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Chapter 1067

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Most of the people present were stunned upon hearing what Yue Lingxue said .

Especially Xiao Clan, Shi Clan… and the other great clans . Instantly, they were taken aback . What has this matter got to do with his disciple?

'Why would Yue Lingxue be standing here all of a sudden, looking for his disciple?'

'Could it be that… the Elder of Three Stars Divine Clan is the disciple of Yue Lingxue?'

The people of Ye Clan were stupefied . In their minds, they thought that Angel Wu was still in their house in the middle of Peaceful Jade Lake . Now that the house had collapsed, was she still alive?

The people of Lan Clan became high-spirited suddenly . Lan Changge stepped forward and said, "Senior, the people from Ye Clan had used despicable methods to kidnap Angel Wu . They were thinking of doing something bad to her when it was witnessed by us . After all, the relationship between Senior and Lan Clan has always been deep . Therefore, answering the righteous call, we chased after them to get Angel Wu back . However, the people of Ye Clan did not know what shame is . They actually dared to retain Angel Wu and refused to hand her over… Therefore, our two clans fought until now . "

As Yue Lingxue had left a moment earlier, he was unaware of the entire origin and development of the situation . He nodded his head and said, "It has been tough on you…"

Suddenly, from far, came another white figure roaring along the way . That person was Feng Yurou .

The person arrived as soon as the sound did . "Shua!" and she landed beside Yue Lingxue . With her hands, she gave a tight slap to Lan Changge and sent him flying into the air . He was spinning in the air like a gyro spinning for over fifty or sixty rounds, without any signs of landing back to the ground .

"Rou'er, what are you doing…" Yue Lingxue looked at his wife, full of anger on her face .

"This is an evil plot of the Lan Clan! First, they kidnapped Qianqian, then drugged her with aphrodisiacs and others to knock her out . Simultaneously, they let Lan Muxue delay us with his dinner treat and they framed Ye Clan . After which, they would rescue Qianqian out, but with no antidote in sight, they would let this guy have sexual intercourse with Qianqian as a way to neutralize the poison . Thereafter, we would be unable to blame him… It's all made by the Lan Clan!"

Feng Yurou was trembling with anger . Fiercely, she said, "These are the people whom we trusted! This is what we get for our relationship with the Lan Clan! We are really blind…"

Only until she finished, did Lan Changge's body fall back to the ground and he clearly fainted immediately .

Yue Lingxue was so angry that his body was trembling with anger . A handsome face also turned white from extreme anger . He abruptly turned his head and stared down sharply at the people from Lan Clan . He said, "Are these true?"

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The various Lan Clan exponents behaved as if they were struck by lightning . All of them avoided eye contact with Yue Lingxue .

Seeing such a scenario, how could Yue Lingxue not understand the truth of what had happened?

"It was told by the lady Senior during our battle that day, how could it be false!" Feng Yurou reinforced the fact and also the anger .

Yue Lingxue looked at the sky and let out a burst of sad and angry laughter . He said, "What a great Lan Clan! What a great Lan Muxue! Such tender regard for us! Taking us couple as fools and playing with us, Ha Ha Ha… good, it's good, really good!!"

By the time the last three good was mentioned, his face was already filled with cold murderous intentions . Every word was filled with the strongest intent to kill, sending a chill down people's spine .

The other clans realized something was amiss in this matter . They thought, 'Could it be that this matter is… that? And… it's all a misunderstanding?'

Any further thoughts beyond this point were driving the crowd despondent and more confused .

They could not help but want to leave the place!

"Everyone shall stay right where you are! Whoever moves will die!" Yue Lingxue exploded with his loud and clear voice . Suddenly, everyone stayed put without moving an inch, as if they were immobilized with a magic spell .

Not to say leave, the crowd did not even dare to tremble .

Should there be a tremble and Yue Lingxue mistook it as a 'movement', then their death by the hands of Yue Lingxue would be unjust .

Yue Lingxue was already in a towering rage . Such a gentle and elegant person could actually speak such words .

"Those from Lan Clan, take a step forward! Those from Ye Clan, take a step forward!" Yue Lingxue gave his orders with a scrutinizing vision and in a deep voice which sounded as if they leaked out of the gaps between his teeth .

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This time around, it was the Ye Clan who felt relieved of their burden!

Finally, the injustice was undone! At this moment, they felt as if the dark clouds were finally dispelled and they could see the bright sunlight . They took the step forward with joy .

The people from Lan Clan were comparatively more helpless, slowly taking their time to step ahead .

Yue Lingxue stared at them and used his palms to strike an attack . Instantly, the two Seventh Grade Martial Saints who were still hesitating whether to step forward or not became two piles of muddy flesh!

Yue Lingxue said coldly, "Too slow!"

Having witnessed this, there was no longer a need to hurry them . Everyone from Lan Clan took a step forward agilely .

"Ye Clan, send someone to fetch me my disciple!" Yue Lingxue gave the order without even looking back .

"Yes!" the leading Supreme Martial Artist of Ye Clan answered excitedly . He quickly ordered the Martial Saint behind him, "Quick! Go fetch Angel Wu here, quickly . "

"Yes!" That Marital Saint exponent answered with high spirits and ran in like a wisp of smoke .

The leading Supreme Martial Artist of Ye Clan turned to look at Yue Lingxue, with some flattery, he said, "Supreme Martial Artist Yue, ever since Angel Wu was sent to our place by the Lan Clan, we had already exposed their evil plot . Since then, we had given Angel Wu our attentive care, there is not a bit of unruliness… Until now, Angel Wu is safe and sound! For this, I dare to use my life as a guarantee!"

"Um . " Yue Lingxue nodded his head slowly . Knowing that his disciple was safe and sound, he then heaved a sigh in relief . However, his facial expression did not relax any bit but became more serious .

Looking at the crowd from Lan Clan, he asked, "Whose idea was this?"

The people from Lan Clan stared speechlessly at each other . A few of them could not help it but glance over to Lan Changge, who was lying unconscious on the ground .

"This brat's idea?" Yue Lingxue raised his hands and channeled his internal energy to give a suction . The body of Lan Changge flew up and landed at his feet . "Pu!" and Lan Changge was kicked into the air .

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Lan Changge screamed terribly . Suddenly, he regained consciousness and was petrified . He exclaimed, "I am being wronged . "

Yue Lingxue gave a snort, raised his fingers and pressed on his body three times through the air .

Instantly, on Lan Changge's body, although he had his clothes on, it was visible that the muscles of his whole body instantly swelled up . Lines and lines of veins were like earthworms swelling up . These 'earthworms' then continued to swell up, rolled about and wrapped around…

The highest level of Body-Severing and Bone-Moving technique!

Lan Changge screamed terribly and tossed around in pain . However, after two screams, he could no longer scream from the excruciating pain…

"Who did it?" Yue Lingxue asked indifferently as he stared unsympathetically at Lan Changge, who was rolling in pain on the ground .

A person dressed in green stepped out from the assemblage of Lan Clan's people and said proudly, "It was I who went to kidnap Angel Wu . It was originally a good plan, but who knew it was actually an evil plot by others! Since now that the matter has been exposed, I have nothing else to say . I shall use my life and offer it as an atonement to Supreme Martial Artist Yue . I hope that you would not implicate others!"

He finished this sentence and without any hesitation, he lifted his hands and landed a palm attack directly on his own head . Instantly, his brains burst open, his body swayed twice and he finally fell to the ground .

Everyone present kept quiet out of fear .

Yue Lingxue laughed ruthlessly and said, "Did I let you die? You wanted to use death as a way out of this difficult scenario, it's not going to be so easy! Get back here!"

Suddenly he exclaimed, with both hands continuously making a series of complicated motion . Everyone present could witness that within the night sky, a thick and heavy fog was gradually taking shape . Slowly but surely, the fog consolidated to become a finger-sized small human . The crowd could see it clearly that this small human that was formed from the fog, although small, had intricate facial features and all four limbs were present . The face was exactly that of the Ninth Grade Martial Saint who just committed suicide!

At this moment, it was a frightened face! Yue Lingxue raised one of his hands and held this small human within . He said indifferently, "You actually wanted to use death as an easy way out and then reincarnate as a human for your next life? You actually did such a thing, not to say reincarnate as a human, I'll make sure you cannot even be a ghost!"

Suddenly, purple fumes rose from his face and he clenched his five fingers and said, "Let your soul be completely destroyed!"

Instantly a "Boom!" sound was heard and the small human's body suddenly exploded . It turned into thin fog and dispersed into the air!

His godly soul!

Yue Lingxue did not even let a dead person rest in peace . He had to consolidate the person's soul, only to break and to disperse it again!

One could already tell how furious he was at this stage!

Right now, Lan Changge was already too exhausted to even roll on the ground . On his head, a few other veins were bulging out, as if he had grown some weirdly shaped pimples or lumps on his head .

His chin had been torn open by the bulging veins, revealing a mouth of white teeth . Even the tongue was lying out in open view and Lan Changge was already exhausted beyond words .

At this moment, the Ye Clan exponent, who had gone into the Peaceful Jade Lake, ran out frantically . Looking at how he was, it must have been extreme panic . This kind of martial art exponent, actually tripped and fell while on his way down the stairs .

"This is not good… it's not good…" His lips were fluttering and his eyes were filled with fear and panic . His whole body was quivering in odd shapes and motions as if he had an epileptic attack . Finally he said, "Wu… Wu… Wu Wu Wu… Angel Wu is missing…"

"Missing?" The leading Ye Clan Supreme Martial Artist, who had been smiling at the sufferings of Lan Clan turned stiff . Following which, he flew into a rage and asked, "How did she go missing?"

"Missing?" Yue Lingxue heard this word and he was burning with anger within . With a swing of his hands, he grabbed onto the clothes of the leading Ye Clan Supreme Martial Artist and fiercely dragged him to the front of himself and asked, "You bast*ard! What happened to your guarantee? Seeing that the Lan Clan had happily fooled us, are you telling me that you would like to join them in fooling us as well?!"

"No No No… we definitely have no such intentions!" This Supreme Martial Artist of Ye Clan was petrified . Seeing the impatience, anxiety and anger in Yue Lingxue's eyes, he knew that Yue Lingxue had now reached a stage where he could easily massacre an entire city if he heard something that did not suit his liking . Therefore, he did not dare to hesitate in his response . Hurriedly, he explained, "Senior Yue… I, I saw her just now… She was really there… Right! Could she have been snatched away by the Lan Clan already?"

Yue Lingxue let go of him and turned over to kick Lan Changge . Instantly he released the Bone-Severing and Bone-Moving method on him and kicked him upright . Angrily, he said, "Where is my disciple?"

Lan Changge took a sigh of relief and immediately said helplessly, "I really don't know… really don't know… this is really not our doing…" He knelt down on the floor and started to cry and kowtow continuously .

In his mind, he was extremely regretful . He knew that the Supreme Martial Artist was not to be trifled with . Yet, he thought of such a lousy idea . Now he had caused his clan members to lose their lives as well .

. . .

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