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Chapter 1101

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Her head tilted to the side, Mo Qingwu said with an air of cheekiness, "Yes, very familiar, as if you've been calling me that for years… Hehe . "

Mo Qingwu was mirthful but Chu Yang's heart became a little heavy instead .

He wondered if he was being sensitive and thinking too much?

A light thud echoed from the chamber .

Chu Yang and Mo Qingwu walked in to see Dong Wushang and everyone else standing at the side . In the middle, Zi Xieqing was sitting upright while Bu Liuqing stood opposite her .

It seemed like the two had already crossed swords with each other surreptitiously .

Zi Xieqing was filled with an air of ease and indifference while Bu Liuqing faintly exuded a sense of antagonism .

"An expert indeed . " Bu Liuqing sighed .

Zi Xieqing had a slight smile on her face . "Number one of the Nine Heavens… You certainly live up to your name! Even though Brother Bu may not be the true number one, you are definitely well within the top three, and not unjustified in the least!"

With a frosty smile on his face, Bu Liuqing replied, "Top three? So, are you saying that you're number one?"

Zi Xieqing shook her head lightly . "Brother Bu, you should not compare yourself to me . Because…" She composed a message and sent it to him telepathically . "… because, I am not someone of this world . "

Bu Liuqing's expression changed to one of surprise, and then a soft smile appeared on his face . "I see!"

Bu Liuqing had suffered a covert loss after entering the room and surreptitiously crossing swords with Zi Xieqing . His pride couldn't help but suffer a heavy blow . He had always prided himself on standing at the apex of the Nine Heavens, especially when just the other day, even the universally acknowledged number one of the world, the Dharma Supreme, suffered a loss at his hands . Bu Liuqing had been brimming with confidence .

He did not expect at all to be at a complete disadvantage right from the moment he entered, with barely any chance to retaliate! The dejection in his heart at that point was simply indescribable .

However, now that he knew that Zi Xieqing was not from this world, his state of mind instantly felt a lot better .

How could he rival someone who was already above this realm?

"Is Brother Bu worried about the matter regarding the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?" Zi Xieqing continued to communicate with him telepathically .

Bu Liuqing was taken aback .

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"Chu Yang is not that kind of person . " Zi Xieqing communicated to him calmly . "I believe that you should find my words trustworthy . "

There was a brief change in Bu Liuqing's countenance while he said with a resigned smile, "The moment I felt that you were by his side aiding him, I have already believed that he was not a villainous person . From what I know, when one reaches a cultivation level such as yours, they can already look inside someone's heart?"

Zi Xieqing nodded slowly .

"So from the moment I stepped in, my heart was already at ease regarding my disciple . " Bu Liuqing smiled . "So this was just a simple fight with no other intention . "

Zi Xieqing nodded .

"And, would Elder be so kind as to advise, the Heavens Beyond the Nine Heavens…" Bu Liuqing continued to inquire via telepathy .

"This… I will speak to you when you return for your disciple . " A flicker crossed Zi Xieqing's eyes and she eyed him appraisingly . "To be honest, you are only half a step away from entering the Heavens Beyond . However… you must resolve all the worries in your heart before that . If not, after you enter the Heavens Beyond, it will develop into demons in your heart over time . In the Heavens Beyond, the demons in one's heart cannot be resisted . "

Bu Liuqing was astounded . He replied, "I understand!"

So she knew about my aspirations .

Without a further word, he nodded in response and took a couple of steps back . In the chamber, that terrifying and vaguely tense aura suddenly dissipated just like that…

Bu Liuqing turned to look at Mo Qingwu . "Xiaowu, stay here for a few days first . When I am done with my matters, I will come back for you . How does that sound?"

Mo Qingwu cheered in joy . "Teacher is the best!"

Bu Liuqing smiled indulgently at her . Then, with a complex look in his eyes, he nodded at Chu Yang and growled, "Lad, if you dare to bully my disciple, see if I don't castrate you!"

Chu Yang was just about to respond when Bu Liuqing disappeared from the chamber in a flash instead .

"This person is quite something . " Zi Xieqing remarked to Chu Yang .

Chu Yang replied contemplatively, "I have a question about this . I'll talk to you about it later . " He shook his head . "My heart is still rather immature . "

Zi Xieqing knew that it had to be a very serious question for Chu Yang to say what he did . She nodded . "Your thoughts are always very complicated . I cannot promise that I can definitely resolve them for you but… I will try my best to dispel your doubts . "

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Chu Yang answered, "Alright!"

At this point, Dong Wushang's eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "This… Xiaowu? Isn't this Xiaowu?"

Rui Butong had also recognized her . The two were delighted and wanted to lunge at her right away .

Mo Qingwu took a step back . "Big Brother Wushang, Big Brother Butong… No hugging . "

Dong Wushang said teasingly, "What, only your Big Brother Chu Yang can hug you but we can't? Why?"

Mo Qingwu snorted and said, "Physical contact between men and women is forbidden . "

Dong Wushang and Rui Butong doubled over in laughter at once .

At this point, Chu Le'er walked out from beside Zi Xieqing and pulled Chu Yang's hand . With mild hostility, she asked, "Big Brother, who is this?"

Mo Qingwu immediately felt a wave of hostility rushing toward her . She was an Innate Spiritual Meridians, so she was extremely sensitive toward such emotions . She hugged Chu Yang's other arm at once and asked, "Big Brother Chu Yang, who is she?"

Surprisingly, there was a faint hint of jealousy and hostility in her voice .

With Chu Yang in the middle, two little girls stared down each other antagonistically, one hugging his left arm and the other hugging his right arm .

Chu Le'er felt that her position was in peril .

Mo Qingwu felt that her position as 'big sister-in-law' was threatened .

The jealousy that these two were emanating at this moment pervaded the atmosphere .

Chu Yang had a wry smile on his face . To think that these two little fellows would start fighting with each other the moment they met . He quickly explained, "Alright, alright . Don't fool around anymore, let me introduce you…"

Before he even finished, Chu Le'er had already interrupted him . "Who do you think I am when I call him Big Brother?"

Mo Qingwu pouted her lips . "Hmph, and I call him Big Brother Chu Yang . Who do you think I am then?"

The two little girls did not budge even an inch as they glared at each other, as if facing a formidable foe .

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Chu Yang looked pleadingly at Zi Xieqing for help but she looked away, whether intentional or otherwise unbeknown to Chu Yang; then, he looked toward Dong Wushang, only to see the three of them sporting an entertained expression and turning their gaze up at the ceiling the moment Chu Yang looked over at them .

Wan Renjie and the rest stifled their laughter as they watched the show . Wei Wuyan sat at the side lifelessly, neither speaking nor moving .

Nangong Shifeng and his brothers gave a hollow laugh as they quickly made up an excuse . "I need to go to the washroom…" The brothers simultaneously felt the need to pee and ran off, swift as the wind .

Chu Yang was sweating buckets .

What's the meaning of this? Couldn't they see that I'm in trouble?

Just as he wanted to explain Chu Le'er's identity, she pinched his waist instead . He grimaced in pain but he didn't dare circulate his internal energy in fear of injuring her .

"Why are you pinching my Big Brother Chu Yang?" Mo Qingwu was miffed . "Why don't you pinch yourself and see how that feels? Don't you know it hurts?"

Chu Le'er replied, "What's it to you that I like to pinch him? Is your heart aching? What right do you have to feel heartache?"

"I…!" Mo Qingwu was flabbergasted .

Chu Le'er narrowed her eyes at her . "You're in love with him? You're so young and you're already in love with someone?"

Mo Qingwu flushed crimson at once .

Even though there was firmness in her gentle disposition, her innate nature was kind and honest, even a little simple and adorable . Already shy by nature, when she heard Chu Le'er say that, she was unable to hold her ground .

But just how quick-witted was Chu Le'er? This little girl had been bedridden all these years; even though her body barely grew, her mind had already developed a wit that was sharp as a knife .

The moment she saw Mo Qingwu's behavior, she could already tell immediately . And when coupled with Chu Yang's indulgent expression toward her, alarms went off inside her right away!

Chu Le'er already had a candidate in mind for her sister-in-law, and that was of course the peerless, talented and gorgeous Zi Xieqing! Upon seeing someone who was about the same age as her actually eying the position of her sister-in-law, she got rather upset . Her eyes swiveling slyly, she said, "But he already has me, so even if you marry him, you can only be his concubine . "

An "Ah?" escaped from Mo Qingwu's lips and she said in disbelief, "You? How can that be?"

Chu Le'er flew into a rage . "Why not?"

Mo Qingwu stared at Chu Le'er who was even shorter than her by half a head, her face skeptical as she said, "I'm afraid Big Brother Chu Yang probably won't like someone like you . "

Chu Le'er's temper erupted and she bared her fangs . "What's wrong with me?"

Mo Qingwu shook her head, her tone earnest as she answered, "Little Miss, you're still young, don't joke around like this . Even if Big Brother Chu Yang were to take a concubine, he would only marry a beautiful adolescent girl like me . Big Brother Chu Yang would never like someone who looks like a bean sprout with an underdeveloped body that doesn't even feel good to the touch like you . If you are really dedicated, come back in a few years after you've grown up . When that time comes, you can beg me and I can make the decision to let Big Brother Chu Yang take you in as a concubine . "

When she said that, Chu Yang was truly dumbfounded!

It wasn't just him . Even Dong Wushang and Zi Xieqing etc looked at Mo Qingwu with a mystified expression . They were completely not expecting the young girl to say such things .

As for "doesn't feel good to the touch", that was just a joke that Chu Yang said when he was with Mo Qingwu previously . He didn't expect her to keep it in mind all the way till now .

Dong Wushang and the rest naturally knew that Mo Qingwu had always been interested in Chu Yang . Previously on the way to the north desert plains, Mo Qingwu had already mentioned, "How about I be your big sister-in-law?"

Everyone had just brushed it off as a joke at that time .

To think that the little girl was still infatuated even after turning thirteen!

Her speech that warded off attacks while simultaneously counter-attacking was beyond impressive! It shut Chu Le'er up so much that she turned all teary-eyed .

Mo Qingwu's heart softened and she consoled, "You still have a chance when you grow up . "

Chu Le'er replied in fury, "Who needs your consolation!"

Mo Qingwu hugged Chu Yang's arm victoriously . "So, you should still learn from me in all matters . "

Chu Le'er snorted in response .

Chu Yang quickly explained with a wry smile, "Qingwu, this is Le'er . My second uncle's daughter and my younger sister, Chu Le'er!"

Mo Qingwu exclaimed in surprise, "Your younger sister?"

Her heart was filled with regret instantly .

My goodness, no wonder she's so fierce the moment she came up . So it's the sister-in-law… It would be disastrous if the sister-in-law is against us…

She said in embarrassment, "Oh, so it's the sister-in-law…" Although Mo Qingwu was still young, she was completely devoted to Chu Yang . Moreover, it seemed like there was a mysterious force guiding her, telling her that that was her fated person .

Chu Yang treated her with the utmost care as well, to the extent of protecting her with no regard for his own safety . Over time, Mo Qingwu had already thought of herself as Chu Yang's wife and carried herself as such .

Chu Le'er retorted, "Who's your sister-in-law!" She ran to Zi Xieqing and shook her . "Sis-in-law, look at that… That girl is actually eyeing your position!"

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