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Chapter 1121

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The Dharma Supreme smiled indifferently and said, "Brother Ning, a mere face and respect cannot be compared to your life!"

Ning Tianya had been battling for a long time . Furthermore, after his injuries, how would he stand up to a fight against the Dharma Supreme, who was originally at similar strength as him and had been conserving his energy all this while?

Winner or loser of this battle had already been decided!

A hard fight!

Ning Tianya gave a sullen snort and he threw up a mouth of fresh blood one after another that flowed away in the diagonal direction .

Behind him, the Dharma Supreme suddenly turned white in his face . His body staggered and he fiercely threw up a mouth of blood before he finally stood firm on the ground . As he raised his hands, he caught hold of the fresh blood which Ning Tianya threw up . He brought it forward to have a look and could not help it but smile gently .

There was a clear sign of internal organs rupturing within this mouth of fresh blood .

Ning Tianya's hoarse voice came from afar . "Dharma Supreme, Wu Jue Cheng! Very good very good!"

His body was like the storm and already became a small black dot in the far away distance .

High up in the sky, Wu Jue Cheng smiled indifferently and said, "What's good?"

Suddenly, he turned around and shouted, "Sword intent! Slash!

A completely substantial sword light appeared and it chased after Ning Tianya crazily at lightning speed!

This substantial stroke of sword light was actually able to draw out the sword aura within a few hundred miles, all in a short moment!

Completely substantial!

Within the thousand of miles of mountains and rivers, it was suddenly shrouded by a murderous intent!

Amongst the innumerable mountains and valleys, all of the dried leaves fell uniformly at this moment!

At this moment, when the Dharma Supreme saw this stroke of sword light, he could not help but become completely sluggish!

Losing his voice, the Dharma Supreme said, "This is the sword intent of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! How could it be…"

The speed of this sword light was beyond the description of words!

By the time Ning Tianya discovered this sword light, it had already gone to his back!

In a shock, he shouted, "Sword Intent?!"

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In the very next instance! Ning Tianya did all he could to slant his body and avoided the vital areas . However, with a sullen snort, the sword intent still went through his left shoulder!

It tore up a big hole of blood, a hole completely from front to back .

Ning Tianya threw up another mouth of fresh blood . Without a sound, he accelerated to the front, transforming into a black dot that instantly disappeared from the vision of the two people!

Wu Jue Cheng who was still high up in the sky came down . He waved his hands and that substantial sword intent turned around, as if it had a thinking of its own and came back to rest in his hands .

After which, Wu Jue Cheng went to the front of the Dharma Supreme . It seemed as if Wu Jue Cheng was in deep thoughts… as he kept silent for a long while without a word .

The time of a column of incense later…

"What a great Ning Tianya! He managed to escape death despite all these!" Wu Jue Cheng had a serious, gloomy face and he said indifferently, "Who knew that the Number One on the Nine Heavens Continent has already progressed this far!"

"However, he is after all, severely injured!" the Dharma Supreme gently smiled and said, "His meridians have been heavily damaged! His Dantian received a huge impact, the Morning Wind Divine Art has suppressed his Spiritual awareness and the Flowing Clouds Sword has damaged a part of his soul . My last blow to him has shattered parts of his internal organs! Finally, the last attack of your sword intent has also doubled his injuries!"

The Dharma Supreme said indifferently, "In your opinion Brother Wu, with a cultivation level like that of Ning Tianya, how long do you think he needs to recover?"

Wu Jue Cheng frowned his eyebrows and there was coldness in his eyes . He said, "At least till 50 years, he would not recover! It would be impossible, even with the Nine Tribulations Pill! He would be unable to use much of his cultivation within ten years . Within three months, as soon as we find him, we can easily put him to death!"

"He is now severely injured and he hung on to his last breath to escape . The moment he stops, he would not even be able to move!" Wu Jue Cheng said indifferently, "However, for people like him, they often have a trump card to provide absolute protection to his life! Therefore, since we cannot catch up to him, if he has all the intentions to hide from us, we would definitely not be able to find him . It would be better for you to drop this idea . "

The Dharma Supreme gently smiled and said, "Fine! Since our goal has already been achieved . This variable has already been eliminated . "

Wu Jue Cheng glanced at him and said, "You are right . Furthermore, during the last attack, you were reversed shocked by Ning Tianya . I estimate that it would take you more than seven days to fully recover . That would be the top priority! Therefore, during this period of time, healing your injuries would be the most important matter!"

The Dharma Supreme smiled faintly and replied, "You are right, let's go back immediately . "

Wu Jue Cheng tilted his head and asked, "Do you have any doubts about my sword intent?"

The Dharma Supreme smiled bitterly as he shook his head . "Shock, but not doubts . "

Wu Jue Cheng started to smile coldly, but he kept silent .

Both of them headed together to Tianji City .

. . .

At this moment, it had already been 15 days since the Medicine Banquet ended!

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This night, Chu Yang was anxiously looking through the information which Nangong Shifeng and others had gathered . He was repeatedly making hypotheses and thinking of the way to resolve each of them . He was thinking of all the possibilities that could happen, but had not…

The room door made a light sound and Zi Xieqing walked right in .

"There is a matter which I would like to speak to you . " Zi Xieqing leaned against the door as she looked at Chu Yang .

"What kind of matter is that?" Chu Yang said as he looked up .

"My Tao state energy is just lacking in one battle and it will be complete!" Zi Xieqing said indifferently .

"Your intention is… to let me battle you?" Chu Yang looked up and asked in agony .

"No, it is not . I had not thought of letting you send me off directly!" Zi Xieqing said indifferently, "The Tao State required for that battle, leave it to others . I just came over to inform you, that's all . "

Chu Yang started to smile bitterly and said, "I hope you did not have the intention to leave that last battle for the Nine Super Clans and Law-enforcement officer's evil plot? Does it mean you already made some preparations for it?"

Zi Xieqing hesitated for a moment and said, "They would definitely take actions . However, for them to harm me, that would be impossible . The purpose of me leaving behind this last battle is to take a look at how they would deal with me! I am very curious about this . "

Chu Yang let out a long sigh .

He kept quiet but his heart suddenly felt really sad and uncomfortable .

He finally understood the intentions of Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing was well aware of that impending battle . However, it was not just the Dharma Supreme and others that were looking forward to it, Zi Xieqing herself was also looking forward to it!

The Dharma Supreme and the Nine Super Clans wanted to clear all obstacles . However, Zi Xieqing also wanted to use this battle to help the future Chu Yang clear a few of the obstacles and to relieve some of his stress!

This was the real reason why Zi Xieqing had repeatedly delayed her departure!

However, this was something that Zi Xieqing would never directly say out forever .

She would only contribute silently and help him to do all of the things .

At this moment, Chu Yang felt more anguish than ever .

"Leave! You do not need to wait till then . I can now accompany you to absorb the Tao state energy! I would happily send you and you would happily leave this place!"

Chu Yang said .

"No! It is such a waste to leave now," Zi Xieqing smiled indifferently and said, "You do not need to worry that I would not leave . At most two months later, I would leave . "

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Chu Yang was disappointed .

His heart was in pain at this very moment .

Looking at Zi Xieqing who was leaning against the door, Chu Yang suddenly felt that she was so near, yet so far from him! They were obviously only just a few feet apart, but it felt like they were separated by Heaven and Earth .

Zi Xieqing was just like standing on the faraway moon .

Chu Yang mumbled for a few moments, before he finally said, "That would be good too!"

At this moment, there were obviously many words that he wanted to say, but after much thinking back and forth, in the end, he did not say a word . Nor was there a need to say anything .

Looking at Chu Yang's lonely look, Zi Xieqing's lips twitched like she was about to say something . However, after much thinking, all those words turned into just a sigh .

She also felt that she had many words to say, but in the end, she did not say a word at all .

One of them sat at the bed, the other leaned against the door . Both of them hung their heads down . Even after a long while, both of them still kept silent .

There was a deep fog at night .

The night became darker .

Zi Xieqing's upper garment was already wet from the fog .

Chu Yang stood up silently . He took out his own black robe and walked over to place it gently over the back of Zi Xieqing .

Zi Xieqing did not say a word, nor rejected the offer .

With Zi Xieqing's level of cultivation, not to mention about this light chilly fog, even if all the coldness from the north pole's glaciers was to gather at a single spot, she might not even feel cold at all .

However, at the moment when Chu Yang placed his black robe on her, she lightly curled up, as if she was succumbing to the cold . Her petite and delicate body now gave people a stronger impression of her being too weak to stand up to the wind .

As Chu Yang placed his robe on her, his two hands stayed at where it stopped .

There was an urge and impulse within Chu Yang, to embrace this petite body tightly into his arms .

However, he left his two hands wide open and maintained the stance he took when placing the robe over Zi Xieqing . After a long while, he let out a sigh and lightly withdrew his hand back .

During this period of time, Zi Xieqing had been looking out of the window . In her eyes, there was a tiny bit of dejection and disappointment which was almost undetectable and flashed through her eyes at lightning speed .

"I shall go back to sleep . " Zi Xieqing bit her lips as she gently smiled .

"Good . " Chu Yang's hands hung down and he gave a gentle smile . "It is indeed not early anymore . "

Zi Xieqing nodded her head as she smiled and said, "Yes, it's not early anymore . "

Then she turned around and left .

Chu Yang was left standing in a daze .

A white figure flashed past and Zi Xieqing was suddenly back . She glanced at Chu Yang deeply .

Chu Yang was stunned and he said, "Why did you…"

Zi Xieqing smiled gently . Suddenly, she turned around to close the door, shutting both Chu Yang and herself into the room .

Suddenly, Chu Yang felt dry in his throat . With a hoarse voice, he said, "You… What do you want to do…"

Zi Xieqing said indifferently, "I made a promise to you, that I will leave behind all the heavenly treasures which I have gathered from various places to you! Since I remember it tonight, then I shall give them all to you now . Just in case I get too busy the next few days and forget about it . That would be terrible . "

Chu Yang gave a dry smile . He was suddenly a little disappointed and he subconsciously replied, "Oh… it's about this matter . "

Zi Xieqing rolled her eyes at Chu Yang and said, "What else did you think it could be?"

She waved her hands and suddenly, a huge pile of Heavenly Treasures appeared in front of Chu Yang and they almost filled the entire room .

"Hurry up and keep them . Why are you standing there like a silly goose?" Zi Xieqing said as she stared at him .

"Oh . " Chu Yang hurriedly kept all the treasures into the Nine Tribulations Space .

Zi Xieqing let out three batches of treasures before she finally indicated that there was nothing else . She said in a light voice, "Some of these medicines, you can get the Sword Spirit to help you identify and then separate them out . They can help to upgrade your Spiritual Spring into a Life Force Spring . "

"Great . " Chu Yang did not know what he was saying, neither did he know what he was doing . All he felt was that he was sleepwalking .

Zi Xieqing gently smiled before she turned to leave .

The door closed and this time around, Zi Xieqing did not reappear .

A cold night of northern wind!

Chu Yang stood there in a daze as he looked at the door . Finally, he heaved a deep sigh and muttered, "Between the Heaven and Earth, separated by the sky and the stars, is there no longer any meetings after saying goodbye?"

On his face, there was suddenly a ruthless and perverse look . He said angrily, "I shall rush up to the Heavens and overturn the whole place!"

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