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Chapter 1076

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Following this bizarre display of bodily movements, the Dharma Supreme's hand actions became slower and slower .

It was obvious that at the start, when the Dharma Supreme punched, he was extending his arm fully and fiercely, with all his might . However, the attack from Bu Liuqing got stronger and fiercer and it seemed as if the Dharma Supreme could no longer handle them . As soon as he started to withdraw his attacking arm, his other arm had already extended . However, only till halfway and it met up with the sword of Bu Liuqing .

The distance between both of them drew closer .

Under the sword light, Bu Liuqing turned upside down and his beard was glittering! His eyes were filled with murderous intent, but his face still remained cold and stiff .

All of a sudden, the Dharma Supreme let out a long cry and he flew up into the sky . With a stamp of the feet, he interrupted two strokes of sword light and immediately after, the Dharma Supreme shot himself outwards like an arrow, with his legs first .

Towards a storm of swordplay .

The two legs of the Dharma Supreme appeared to be like two water dragons emerging from the sea, bringing whirlwinds along with it and a thick gust of black gas . The lightning-fast footwork destroyed three hundred sword plays and sword light . The Dharma Supreme had reached within seven or eight feet of Bu Liuqing!

Immediately after, the Dharma Supreme started to rotate his whole body rapidly like a windmill .

At the same time, the entire heaven and earth appeared to start rotating, together with the rotation of the Dharma Supreme . Besides, the Dharma Supreme began to make a weird gesture with these two hands and all of a sudden, the sky became densely covered with black gas!

At the same time, both Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian, who were standing next to Zi Xieqing, started to feel a little giddy .

At this moment, both of them felt that their heads were on the floor; their legs, on the other hand, had become the blue sky!

However, it was obvious that both of them did not move at all!

Bu Liuqing let out a long cry and said, "The sky becomes the land, the land becomes the sky! Dharma Supreme! Your Divine Nature Powers is indeed extraordinary!" All of a sudden, the long sword went quiet, immediately followed by a loud screeching sound of the sword!

At this moment, the short sword hanging by the waist of Wu Qianqian suddenly broke out of its sheath and floated in mid-air, in front of Wu Qianqian . The tip of the sword was pointed towards Bu Liuqing .

Chu Yang's pupils shrank rapidly!

The Dharma Supreme laughed faintly and said, "Bu Liuqing, you have finally revealed your trump card . I have underestimated you, you are indeed the Supreme Martial Artist of Swords!"

Bu Liuqing smiled coldly and replied, "The Supreme Martial Artist of Swords shall control the fate of this world! Your Divine Nature Powers is a joke in front of me! Don't forget that this is the world of the Nine Heavens, the place where swords dominate everything!"

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With a loud sound, the long sword flew up into the sky . In an instance, the sword was already well camouflaged within the starry sky . Following which, a strange sight appeared in front of Chu Yang and the others .

At this moment, the entire starry sky was divided into two, following Bu Liuqing and the Dharma Supreme . At the side of Bu Liuqing, every single one of the stars was twinkling with eye-catchy sword light, shining from the sky onto the ground!

All the numerous stars were glittering at the same moment, forming a Milky way in the sky!

Bu Liuqing stood sternly in the middle of the sky . He raised his right hand and shouted, "Milky Way Slash! Destroy!"

Following his hand gesture, the entire sky of stars all pointed their sword light in the direction which Bu Liuqing was gesturing at . In an instance, it looked as if there was a long sword, a few hundred feet long, pointing and flying rapidly towards the Dharma Supreme!

At the same time, the Dharma Supreme also completed his last hand sign . He smiled indifferently and raised one of his fingers .

Behind him, the unlimited starlight transformed into a radiant and powerful current . It was just like that of Bu Liuqing, the powerful current transformed into a giant fist, clashing together with Bu Liuqing's giant sword!

"Bu Liuqing, you are able to direct the power of stars into sword energy, how can you not know that the power of stars is also a type of Nature powers?" the Dharma Supreme smiled and said, "In front of my Divine Nature powers, your way of directing the power of stars into sword energy, isn't it like a joke?!"

Bu Liuqing replied, "Whether is it a joke or not, you shall see after having a taste of it!"

Bu Liuqing snorted and raised his hands . The giant star power sword and the giant star power fist clashed violently together .

Following a loud 'bang', the entire sky became spangled with stars!

Immediately after, the sky again became quiet . At the instance when their energies came into contact with each other, the two energies strangely agglomerated together . Under such conditions, as long as the energies did not explode, none of them can think of leaving the place!

The sword of Bu Liuqing fell from the sky and turned into a stream of light, sitting into the hands of Bu Liuqing . He stared firmly at the Dharma Supreme and said gently, "This Mercy Sword has been changed to No Mercy, to revenge the fallen brothers!"

The Dharma Supreme stood in mid-air, motionless . However, he said indifferently, "You have your sword, I have my fist . The sword is just a sword, yet the fist also means power! Clenching your fist is equivalent to holding onto power! To pack a punch, that's an authority! The sword can only kill, but power and authority can control and dominate! Bu Liuqing, you will never be my match!"

Following a loud rumble, the agglomerate of starlight energies finally exploded into a radiant display of colors . In an instance, the sky was filled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors . Within a radius of a few thousand miles, everywhere was similarly brilliant and vibrant .

Amid the laughter, the Dharma Supreme flew out like a sharp sword and soon disappeared without a trace .

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However, Bu Liuqing still remained at the same spot, motionless . His expressions were serious!

The Dharma Supreme finally broke free of his preemptive area of control . Previously, he had used his imposing momentum, together with 13,000 years of sadness and anger redirected as the power for revenge . Bu Liuqing took the upper hand in terms of moral ethics . Furthermore, on the basis of justice, he also created a psychological weakness for the Dharma Supreme . Therefore, he was able to gain the upper hand and obtained the chance for a preemptive strike!

During the battle, the Dharma Supreme only had to take a step back and it would be all smooth sailing for Bu Liuqing!

However, the Dharma Supreme held on tight and never gave up an inch at all .

At this moment, following the explosion, the Dharma Supreme had finally escaped Bu Liuqing's control . Starting now, it was the Dharma Supreme's turn to attack .

"What the Dharma Supreme said is not wrong . No matter how strong the sword is, it is, after all, a lone ranger . However, with authority and power, one can change the entire world! Therefore, at this point, his heart is more calm and confident than mine!"

Bu Liuqing was frowning as he went through these ideas in his mind . Suddenly, he laughed coldly and said, "However, for those holding on to authority and power, if they were to abuse it, it would similarly be planting evilness in their heart! If it was Dongfang Badao, he could have put his authority to good use due to his selfless heart . So what if you have authority and power? You are no more than a despicable scumbag who stole and occupied another person's body . "

The three people watching the fight heaved a sigh in relief . Chu Yang said sternly, "It has now reverted to a state of equivalent strength between the two . "

Wu Qianqian was just about to speak when suddenly she felt the ground under her feet shake .

The three of them took a look and both Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian gasped in shock at what they saw .

From afar, a mountain shook for a moment . Suddenly, it lifted off the ground and flew into mid-air .

This mountain was a few thousand feet tall with a radius of a few miles . It was like a giant stick, flying into the sky straight and upright, skewering the clouds together .

Zi Xieqing said loudly, "Watch carefully!"

With a stroke of the hand, following a bang, the mountain suddenly appeared right in front of them .

A black figure could be seen revolving around the mountain at high speed . He struck the mountain palm after palm . By the time he finished this round, the entire mountain had been compressed by his palm force, into something at least 20 times smaller .

Immediately after, the black figure used one hand to grab onto the base of the mountain and stood firm with two legs straight . He let out loud laughter and said, "Bu Liuqing! Take a beat from my stick!"

Using the mountain as a stick, the black figure whacked down the stick, aiming straight for the head and face .

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Wu Qianqian rubbed her eyes in disbelief .

Her tiny mouth was wide open .

There was actually such a thing in this world!

Chu Yang suddenly remembered what Han Xiaoran had said, 'That year, during the fight at Wu Jue Cheng, both the Dharma Supreme and his opponent held a mountain each on their hands and was clashing the mountains together, right in the mid-air . '

Zi Xieqing's eyes flashed and she suddenly grabbed hold of Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian . In an instance, they flew to that mountain . Following the waving by the Dharma Supreme, the three of them felt the earth moving rapidly towards them . The sceneries at both sides quickly became a blurry shadow .

Wu Qianqian was afraid and wanted to shut her eyes .

"Don't shut your eyes!" Chu Yang shouted, "Look! This is the rarest experience!"

Being brought up to this mountain by Zi Xieqing, both Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian were then directly participating in this pinnacle of all fights! Regardless of the result, this experience would definitely be unforgettable!

In terms of the benefits to the cultivation of Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian, it had an immeasurable amount of significance!

Chu Yang thought in this mind, 'In the entire world, probably only Zi Xieqing could do this and probably only she would do so much for me . '

At this moment, Chu Yang suddenly felt the immense expectations that Zi Xieqing had for him!

In front, a beam of sword light appeared like lightning and thunder! Bu Liuqing shouted, "It's only a piece of rock, what could happen if you catch it?"

In a beam of sword light, it was actually hundred over feet in width and over a hundred feet in length . Coming straight like a thunderbolt!


Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian felt some violent tremors . At this moment, they almost vomited from the pain!

"I have allowed this energy to enter here on purpose . This amount of energy is about one out of ten-thousandths of the energy that was created when they clashed outside!" Zi Xieqing looked forward and told the two of them indifferently .

Both of them were shocked, 'One out of ten-thousandths of the energy!'

Immediately after, there was again, another sense of weightlessness coming from the legs . It was the Dharma Supreme who had snatched over this giant 'stick' and swung it downwards .

Boom Boom Boom!

The sound of heavy clashing and impact could be heard one after another; Chu Yang and the others moved from the front tip of the stick all the way to the back end of it . This was because… the front tip had already been sliced away by Bu Liuqing, as if he was slicing away a radish…

Finally, this 'stick' made from the mountain was thrown from the hands of the Dharma Supreme, together with the sound of a thunderbolt .

Zi Xieqing, Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian naturally got 'Thrown out' together with the 'stick'

Bu Liuqing was still in his long green robe, clean and free from dust . He was standing straight upright, looking proud . His face was clean and bright . His eyes were sharp and his long sword was like snow!

His green robe fluttered in the air and he raised his legs in mid-air to kick away this incoming 'stick' . Immediately after, with a turn of his body, there was suddenly tens of thousands of Bu Liuqing that appeared in mid-air!

It was as if ten thousand people were howling at the same time . Following after, each of the tens of thousands of Bu Liuqing went straight at the Dharma Supreme, advancing wave after wave!

The Dharma Supreme let out laughter . With a turn of his body, out came also tens of thousands of himself that went ahead to face the incoming attacks .

In the sky, it was as if firecrackers were being fired off while the two groups clashed and exploded .

Only that these firecrackers were simply too loud and explosive .

The three spectators flew to the area above the fight and looked on intensely .

After a long while, Zi Xieqing let out a sigh and said, "These two have equivalent strengths . Neither of them can kill the other person . Bu Liuqing has the strength of his sharp sword energy that carries him forward and the Dharma Supreme has a profound level of cultivation . These two strengths perfectly matched up with each other and negated the advantage that each of them has . "

"There is a strong amount of energy within the body of the Dharma Supreme, which has yet to be released . Once this energy is released, it is almost with certainty that Bu Liuqing will die . However, this energy is detrimental to the Dharma Supreme as well . Therefore, if it is released, the Dharma Supreme may explode instantly . All of this will result in a situation where they perish together!"

"You both can stop watching the fight . Any more watching may be useless to you both as you most likely will not be able to appreciate it . " Zi Xieqing analyzed the situation indifferently . Suddenly, she turned her head and asked Chu Yang, "Would you like the Dharma Supreme to die?"

Chu Yang smiled indifferently and said, "Not now . If he were to die now, the entire Nine Heavens would fall into chaos . The current me does not have the power to organize the Nine Heavens . Just a defeat to him will be fine!"

None of the two people fighting would have imagined that their victories or defeat, would actually be determined by a nineteen-year-old junior who was merely just a fourth grade Saint of Swords .

. . .

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