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Chapter 1098

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A puzzled Zi Xieqing glanced over at Chu Yang who looked absolutely confident with the corners of his mouth upturned . Only then did something dawn upon her and she sent him a mind message . "You did this on purpose, right? You weren't just solely after Purple Crystals when you dished out all these legendary herbs from the Black Blood Forest?"

Chu Yang smiled lightly while he answered, "Purple Crystals are very important, but it is even more important that these matters are sorted out . "

While taking a few lives could certainly mess up the Upper Three Heavens and setting up people could certainly destabilize the few clans as well, the auction was a kind of medium too, wasn't it? Who wouldn't want all these elixirs?

When one had enough elixirs to go around, they would be able to produce a super expert . When that happened, the strength of the clan would reach an even higher level, be able to occupy more territory, and in turn stabilize their position in the Upper Three Heavens!

This was a matter of top priority that affected endless future generations!

In the face of absolute self-interest, very few would be able to remain level-headed .

But it was exactly such muddle-headedness and overestimation of one's capabilities in that one moment of greed that would induce them to compete against each other . This action of bidding against each other would be able to plant the seeds of disaster that could bring about the demise of a clan .

The Nine Super Clans were all people whose dignity mattered greatly to them . They mustn't act in a way unbefitting of their status even if engaging in a bidding war . To lower their status and compete with a small clan would make them a laughingstock to the other clans, but holding back would suffocate them to no end . Once enough time had passed, that would evolve into murderous intent, and the ones to die would be those foolish enough to go against them!

And once these people made their move, someone would definitely perish . When they fell, there would be no one to head the clan, and if the other Super Clans wanted to devour them, then they would have to go to war .

Once the war started, there would inevitably be confrontations .

Even if they did not kill each other, the seeds of dissent were already sown . No matter what kind of situation, he'd need only to casually instigate something…

When these situations accumulate, Chu Yang and his brothers would be able to incessantly make use of whatever they should be making use of, suppress whoever they should be suppressing, incite disharmony among whoever they desired as much as they wanted and still have everything going their way…

Even inciting a big battle among the clans again at their territorial boundaries… He could do whatever he pleased .

And this was exactly the foundation that Chu Yang was laying for the future!

And exactly what Diwu Qingrou was currently plotting as well .

To Chu Yang and Diwu Qingrou, this was the true value behind this auction . Sure, Purple Crystals could improve one's cultivation, but knowing all these could ensure one's survival instead and even provide further development!

All of these were hidden opportunities! Once uncovered, they would translate to long-term benefits!

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Zi Xieqing could only smile in resignation as she watched Chu Yang plot everything with ease and Mo Lei'er scheme meticulously, neatly listing out proposals and points of potential discourse one by one .

"So devious . " Zi Xieqing exhaled a long breath . Her cultivation level was powerful and she was also extremely intelligent, but if she were to plot all these, she would probably die of exhaustion before even figuring out much .

However, Chu Yang took to it like a fish to water, coming up with everything in an organized manner .

Without a word, he could make them fight among themselves just by tossing them a few stalks of quality herbs . Even if they didn't, merely owning such an elixir would also attract unwanted attention, so they possessed the capital to be the source of disagreements too!

"Still not enough . " Chu Yang sighed, long and hard . "My main objective hasn't been achieved! Instead, I have allowed him to benefit at my expense . "

At the side, Mo Lei'er smiled as she commented in response, "Being able to achieve all these is already a huge surprise . "

Chu Yang smiled back at her . "You're right . "

Dong Wushang asked dumbly, "What?"

Chu Yang and Mo Lei'er brutally scolded in unison, "Pig!"

Rui Butong cracked up in laughter and Dong Wushang said furiously, "What are you laughing at? Not like you got it either?"

Rui Butong answered openly, "I didn't, but neither did I ask . " He had a sneaky grin on his face as he continued, "With someone asking in place of me, not only can I know the answer, I can also enjoy the feeling of laughing at them . "

Dong Wushang's face darkened .

Chu Yang laughed heartily at their exchange and then lapsed into a sigh again .

His main target was, of course, Diwu Qingrou . Chu Yang was absolutely certain that the Diwu Clan was short of elixirs! If not, Diwu Qingrou would not have stockpiled so many elixirs when they were still in Lower Three Heavens!

Therefore, luring Diwu Qingrou out was not an issue .

If Diwu Qingrou were also blinded by greed in the auction, then that would mean that they would have gotten ahold of his weak spot . Chu Yang would then be able to steadily execute his plans step by step, and corner Diwu Qingrou such that the Diwu Clan had no choice but to reveal themselves and be expended .

And not hiding in the dark, setting people up like he was doing now .

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On the other hand, Chu Yang had to be constantly on guard against being set up! If not cornered to a certain extent, a person such as Diwu Qingrou would rather die than fight head-on .

There was not a moment where Chu Yang wasn't thinking of making use of Diwu Qingrou, but couldn't the same be said of Diwu Qingrou toward Chu Yang?

And now the biggest problem was that even though Chu Yang was not in danger, he was an open target, while Diwu Qingrou remained hidden in the dark! And without any handle that could be held against him!

Chu Yang wanted to make use of Diwu Qingrou to subvert, while Diwu Qingrou wanted to use Chu Yang to make an emergence .

However, even though both of them had such intentions, they could do nothing except work together in rapport . There was absolutely no chance of them collaborating face to face with sincerity, because they both had already involved each other in their schemes!

One party's success no doubt indicated the fall of the other party!

This was the reason Chu Yang, while immensely regretful, also felt some anticipation when Diwu Qingrou abandoned further profit and extracted himself after getting a steal .

To be honest, when Chu Yang was arranging such a plan, he was even praying that Diwu Qingrou would not fall for it . Because if he did, it would be hard to avoid losing that delightful feeling of meeting his match during a battle of wits!

Chu Yang would be so disappointed!

Luckily, Diwu Qingrou did not betray his expectations .

When they reached the 30th item with a starting price of 20,000 Purple Crystals, people at the bottom were still calling out bids .

However, someone from the Chen Clan chamber stepped out and with a light cough, said leisurely, "The Chen Clan offers 30,000 Purple Crystals for this!"

Silence ensued at once .

In the end, this elixir was sold at 30,000 Purple Crystals to the Chen Clan .

Chu Yang, whose brows were knitted in concentration at that point, was so mad that he almost exploded!

This was the Golden Jade Black Blood fungus that boasted very strong and potent medicinal properties . In Chu Yang's calculations, it was quality stuff that should've at least reached a price of 70,000 to 80,000 Purple Crystals! To think that it entered the Chen Clan's pockets at just 30,000…

The most aggravating thing was that such incidents took place in succession after that . With the Chen Clan making the initial move, the Li Clan, Ye Clan and Xiao Clan were all mobilized into action . In no time at all, they had already divided seven elixirs among them .

And all in the same style — someone would step out, look around arrogantly and sternly, then cough and say unhurriedly, "We want this!"

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Who dared to stand against them?

Chu Yang was fuming so bad that he was practically smoking .

Damn it all! What a massive loss!

The people of Medicine Valley was also extremely troubled — there was no way the auction could go on after what the Nine Super Clans did . However, it was apparent that the Nine Super Clans were now in a mutual understanding . As long as one of them indicated interest, the rest of the clans would take a step back . Similarly, when other clans indicate their interest in another elixir, this clan would still their hand as well .

The upcoming elixirs were getting more and more premium, how could they let them wreck it?

The people of the Nine Super Clans felt incredibly repressed as well . Was it their fault that the Medicine Valley brought out such quality stuff? Since they wanted both the goods as well as to save costs, how could they not come up with a strategy?

In the second chamber of first-class, Bu Liuqing was so amused that his smile stretched from corner to corner . "Medicine Valley is in a real pickle this time . They are going to have such heavy losses because of the Nine Super Clans . "

Mo Qingwu tilted her head to the side as she commented, "The Nine Super Clans are so shameless… But if my Big Brother Chu Yang is here, he would surely think of a way . "

Bu Liuqing rolled his eyes and didn't speak further, thinking inwardly, "This girl keeps bringing up her Big Brother Chu Yang without fail every chance she gets… I think I'll just shut up . "

Just as the next elixir was going to end up the same way, an inexplicable frightening pressure flooded the entire hall like a tsunami!

The Dharma Supreme let out a resigned laugh, thinking to himself that that person couldn't bring herself to tolerate it any further after all .

Just that he had no idea how she was going to handle this?

Bu Liuqing got the shock of his life and his eyebrows rose as he remarked in astonishment, "How can there be such a powerful person in this world?"

Ye Di and the rest were also rather taken aback . What was this powerful presence up to this time?

She should be turning her nose up at such a standard of elixirs, shouldn't she?

Zi Xieqing released her aura at a moment where nobody expected her to . That wave of pressure ravaged the entire auction hall, oppressing everyone to the point of suffocation .

Everyone was as quiet as a mouse .

Only after a long while did they hear a dispassionate voice going, "So this is how an auction is! This really mystifies me . "

No one dared to utter a single word, as if in a daze .

"If you have the Purple Crystals, you can buy it . If not, get lost!" Zi Xieqing's voice was filled with fury and dominance as she said, "I was the one who provided these herbs from the Black Blood Forest, understand?!"


A sound echoed in unison — the sound of the second grandmasters of the Nine Super Clans falling onto their seats . They sat in their chairs, unable to react for the longest time .

This was a terrible situation indeed .

They had stepped on someone's toes… and they belonged to someone whom they absolutely could not afford to offend right now!

Zi Xieqing said emotionlessly, "We wanted to earn some money but how is it that everyone is benefitting at my expense now?"

Pindrop silence ensued in the entire hall .

"From now on, you'd better have an idea of how much to offer for the upcoming herbs!" Zi Xieqing continued, "As for these nine panaceas, whoever used such a method to win them had better deliver a compensation the amount of double the loss to me!"

Then she said emphatically, "Immediately!" A murderous aura gushed out!

Zi Xieqing did not speak any further .

However, over at the Nine Super Clans, everyone wanted to die . This was a complete embarrassment . Everyone was still happily taking advantage of the situation earlier and now they had to offer up the difference to the seller, and double at that!

But this double compensation… also needed a price tag, didn't it? What if they estimated the value at 50,000 Purple Crystals but she estimated it at 100,000 instead? If that was the case, they would still be in deep sh*t even if they were to deliver the compensation!

Everyone was filled with regret instantly . Damn it, were they bored out of their minds or what, to take such unfair advantage of others?

With no other choice, each Super Clan did the calculations and forced themselves to prepare Purple Crystals amounting to four times the value and sent someone to deliver them . They were vexed to no end .

Something originally worth 50,000 Purple Crystals now had to be paid for with 200,000 Purple Crystals instead!

And offered up meekly and subserviently, accompanied by caution to boot!

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