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Chapter 1109

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The nine Supreme Martial Artists came together and Zhuge Hutu presented the blueprint of the Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array, explaining everything in detail to them .

To be honest, Zhuge Hutu was reluctant to reveal his clan's greatest secret weapon, but as long as Zi Xieqing was still alive, it was as if a guillotine was hanging above their necks constantly, impossible to move forward, impossible to retreat .

Just like the auction today, Zi Xieqing alone was enough to suppress everyone on his side! Everyone had to suppress their reluctance and offer up their money to her! Why? Because the moment she was displeased, she could annihilate them!

And not just them but their entire clan .

Who dared to defy her?

If anyone did, she would cough, and coughing would mean that she was displeased; if she continued to be displeased, she would kill somebody!

This repressed feeling could practically force out hemorrhage in their brains .

Throwing double the money with a smile plastered on their faces for a pile of herbs…

And these were people who had been enjoying a high and powerful status for thousands of years! Who could take it?

What's more, other than Zi Xieqing, Chu Yang still had Bu Liuqing on his side! And now, even Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou had joined his ranks!

Such a robust force could only be looked upon with fear by all!

Not to mention Yue Lingxue's disciple, Wu Qianqian's Extreme Yin body constitution; Bu Liuqing's disciple's Heavenly Yin and Innate Spirit Meridians body; Zi Xieqing's disciple's Innate Body!

This was equivalent to another three monstrous figures in the future!

As long as they were given the opportunity to grow, they would surely replace Bu Liuqing, Feng and Yue, and Zi Xieqing, to become the next three overlords of the world! People standing at the apex of the world!

By that time, with the new forces joining hands with the old, the Nine Super Clans would really not be able to catch up to them at all!

Once Chu Yang's power made its emergence, he would be unstoppable!

Thus, even though Zhuge Hutu was extremely unwilling, he had no choice but to be willing anyway!

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The Dharma Supreme held his hands behind his back as he watched Zhuge Hutu . He said dispassionately, "For now, we'll eliminate that woman, then get rid of Bu Liuqing and the Moon Breeze couple at the same time! We'll leave Chu Yang and the girls for last!"

He lowered his head slightly, his long hair almost hiding his eyes . Only his cold gleaming eyes could be seen from between his locks of hair . He casually flexed his fingers, a long thin rod formed by spiritual energy appearing in his hand . Pointing at the array blueprint, he said calmly, "Ye Clan, defend this area! With a minimum of 50 Supreme Martial Artists! Ye Di, any issues?"

Ye Di gritted his teeth as he affirmed . "No problem!"

The thin rod in the Dharma Supreme's hand pointed to another area . "This area is the gate of life and death! It must be guarded with one's life! Xiao Se, can the Xiao Clan take charge of this?"

Xiao Se did a mental calculation and said, "Including the covert forces, the Xiao Clan can mobilize 40 Supreme Martial Artists, including myself; in that case, according to my judgment, if we want to prevent that woman from breaking through this area of life and death, these numbers are insufficient!"

The Dharma Supreme deliberated for a while . He knew that what Xiao Se said was the truth — if Zi Xieqing, under severe injuries, desired only to escape, with her strength, she would have no trouble killing most of Xiao Se and his men and then make her escape . When that happened, there would be no end of trouble in the future!

As such, he said, "Since that is the case, I will provide you an additional 20 Supreme Martial Artists from the Law-Enforcement headquarters!"

Xiao Se was overjoyed . "If so, I can guarantee with my life that nothing will go wrong!"

The Dharma Supreme nodded . He continued to make arrangements as he pointed out a few more areas one by one . When he reached the ninth area, he remained silent for a while before saying, "This area will be guarded by 50 Supreme Martial Artists from the Law-Enforcement headquarters!"

Everyone nodded gravely, mercilessly cursing the Li Clan in their hearts!

If the Li Clan had not turned on them, with their concentrated efforts and the strength of so many Supreme Martial Artists and the Nebula Array, they could easily reproduce the power of the Nine Tribulations, and multiplied by a few times!

But with the departure of the Li Clan, this marvelous plan had also gone up in smoke .

Finally, the Dharma Supreme looked at the position of the eye of the array . After much contemplation, he said, "I will try my very best to request Lord Wu to personally guard this area . With another twenty elders and eight high priests from the Law-Enforcement headquarters, we shall bring it down in one fell swoop!"

"I will personally patrol the outer boundaries!" the Dharma Supreme calmly said, his hands behind his back, "This battle, other than each clan's defensive forces, all the elites in the Nine Heavens shall arise, just to… eliminate four people!"

Eight second grandmasters felt their blood boiling over in excitement at once .

Their senses were heightened and tingling, and even their hair felt like they were going to stand on end from this feeling!

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"I, along with Bu Liuqing and Feng and Yue etc, would only count as top experts in the Nine Heavens at best!" the Dharma Supreme had a slight smile on his face while he continued, "However, that woman is worthy of the title of super expert of the Tao! Therefore, this operation shall be named — Slaying of the Tao!"

"Slaying of the Tao!" Ye Di repeated under his breath, his heart pumping fast .

"This battle has a direct correlation with the future of the Nine Super Clans in the Nine Heavens, as well as the Law-Enforcement officers! Everyone, you must not treat lightly this battle of life and death! Sacrifices are inevitable, everyone must be mentally prepared . "

At this point, the Dharma Supreme had basically deployed the troops for the entire battle operation .

All the Supreme Martial Artists started to consider and calculate the forces that they were able to mobilize .

"The earlier this is accomplished, the better it is! And as covertly as possible!" the Dharma Supreme said gravely, "We must finish all preparations before the Nine Tribulations heavens-nourishing ceremony during the Medicine Banquet! During this period, proceed as per usual and avoid acting rashly and alerting the enemy!"


"It will be the semi-finals of the Medicine Banquet in another two days!" the Dharma Supreme took a deep breath and continued, "As the pharmacist of the south-east law-enforcement officer, Chu Yang has already entered the semi-finals, so it is impossible to change the candidate at this point… Furthermore, I have heard that Chu Yang's skill in the field of medicine has reached the acme of perfection and is the successor of the ancient Divine Doctor! He must not be underestimated!"

"The most critical point here is that we must not engage him . The moment we do, it would alert the enemy . "

Ye Di contemplated for a moment before he asked, "What does the Dharma Supreme mean?"

"It is highly probable that Chu Yang will enter the finals . The date of the finals has already been announced to the world and moreover, it is hosted by the bunch of stubborn old fellows from the Medicine Valley, so it is not possible to change it . Our forces from all around the continent would need to arrive before the finals; the lack of time is obvious . Therefore, we can only deal with these people after the finals!"

"As such, the Heaven Nourishing Jade meant for the champion is highly likely to fall into Chu Yang's hands!" the Dharma Supreme said gravely .

"And, the Heaven Nourishing Jade has the ability to bring the dead back to life, and gather the fragments of the soul!"

"The moment he gets a hold of the Heaven Nourishing Jade, even if that woman dies, there is still a chance that he can still make use of the opportunity of nourishing the heavens to revive her! Although that kind of probability is very low and Chu Yang may not even live till then, we have to take precautions!"

"Therefore, Chu Yang must not win! The Heaven Nourishing Jade must not fall into his hands!"

The words that followed after were not spoken by the Dharma Supreme but by everyone else .

Only after that did everyone discover that each other's expressions had turned even more grave! They exchanged looks and couldn't help but smile wryly at each other . Why was there even such a matter?

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"The Medicine Valley is not under our control!" The Dharma Supreme let out a wry laugh and pointed out the most important factor . "Without the Medicine Valley, the Heavens-nourishing Jade cannot be forged either!"

"Therefore, your pharmacists had better keep Chu Yang in check and force him down without a hitch!" the Dharma Supreme went on dispassionately, "Eliminate the possibility of this last-ditch effort! Do not allow him any chance of making a comeback!"

Shi Jing was lost in thought . With a frown, he said, "If we send the top pharmacist of each of our clans, it is highly likely that we can get rid of Chu Yang! However, our men have also passed the preliminary rounds into the semi-finals, so we cannot swap them out either! Moreover, those who have already taken part in the Medicine Banquet cannot participate again… Because the fate energy on them have already dissipated…"

The Dharma Supreme replied indifferently, "Isn't this a simple task?"

Ye Di frowned slightly and asked, "What the Dharma Supreme means is?"

The Dharma Supreme took a few steps toward the exit and said calmly, "We cannot peel the skin off Chu Yang's face yet, but you can peel the skin off your own pharmacists' faces . Besides, doesn't the use of the Soul Transfer Technique increase their abilities? What is there to fear about fate energy?"

With a faint smile on his face, he left behind his final words before walking out . "Do not tell me that you don't even know how to use the Soul Transfer Technique!"

The figure of the Dharma Supreme disappeared .

The eight of them looked at each other, at a loss as of what to do .

This method was viable, of course! An experienced pharmacist, especially one with the experience of participating in the Medicine Banquet, would have absolutely no trouble suppressing a newbie Chu Yang . Furthermore, even if one could not suppress him, surely nine could?

Even if eight from their side made mistakes, there was still the last one .

But once Chu Yang made a mistake, that would be the end of him!

The victory was at a likelihood of above 99%!

Practically fool-proof .

But the problem was that with this, each clan would lose two extremely talented pharmacists!

Peeling off the skin off a living person's face and turning it into a human skin mask, with the cultivation prowess of a Supreme Martial Artist to expedite the process, one would be able to change their entire appearance in a short amount of time . At the very least, he would be able to stay alive for half a year!

In half a year's time, when the human skin mask lost its effect and started to turn wrinkly, this matter would more or less already be over .

Through the Soul Transfer Technique, by transferring part of the soul energy of the pharmacist, whose skin had been peeled off while he was still alive, to another person, the other person would be able to temporarily inherit everything the former possessed, including his abilities!

But similarly, it was only for a short period of time .

The pharmacist whose soul was transferred would die without a doubt, and the one receiving the soul transfer would also reach the end of his life half a year later and disappear from this world!

This would mean the premature deaths of the top pharmacists among the young and old generations of each clan!

Destruction was a simple task, but what about the training and development needed to produce a pharmacist?

Even a span of tens or hundreds of years couldn't guarantee the birth of a talented pharmacist! The contribution that an outstanding pharmacist offered to a clan was self-explanatory .

Curing illnesses, creating medicinal recipes, acupuncture and increasing one's cultivation…

The role that a pharmacist played in the emergence of a clan was essential!

To just sacrifice it like this?

Just to prevent Chu Yang from winning?

Was it worth it?

The second grandmasters looked at each other at a loss and for a moment, they could not make up their mind .

"Why do I find that Lord Dharma Supreme seems to be more wary of Chu Yang than that woman?" Ling Fengyun frowned, a little puzzled .

"No, Lord Dharma Supreme is just wary of the Heaven Nourishing Jade . " Xiao Se replied after thinking about it .

"What should we do now?"

Everyone looked toward Ye Di .

Ye Di's countenance was ominous as he said softly, "If, after putting in so much effort and sacrificing so much, we manage to kill that woman, only to let Chu Yang revive her using the Heaven Nourishing Jade… Will our nine clans still exist then?"

"Since we are already willing to offer up the lives of so many Supreme Martial Artists, what do the lives of two mere pharmacists matter?!"

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