "What kind of technique are you practicing?" Ye Se knew of a few fire techniques but this was his first time ever seeing this type that could allow a lower-grade expert to launch a sneak attack on a higher-grade expert, and able to burn him to death without it even showing on the outside .

Rui Butong seemed like he was about to flee when he heard Ye Se's question . He smiled and mocked, "How is it? Aren't I amazing? Are you green with envy? Wanna learn? Hmm? Wanna learn?"

He laughed raucously . "If you wanna learn, then kneel down and bow before me! Acknowledge me as your Teacher and I'll teach you skills that will let you walk the world unobstructed! And benefit you for life! Here, here, little disciple, Teacher is right here waiting . "

He straightened his back, jutting out his tummy, as though he was already Ye Se's Teacher . He even brandished a Purple Crystal and waved it about in his hand . "Teacher has even gotten a ceremonial gift ready…"

Murderous intent flared in Ye Se's eyes . Suddenly, his whole body flew into the air . With unparalleled speed, he had already reached Rui Butong, hitting out a brutal palm strike at his chest .

Rui Butong let out a loud cry, stabbing his short sword in front of him with all his might .

The short sword broke with a loud snap .

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Rui Butong was thrown out like a broken ragdoll . He threw up lots of blood in mid-air, almost throwing up even his innards . He flew out several hundred feet before he landed on the ground, tumbling and rolling a couple of times before he came to a stop .

His entire body had pretty much been smashed into pieces!

"If you still come back to life this time, I'll call you Father!" Ye Se snorted coldly, retracting his palm into his sleeve . He shouted harshly, "Go! Kill Dong Wushang!"

Everyone found it rather comical . He, a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist, had already dealt a blow with his full power and smashed the guy to pieces . How could he even come back to life?

All of them gave a loud battle cry and charged in .

Opposite them, Dong Wushang got to his feet, charging at them head-on without even a hint of evasion or dodging .

Only Yè Mengse found it somewhat peculiar . He stared at where Rui Butong had died, thinking to himself, "He also had a short sword like that in his hand earlier . Where did it go now?"

Turning, he saw another broken short sword in a different area that was covered in blood .

"So he has two of these amazing weapons," murmured Yè Mengse .

On the other side, it was as though heavenly lightning had gone up against earthly fires .

True to Ye Se's surmise, after a break, while Dong Wushang's stamina did recover, the momentum in his mighty charge had already diminished . At this point, though he remained as awe-inspiring as before, it was as if he was caught in a swampy marsh, somewhat unable to keep up .

After all, no matter which of them it was, they were all ninth-grade Martial Saints, two grades above his level .

After overturning two of them the moment he reached, he was caught in a tough battle .

A loud howl echoed!

A wave of sword intent suddenly pervaded throughout the atmosphere!

As though the world prostrating before the descent of a ruler .

A crisp and clear sword hum could be heard . Grand and imposing, it shook the skies!

The tips of the swords in every swordsman's hand lifted and rose by themselves, letting out a resounding sword hum! As though lowly commoners who had suddenly been graced by the presence of their ruler, prostrating and offering up their highest respect!

Dong Wushang's saber, however, was unaffected . He seized this fleeting opportunity, his saber going wild and slashing about viciously! This came out of nowhere; how would all the experts have expected that this place didn't just house a Saber Saint, but also had a Saint of Swords?

They were completely taken by surprise at this moment .

Three ninth-grade Martial Saints lost their lives with this vigorous movement from Dong Wushang!

A ray of sword light flew out of the room, blinding and dazzling . As though an astonishing rainbow arch, it entered the crowd that was in the midst of a melee with a flash . Clangs resounded and a few Martial Saint experts were severed in two at the waist, together with their swords .

The sword light went full circle before it finally stopped . Everyone took a step back and looked toward it .

Only to see a young teenage boy with a sword in his hand and a smile on his face, his black robes the color of ink . He stood before everyone, graceful and elegant . Blood trickled and dripped uninhibited from the tip of the sword he held…

"Chu Yang?!" Everyone was astounded!

They couldn't believe their eyes for a moment there!

Chu Yang… Wasn't he a first-grade Monarch? Since when did he become a Saint of Swords?

With a dispassionate smile, Chu Yang replied, "It is indeed I . I appreciate your courtesy, coming here for a visit this morning . Your great kindness is truly deserving of praise . "

Coming here for a visit?

Looking at the bloody mess of limbs and corpses around them, everyone was rather lost for words for a moment there .

"Chu Yang, so you're a Saint of Swords! Very well! So many people have been deceived by you . What is the reason for you hiding your true strength this whole time?" Ye Se couldn't help but be rather enraged .

How did Chu Yang suddenly become a Saint of Swords? This was just too goddamn strange!

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