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Chapter 1099

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Everyone from the Nine Super Clans had an anguished look on their faces . If this was considered taking unfair advantage too… then everyone could jolly well come and take advantage of them too!

There was only one thing you could call this — asking for it!

Zi Xieqing didn't hold back one bit . When the Purple Crystals were delivered, she instructed Chu Yang to keep them all .

Dong Wushang and Wan Renjie etc were all dumbstruck!

They felt like they were going to faint…

To think that this Big Sister Zi was such a ferocious figure! Just one sentence and her esteemed self alone exerted overwhelming pressure on the Nine Heavens!

The atmosphere of the subsequent auctions turned a lot livelier .

Whenever the Nine Super Clans wanted any of the herbs, they would have to engage in bid wars! And all insane bid wars at that!

Absolutely nothing was left unsold, because what if this super expert were to suddenly go, "Why did the nine clans leave this item unsold? I think there's a lot of value in this, are you of a different opinion?"?

And force every clan to compensate at double the price again…

That would totally be going for wool and coming back shorn…

Under such circumstances, there was an endless stream of grievances among the Nine Super Clans . How many Purple Crystals could they afford to waste like this? And so, everyone couldn't help but glance at the chambers of the four divas and pray inwardly, "Please, please bid soon… We're close to losing our ground . "

When the Black-blooded Red Fruit was presented, Bu Liuqing called out a bid at last . "100,000 Purple Crystals!"

This price was absolutely ordinary .

The starting price of the Black-blooded Red Fruit was already at 100,000 Purple Crystals . This fellow didn't even add to it .

The Nine Super Clans heaved a sigh in relief . Thank god, because in this short period of time alone, every clan had already acquired 30 legendary herbs . Their Purple Crystals reserves were basically more or less exhausted .

Now that Bu Liuqing had started to move, they could now let this fellow hold the fort for a while .

Uh-huh, it's not that we're not supporting the event but we cannot afford to offend this fellow, you know…

The moment Bu Liuqing spoke, the venue fell into complete silence .

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Everyone was waiting to laugh at the potential disaster coming up . It would make for some good entertainment for sure if Bu Liuqing were to have an altercation with this super powerful presence . What baffled all of them, however, was that that powerful woman did not make any move .

And so, Bu Liuqing won the Black-blooded Red Fruit at the reserve price of 100,000 Purple Crystals .

The Brilliant Melody Vine was next . Again, Bu Liuqing called out a bid of 100,000 Purple Crystals .

He remained the sole bidder .

His speech quick as lightning, the Zombie-faced auctioneer, counted down and banged the hammer — Bu Liuqing won it at the reserve price yet again .

Everyone became perplexed at the same time .

What was going on? That woman couldn't possibly be wary of Bu Liuqing, right?

In his chamber, Chu Yang's beaming smile stretched from end to end . He still had spares for these items, so even if Bu Liuqing did not buy them, he would have tried to send them to Mo Qingwu anyway .

Since Bu Liuqing was willing to spend… then that's even better! Who knew how many treasures this old guy had gotten his grubby hands on all these years? It was entirely within reason even if he coughed up some!

Seeing Purple Crystals flow steadily into his pockets like the river, Chu Yang breathed a huge sigh of relief . After the auction, even if the Nine Tribulations Sword devoured a portion of it, the Purple Crystals his brothers required for their cultivation were enough to last them for at least the next twenty years!

All in a day's work!

One must know that Purple Crystals were the spiritual energy of the universe!

Bu Liuqing stopped calling out bids after winning three auctions in a row, presumably broke by then . After that, the Feng and Yue couple won ten elixirs in quick succession . Compared to Bu Liuqing, the Feng and Yue couple's offers were a lot fairer, basically all at market value .

In contrast with Bu Liuqing's lack of shame, their behavior was a lot more dignified .

Furthermore, Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou were very excited inwardly . The mysterious elder was actually here! And all of these herbs belonged to her!

They definitely had to visit her later after the auction…

The Dharma Supreme also won 20 elixirs subsequently . His offers were in moderation, neither an insult to Zi Xieqing nor in excess; in other words, just right!

In the following Black Blood legendary herb auctions, the Nine Super Clans no longer used Purple Crystals as payment but precious herbs and resources or minerals as trade . As the trades carried on… Chu Yang's heart was filled with tantalization, wishing that he could dish out another 700 or 800 stalks of herbs from his Nine Tribulations Space for auction!

Getting rich never felt better!

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He pretty much went from a worthless beggar to the richest tycoon in the world in an instant! Purple Crystals, come forth in abundance! Precious minerals, come forth in abundance! Exquisite medicines, come forth in abundance…

It was to the extent that the Sword Spirit did not even go into seclusion, choosing to watch with a face full of greed as the invaluable resources made their way into the inner hall one by one after the whole process of auction, trade and valuation . His eyes were as if he couldn't wait to just inhale them all!

Such nutrients!

All the Supreme Martial Artist grandmasters of the clans turned ashen as they bid their way through the auctions .

Even though the elixirs were very valuable and their medicinal properties wonderful, they certainly weren't worth this much!

All the grandmasters could distinctly feel that this wasn't an auction anymore, but a slaughterhouse! Every one of them was a sacrificial lamb waiting for their turn, the sound of the butcher knife being sharpened echoing in their ears and a huge gleaming cleaver going after them at will!

Wherever was fat and juicy was wherever the butcher knife went .

And to make matters worse, this slaughtering had to be of their own free will, allowing people to pick whatever they wanted and discard whatever they didn't!

They were being slain and yet still had to beware of the other side's displeasure!

It went without saying just how vexing this felt .

In this whole batch of herbs, other than those which the Medicine Valley retained, those which the four divas won and the lower quality ones which the smaller clans won at the beginning, everything else was divided among the eight Super Clans!


At essentially double the price!

Toward the end, the precious minerals and various exquisite resources were basically all gone as well .

It was as if that woman in the third-class chamber were ill; whenever the price didn't satisfy her, she would cough, as if she had contracted tuberculosis .

But the moment she coughed, the price would double, even if the hammer was already going to fall the next moment!

This way of getting rich couldn't get any better!

At last, the Zombie-faced auctioneer brought out a Purple Crystal case . "Next up for auction is something that the Medicine Valley has specially selected for today from this round of the Medicine Banquet . First up is the poisonous herb, the Autumn Blood Orchid . "

He went on to recite the characteristics of the Autumn Blood Orchid before declaring the reserve price — 30,000 Purple Crystals!

At this moment, Chu Yang, who had been sitting comfortably with his legs propped up in his chamber, suddenly coughed extremely pretentiously . He said calmly, "I offer thirty thousand… and one Purple Crystals!"

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When he said that, everyone was speechless for a moment, before a wave of suffocating repression arose within them .

You either keep it at the starting price or add a bit more .

Starting price at 30,000 and you add only one Purple Crystal! What's the meaning of this?!

Immediately, some people wanted to kick up a fuss . But after waiting a while, the people at the bottom were stunned as they noticed that the chambers of the Nine Super Clans were still and quiet even after this fellow called out his bid!

No fighting, no snatching . Neither was there disapproval nor reprehension .

As if this was the most regular of incidents!

This was too strange! What was going on? Could it be that this youth was even more powerful than the Nine Super Clans? It was not like they had ever heard of someone so impressive in the Upper Three Heavens .

Although they were bewildered, since even the Nine Super Clans had kept their silence, others naturally dared even less to voice their objections!

In the second chamber of first-class, Mo Qingwu suddenly jumped to her feet . "This is Big Brother Chu Yang's voice!" She said and immediately turned to run out .

Bu Liuqing grumbled inwardly, This lad was seriously everywhere, how did he even make his way here?

He grabbed hold of Mo Qingwu . "That may not be him . Too many people have similar voices in this world . Xiaowu, confirm it before you run out . There are so many people here, don't make a fool out of yourself!"

Mo Qingwu was firm as she replied, "I wouldn't get it wrong! I would never mistake Big Brother Chu Yang's voice in my entire life!"

Bu Liuqing was engulfed by a wave of powerlessness .

Mo Qingwu ran out of the chamber and stood outside, her anxious eyes wandering back and forth and her expression urgent .

The crimson figure twisted and turned left and right on the balcony, looking around anxiously and waiting for Chu Yang to speak again . Before she even realized it, tears were already gathering in her eyes . Her heart was beating furiously and she felt as if it would jump out of her throat at any moment…

A melancholic sense of pining welled up within her, surging and ferocious, threatening to overflow…

Below, many were looking at her, wondering what this ravishing little beauty in crimson was looking for? And… pining for?

The auctioneer said loudly, "30,001 Purple Crystals, any more offers? Any more offers? Any more offers? Going once, going twice, going thrice, sold!"


And the hammer fell .

Everyone from the Nine Super Clans felt rather aggravated . In their eyes, this action of Chu Yang's was definitely instigated by that powerful presence just to toy with them .

Yet they did not dare make even a peep .

Chu Yang won the Autumn Blood Orchid at the reserve price .

However, his heart suddenly felt a little agitated, a little restless, and even a little anxious — as if someone was calling out to him .

Chu Yang furrowed his brows, his thoughts suddenly in disorder, feeling like he needed to vent uncontrollably . He murmured, "What's going on? Why do I feel so lost? Is Xiaowu here? Could it be that Xiaowu is here?"

"Next up for auction is one of the most toxic of plants, the Nine-Colored Lotus at the reserve price of 35,000 Purple Crystals!" The moment the auctioneer said that, Chu Yang sprung up from his seat .

He looked extremely agitated!

Zi Xieqing looked extremely spirited as well, while Chu Le'er's eyes lit up, her face even turning red in excitement!

To think that the very last elixir that Chu Le'er needed in order to cure her illness actually appeared in the auction without a sign in the least!

Chu Yang never thought this would happen .

The reason he bought the Autumn Blood Orchard was precisely to act as a backup . If he couldn't obtain the Nine-Colored Lotus, he would replace it with the Autumn Blood Orchid . Even though it fell slightly short, it was still more or less usable, just that it would not achieve the best results .

It was already close to a year since he brought Chu Le'er about with him .

She didn't have much time left .

So Chu Yang had no choice but to prepare a backup plan in advance .

Now that the Nine-Colored Lotus made its appearance, Chu Yang, who was already rather on edge, couldn't sit still at once . He rose to his feet quickly and strode out as he said resolutely, "I offer 40,000 Purple Crystals for the Nine-Colored Lotus!"

Mo Qingwu, who had been agonizingly searching for him, gasped . She looked in disbelief at that faraway tall and straight figure standing opposite her, tears streaming down her face and a bittersweet feeling arising in her heart .

She tried her best to wipe away the tears that were steadily streaming down her face, murmuring as she choked on her tears, "Big Brother Chu Yang…" Her voice was small and vague, almost indistinguishable to even herself . But it gave the young girl a sense of realism, that she wasn't dreaming .

Mo Qingwu jumped to her feet and called out to him with all her strength . "Big Brother Chu Yang!"

Tears flowed freely from her eyes and along her cheeks but her shout was filled with extreme joy! Filled with the joy and surprise from reuniting after a long separation, as well as the yearning etched in her bones!

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