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Chapter 1125

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In the freezing cold of the night, snow fell hard and heavy .

Ling Hanwu's heart was frozen to its core! He was filled with utter despondence!

"Chuchen, you like the snow too; how about I accompany you to watch the snow someday?"

"That sounds great . "

"Chuchen, it looks like it's going to snow in a couple of days . I'll come to look for you when it does . "

"This… doesn't sound very good . I've already promised Geyin to go out and have some fun when it snows . Do you want to come along?"

"I… I guess it's alright . I may be busy these few days . "

"Chuchen, it's going to snow again, it's been really overcast these few days . I'll bring you out to play in the snow, I'm sure that would be interesting too . "

"No, it's alright . I'm sorry, Hanwu . You know that Geyin is gone now too . I… I'm not in any mood to do anything anymore… I'm sorry…"

"Chuchen, this year…"

"Chuchen… You… are not going again?"


"Chuchen, the biggest wish in my life is to watch and appreciate the snow with you…" This was what Ling Hanwu had told her during spring this year, in a tone that was almost akin to begging .

Ye Chuchen had answered then, "Alright . I will fulfill this wish of yours when it snows . "

Ye Chuchen had a very serene expression at that time, with a subtle hint of guilt within .

Other than playing in the snow together when they were children, they had never appreciated the snow together even once after they had become adults .

The biggest wish of Ling Hanwu, who had grown up on snow peaks surrounded by ice and snow almost all year round, was simply to appreciate the snow with his loved one .

From being full of hope to a gradual disappointment, then a glimmer of hope again before turning into an uncertain and tentative request that he was almost afraid to ask… And finally, a desperate and hopeless appeal .

Ye Chuchen finally agreed .

At that time, she merely wanted to fulfill the wish of Ling Hanwu who had been taking care of her . There was no other intention behind it .

Ling Hanwu knew, but he didn't care . That was why he had insisted on coming to the Medicine Banquet this time, despite not being the clan pharmacist . He had to!

Once upon a time, he had thought that when they watched the snow together, he would tell her all about the legends of the snow and all his aspirations… how he had honed his skill in the martial arts amidst the snow, and how he had sought enlightenment in the way of the Tao in the snow…

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Once upon a time, he had thought that when they watched the snow together, he would make it known to her how much he liked her, how his feelings toward her were as pure and untainted as the snow that connected and filled these heavens and earth…

Once upon a time, he had thought that when they watched the snow together, he would go down on his knees in the swirling snow and amidst the silver-adorned weather that the heavens had bestowed upon them to sincerely ask for her hand in marriage…

Once upon a time, he had thought…

But in the end, all he wanted was to watch the snow with her .

Even if not a single word was spoken, simply quietly walking in the snow while listening to each other's breathing… would have been enough for him .

Even if he was acutely aware that her heart was filled with thoughts of someone else when she was watching the snow with him .

Even so, he still wished for this stroll among the snow!

This was his dream!

But this dream was finally shattered today!

Ye Chuchen, under the pressure of her clan, had finally chosen to and sworn to be united with Meng Chaoran as husband and wife during this crisis of life and death today!

If she had taken a step back, she could live on .

But she had taken a step forward instead!

And this step was the same as certain death!

But she had no regrets!

She had no regrets, but Ling Hanwu sank into the deep abyss at this moment instead .

The love of his life was now someone else's wife! His good friend's wife!

In the past, despite knowing that she would eventually become someone else's wife, she wasn't yet after all!

But now, her status had changed!

Even though it was just a title .

But being someone's wife and being a free woman were two different things!

If Ling Hanwu were to invite someone else's wife for a stroll in the snow, even he himself would feel that it was inappropriate!

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And now, it felt like every flake of snow swirling in the sky was mocking what Ling Hanwu had been dreaming of for the past ten years and beyond! Every flake of snow shattered his heart into pieces!

What he had always longed for only brought him hopelessness when it was finally here!

Ling Hanwu's emotions rose and plummeted dramatically . One moment, he felt as if he was being scorched in the mouth of the volcano and the next, as if he was trapped in the stinging cold of a massive chunk of ice…

Ling Hanwu felt like his mind had blown up in an instant! His thoughts ascended to the night sky and exploded into the many stars interspersed in the night sky…

The Ye Clan had already given the order to attack but they hadn't made their move yet! Ling Hanwu, at this moment, made the first move instead!


Even though you do not love me, even though we are not destined to be together, watch me as I risk my life to fight for you… for the blissful future that you wish for!

"If you want to get to them, you'll have to kill me first!" Ling Hanwu bellowed desperately and sprung into action!

Meng Geyin! I did not let you down! I hope that you will not let Chuchen down too!

Do not let her down!

Ling Hanwu's pristine white robes were like the snow and his sword like silver . His expression was fervent and frenzied as he rampaged in the snow! His sword was a flourish amidst the blur of the snow as he attacked everyone around him!

Ling Hanwu was a madman at this moment!

This turn of events shocked everyone!

No one expected Ling Hanwu to suddenly charge out like a lunatic!

Including the few Supreme Martial Artists who had already sensed Ling Hanwu's arrival long ago! As part of the Nine Super Clans, the Ling Clan and Ye Clan had always had friendly relations . Their goals were aligned this time too, who would think that Ling Hanwu would suddenly appear and start slaughtering everyone?

Ling Hanwu charged ferociously into the mass of black-clad figures like a rampaging tiger, his arm jerking fiercely!

The force of his jerk was so intense that the white robes he wore were reduced to shreds! Countless snowflakes blossomed as he swung his sword, bringing with it an immeasurable and fervent killing intent!

In their state of shock, three black-clad men were struck immediately!

They were thrown a distance away, blood spraying from their spinning bodies .

Ling Hanwu's sword had already stabbed into the chests of two other men! And then slashed across the throat of another!

"Geyin! Leave with Chuchen!" Ling Hanwu screamed in a crazed manner, his sword slashing a bloody red gleaming circle as he rushed into the encirclement with an unstoppable force .

And then with a turn of his body, he rushed out again!

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"Follow me! Take Chuchen with you!" Ling Hanwu shouted .

Deep and drowning hopelessness had engulfed him in an instant; the shock of the woman he loved deeply promising the rest of her life to the one she loved had shattered his heart thoroughly! Yet the serious crisis looming over the woman he loved set his blood on fire at this moment!

Ling Hanwu did not even know what he was doing at the moment!

Nor did he know what he was shouting!

Within these utter chaos, his heart was bizarrely calm and tranquil like the icy snow! Memories of the past, crisp and clear, flooded his mind .

When Chuchen was eight, he said that he would protect her and not let anyone bully her…

When Chuchen was fifteen, he said that he would take care of her for life…

When Chuchen was nineteen, he said that he would give her his blessings…

All the way till now, he had told Chuchen that he would bring her the happiness that she wanted…

I'll give it to you! Your happiness!

Even if I had to use my life as the price!

You have to be happy! You must!

Scenes from the past flashed across his mind at a tremendous speed, but he did not speak a word of it .

He only brandished his sword in a frenzy, slaying everyone around him in a frenzy! Charging out in a frenzy!

"Geyin! Take Chuchen and leave! Take Chuchen and leave! Take Chuchen and leave!!!" Ling Hanwu howled to the heavens . Amidst the swirling snow, it was as if his body had transformed into snow, whirling and dancing an insane dance in the biting wind!

The Ye Clan men defended themselves in a panic, darting and dodging hastily . They didn't know what kind of attitude they should take toward this Ling Clan young master who had obviously already turned mad!

To kill? Or not to kill?

In the time they took to hesitate, Ling Hanwu had already cleared a path!

A sinister voice, as if the shrill of metal screeching against each other, ordered, "Kill him! I will give the Ling Clan an explanation!"

The command gave the Ye Clan experts a clear direction . They rushed forward, blocking the way out!

Ling Hanwu went on the attack recklessly, not even bothering to defend himself! He shouted and roared like a madman, urging the other two anxiously . Every shout of his was as if he was going to throw up blood…

In the instant that Ling Hanwu had appeared, Meng Chaoran and Ye Chuchen were stunned!

They did not expect Ling Hanwu to appear at this time at all!

Or that he would be in such a frenzy the moment he did!

"Hanwu!" Meng Chaoran shouted . He who had always looked at life and death with a detached heart was worked up all of a sudden . His eyes turned red, as if they were going to split open!

How many years of kindness, enmity and emotional turmoil had forged this pair of brothers who treated each other with utmost candor and sincerity? Although Ling Hanwu had never admitted to being brothers with him!

But today, at such a time of crisis, he had come forward resolutely, knowing that he would die!

"Hanwu! This has nothing to do with you!" Meng Chaoran shouted with all his might as he threw himself into the fight . He wasn't going in to kill; he was going in to stop Ling Hanwu!

If Ling Hanwu killed someone, he would not be able to leave unscathed today!

He was a goner, but how could he implicate his brother!

Alas, his level of cultivation was way below Ling Hanwu . He had no way of catching up to him at all .

Ling Hanwu had already rushed in howling, and then out again with a thundering roar .

"If you want to get to them, you'll have to kill me first!"

Tears filled Meng Chaoran's eyes . He bellowed, "Ye Clan! The one who you are after is me! Spare Hanwu! It has nothing to do with him!"

But right at this moment, that cold and emotionless voice had already given his order —"Kill him! I will give the Ling Clan an explanation!"

A strong and powerful palm shadow assaulted the air with a tremendous force, thundering through the nine heavens!

Its target — Ling Hanwu!

The Supreme Martial Artist had made his move!

Ling Hanwu let out an unrestrained laugh . His sword stabbed the chest of the man in front of him, like a blaze of white lightning!

But right at this moment, the force of that palm strike from the Supreme Martial Artist came with the air of the thunder god splitting the heavens, landing squarely on his back!

Ling Hanwu jerked, and then his body was still . He wanted to turn back to take a look, but the moment he did, he crumpled into a heap on the ground!

The strike from a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist had shattered his spine and disintegrated his innards!

Shattering all of Ling Hanwu's life force in one strike!

"Ahhh~~~ Hanwu!" Meng Chaoran's eyes were wide open, as if they were going to split apart . He rushed forward with all his might, Ye Chuchen by his side . Her face veil fluttered in the chilly wind, revealing a beautiful face underneath that was filled with grief and sorrow…

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