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Chapter 1163

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A cold smirk hung on the corners of Ye Se's lips . His hands moved without stopping, the fierce winds he produced cleaning out the Orchard Palace .

Even the flower shelves and the stone table were gone .

The winds continued, lasting a good five minutes!

Dong Wushang's hands remained on the handle of his saber, his stance firm and unshakable . His robes fluttered and flapped fiercely in the wind, but saber intent remained in his eyes and the saber energy he exuded was awe-inspiring! He stood as immovable as a mountain, forceful and unwavering!

Inside the room, Meng Chaoran praised him approvingly . "Wushang's presence comes naturally and perfectly, he's truly an unparalleled hero!"

Mo Lei'er's eyes were brimming with pride, her lips curled up into a smile .

Chu Le'er at the side, however, was somewhat trembling . There was some pride, fear, unease and excitement in her eyes . Her two tiny little fists clenched tightly as she asked, "Big Brother, are all those people killed by me?"

Chu Yang replied, "Yes, it's all Le'er's credit . " As he spoke, he closely observed the reaction in the little girl's eyes and facial expression . In his heart, he sighed .

The power of poison is indeed exceptional!

If several hundreds of Martial Saint experts were to fight them with all their might, one really couldn't tell just what would happen . However, under Chu Le'er and his joint efforts, they had already all perished here soundlessly before they could do any harm!

Poison techniques were truly formidable after all . No wonder it was easy to pick up but difficult to master . In this world, those who spent their entire lives cultivating and using poison were as many as the sand in the desert, uncountable and endless . However, from olden times till present, those truly renowned throughout the world for their poison techniques was only the Poison Doctor, Wu Juecheng!

And now, Chu Le'er too .

"They are all bad people!" Chu Le'er's body was still somewhat trembling but her eyes were starting to calm down . She said, "Big Brother, I am right in killing them!"

Chu Yang held her little hand tightly as he said, "Yes, you are! Because if you didn't kill them, they would have killed us . It's Le'er who protected us all . "

Chu Le'er finally smiled happily, her face full of pride .

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Ye Se finally stilled his hands .

He grabbed at the air casually . A cry of surprise rang out; he had actually grabbed a person from some other place . Then, he tossed the person in .

That man let out an alarmed cry as his feet landed on the ground within the Orchard Palace . His entire body was trembling . He fell on his bottom to the ground and his frightened eyes darted around his surroundings, as if he didn't understand how he had come to be there?

This person was obviously a commoner who lived nearby and was unfortunate enough to be caught by Ye Se as a lab rat . Fury appeared in Chu Yang's eyes . He said, "This bastard truly doesn't treat human lives with respect . If he wanted to experiment, he could just come in himself . Why implicate a regular person who doesn't know any martial arts?"

Meng Chaoran smiled slightly . "When have the people of the Nine Super Clans ever looked at the common folk of the Upper Three Heavens as humans?"

Murderous intent flashed in Chu Yang's eyes .

At this point, the man in the courtyard finally regained his senses . He let out a terrified scream and fled for his life, tumbling as he scrambled out . "A ghost… There's a ghost…" He tripped non-stop as he ran . His bowels were already out of control and human waste spilled all over the ground as he fled, before he finally made his escape…

Outside, Ye Se let out a cold laugh, his hands behind his back as he said indifferently, "There's no more poison . "

Everyone could tell by now . Their countenances were very grim .

Ye Se's words were obviously censuring them for being too reckless .

Shi Tianzhao said, "Lord Ye Se, the loss that our few clans have suffered is too severe . How about Lord Ye Se arrange for your two clans to deal the next wave of attack?"

With a slight smile, Yè Mengse glanced at him . "You're not fighting for credit anymore?"

Shi Tianzhao flushed crimson before he turned white, not speaking another word . So many had been poisoned to death earlier and now there was a Saber Saint who looked like he definitely shouldn't be messed with . And the main person of importance, Chu Yang, hadn't even appeared .

If he went forward and all his men died before he had even killed Chu Yang… What was he to use to fight for credit? It was practically rubbish talk…

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"Ye Shiyu, bring some men and charge in . " Ye Se gave his order impassively .

Ye Shiyu said dispassionately, "My cultivation is weak and I am unable to lead such a great battle . I'll just stay outside and observe the battle . " For some reason, Ye Shiyu had a strange notion in his heart — he really didn't want to oppose Chu Yang . In addition, he had a vague feeling that should he become enemies with Chu Yang, he would definitely die a very tragic death!

At this point, although Ye Se's position in the clan was revered, he was from a side branch . Ye Shiyu, on the other hand, was part of the bloodline of the main branch . Seeing him flaunt his seniority and issuing him commands now, Ye Shiyu made use of this fact as a cover and decided to just duck to the side!

In a large clan, there was a fundamental difference in status between the bloodline of the main branch and that of the side branch! Ye Se had no right at all to give Ye Shiyu commands .

Fury flashed in Ye Se's eyes though he didn't say much else . He shouted, "Go!"

With a wave of his arm!

At the same time, Yè Mengse waved his arm as well . He said with a sigh, "I had wanted to make a few good friends, not expecting that we would reach a point where we would face each other with arms!"

The people from the Yè Clan also charged forward .

Where they were, only seven to eight ninth-grade Martial Saint experts who found it beneath their status to also charge in remained, together with Ye Se, Yè Mengse, Ye Shiyu, etc .

In the courtyard, Dong Wushang's head shot up . Two sharp rays of saber light shot out of his eyes . Laughing aloud, he hollered, "You've made me wait so long!"

All of a sudden, he charged ahead!

It was as if a towering mountain had begun shifting its footsteps!

His dark saber remained embedded in the ground as he charged forward . It left a deep trail in the ground behind him, as if splitting the ground open!

In an instant, he had already reached an eighth-grade Martial Saint expert of the Ye Clan . With a loud cry from Dong Wushang, his dark saber sprung into the sky and a flash of black lightning came crashing down just like that!

That man bellowed, raising his sword to receive the attack!

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A deafening boom ensued . The few first-grade and second-grade Martial Saint experts who were intending to encircle and besiege him had only just gotten near Dong Wushang when they were thrown out by this thundering boom, blood spraying from their mouths .

Dong Wushang had actually used the back of the saber to deal this blow!

With a resounding clang, the sword that this Martial Saint expert was holding broke and disintegrated into pieces . His right hand also suffered the same, whereas Dong Wushang's dark saber came crashing down on him with no obstruction!

The back of the saber crushed his head . It was as if a piece of tofu had been smashed into bits . Cracking sounds rang out; his entire skeletal frame, starting from the skull, broke and disintegrated, his body slumping into a heap like wet mud .

With a loud cry, Dong Wushang lifted his dark saber . This time, he used the saber edge, slashing back and forth as he charged into the crowd like a ferocious tiger .

With a slash of his saber, the opponent would be thrown out no matter who it was, their meridians broken and bones fractured! The next slash, another three were severed at the waist . Dong Wushang strode forward, stepping among the mountain of corpses and sea of blood, his demeanor as imposing and awe-inspiring as ever!

He let out a thundering holler . "Is this what the Nine Super Clans are made of?!"

His large saber swung back and forth, so quick that it turned into a dark tornado . It flew left and right within the crowd, invincible . Wherever it went was followed by tragic screams .

Against this Saber Saint, the Martial Saint experts below ninth-grade didn't even have any chance of fighting back before they were already cut down like vegetables .

With a loud howl, Dong Wushang stepped amongst the corpses and blood and started to charge back where he had come from! The ground was already covered in blood . Every step he took, blood splashed several feet .

The ten-odd people who had rushed in were pursued by him one by one, casualties and fatalities all over the ground in an instant!

Dong Wushang charged right into the center . Then, he spun around abruptly, raising his dark saber and pointing it in front!

Behind, over forty people were charging at him . When he spun around and raised his saber, they got a fright and actually stopped right in their tracks! The ones behind couldn't stop their momentum in time and crashed right into the ones in front!

Dong Wushang's large saber pointed ahead, its tip slightly lowered . Blood trickled down the edge and dripped from the tip, forming a trail of blood . The corners of his lips curled up into an icy smile . He said emotionlessly, "Who else doesn't wish to live anymore?"

The other side was completely hushed!

Almost a hundred men had charged in . Yet more than fifty have been killed by Dong Wushang, a good half of them!

"Looks like we won't actually need to do anything?" Mo Lei'er was rather itching to go at it .

"Most of these who had charged in are below eighth-grade . The true experts haven't moved yet!" Chu Yang looked over at the thirty-odd people standing far away outside the gate . He continued, "Those are our true opponents! Which is to say, our real crisis hasn't come yet . "

Taking a breath of air, Mo Lei'er said, "This past year and more, I've always accompanied Wushang in his battles . I really want to go out and fight side by side with him now!"

With a smile, Chu Yang said, "If you go out now, you'll end up weakening his momentum instead . "

Meng Chaoran nodded in agreement . He explained, "Right now, Dong Wushang has already successfully created a kind of awe-inspiring 'A saber in hand, he frightens away troops of a thousand men' spirit! Such a heroic spirit is the most effective in striking fear into the enemy . As a female, were you to enter the battlefield now, it would instead create a sense of tenderness in this cold and emotionless bloodbath . This would let the enemy think that such a Dong Wushang is no longer fearsome . "

Mo Lei'er let out a sigh . "I see . "

How would Mo Lei'er not understand such a logic? But seeing Dong Wushang fighting by himself, she couldn't help but be anxious and jittery .

At this moment, Dong Wushang had already gone on yet another assault .

His black robes and black hair fluttered behind him . His dark saber as though a black bolt of lightning, he charged at the remaining forty-odd men in the courtyard . Shouts and cries filled the air at once .

Three successive charges had slain them all!

The entire courtyard was covered in blood .

The bizarre thing was that the remaining thirty people outside, all of them ninth-grade Martial Saints, didn't come rushing in . They just stayed there watching Dong Wushang slay everyone else!

"It's really such a shame to kill a heroic figure like him!" Yè Mengse looked appreciatively at Dong Wushang's awe-inspiring form . "If I must die, I must also drag an expert down with me!"

Ye Se snorted derisively . "The reason why I didn't allow reinforcements isn't to let all of them die with him! This old man here doesn't have the kind of laughable notions, such as people of talent appreciating each other, you all do!"

An incensed Yè Mengse retorted, "Then why did you stop us?" He had a kind of repressed feelings, like 'I was full of feelings for the moon but the moon decided to shine upon the drain instead' .

"His drive and momentum!" Ye Se went on, "This man is a seventh-grade Saber Saint . As everyone knows, Saber Saints and Saints of Sword can break through the limit of their level to combat and kill! In fact, a seventh-grade Saber Saint such as him, at the peak of his drive where battle morale is high, I won't be surprised even if he could kill a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist!"

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