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Chapter 1060

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When Chu Yang went to look for Wu Qianqian the next morning, he felt an agonizing pain on his buttocks .

He did not know what had gotten into Zi Xieqing, causing her to be so ruthless this time .

Even the use of an incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill could only heal the majority of the wounds, although it did not affect his movements, every time he walked, his buttock muscles would still ache like mad .

Chu Yang was grimacing in pain throughout his entire journey to the Jiaxiu building .

Wu Qianqian got a big shock when she saw him . "What happened? Are you hurt?"

"I am seriously injured…" Chu Yang wrinkled his nose .

"Where is your injury? Let me take a look . " Wu Qianqian walked over anxiously .

"It is on my buttocks…" Chu Yang said bitterly, "It is swollen from the beatings…"

Wu Qianqian was dumbfounded and her face turned into a reddish hue . She yelled at him, "Hooligan!"

"I am wronged! This is really the truth…" Chu Yang felt extremely wronged .

"Hmmph! I don't believe you . " Wu Qianqian looked at him in contempt .

Since ancient times, when did the battles between experts ever result in injuries nowhere but on the buttocks? Wu Qianqian naturally thought that Chu Yang was playing a joke on her .

"Sigh, how about… let's talk about proper business . " Chu Yang said, resigned .

"Hmmph!" Wu Qianqian snorted another time .

"How are your preparations going?" Chu Yang pulled Wu Qianqian to the table, he picked up the writing brush, dipped it into the water and wrote on the table . After every stroke of the brush, the water dried up and only Wu Qianqian could see what he wrote previously .

Wu Qianqian took the brush from him . "I am prepared . "

Chu Yang continued to write . "Is your Teacher aware of it? You have not told her, have you?"

"No . My Teacher is filled with hatred and jealousy, she is incapable of turning a blind eye, if she had found out about it, she would have already dashed over to kill . "

"Okay . I have a bag of medicine here; you will have to ingest it tomorrow night . As long as you don't use your divine energy and cultivation level, it will have the same effect as the bag of medicine he gave me . At the appointed time, if your Teacher is not able to rush over in time, you need to abstain from summoning your cultivation base, after which you will be able to recover immediately . "

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"Okay . "

"Something big will happen tomorrow, you need to be prepared for it . "

"I understand . "

Both finished writing .

Chu Yang laughed heartily . "Angel Wu has an unexpectedly strong foundation, within such a short period of time, you have already made such great improvements, it seems like my treatment plan is going to come to an end, congratulations, Angel Wu . "

Wu Qianqian smiled gently and said, "That's all thanks to the highly-skilled doctor's abilities to bring a serious patient back to life . "

Chu Yang said modestly, "Not at all, Angel Wu really has a firm foundation! How about this, Angel Wu," Chu Yang muttered, "Angel Wu's wounds are almost completely healed, but still not fully healed yet, under such circumstances, the wounds are very sensitive . "

"How about this, after you ingest the medicine today, I will go back and come up with another remedy immediately . It will be delivered to you tomorrow afternoon and after you take the medicine, I swear on my honor that your injuries will be completely healed and there will not be any medical after-effects . "

Chu Yang pledged in all seriousness .

"Afternoon?" Wu Qianqian said, confused, "All this while, Doctor Chu, you always came over in the morning, why did you change it to an afternoon visit tomorrow?"

After she said this, although Wu Qianqian did not sense it, Chu Yang could feel slight undulation of the divine sense that had been flawlessly concealed all this time .

Chu Yang looked perfectly calm, he said, "Angel Wu, you may not have been aware of this, but initially, I thought that your wounds would need at least three days to heal . However, to my surprise, you actually possess such a strong foundation, and I have not even begun to prepare the medicine…"

"Angel Wu, I am sure that you are aware of the fact that for many medications, if preparations are not done in advance, it will result in the loss of medicine efficacy . Also, I would need some time to prescribe the medicine at such short notice . I will leave now to prepare, and I would need the night to warm and moisten the medication, after which I will use a secret formula to extract the essence of the medicine . I will then soak it in a specially made medicinal liquid for a certain duration before I can remove it from the liquid to formulate into the medication for you to consume . At this rate, I may not be able to deliver it by tomorrow afternoon or evening . "

"I see," Wu Qianqian looked apologetic while she said gratefully, "Doctor, you really have done a lot for Qianqian . "

Chu Yang said earnestly, "As long as Angel Wu can recover completely, even if I were to work ten times harder than right now, I am willing to do so . "

Wu Qianqian stopped talking and gazed at his face . She said, "Then, I'll have to trouble you, doctor . "

Chu Yang gave an unrestrained smile . "Please take a rest now and regain your energy, Angel Wu, after tomorrow night, all the pain would be gone . "

"Thank you, Sir . " Wu Qianqian bowed .

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"Goodbye . "

"Let me send you out, Sir . "

The two of them walked down the Jiaxiu building, one after the other, Chu Yang bowed and Wu Qianqian returned the bow respectfully as she watched Chu Yang leave .

As usual .

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary .

In the Jiaxiu building, the divine sense that had been concealed seemed to be relieved and retreated . . .

When Chu Yang returned, Zi Xieqing was in the courtyard stretching her body slowly and she made an unimaginably queer action .

Even though Chu Yang's buttocks still hurt like hell, he could not stop himself from laughing .

The movement that Zi Xieqing was practicing at the moment was exactly what he had been practicing every morning: the unbounded heaven and earth series . He did not expect that the moves he had been practicing daily had been perfectly mastered by Zi Xieqing .

Even though Chu Yang could perform these moves naturally and gracefully, he was, after all, a man; as demonstrated by Zi Xieqing today, as she used her perfectly shaped body to perform these moves, they appeared unexpectedly pleasing to the eyes .

When Chu Yang arrived, both of Zi Xieqing's legs were pinned to the ground, she straightened her back and slowly leaned back as she put her head through her underarms; she proceeded on to use both of her hands to grab her chin from the front and pulled it gently .

At once, she lifted her body off the ground and maintained this round-shaped position in air while turning around in circles .

Her beautiful hair was also flying in the air .

Chu Yang looked at her all-the-more erect breasts resulting from the intentional arching of her body, and could not help but swallow his saliva .

What an alluring woman!

I would like to see how alluring this seductress can be! Chu Yang gave himself an excuse in his heart to watch without qualms .

After some time, Zi Xieqing wrapped up with her practice, she wiped away the fragrant sweat on her forehead and walked over .

The peculiar thing about this set of moves was that when you practiced these moves, you were not allowed to use any of your divine energy, you could only use your most primitive physical strength .

Hence, even Zi Xieqing was drenched in fragrant sweat after practicing it for a while .

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"How is it?" Chu Yang smiled and asked .

"Not bad . " Zi Xieqing contemplated for a while, she praised profusely . "This set of moves is indeed formidable and matchless; even though practicing it would not improve my skills or my cultivation level, it seems to be faintly compatible with the trail of the avenue…"

"Hmm? This is not right . " Zi Xieqing said halfway and changed her mind . "This set of moves… it should be filled with traces of life; every move should fill you with vigor and make you feel the rhythm of life… and only after a certain degree will you comprehend the meaning of life . That is when you will use this set of moves to ponder and think about the trail of the avenue . "

"You are great!" Chu Yang could not restrain himself from complimenting her .

He really could not believe that through observing him practice these moves a few times, Zi Xieqing could actually, without guidance, appreciate the best part about this set of Kungfu .

"To me, this set of Kungfu is very useful . " Zi Xieqing said lightly .

She said as she looked at Chu Yang .

"I will explain to you step by step, and pass you the formula . " Chu Yang laughed heartily .

"Great!" Zi Xieqing agreed readily, she smiled . "You may not understand what I mean but I am very sure that this set of moves is definitely my greatest gain since the first time I arrived at the Nine heavens continent!"

"I am greatly honored . " Chu Yang laughed .

Shortly afterward, he meticulously explained how this set of moves worked to Zi Xieqing . While explaining, he assumed his posture and did a demonstration .

Zi Xieqing watched him with utmost concentration and firmly memorized the steps by heart .

"Let's practice it together tomorrow morning . You can follow my steps . " Chu Yang smiled . What he admired the most in Zi Xieqing was her temperament .

She was not pretentious at all .

Compared to most people, even though Zi Xieqing was an unparalleled fighter, she possessed a genuineness that was not present in many . She was also very honest .

"Okay!" Zi Xieqing was well aware that it would take time to fully learn the essential spirit . She was certain that although this set of moves seemed ordinary, to her, it was mightier than any other cultivation techniques .

This was because, from a certain point of view, this set of cultivation techniques was an imitation .

It was not created with the capabilities of the human body in mind .

"How is your preparation going?" Zi Xieqing asked .

"I am fully prepared!" Chu Yang answered earnestly .

"Good . " Zi Xieqing praised . She smiled and said, "I only realized now that… even though the use of pure physical force to solve some problems feels great… it does not feel as enjoyable as using underhanded means . It is hard to put this self-satisfaction into words . "

Chu Yang gave a dark smile . "This is why so many people enjoy conspiring behind others' backs, some use it as a means to achieve their goals while others are entertained by this unusual sense of victory and pleasure . "

Zi Xieqing was in deep thoughts .

The ninth day of the lunar month!

This day had finally arrived .

In the afternoon, when Chu Yang left the Orchard Palace for a walk, the sky had already turned dark .

After making two turns, Lan Changge was in sight . He was signaling something to him and looked at him with questioning eyes . The meaning of his gesture was: Moon Breeze had already been invited for a drink . . .

He shot a meaningful glance over: How is your preparation?

Chu Yang signaled for him to relax as he walked over with a smile on his face . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Lan Changge was in joy, an obscene smile crept up his face . Wahahaha, the beauty is almost in my possession…

Lan Changge was almost "frolicking" his way back .

Chu Yang looked at Lan Changge from the corner of his eyes with a look of contempt .

Soon, he moved forward to leave .

Upon reaching the Jiaxiu building, he realized Wu Qianqian had been waiting for a long time, she said apologetically "It has been tough on you, Doctor . It is already this late, you must be very tired?"

Chu Yang laughed and assumed a look of one that was obviously exhausted but was still pretending to be energetic yet was still evidently fatigued… an expression like this . "I am not tired, I am just doing what I should do for you, Angel . The medication has already been boiled, please take it while it is still warm, this will help the medicine work better . "

Wu Qianqian nodded her head gently; she brought the bowl of medicine to her mouth .

They exchanged glances and were communicating with each other in secret .

After that, Wu Qianqian finished the bowl of medicine in one shot .

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