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Chapter 1108

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The Dharma Supreme settled into his seat, his eyes impassive as they swept across the countenances of the other nine in the vicinity . He said in an indifferent tone, "What are everyone's thoughts on today's incident?"

Ye Di had a wry smile as he let out a sigh . "Far more serious than what we had imagined . "

All the other second grandmasters sighed in unison .

Ye Di hesitated for a moment before he spoke again, "Lord Dharma Supreme, I hate to rake up the past today, but may I be so bold as to ask a question?"

The Dharma Supreme gave his permission . "Speak . "

"This Chu Yang, is he the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?" Ye Di's expression was serious, practically emphasizing all his words carefully .

This question had been haunting Ye Di for the longest time .

He had also brought it up once to the Dharma Supreme before . However, the Dharma Supreme did not answer him directly then, only saying to wait and observe before concluding .

And today, at this gathering, Ye Di brought up this question once more .

However, compared to then, their state of mind was vastly different now .

At that time, Chu Yang was merely a potential hazard that held no weight . But now, he had already become an opponent worthy enough to contend with the Nine Super Clans!

Even though this fellow didn't amount to much on his own nor did he impose any threat to them, the power of the people backing him was frighteningly appalling .

Upon hearing Ye Di's question, the other eight second grandmasters' ears involuntarily perked up .

This incident was just too critical!

Should Chu Yang be the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, the Nine Super Clans would truly be in grave danger . They had to find a way to get rid of him as soon as possible!

The Dharma Supreme remained taciturn for a while before he replied, "Most likely not! Either that, or I didn't manage to sound him out . "

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Apprehension arose in the second grandmasters' hearts .

The Dharma Supreme's answer was exceptional .

So was he or was he not?

The Dharma Supreme's eyes landed on Li Xiangsi . With an air of indifference, he asked, "Xiangsi, what do you think?"

Li Xiangsi let out a rueful laugh . He replied, "I have not associated with him much . However… cough, right now, the Li Clan is in an extremely awkward position… It is hard to have a definitive opinion . "

All the other second grandmasters snorted derisively . Of course he wouldn't be anxious now, given that he had one of the Nine Tribulations laying around at home . To think he had the gall to say such superficial things now .

"Xiangsi, are you certain that your Li Xiongtu is really one of the Nine Tribulations?" the Dharma Supreme asked, a smile gracing his lips .

"This is really hard to say," Li Xiangsi said with a shake of his head . With a wry smile, he continued, "Lord Dharma Supreme, let me be honest here . If we have really ascertained that he is one of the Nine Tribulations, we, the Li Clan, would not have attended the Medicine Banquet this time at all . But to say that he's not… is also without any basis . This matter, at the moment, is truly a muddled mess . "

Shi Jing of the Shi Clan scoffed at him . "Muddled my ass! From what I see, no one here is clearer than you! You're just pretending to not have your cake even after having eaten it . "

A hint of a smile appeared on the Dharma Supreme's lips . "I am inclined to believe Xiangsi's words . However, from what I see, that person from your clan may very well just not be . "

He said impassively, "In all of the past generations, before the Nine Tribulations Sword Master has grown to his full strength, the Nine Tribulations has never once revealed themselves! Hidden in the secular world, it is impossible to pick them out . These past ninety thousand years, countless people were killed in vain, but no one amongst the true Nine Tribulations has lost their life!"

"And yet such rumors of Li Xiongtu have surfaced so early, and publicly at that . " The Dharma Supreme continued with no hint of emotion, "Unless you truly think that none of us here can take Li Xiongtu's life? Even if the Li Clan were to protect him at all costs, what can you achieve?"

Perspiration broke out all over Li Xiangsi and trickled down his back . "The Dharma Supreme is right . "

However, he couldn't help thinking in his heart, "Even I cannot tell whether the one at home is one of the Nine Tribulations . Can you really be able to tell anything when all of you are merely making a guess?"

The Dharma Supreme peered at him intently for a while before he finally said, "Xiangsi, take your leave . The Li Clan can refrain from the discussion this time . "

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Li Xiangsi looked back at him, stunned .

The eight other second grandmasters gave him a severe glare . The Dharma Supreme's words were pretty much tantamount to saying that Li Xiangsi completely did not believe what the Dharma Supreme had said!

Which was to say, even though Li Xiangsi was physically present here, he was, in fact, no more than a traitorous spy within their own ranks .

"Lord Dharma Supreme! How can we let him just go off like this?" Murderous intent started to spread on Xiao Se's face as he went on, "Why don't we just finish him off here! What if he reveals our secrets after he leaves?"

"That's right, Lord Dharma Supreme! The Li Clan has made it clear this time that they are standing on the side of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . He will eventually pose a huge threat to us sooner or later! Finishing off Li Xiangsi now would eliminate this latent risk for us in the future!" Lan Muxue gnashed his teeth as he spoke .

The other second grandmasters concurred one after the other .

Li Xiangsi's face was ashen .

Should they really come at him, he would definitely have no hope of even escaping!

Death was the only path .

Everyone's emotions ran high and wild .

His eyes on Li Xiangsi, the Dharma Supreme deliberated for a long time before he finally said, "Xiangsi, go . Mark my words today! One day, you will realize… that sometimes, things can have unexpected outcomes… Many things will end up having misunderstandings too . And some things will eventually result in regret . "

He waved his hand dispassionately . "Go . I will give you a chance to regret your actions in the future . "

"Lord Dharma Supreme!" Everyone exclaimed, alarmed .

The Dharma Supreme's expression did not change, only choosing to wave him off again .

"I am much obliged, Lord Dharma Supreme! Xiangsi will never forget the Lord Dharma Supreme's kindness today!" Li Xiangsi held up his hands, one over his other fist, in gratitude .

"You do not need to stand on ceremony . You need only to keep my words in mind," the Dharma Supreme said gravely, "Once you leave, go back straight to the Li Clan . You do not need to take part in the Medicine Banquet anymore as well . If you remain here, I am afraid you would be in mortal danger!"

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A jolt ran through Li Xiangsi's body . "Understood . "

He rose to his feet and strode out of the hall .

When he reached the door, he hesitated .

The Dharma Supreme watched him from the back, his brows knitted .

However, Li Xiangsi hesitated only for a moment before he pushed the doors open and walked out .

Between the Nine Super Clans' current interests and the prosperity and future of the generations to come, he had clearly chosen the latter .

The Dharma Supreme let out a soft sigh .

"Lord Dharma Supreme, do we need to send someone to finish him?" Xiao Se asked, "Li Xiangsi's departure now would mean that we are mortal enemies with no chance of reconciliation from now on! This is completely different from all the small scuffles in the past . "

The Dharma Supreme shook his head lightly . "There is no need . "

He remained silent for a while . Then, he went on to say, "The Li Clan is not worth such concern yet! If he turns out not to be one of the Nine Tribulations, in the future, the Li Clan would naturally still have to draw close to us . If he turns out to be, then we can take this opportunity as a means to lure out the true Nine Tribulations Sword Master too! Therefore, Li Xiangsi must not be killed . "

The rest awakened to realization .

"However, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is a distant worry . Right now, Chu Yang is the problem at hand!" The Dharma Supreme rapped his fingers against the table lightly . "Everyone, do not underestimate this Chu Yang . Right now, even the Law-Enforcement officers have to take seriously the immense power that he can bring about!"

"Understood!" Ye Di said solemnly, "This Chu Yang is indeed a huge cause of concern right now . His backing is simply too strong, too powerful!"

"Thus, we must eliminate him!" The Dharma Supreme sighed softly .

He continued, "I remember telling you thousands of years ago that every clan must train and develop a combatant force in secret; this force must not be known to anyone… And now is the time for this secret force to come into use . "

Xiao Se nodded gravely . "What the Dharma Supreme means is… assassination?"

"Assassinate Chu Yang?!" The Dharma Supreme shook his head . "You mustn't . "

"The power behind the young Chu Yang mainly comes from that mysterious woman; so, not only will getting rid of Chu Yang alone be of no use, it will also incur the intense wrath and revenge of a super expert! In a time where the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is about to come into the world, we cannot afford to suffer such a loss . "

"Thus, if anyone has to be eliminated, the first will be that mysterious and powerful woman!" The Dharma Supreme rapped his fingers against the table lightly, picking up a teacup before him .

"To achieve this, it is necessary for all of us here to strike together! With the addition of the covert forces, the accumulated strength of several hundreds of Supreme Martial Artists and requesting Lord Wu to come forward, we will pour everything into a concerted attack without holding back!"

The Dharma Supreme's words were heavy, each and every word striking the hearts of everyone like a huge hammer .

"In addition, we have to create a situation where it is imperative to fight to the death! Only then will the plan work!"

A hint of bloodlust flickered within the Dharma Supreme's eyes . "Zhuge Hutu, the Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array will come into play here!"

A jolt ran through Zhuge Hutu and he complied . "Understood, we will move according to Lord Dharma Supreme's instructions . "

"The Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array borrows the power of the Heavens and the stars, the forces of the vast lands, the pulse of the mountains and rivers, the spirit of the people and the soul of the Supreme Martial Artist! It can easily annihilate an expert possessing power three times of the arrays! If there are 108 Supreme Martial Artists in the array… Is there anyone in this world who possesses power four times the total strength of 108 experts that includes all of us here?"

The Dharma Supreme said calmly, "The base strategy shall be as such . 108 Supreme Martial Artists will be in the eye of the array formation and supported by 360 Supreme Martial Artists . Lord Wu Juecheng will provide coordinated support and defense with his poison techniques . This way, the strength of the array will be doubled! Tantamount to several thousand Supreme Martial Artists attacking in tandem! Even if Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya were to arrive, we will annihilate them then and there too! Absolutely nothing will be left to chance!"

Everyone listened with a heavy heart, yet they could not help but breathe a long sigh of relief .

This way, no matter how indestructible that woman was, there would also be no chance of survival .

Even an immortal would not be able to escape in such a situation!

The Dharma Supreme was pulling no stops indeed . It never rains but pours; the moment he acted, it was with a force of such great strength and impetus, dealing a crushing and devastating blow!

"What can we do to lure that woman into the array?" Zhuge Hutu asked with a frown .

"They are currently with the Moon Breeze couple . If the Moon Breeze couple were to encounter danger, she would surely try to save them!" a flicker crossed the Dharma Supreme's eyes while he continued, "And the Moon Breeze couple will be in danger for sure . When the array is fully set up, I will invite the Feng and Yue couple for a chat! Considering the Moon Breeze couple's temperaments and character, I have full confidence that they will show up!"

Everyone was in high spirits . "Brilliant plan!"

The Dharma Supreme's hair fluttered in the breezeless air . He said dispassionately, "How long has it been… since I last schemed against someone like this… Even if this woman were to die, she should feel honored too!"

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