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Chapter 1053

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"Black-blooded red fruit!" With that shout, everyone looked over instantly .

Some white-clothed people even abandoned the pharmacists in front of their tables and rushed over .

Those pharmacists were still putting their hearts and souls into the 'gender' question . However, before they could finish thinking, their examiners were already gone .

They were even lost for a moment: I haven't even answered, why have you left? So, am I a male or a female…

After that shout, the white-clothed man in front of him raised his head and sized up Chu Yang intently - from up to down, then from left to right, being very meticulous .

Chu Yang felt his goosebumps rising from being stared at so keenly .

Damn, one Ye Shiyu is scary enough . Moreover, Ye Shiyu is a ladyboy at the very least, that's not counted… What if this guy is really gay…

And has actually taken an interest in me…

At that moment, Chu Yang's thoughts had gone down the deep end…

Then, a few of the white-clothed people had already pounced on the purple crystal box like wolves and were craning their heads to take a look .

"Black-blooded red fruit!"

"It's really a black-blooded red fruit! And the best quality one at that!"

"Oh my god, such a quality red fruit actually exists on this earth! From the looks of it, it took at least ten thousand plus years to grow?"

"What the f*ck are you saying! A red fruit from the Black Blood Forest grows at a rate of a few hundred times slower than those from outside . Below fifteen thousand years, it wouldn't even be ripe yet and you say ten thousand plus years? Even if you are not knowledgeable, you must be sensible at the very least!"

"Let me see, let me see… F*ck! There's really such a thing…"

"What good stuff…"

. . .

Sounds of oohs and aahs filled the place .

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The doctors from Medicine Valley were looking at him with shining eyes and excitement, as though they had found new land . Their cold and aloof personalities previously were long gone .

Chu Yang was stunned by this .

Are these still the same people who were hounding men for their gender?

"People from the Medicine Valley are like this . Other than medicine and medical skills, nothing interests them . These aren't even that bad . The elders are the ones who are really impressive . Even if a supreme martial artist stands in front of them, they will put on a cold, dead face," Han Xiaoran communicated to him .

Chu Yang nodded his head while smiling bitterly .

I don't need you to tell me this, I can already see it .

"However, I like people from Medicine Valley the most . Because, even though they are harsh and ruthless, their attitude towards all patients are the same . They are always like this; no matter who it is they are facing," Han Xiaoran said with a tinge of emotion .

Chu Yang nodded .

"Make way! Make way!" Among the crowd, a bearded white-haired old man was trying to rush to the front while four martial artists were paving the way for him . As the old man was impatient, he kept trying to hasten by shouting: Make way! Quickly make way!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The old man's clothes were clean and tidy . Even though he was on the shorter side, not a strand of hair on his head nor his beard was out of place . If he was not so impatient, he was probably an imposing person normally . However, his hurry at that moment was ruining his image .

But, he obviously did not care about his image anymore .

When he was finally near the front, the old man let out a cough imposingly . "Ahem! Ahem! You lot of bastards with no eye for things! Move away and let me see it!"

After letting out a few coughs which were ignored, the old man became unhappy and berated them .

After that, the crowd made a small gap and the old man elbowed his way in . "I heard this a black-blooded red fruit?" he asked excitedly .

After that…

"Ah! Ahahah! Ah~~~" the old man shouted incoherently, "This is really a black-blooded red fruit! F*ck his mother!"

His saliva flew out like raindrops as he shouted excitedly .

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Everyone sweat-dropped .

The old man seemingly did not realize what he had said as he pounced forward, his eyes glued to the purple crystal box . He took a few breaths greedily, his hands trembling as though he had a disease, and said in a quivering voice, "It's really, really… really… eh? This is wrong… . "

The crowd was shocked: What's wrong? It's obviously right!

One of the pharmacists asked bravely, "Fifth elder, it's right, this is the black-blooded red fruit . "

"What do you know! With your knowledge like the size of an eye of a fly, how would you recognize this?" the fifth elder scolded without raising his eyes .

"How is this a black-blooded red fruit? This is obviously the highest grade red fruit, the exquisite purple snow! Exquisite purple snow!"

The old man started shouting with excitement . He closed the purple crystal box and raised his head . "Who brought this? Who brought this? Stand out!"

It was as though he was asking for a fight .

Chu Yang had already been dumbstruck for a long time .

He knew that medicinal herbs from the Black Blood Forest were valuable, but he also knew that it was valued; he never expected that merely bringing out a black-blooded red fruit would cause such a great commotion!

Chu Yang had still underestimated the value of a medicinal herb from the Black Blood Forest!

From how mind-blowing it had seemed, it looked as if the value was much, much higher than he had expected .

"I was the one who brought it . " Chu Yang had no choice but to bite the bullet and admit it, as the bearded old man's small eyes seemed to have become searchlights, sweeping through the crowd .

"Where are you from?" the fifth elder looked at the young man in front of him and asked, "Why did you bring this? To sell it?"

"No… I brought this…" Chu Yang tried to explain hurriedly .

"It's not to sell it?" The fifth elder was very disappointed and interrupted Chu Yang's explanation as he grasped the box even more tightly . "I will buy it! Okay? What do you want? Elixir? Purple crystals? Or…"

Chu Yang did not know whether to laugh or cry .

"Fifth elder, he is a pharmacist . He's here for the registration," a pharmacist from Medicine Valley near them said cautiously, "This red fruit is for the preliminaries . "

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"Huh?" The fifth elder was startled and suddenly shuddered violently . "Preliminaries?"

He started pacing . "This heavenly treasure is brought out for only a preliminary? What a wastrel! An utter wastrel!"

His eyes widened . "How can such a treasure be used only for preliminaries? This is a desecration of the heavenly treasures . This is an unforgivable crime!"

Chu Yang broke out in cold sweat .

By bringing this out for the preliminaries, I am essentially giving it to you all; you are calling me a wastrel after taking my elixir and saying this a crime…

F*ck you, whose side are you on?

The fifth elder regained his senses . "Eh… does that mean that it's a contribution to the Medicine Banquet? It's ours?"

The pharmacists from the Medicine Valley nodded their heads wordlessly .

Old man, you have finally awakened .

"It's accepted, haha…" The fifth elder blew on his beard and laughed delightedly .

"So… do I pass the preliminaries?" Chu Yang asked carefully .

"Do you pass? Do you even need to ask?" the fifth elder spoke furiously, "This is a desecration to panacea! It's unforgivable if you can't pass with such medicine!"

Chu Yang shut his mouth up wisely .

This old man was agitated half to death by this one red fruit, if he knows I have 34 more… won't he be eating me alive?"

"Bring out the semi-final plaque!" the fifth elder turned around and said ferociously, "Faster!"

A jade plaque was brought out in a moment . "Fifth elder, this is not per the rules… he should be brought to the room and questioned . The plaque should only be given out after he fills in his particulars . " The person who brought out the plaque reminded him in a low voice .

"F*ck the rules!" the fifth elder shouted furiously, "The faster this is done, the faster I can bring back the red fruit to store it properly . This idiot actually stored it in a purple crystal box . That rascal is destroying precious resources . The fruit is already losing its medicinal properties . What a wastrel! If you don't hurry up, I will attach a tail to your buttocks!"

The person was taken aback and hurried over to hand him the jade plaque .

The old man grabbed it and asked Chu Yang, "What's your name?"

"Chu Yang," Chu Yang replied hurriedly .

The old man's finger was like a knife . With a stroke of his finger, the words 'Chu Yang' were carved on the jade plague . However, as it was too messy, it did not look like 'Chu Yang' anymore .

Chu Yang took the plaque and looked it over; it did not look like his name in any way . He could not help but frown . "Elder… the… the words on this plaque… do not really look like my name . "

The old man replied furiously, "You only need to have this plaque, who cares if it looks like your name or not? Look at the number on this: nine! Do you know what that means? When they call number nine, go up… that's definitely the right thing to do… the name is just for reference… move aside… who stores a red fruit like you do? Rascal! If you haven't brought it to me, the red fruit would have lost its medicinal properties completely!"

He looked at Chu Yang dispassionately . "Bring your plaque and follow me . "

Before Chu Yang could keep the plaque, the old man had caught his hand in a vice-like grip and dragged him along through a passageway and into a small house .

The people behind looked at him with envious eyes .

This guy is so lucky . His red fruit caught their fancy just like that .

Once the fifth elder entered the house, he took out a box made out of purple crystal jade core and poured out the medicine inside . He then carefully took out the red fruit in Chu Yang's purple crystal box and placed it in the purple crystal jade core box, before quickly closing the lid .

Only then did he let out a sigh of relief .

He then put the remaining medicine in the purple crystal box, his actions leisurely as compared to before .

After he finished packing, he turned his head and looked at Chu Yang . "What's your name?"

"Chu Yang…" Chu Yang answered speechlessly .

"Oh, oh, I remember now," the fifth elder replied, "Where are you from?"

"I am a pharmacist under the South-east law-enforcement officer," Chu Yang replied with a blackface .

"Oh, oh," the fifth elder said distractedly . He suddenly looked up at Chu Yang, wanting to say something . However, his gaze became blank and he smacked his forehead . "Look at my memory, what's your name again?"

Chu Yang was on the verge of tears . "My name is Chu Yang…"

"Yes, yes . Chu Yang, I called you to ask you something…" The fifth elder was smacking his forehead, but his gaze became even more heated, as though he was a passionate teenage girl who was finally reunited with her lover after a long time apart… deeply affectionate and loving .

Looking at his gaze, Chu Yang could not help but take a step backward as he wrapped his own arms around his own chest instinctively . "What are you doing?" he asked, as if he was a young girl protecting herself against a lecher .

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