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Chapter 1119

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Inside Diwu Clan .

Diwu Qingrou sat on the chair, facing a situation map in front of him . He didn't utter anything .

Within these few days, he had been studying this every single day . Every day, he sat in front of the table from morning till night .

"The heavenly order is already in complete chaos, there is no way to predict it . "

Diwu Qingrou sighed .

His eyes fixated on the situation map in front of him and his eyebrows wrinkled into three vertical lines . After a long time, he still let out a long, helpless sigh . "There is no solution!"

He smiled bitterly, "Chu Yang must also be having a headache right now… But this set in front of him indeed had a solution . There was no second way besides a violent breakthrough . "

"This set looks simple, but it has fully utilized the pride, arrogance and prestige of an ultimate strongman! The strength on Chu Yang's side… It's hard to know…"

At this point, Diwu Qingrou's eyes suddenly brightened, and he muttered to himself, "Actually, it is not without a solution, because there is one more significant variable on the Nine Heavens continent that doesn't show here . That is the Nine Heavens… If… If once it starts, Ning Tianya reaches, their cooperation between those inside and him outside would be able to solve this set! But… would they consider the variable of Ning Tianya? Or… would Ning Tianya be able to reach on time?"

"With such a big fight coming, by right, Ning Tianya would definitely rush and come . "

"The heavenly order is chaotic!"

Diwu Qingrou let out a long sigh . He sat back, frowning, into his chair . He twisted his eyebrows and started contemplating .

"If Chu Yang really fails here, the great plan of Diwu Clan will also be completely gone… But judging from the present situation, there is not a little bit of hope for Chu Yang's side… Unless, unless the cultivation of that mysterious woman had really reached the stage where she could destroy half the continent…"

In a distant place .

It was a mysterious location surrounded by clouds and mist all year long .

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The black clothes of the Dharma Supreme lightly and gradually appeared within all the clouds and mist . Behind him was another figure, similarly dressed in black clothes as dark as ink .

Floating, it was like a shadow of the Dharma Supreme; but when the aura around him was shown, it was actually even stronger than the Dharma Supreme . It was shocking and intimidating .

"Brother Wu, isn't this place nice?" the Dharma Supreme smiled slightly and said mildly .

"It's alright . Here, using the layout to shield heavenly order, it is indeed possible to avoid heavenly punishment," that shadow said calmly, "When the heavenly punishment passed through here, it was weakened by 70%!"

"Brother Wu is very experienced with heavenly punishment, your younger brother I really admire it . I have never experienced heavenly punishment, I really want to know what that feels like . " The Dharma Supreme smiled mildly .

"If you don't want to leave here yet, it's best that you don't do that," the tone of the man in black was slightly heavy while he said, "Once you have gone through heavenly punishment, you must break the sky and the void to leave here and enter that amazing place! At that time, should you forcefully stay on, you would be like me right now, only that you would have to endure the hit of heavenly thunder once every century!"

The Dharma Supreme sighed and said, "The perseverance of Brother Wu really amazes me . "

"There's no perseverance to be talked about . It's only that I haven't gotten my revenge!" The figure in black floated up and down in the mist, his movement was light but his voice contained deep hatred . He said, "Without destroying the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, I, Wu Jue Cheng, swear not to ascend to the heavens! Dharma Supreme, I will do you this favor now . Next time, I will only fight against the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!"

"I am already very grateful for Big Brother Wu to help me with this matter . " The Dharma Supreme chuckled .

"An equal opponent is hard to find! This mysterious woman indeed provoked my curiosity, and will for fighting . " This mysterious person was naturally, Wu Jue Cheng, the descendant of Chen Feng!

Inside a ball of dark black fog, two dark eyes appeared . Wu Jue Cheng said heavily, "My ancestor once warned me, that in this world, there is one woman that I absolutely cannot provoke . It is very possible that the woman you met is just that woman . "

He chuckled . "Who in this whole world can I not provoke? Not allowed to provoke? If I wanted to leave, I would have left more than ten thousand years ago! I've long surpassed this place; Is there any way this woman has also stayed after bearing countless times of heavenly punishment? Cannot provoke… Since she appeared, how can I not just go and provoke her a little!"

The Dharma Supreme was silent for a moment, and then said calmly, "This world is really lonely!"

Wu Jue Cheng was also silent for a while . After a long time, he sighed with melancholy . "Indeed . This world, it's really lonely…"

As they were talking, the two had already come out of the mist . They stood within a bleak scene of mountains and waters .

The moment that the Dharma Supreme emerged, countless mysterious information seemed to come from all directions and gather on his body through a kind of magical channel .

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Into a small disc on his chest, actually .

The Dharma Supreme picked up the disc, gave it a few careful looks, and immediately smiled . "Brother Wu, it seems that we have got something to do right away . "

The black mist moved . Wu Jue Cheng said, uninterested, "What is it?"

"The variable has come . " The Dharma Supreme smiled mildly . "I've told Brother Wu that there is only one variable that can disturb our great plan . That is Ning Tianya! Before the plan starts, Ning Tianya cannot be at Tianji City . "

He smiled softly . "Right now, Ning Tianya has already left the place where he gathered herbs and got the news about Tianji City… At the moment, he is traveling on the road!"

He turned to look at Wu Jue Cheng, "And the first thing we are going to do is to kill, or injure Ning Tianya! Let him die! At the very least, make him unable to reach Tianji City in time!"

"Ning Tianya?" Wu Jue Cheng smiled slightly . "That person who has occupied the position of the so-called "world's first professional" for the longest time? Haha… It's just as well, for me to warm up first with this person . "

The Dharma Supreme smiled slightly . "If we go across in a slanted route from here, and press two thousand miles to the north, we will probably be able to block Ning Tianya . Now that I think about it, when Ning Tianya is hurrying on the way, suddenly seeing the two of us blocking him, his expression must be wonderful . "

The Dharma Supreme laughed softly . 'For two people of the Nine Tribulations to suddenly greet Ning Tianya, this "world's first professional" is dignified enough indeed . '

Wu Jue Cheng laughed and said, "What are we waiting for, then?"

In the laughter, two figures in black disappeared together without a trace!

. . .

In the other direction, Ning Tianya was galloping all the way .

While traveling, he was cursing . Cursing Bu Liuqing .

Those missions given by this bastard were simply torturous . He walked all around in circles…

Now that he had already obtained Purple Gas Red Fruit, with Golden Light Lotus in his arms, and two bottles of Purple Wale blood; but with Nature Tea and Spirit Comprehension Grass, he didn't even touch any of them .

Just as he was about to approach Zhuge Clan for their Mysterious Yang Jade Core, Ning Tianya, who had walked one-third of the way, actually heard that Bu Liuqing was right at Tianji City with his disciple now…

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This made Ning Tianya furious!

He's such a jerk! Taking the disciple outside without any notice, what if something happened? That Tianji City was full of all types of people good and bad at the moment, with many professionals… You Bu Liuqing really dare to make trouble .

So Ning Tianya galloped all the way towards the South without stopping .

Along the way, he also noticed that someone was constantly noticing him, but he wasn't the least concerned .

The reputation of "world's first professional" was widespread . Though he didn't appear often, too many big clans had his portraits . There were indeed many people who could recognize him .

He was even more accustomed to being noticed by others .

He was noticed, so what?

There was no way Supreme Martial Artist Ning would mind it .

Traveling day and night, his speed was more than just fast .

This day .

Ning Tianya's body rushed up a slope like a flash . Immediately, he felt that something was wrong .

There seemed to be two waves of strong aura waiting for him .

He couldn't help but stun: in this deserted wilderness, where did two such peerless masters come from?

"Is it Ning Tianya in front?" A faint voice sounded from the opposite side of the hill, "Younger brother I would like to sincerely invite Big Brother Ning for a gathering, what do you think?"

Ning Tianya laughed and said, "So it's actually Sir Dharma Supreme . "

His figure went up, and with a flash, he had gone out thousands of feet away . When his figure reappeared in the next instant, he was already on the top of the hill . He laughed . "There must be something important, to make Sir Dharma Supreme wait for this old man here?"

Opposite, a black figure with long hair let down stood . His hands were placed behind his black . His black clothes and robes made him look like a demon in the dark night . He stood silently .

"Brother Ning has a boldness stemmed from superb skill indeed . " The Dharma Supreme smiled . "I am indeed here for some sparring practice with Brother Ning . "

Ning Tianya shook his head and laughed . "For sparring practice, you wouldn't need an ambush . Sir Dharma Supreme, that helper of yours may come out together . "

"It's not an ambush! Ning Tianya, it's me who is going to fight with you this time . " Without making a sound, a figure all in black appeared a few hundred feet behind Ning Tianya . Wu Jue Cheng appeared .

"Who are you?" Ning Tianya's eyes shrank .

At this moment, he felt that the aura of this person opposite him was actually higher than his . How could there be such a person in the Nine Heavens Continent?

"You must have heard of my name," Wu Jue Cheng looked down a little and said indifferently, "I am Wu Jue Cheng!"

"Poison Doctor Wu Jue Cheng!?" Ning Tianya was immensely shocked!

A person of Nine Tribulations who had disappeared for tens of thousands of years actually appeared alive right in front of him .

'Good knowledge… After tens of thousands of years, the name "Wu Jue Cheng" hasn't disappeared from the world after all . ' There was an inexplicable melancholy and hatred in Wu Jue Cheng's voice .

The grand reputation of the name "Poison Doctor Wu Jue Cheng" was made back then when he was one of the Nine Tribulations!

Right now, where were the old brothers from back then?

Wu Jue Cheng suddenly felt very depressed inside .

With this said, the black mist around Wu Jue Cheng's body slowly dissipated, revealing his original look . He wore a long black robe . His expression was calm, his look was handsome and his figure was slender . It was the look of a handsome middle-aged man .

Ning Tianya let out a long sigh . "So it is Sir Wu! Sir Wu has disappeared for tens of thousands of years, yet now you suddenly appeared to find me . I wonder what honor do I have to receive from Sir Wu?"

Wu Jue Cheng's half-closed eyes opened up slightly, and two black lights shone from it . He said heavily, "Indeed, you should feel honored, because I appeared especially for you . This time today is for me to kill you!"

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