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Chapter 1124

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Ye Chuchen was someone who liked peace and tranquillity, unwilling to partake in anything . Ever since she came to Tianji City, she occupied a small residence by herself .

The residence was situated on the outskirts of the city and surrounded by exquisite scenery . There was a kind of serenity here that felt isolated from the rest of the world .

Ye Chuchen liked such places .

In the Ye Clan, ever since that incident back then, Ye Chuchen's clansmen seemed to harbor a kind of subtle guilt toward her . No matter what kind of request she made, they would not reject it .

Ye Chuchen, however, rarely made any .

The only request she made was that she wanted the place she resided in to be elegant and peaceful, as she disliked being disturbed .

Therefore, the head of the Ye Clan tried his best to fulfill this request of hers .

However… among all these requests that the Ye Clan was willing to fulfill for her, Meng Geyin would never make up any part of it .

They did not know of Chu Yang in the past nor would they take note of a nobody like him . But now, Chu Yang's influence was getting stronger day by day, so much that the Nine Super Clans could no longer overlook him . However, he was someone that the Ye Clan had no choice but to take into consideration .

And at such a timing, they were informed by the Dharma Supreme that Meng Geyin was in fact Meng Chaoran, who was also Chu Yang's Teacher!

This revelation shocked and distressed the Ye Clan!

How would the people of the Ye Clan not know just what kind of feud they had with Meng Chaoran?

The murder of his kin and the demise of his clan!

It could be said that so long as Meng Chaoran was alive, the Ye Clan would not be able to sleep in peace! And now Meng Chaoran's disciple actually held such overwhelming power…

In that case, should Meng Chaoran reunite with his disciple one day, would he take revenge against the Ye Clan?

That was something that went without saying!

What was going for them was that the Ye Clan surprisingly got wind of the fact that Meng Chaoran was currently in Tianji City from the Ling Clan! And he was most likely with Ye Chuchen right now…

The Ye Clan would be really foolish if they did not make a move at this moment!

With mountains at its back and a lake in front of the small residence, the surrounding scenery in the frigid winter was especially cheerless .

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Ye Chuchen sat before the window . It was already afternoon; a dense fog floated above the lake in front of the building . Her eyes were misty and cloudy, just like the fog .

Behind her stood a figure in blue . His facial features were plain and unassuming, but he exuded an elegant and refined aura .

"It's snowing…" Ye Chuchen murmured .

"Snowing…" The man behind her repeated subconsciously . With a smile, he said, "You usually like it the best when it snows… Why are you unhappy now?"

"Geyin, what do you think… our future will be like?" asked Ye Chuchen softly, a forlorn look in her eyes as she watched the misty blur of snow outside . One couldn't tell whether she was whispering to him or murmuring to herself .

"Our future…" The man behind her was, in fact, Meng Chaoran in disguise . He smiled gently; he had the ease of someone who had seen through worldly affairs around him . "I've never thought that the two of us would have any sort of future . "

There was a kind of resolute understanding in his gentle smile . "The days that we get to spend together are like a dream . A day over is a day less… Hurhur, that's why I have never bothered thinking about what happens after today . "

Ye Chuchen smiled forlornly . "That's right, my father killed everyone in your family . As long as you are alive, you will seek revenge . But he is still my father… The two of us never had a future . "

Meng Chaoran was silent .

Vengeance must be taken .

But how was he supposed to repay her love?

This was a problem that would never be resolved!

It wedged between the two of them .

With this irresolvable problem, the two of them could not even elope! Because when they faced each other every day, how could they not be reminded of the enmity between them? Ye Chuchen would be reminded of how her father was the one who brought about the demise of Meng Chaoran's family, and so would Meng Chaoran!

When they were separated, they were forlorn and depressed, tormented by their longing for each other that wore them down to their bones; but when they were together, it was torturous too!

This pair of lovers was trapped in the most horrifying infinite loop among lovers in the world!

Meng Geyin changed his name to Meng Chaoran, desiring to transcend affairs of the secular world and to hold a tranquil and serene attitude toward everything . But he couldn't truly achieve that level of transcendence after all .

"Perhaps, death is our only release," said Meng Chaoran, his tone leisurely .

"Death… is it really that simple?" Ye Chuchen also smiled . "If death could really resolve this, I truly don't wish to live anymore… When you're not with me, I would wish to see you every day; when you are, yet I would be reminded of all those things and become so tormented that I want to die…"

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"This is a problem without a solution!" Meng Chaoran sighed, long and low . "I've seen through life and death, seen through the world, seen through worldly affairs; but the only things that the intensity of my feelings has never lessened toward are you, and my revenge!"

Ye Chuchen leaned back slightly, her shoulder against Meng Chaoran's chest . With tears in her eyes, she said, "Let's not think about those things… They would know sooner or later that you're here . Perhaps at that time, we would be freed . "

Meng Chaoran chuckled and wrapped her in an embrace . He said, "Therefore, I only wished to spend some time with you when I came here… I've never thought of leaving . "

Right at this moment .

A strange voice said without any emotion, "The problem is, even if you wish to leave, you can't! Nor will you be able to!"

Ye Chuchen and Meng Chaoran were alarmed, glancing over at the same time .

Only to see that on the lake opposite the building were two black-clad figures riding the water ripples toward them .

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

People donning the Ye Clan robes flew toward them from all directions, surrounding the small building in an instant .

"Ye Shiyu!" After Ye Chuchen's initial shock, she regained her composure . She shouted, "Come out! How audacious of you, who permitted you to do this!"

A shadow flashed and Ye Shiyu appeared downstairs . This time, he did not show that effeminate side of him . He said properly, "I am sorry, Aunt . This operation was arranged by the Elder Master . I am but a mere figurehead acting according to orders . This has nothing to do with me, nor is the operation mine to direct . My only purpose here is to prove that the Ye Clan direct descendants were involved in and had put an end to this matter, that's all . "

Ye Chuchen had a slight smile on her face . "So that means, it is the clan's decision to apprehend Meng Geyin?"

Ye Shiyu said honestly, "The clan only intends to capture Meng Geyin, they will not kill him . "

A sharp glint flashed across Meng Chaoran's eyes . He chuckled and asked, "Are they intending to use me against my disciple?"

Ye Shiyu replied, "Uncle Meng is astute indeed!"

Meng Chaoran smiled without much emotion . "I am truly ashamed as a Teacher, unable to help my disciple in anything; if I end up even helping his enemy, I would truly be unable to face him even in death . "

Aside, someone snapped . "Cease your prating! Hurry up and take him down! Then we can go back!"

With a loud boom, the small building suddenly disintegrated and collapsed .

Ye Chuchen and Meng Chaoran flew out through the window gracefully, landing by the lake . With two loud clangs, they drew their swords simultaneously .

Behind them, the building slowly folded in on itself .

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"Aunt, do you intend to fight us too?" asked an anguished Ye Shiyu .

A shadow fell across Ye Chuchen's face . She turned and glanced at Meng Chaoran, her eyes full of tenderness .

At last, she said softly, "Your aunt's heart has already been given to this man many years ago . What happened back then was the fault of our Ye Clan . This matter has already been concluded, there isn't much else to say about it . "

"But the agonizing pain and troubling burden that this matter has caused us are immeasurable… How many years has it been? I've always dreamed of becoming the wife of Meng Geyin, the daughter-in-law of the Meng clan . But alas, this was not to be . "

A forlorn smile graced Ye Chuchen's lips . A flash of her sword later, a lock of hair was cut off from both her and Meng Chaoran . Ye Chuchen carefully tied the two locks of hair together tightly, her expression content and blissful . "Today, before I die, I have to fulfill this wish of mine no matter what happens . "

"My death is imminent . There is no longer much to consider in the actions I take right before my death, so I might as well not bother . "

Ye Chuchen turned to Meng Chaoran, gazing at him tenderly . "Geyin, remember, from this moment onward, we are already husband and wife . Chuchen is your wife and the daughter-in-law of the Meng Clan… Should there be a next life, do not forget that!"

The Adam's apple in Meng Chaoran's throat trembled slightly as he tried his best to force a smile . "Just as well . Today's battle shall settle all of our scores . After this battle, the vengeance, hatred, sentiments and love will all be gone… Haha, and so it shall be! Tying the knot before a great battle would be a magnificent tale to leave behind too!"

Their expressions resolute, the two of them suddenly went down on their knees side by side . "The Heavens above is our witness! Today, Meng Chaoran and Ye Chuchen swear to become husband and wife! We dare not to hope to age together, but only to be together for all of our lifetimes to come!"

The two of them bowed to the heavens, and then to each other, before getting to their feet .

Gazing at each other, they exchanged smiles of happiness .

Completely unaffected by their upcoming calamity of life and death .

Ye Chuchen turned back to the others and said with a smile, "The past affairs aside, we'll take it that all of our grievances and graces no longer exist! But I am already Meng Chaoran's wife now! If you want to take his life, then that would equate to wanting to take my husband's life — I cannot stand by and do nothing! I will resist with my full strength until I die!"

The Ye Clan members looked at each other at a loss, unable to advance or retreat .

What should they do about this now?

Her stance was so extreme and resolute . Were they really supposed to take the life of their clan's Young Miss with their own hands?

The snow started to fall heavier and heavier .

Their surroundings were covered with pure white snow .

A cold and sinister voice rang out . "She is already someone else's wife and has nothing to do with the Ye Clan anymore! What is there to have reservations about! Pick up your weapons and kill this shameless and adulterous couple now!"

The unique and sinister tone of the person speaking was instantly recognizable .

Ye Di!

The Elder Master of the Ye Clan!

Expressions of relief spread all over Ye Chuchen and Meng Chaoran's faces at once .

They had waited for more than ten years!

And finally welcomed this one line!

And uttered by the most esteemed Elder Master of the Ye Clan no less!

"She is already someone else's wife and has nothing to do with the Ye Clan anymore!"

They were finally free .

What a pity that this release that awaited them was life and death instead!

With a thundering cry, the members of the Ye Clan charged forward .

"Wait!" a voice filled with grief and despondence shouted, "If you want to kill them, you can only do it over my dead body!"

A white figure, as if the same as the snow around them, jumped out suddenly .

Ling Hanwu!

Ling Hanwu had arrived when the small building had collapsed . His heart had been filled with joy; he might lose his life this time but it was snowing! Appreciating the snow scenery with Ye Chuchen in the midst of a great battle didn't sound too bad either .

It would fulfill his wish after all!

As well as… giving his blessings to his friendship, his love, and his wish!

He had come with a heart full of anticipation, only to hear Ye Chuchen and Meng Chaoran's marriage vows amongst the flurry of white snow!

Ling Hanwu's heart shattered into pieces at that moment!

In this long-awaited snow that should have made him delirious with joy, he was shocked into a daze, his heart as cold and dead as ashes that had already burned out!'Chaoran' means to transcend and be above worldly matters

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