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Chapter 1046

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Chu Yang frowned and said, "So that's how it is . " In the blink of an eye, he added, "That's not right, why would the two of them agree to such a method?"

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . "Within my Nine Tribulations Space, they are unable to hide any of their actions or conversations from me . They both have cultivations at the Ninth Supreme Level, so why would they do any of that… that . . that kind of thing right in front of my eyes? This plan is as good as none . "

Zi Xieqing turned red and said angrily, "With the cultivation level of them both, if they did not want you to hear or see anything, do you think that with your insignificant abilities, you can peep successfully?"

Chu Yang continued shaking his head and said, "Still, it will definitely not work . Regardless, they would not agree to it . Even if I am unable to see what they are doing, it would still be a huge humiliation to them both . Therefore, this matter is wishful thinking on your part . "

Chu Yang had absolute confidence that Moon Breeze couple would not agree to such a method .

Even if this method was foolproof, it would still be impossible .

This method involved dignity, which was the most fundamental rights of being a human . Even if it involved just commoners, it would still be impossible . Not to mention, Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou, the couple that had a resounding reputation throughout the Nine Heavens . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Zi Xieqing went quiet . After a long while, she said, "Maybe I had made the matter too simple . Human's dignity and sense of shame and… some other matters are all things that I have not yet understood, or I did not try to understand it . "

Chu Yang nodded and said, "That is exactly the point . "

Zi Xieqing puckered her brows and said, "In this way, it would be troublesome . "

Chu Yang was shocked and said, "I hope you have not already recommended me to them?"

"Not yet . " Zi Xieqing continued to frown and said, "However, I have already told them that it is not impossible for those who practice Moon Breeze As One, to have an offspring… there is a way . "

She laughed bitterly and continued, "Right now, they probably are looking everywhere in this Tianji City for me . My initial plan was to recommend you to them, the moment they found me… And then, you can help them a little at the right moment… Looks like there's going to be a little trouble . "

Chu Yang was dumbfounded, but suddenly he exclaimed, "Big sister, this is not just a little trouble, it is a huge problem! If I really did tell them the plan as you suggested, I can guarantee that I would be beaten to death instantly . I'm going to faint . Big sister, you actually wanted to make the couple, right under my eyes, do that… that kind of thing . Furthermore, it was under the help of my Art of the Nine Heavens…"

He was mortified and speechless . He yelled, "Big sister, what were you thinking…"

Zi Xieqing appeared a little embarrassed . She realized her own mistake and blushed while saying, "How could I have thought this much at that time…"

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Chu Yang was speechless as he stood up to turn a few rounds . He said, "You couldn't think of it then? Aiyo, my Big Sister Zi, putting yourself in their shoes, if the two of us were in the same situation, would you do this in front of them…"

"Shut up!"

"Bop, bop!"

"Bam… bam… bam… bam…"

Chu Yang had yet to finish his sentence and was already given 2 tight slaps . Following which, he received numerous kicks on his stomach continuously . Like a shooting star, his a*s was sent flying away .

As Chu Yang flew away, he crashed through the surrounding walls, 17 yards away and made several plants of the head, before laying down flat on the ground with all limbs spread out .

From inside, the anger and furious voice of Zi Xieqing resounded . Gritting her teeth, she said, "Chu Yang, you are a rogue who deserves to die!"

Chu Yang laid down on the ground with his arms spread out, speechless . As he looked up to the sky, he felt like weeping but had no tears .

Chu Yang thought, 'Which part of me is like a rogue?'

'I'm innocent!'

'I swear to heaven, with my conscience as a witness, I was really just making an analogy! Just an analogy…'

'There's really no other meaning to it…'

As he was getting up from the ground, Chu Yang sensed a delicate stream of fragrance . Upon looking, he saw Wu Qianqian standing gently right in front of him .

"Why are you here?" Chu Yang got up from the ground, a little embarrassed, brushing off the dust and sand from himself .

"I was thinking… These few days, since you have treated my injuries, I would visit you at your place of residence . " Wu Qianqian faintly smiled and asked curiously, "What happened to you? I just arrived and I saw you shooting out like a cannon . What kind of emergency were you attending to? Such that you have to crash through the wall, instead of jumping over it . What's more, with your butt facing the front…"

Chu Yang was utterly embarrassed and said, "You have seen it all, haven't you?"

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"Yes, I saw everything . Could it be possible that you were kicked out here by someone?" Wu Qianqian blinked playfully and looked at the obvious shoe print in front of Chu Yang . Almost laughing out, Wu Qianqian said, "Who knew that our influential and all-powerful Chu Yang would have such a side of him . "

Chu Yang shrugged while his face turned entirely black . He said, "It's all because of my loose mouth . I said something inappropriate that offended the beauty . "

"Offended the beauty?" The eyes of Wu Qianqian gleamed with a mysterious glow . She said, "Could it be that one of your sweethearts is inside there right now?"

Following which, Wu Qianqian headed inside . "This, I would really like to experience it myself . "

Hurriedly, Chu Yang went forward to stop her . With a little anxiety, he said, "No… No… This…"

Wu Qianqian raised her hands to lightly push Chu Yang aside . Wu Qianqian smiled and said, "What are you afraid of? As a married woman now, do you think that I can do any harm to your sweetheart now?"

Chu Yang was tongue-tied .

By now, Wu Qianqian had already opened the door and headed inwards .

With no other way out, Chu Yang could only follow behind Wu Qianqian, and they entered the Orchard Palace together .

In his mind, Chu Yang thought, 'What could go wrong? I have always been upright and open about what I do . Therefore, there is never for me to fear . Amongst the two women inside, one of them is my sister and the other has no relationship with me . There is all the more, no emotional entanglements to talk about…'

'And I'm lucky that there isn't . Otherwise, it is almost impossible that I can win her in a fight . How can I survive my days like this? Wouldn't it put me in a situation where I need their permission before I can do anything? F*ck! That's absolutely out of the question!'

'Furthermore, Wu Qianqian is only the Queen of Iron Cloud . No matter how you put it, she has no right to control what I do . '

Although it was not wrong to say this, deep within this heart, Chu Yang still felt something amiss . It was a weird feeling that even himself could not figure out why .

"The environment of your Orchard Palace seems pretty nice . Although it's not as majestic looking as my Jiaxiu Building, in terms of elegance, it is definitely many times better . "

As she walked along, Wu Qianqian had nothing but praises for the decoration of the Orchard Palace .

Something jolted his mind and Chu Yang thought of what had happened when he just arrived . The thousand miles of orchard fragrance from Diwu Qingrou . Chu Yang was startled and he thought, 'Could it be that this Palace was what Diwu Qingrou had fought hard for me? But why?'

The past few days had been satisfying for Wu Qianqian . Every day, Chu Yang would drop by to treat her injuries . They could see each other every day and this, in the mind of Wu Qianqian, was already the ultimate contentment and happiness .

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Although the misunderstanding with Chu Yang was still present, Wu Qianqian knew that the truth was already an open secret, left to be affirmed . Once Chu Yang knew the truth, based on his character, he would definitely not let her down .

Therefore, throughout this period of time, she had been really blissful and happy, even hopeful…

After Chu Yang left, Wu Qianqian would not leave the house either . She just stayed at her Jiaxiu Building to practice .

Furthermore, both Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou had benefited from being the teachers of Wu Qianqian . Both of them were also staying in Jiaxiu Building, retreating in isolation to cultivate their Tao State, all without alerting Zhuge Clan .

In Moon Breeze As One, the male Yue Lingxue was the leading guide and therefore, the stress and pressure were huge . Ever since the fight with Zi Xieqing, he had been retreating in isolation, exploring and cultivating new levels of the Tao State .

Chu Yang had never seen him, even though he had gone over to Jiaxiu Building several times .

On this day, both Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxie, on the pretext of welcoming the arrival of Dharma Supreme, had gone to issue a challenge to the Dharma Supreme . Yue Lingxue intended to have a large scale and imposing battle, a battle of their lifetime . There would be no regrets regardless of win or lose .

However, Wu Qianqian was not approving of this matter .

Being enemies, why would they want to lay out all their intentions and trump cards clearly from the start?

Even if you were open and aboveboard with your enemies, they might reciprocate equally .

On this matter, Wu Qianqian had persuaded several times, but was all in vain, in front of a stubborn Yue Lingxue . Yue Lingxue actually just went directly!

Wu Qianqian was helpless and therefore recruited the help of Chu Yang to brainstorm for a plan .

Every time such helpless scenarios occurred, Wu Qianqian would surface thought of reliance on Chu Yang . She felt that with Chu Yang around, there would always be a solution .

Furthermore, Wu Qianqian was helpless that certain methods, was only possible for Chu Yang to use . After all, regardless of the different aspects of life, there were differences between male and female .

Therefore, the moment both her teachers left, Wu Qianqian came straight to the Orchard Palace, acting on her thoughts immediately .

Who knew that she would coincidentally witness how her invincible hero got kicked out of the house…

Judging by the shoe print on Chu Yang's chest, it was obvious that the kicker was petite .

Wu Qianqian instantly had an idea in her mind, 'Such violence!'

Suddenly she felt unrest in her mind, 'This woman is obviously someone who is of great importance to Chu Yang . I have never seen anyone who did this to Chu Yang and yet he does not mind at all . '

'Judging from this incident, this woman must be the one that Chu Yang loved the most . '

'And also my greatest obstacle in future! Furthermore, she would also be my lifetime sister?'

Wu Qianqian felt embarrassed at the thought of this, together with some fear and worry .

Wu Qianqian thought in her mind, 'With such anger, how would we get along in the future?'

'Regardless, the man is the master of the house, how can he be kicked around by a woman?'

Therefore, regardless of what had happened, Wu Qianqian was determined to see this woman today!

This concerned her marriage, she had to handle it with caution .

Making an effort to handle their relationship well now would be much more favorable than any potential awkwardness in the future .

Wu Qianqian blushed and her heart thumped . She actually felt perturbed, as if she was a daughter-in-law, seeing her mother-in-law for the first time . She stepped into the Orchard Palace with her mind still swirling around . She did not even hear the words of Chu Yang, who was just standing beside her .

As she stepped in, she could only hear a voice furiously scolding, "Chu Yang! Nasty rogue! Nasty rogue! Chu Yang! …"

Wu Qianqian was stunned, as she turned her head to look at Chu Yang .

Chu Yang rubbed his nose and gave a bitter smile . Shrugging his shoulders, he replied helplessly, "This is actually just a misunderstanding, since when did I play the tricks of a rogue? You should know that I have always been honorable, pure, and noble . I don't even know how to play rogue…"

Wu Qianqian twitched her nose and snorted before saying, "You don't know?"

Chu Yang replied seriously, "I really don't know . Why don't you teach me?"

Wu Qianqian turned red, and gave a hard stare at Chu Yang . She scolded, "You really deserved the scolding, you nasty rogue!"

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