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Chapter 1054

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"Nothing . " The fifth elder rubbed his hands together, looking at Chu Yang with a seemingly standard 'lecherous' smile . "Hehe, I just wanted to ask you… hehe… how do I say this…"

Chu Yang almost ran out of the door . "You are already so old…" he stammered . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The fifth elder glared at him . "What does it have to do with my age? Even if I grow old, my heart remains young!"

Chu Yang sweat-dropped . "What do you want?"

"If this old man asks for anything improper, I am going to give him one tight slap which would cause him to faint and leave," he thought .

"How did you obtain this elixir?" The old man looked at Chu Yang, his mouth drooling with desire .

"Huh?" Chu Yang was taken aback . "Elixir?"

The old frowned and said exasperatedly, "Yes! The elixir!"

"Oh my god…" Chu Yang breathed a sigh of relief . "You scared me half to death… I thought you wanted… that!"

He wiped away his cold sweat .

Now, it became the old man who was confused . He scratched his head, which was sparsely covered with hair, and asked confusedly, "I want what?"

"Uh, nothing," Chu Yang replied, embarrassed .

"Huh? Nothing?" The old man's expression was full of question marks .

"Uhm, this panacea… I got it through a special channel… haha…" Chu Yang changed the topic quickly .

"A special channel?" The fifth elder's eyes shined even brighter, making it seem even more like searchlights .

"Yes . " Chu Yang let out a chuckle and continued, choosing his words carefully, "I have a friend… um, friend, who is on good terms with one of the owners of the black blood forest… haha…"

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"On good terms with an owner of the black blood forest?" The old man became even more agitated and asked incoherently, "This friend of yours, what's his name?"

"Hahaha…" Chu Yang laughed meaningfully .

"Pardon my impudence… hehe, how can I ask such a question?" the fifth elder patted his own forehead self-mockingly and asked, "Does that mean… he has a lot of medicinal herbs from the black blood forest?"

"It's not a lot . " Chu Yang then explained, "This is because after the owner collects the medicine, a part of it is distributed to the people of black blood forest as benefits, so he only gets a small part of it . "

"A small part is quite a lot too . Where is it?" The fifth elder had already moved his buttocks and sat over . "How do you sell them?"

"About that…" Chu Yang opened his mouth but hesitated .

"Just lay out the terms," the fifth elder said confidently, as though he would be able to fulfill whatever terms Chu Yang was going to lay out .

Medicine from the black blood forest was what the nine heavens continent lacked the most .

"Ahem, this friend of mine needs some medicinal herbs which the black blood forest does not have… and purple crystals… a lot of purple crystals… a huge amount of purple crystals…"

Chu Yang's eyes shone slightly . "Fifth elder, everyone brought quite a lot of medicinal herbs for this Medicine Banquet for unexpected needs . However, due to the properties of the medicinal herbs, if they are not used, their medical properties would be reduced and the herbs would be damaged… hence they would usually be dealt with during the banquet itself?"

"That is true," the fifth elder nodded his head and replied, "Elixirs have their own distinctive properties . The more expensive it is, the harder it is to store them . An example is the seven-star exquisite plant . After it is left for a night, some of their leaves would turn soft . Once the leaves turn soft, more than half of its medicinal properties would be lost and it would become somewhat worthless . However, the value of a complete seven-star exquisite plant is sky high . "

"Moreover, the elixir brought to this Medicine Banquet must have the vitality to be chosen . Hence, even if secret techniques were used to protect the elixir, after the long journey here, the elixir cannot be kept for long . Hence, the best way would be to deal with it on the spot . "

"Hmm, this is as I expected . I heard that after the pre-selection rounds, there would be a Medicine Auction hosted by the Zhuge Clan?"

"You want to auction them off? The highest bidder wins?" The fifth elder started frowning .

If that's the case, the Medicine Valley would not be able to get a lot of the herbs .

"I have no choice as well," Chu Yang shrugged, his face helpless . "That friend of mine wants to have the largest profit possible… ahh, a profiteer, a true profiteer . "

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"Largest profit possible… well that can't be helped!" the fifth elder consoled him, before saying excitedly, "Then… how much is he able to bring out this time?"

"He only gave me thirty to forty for now…" he said then stopped .

"So many?!" The fifth elder was tongue-tied .

He could actually get thirty to forty medicinal herbs from the black blood forest just like that? What exceptional means he must have…

"If he lets go of everything he has… he probably has 700-800…" Chu Yang continued .

"God!" the fifth elder shouted, "Oh my god… 700-800… medicinal herbs from black blood forest…" He sucked air in as if he had a toothache and stared at Chu Yang in disbelief . His body tilted back forcefully and he was only slightly away from falling over his chair .

"That's what I heard…" Chu Yang retrieved a piece of paper from within the sleeves of his clothes . "But the amount of medicine not found within the black-blood forest that he needs is a lot too . "

The fifth elder took it and could not help but let out a gasp . The hand he was using to stroke his beard shook and he even pulled out a few strands . "That's a lot indeed! It's really… f*cking comprehensive . Looks like this pharmacist of yours must be a top tier one . Within the myriad of medicine that he chose, there's none that you can't think of, only those you would not expect . Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, tonic medicine, poisonous medicine, it really is comprehensive…"

It was no wonder that the fifth elder was so shocked . Chu Yang's list was essentially an encyclopedia of all the rare medicinal herbs .

Even their appearance, name, age, shape and color were clearly noted down .

If the list was in the hands of amateurs, it would just be a detailed list of medicinal herbs .

However, to the fifth elder, it was astonishing .

Which type of medicine would have the best reaction to which type of medicine; which tonic medicine when combined with which medicine would create a poisonous medicine… which type of precious medicine when added together would become useless instead…

The combinations on the list were entirely seamless .

There were even some that the fifth elder did not know about . Now that he saw them, he was enlightened instantaneously .

After looking at it for a long time, the fifth elder looked up with a solemn expression . "These medicines are not very rare heavenly treasures, a large portion of it can be fully collected . But… just this list alone is very valuable . At the very least, it is worth 500-600 thousand purple crystals . "

Chu Yang nodded his head solemnly, "That's right!"

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"So, I can't only have this list . I need a list of medicinal herbs from black blood forest as well for comparison to give you a definitive answer," the fifth elder said .

"Fifth elder is a straightforward person indeed . " Chu Yang knew that his plan had already half-succeeded and laughed, "I have already prepared the other list . It's here . "

As he said, Chu Yang took out another piece of paper from the sleeves of his clothes and handed it over .

This time, the fifth elder read through it quickly, as though he only read the top few lines, a line in the middle and the last line before folding up the list . He closed his eyes and breathed heavily, before opening his eyes and said, "If that's the case… it can be done!"

Chu Yang nodded his head and said, "My friend is eccentric, he does not like to show his face… also, his identity is sensitive, so I hope you can understand . "

The fifth elder replied, "As long as there is medicine, everything can be further discussed . "

Chu Yang nodded his head and said, "My friend once said that as long as the transaction is successful, and the medicine are all sold, the person in charge can receive ten percent of the profits . "

"Ten percent?" The fifth elder eyes shone . Ten percent might not seem like much, but the fifth elder, who had just looked at the list knew what a tremendous worth of the list of medicine .

Ten percent was enough to make one as rich as a country .

"Can I exchange the ten percent for the elixir instead?" the fifth elder asked hurriedly . At his level, he was not very interested in things like gold, money or purple crystals . The only thing he was interested in was the elixir .

"Of course . " Chu Yang laughed . "Also, the Medicine Valley can participate in the bidding . As long as the Medicine Valley has the ability to do so, you can even buy everything on the list . "

"Buy everything on the list… the Medicine Valley definitely does not have that ability . "

The fifth elder laughed bitterly . "We can only try our best . "

The two of them talked over the details for a long time before Chu Yang casually walked out of the small house and disappeared within the human crowd .

Just when he had stepped out, the fifth elder let out divine transmissions immediately .

In an instance, there were a few curses surrounding Chu Yang .

Chu Yang walked out seemingly not knowing about it .

To him, this was planned quite suddenly . He had originally planned to let medicine from the black-blood forest enter the bidding using Han Xiaoran's name . However, that would cause Han Xiaoran to be in huge danger . Now that there was Medicine Valley, it was a lot more proper .

People from the Medicine Valley would not allow these medicine to be lost, hence the new would not be leaked .

Before they traced Chu Yang until he met up with 'mysterious friend', the Medicine Valley would not do anything . As to them deciding to act earlier and kidnap Chu Yang to force him to talk… Chu Yang had Zi Xieqing by his side now, who would he be scared of?

To be honest, he was more worried that the Medicine Valley would not do anything…

Once they acted and Chu Yang had a hold on them, with Zi Xieqing as the legitimate world's number one martial artist, the Medicine Valley would not be able to win in a physical fight against them . When they couldn't win in a verbal fight against them, they would be controlled by Chu Yang .

If the Medicine Valley did not act and Chu Yang successfully sold the medicine, he would just become rich silently .

However, if the Medicine Valley did act, this whole incident would become a trap aimed at the Medicine Valley! Once the Medicine Valley fell into the trap, with Chu Yang's methods and Zi Xieqing's skills, it's enough to make the Medicine Valley doomed forever .

Hence Chu Yang's mind was set .

He did not need to worry about the Medicine Valley tracking him: There is no such person, even if you have unparalleled tracking methods, how useful would it be?

Chu Yang left casually .

At the highest flat located at the center of the Medicine Banquet, Mo Qingwu who was clothed in red was lying down at the window, smiling and chewing on a sweet while looking at the crowd below .

Suddenly, she seemed to have seen a familiar back view in the large crowd below…

The figure disappeared in the blink of an eye . However, to her, it was filled with familiarity and longing . She thought about him every night… his figure was etched in her heart . Even though it was just his back view, how could she recognize him wrongly?

She shuddered, and she almost cried out loud . It was as though she had turned into the stone and stood frozen at the window . At the next moment, her bright eyes were filled with tears .

In her heart, three words suddenly gushed out, turning into her innermost longing and causing her to fluster .

Brother Chu Yang…

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