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Chapter 1143

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Under the escort of Feng Yurou and Mo Qingwu, Chu Yang finally returned to the Orchard Palace .

His brothers and Wu Qianqian came forward worriedly, all of them extremely furious about Chu Yang's injuries!

Zi Xieqing chased everyone out, including Feng Yurou and Mo Qingwu, leaving only Chu Yang and herself in the room .

"Stop acting! My palm strike only flipped you over, you're completely fine!" Zi Xieqing pouted as she said to a certain somebody .

With a cheeky laugh, Chu Yang, who originally looked like he was on his deathbed, suddenly sat up, fully energized and in high spirits .

"They didn't recognize you, right?" asked Chu Yang .

"How could they?" Zi Xieqing snorted lightly before glaring at him . "Do you think I'm as useless as you?"

Chu Yang chuckled dryly . "Hehe, but that palm strike of yours is pretty brutal too, making me naked and flipping through the air on the spot . Exposing my gorgeous body to the whole world in broad daylight… What a tragedy… My innocence and reputation have been destroyed by you just like that…"

Zi Xieqing rolled her eyes, rendered speechless by this fellow's shamelessness!

"How is it? The poison…" Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang .

"It's fine," Chu Yang shrugged and said, "The poison has already been nullified . However, I'll need to stay like this for the next few days . "

Zi Xieqing nodded in understanding .

"They may be taking action soon," said Zi Xieqing softly .

"I knew it wouldn't escape you . " Chu Yang's heart was at ease . "What do you think?"

"We'll just fight!" Zi Xieqing had a slight smile on her face as she said, "I've been waiting for this ever since I specially allowed you to reveal my cultivation level during the auction . "

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Murderous intent flashed in her beautiful and attractive eyes . "There are too many people who don't know the right way of behaving in this world, there's a need to do a proper clean-up . "

Chu Yang laughed wryly and said, "But you have to be careful nonetheless . They are very aware of your skill; insisting on starting a war even under such circumstances indicate that they definitely have something that they are relying on, and are confident in dealing with you!"

Zi Xieqing was unaffected . "Confident in dealing with me? With the likes of them?"

Chu Yang took on a stern attitude . "You must not underestimate the enemy!"

Zi Xieqing harrumphed, non-committal .

"The moment they make their move, they'll split into two groups for sure . They definitely won't surround us all," Chu Yang went on, "Because if we're all together, the few of you can take us and charge out anytime . Even if they are bent on stopping us, they won't be able to . "

"Therefore, if they want to deal with you, they'll have to set up a special environment!" Chu Yang said softly, "What I'm most worried about is not their level of skill! Their level of skill is definitely not comparable to you, but this special environment… worries me to no end . "

A hint of tenderness appeared in Zi Xieqing's eyes for a moment before she suppressed it . "If there's a special environment that they're setting up, then Chu Yang, you must know this . "

"What is it?" asked Chu Yang .

"While a special environment can surely entrap me temporarily, they themselves would also have to be trapped along with me inside! As long as one person leaves, I will be able to come out too . " Zi Xieqing said impassively, "Even if there's a special environment, with my level of cultivation, I am not someone whom they can keep behind with just a few Supreme Martial Artists! Furthermore, there's Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue… Thus, they would have to mobilize at least 200 Supreme Martial Artists in order to even have a chance . If they want to be confident in their plan… they would require at least 1,000 Supreme Martial Artists before they can possibly deal me damage and make me perish within!"

Zi Xieqing had a lofty smile on her face as she looked at Chu Yang . "Do you think that there are that many Supreme Martial Artists in these Nine Heavens now? Moreover when it's just the law-enforcement officers and the Nine Super Clans?"

Chu Yang's brows were knitted . "They don't necessarily possess such military power!"

Zi Xieqing had a scornful smile on her face .

"If they intend to move, they will definitely split into two groups! The first would try to think of a way to lure the few of you out into the special environment! Only then can the second group try to deal with us!"

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A solemn Chu Yang continued, "Therefore, if you decide to fight, then do not get distracted and give your all in the battle! No matter what they say about us, do not believe them!"

Zi Xieqing nodded slowly . "However, before they can be sure that they can finish us off, they won't make a move on you all . This should be for certain . "

"Not necessarily," said Chu Yang . "After today, both parties have completely fallen out with each other . Neither of us have any reservations left, so it is for certain that there is no more trickery left to resort to from now on . What's left is only to charge upward, each bloody step at a time!"

"Yes…" Zi Xieqing nodded slowly, a somewhat profound and meaningful look in her eyes, her thoughts unreadable .

"However, there's something that I want to ask a favor of you . And, it's also something that you must take note of!" Chu Yang said seriously .

Seeing Chu Yang's sudden change in attitude, Zi Xieqing couldn't help but adopt a serious stance too . "What is it?"

"At that time, someone will appear — Wu Juecheng! The descendant of Chen Feng," Chu Yang continued in a serious tone, "First of all, you must be wary of his poison! This man, since several tens of thousands of years ago, was already the grandmaster of poison techniques; the poison techniques that Le'er is learning now originated from him . "

"I see," said Zi Xieqing as she nodded .

"Secondly, no matter what weapon he uses, you must be wary of his sword!" Chu Yang was especially serious as he continued, "The sword intent of the Nine Tribulations Sword is with him! This is also what I'm most worried about — the only thing that can cause you fatal harm!"

Zi Xieqing nodded somberly and replied with a serious tone, "I will be careful . "

No matter how arrogant Zi Xieqing was, she didn't dare look down on the Nine Tribulations Sword!

Because it was something even that divine presence had to respect and fear… the Sovereign's sword!

What kind of power its ultimate form could display unsettled even Zi Xieqing .

"Third is what I would like to ask a favor of you . " Chu Yang said seriously, "That sword intent is very important to me, and even more so to the Nine Tribulations Sword . If you can… seize it from him!"

Zi Xieqing contemplated for a moment before saying, "I cannot guarantee success but I will try . "

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Chu Yang straightened his back and said formally, "And fourth! If seizing the sword intent is dangerous, then don't go for it anymore! You must promise me this! You should understand, if something happens to you because of this, the resulting inner demons will ruin me for life . "

Chu Yang knew that Zi Xieqing would definitely try for it; he himself also hoped fervently that she would .

However, he would never use Zi Xieqing's life and safety as the condition .

Hence, he brought up himself, using this to threaten Zi Xieqing .

He knew that he mattered a lot to Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing laughed wryly, rather resigned as she said, "You've already put it that way, I can't possibly ruin your entire life, can I?" She had a look of resignation on her but a hint of sweet tenderness crossed her eyes .

"You're not allowed to get injured!" Chu Yang did not let up, his eyes bright and smoldering . "Or at least, not because of the sword intent!"

"Fine, fine… So long-winded . " Zi Xieqing raised both hands in defeat .

The two of them exchanged a look before bursting into laughter .

"Other than that, I have something for you," said Chu Yang softly as he relaxed .

"Something for me?" Zi Xieqing raised her eyebrows and asked curiously, "What is it?"

"It's the Nine Tribulations Pill . " Chu Yang retrieved six bottles made of Purple Crystal core from his bosom . He instructed, "These are Nine Tribulations Pills that I got the Sword Spirit to refine using the elixirs from the upper world that you gave me . There are six in total; you can recover your injuries quickly if you consume one . If you consume it in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, with the spiritual energy there, your cultivation will improve by leaps and bounds too . "

"You used all the herbs I gave you to refine pills for me? To return them to me?" Zi Xieqing frowned, about to lose her temper .

"Just a small portion!" Chu Yang stated seriously .

"Even so!" Zi Xieqing was rather upset .

"You… you can't possibly always worry for me, do things for me, clear a path for me… but not allow me to do even a little something for you, right?" Chu Yang let out a wry laugh, looking at her seriously, "Do you… really think I'm so useless? So hopeless? So unworthy?"

Zi Xieqing gritted her teeth and snatched the Nine Tribulations Pills from him, fuming as she said, "You don't have to go on! I'll accept it, will that do! What a petty man! I've never seen anyone as calculative as you . "

"Just you wait, when I'm stronger than you, I'll definitely not be calculative with you!" Chu Yang smiled at her .

"When you're stronger than me…" Zi Xieqing blanked out for a moment . Then, she laughed lightly and, as if she was joking, said, "Alright! I'll wait for the day where you become stronger than me . "

"You'll have to reward me when I do!" Chu Yang gave a sneaky laugh . "If I'm stronger than you, what will you reward me with?"

Zi Xieqing burst into giggles . She looked at Chu Yang, as if amused . "You? Do you really think there would be such a day, hmm? Do you know how many tens of thousands of years I took to reach this level of cultivation… And you're only twenty this year . No matter how much of a genius you are, do you think you can catch up to me? When you've reached the level of Supreme Martial Artist and above and sunk the heavens and broken through the void, you'll understand that this mindset of yours is nothing but daydreaming!"

"What are you laughing at? I'm serious!" Chu Yang said with utmost seriousness, "Even if I'm not stronger than you, surely I should at least set a target?"

Zi Xieqing was still beside herself with laughter . "Hahaha…"

"You do look down on me after all . " Chu Yang felt hurt immediately, repressed beyond belief .

"Fine, fine… If you become stronger than me, I…" Zi Xieqing swiveled her eyes, completely not taking it seriously when she offered, "Then I'll treat you with equal standing, how about that?"

"That won't do! When I'm stronger than you, it is only right that we're on equal standing . In fact, I should be looking down on you . Why has it become a condition in your eyes?"

Chu Yang was very dissatisfied .

Zi Xieqing let out a 'hmph!' before she said loftily, "Fine! If there ever comes a day where your cultivation is stronger than mine! Then I'll promise you anything you want unconditionally!"

"Anything?" Chu Yang's eyes brightened . "Including spanking your bottom? Hehe, by then, if I want to return all the abuse you've given my butt recently, you'll be willing to let me too?"

Zi Xieqing blushed but still said, "That's right! Of course, you can if you want to return it all! I did say 'anything'! No matter what you ask me to do or how to do it, I'll do it!"

"Anything I want?" Chu Yang raised his eyebrows .

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