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Chapter 1043

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Everyone held their breath in! Some gritted their teeth upon seeing Bu Liuqing's expression .

We know you're ecstatic, we would be too if we had your disciple, but can you get any more smug?…

Surrounded by people with murderous intent in their eyes, Bu Liuqing acted as if he was in deep thoughts, his brows furrowed, before letting out a fake sigh filled with arrogance and said, "I really can't remember… it should have been less than two years ago, hehe… these trivial matters are not worth mentioning, it's just getting a disciple, nothing much, nothing much… haha…"

When he said until the end, he finally laughed uncontrollably .

"Fuck!" Someone swore and spat on the floor, Ye family's Ye Di!

The elder master of the Ye family could no longer take it . His whole face scrunched up .

Bu Liuqing glanced at him unmovingly and asked, "Ye Di, do you find it nothing much as well? Haha!"

Ye Di swallowed, controlling his urge to give a punch to the smug old face right in front of him . He said reluctantly, "Yes, nothing much… Ha ha… nothing much . "

Bu Liuqing snorted, and asked one by one, "What about the rest of you, do you think it's nothing much too?"

Everyone was speechless .

If you're delighted, so be it . To force others to say: it's nothing…

They had never seen anything like that before .

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Not having a choice, everyone contorted their faces and responded in a murderous tone, "Nothing much, nothing much…"

Bu Liuqing laughed heartily .

He only felt that his efforts to his disciple and the grievances he received from Ning Tianya this past year had all paid off .

The Dharma Supreme remained quiet, only eyeing Mo Qingwu .

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Then, he finally spoke, "Brother Bu, I have a tough request . "

Bu Liuqing waved his hand flippantly . "Since it's a tough request, I will not agree to it . You have no need to say more . "

The Dharma Supreme stepped forward as though he did not hear him and replied, "Brother Bu, can you give me that disciple of yours?"

"Huh-uh?!" Bu Liuqing tilted his head in disbelief, looking at the Dharma Supreme and eyeing him before speaking, "Are you sick?"

The Dharma Supreme laughed involuntarily and shook his head . "Do I look sick to you, Brother Bu?"

Bu Liuqing shook his head and replied, "I am shocked as to why you would say that then . I have heard of those who steal money, those who steal miraculous herbs, but never before someone who steals disciples . "

The Dharma Supreme breathed in and said with a serious expression, "Brother Bu, I am not joking . "

He stepped forward, and looked at Mo Qingwu tenderly before explaining, "Brother Bu, you should know that my divine nature power is best learned by one with innate spiritual meridians! When I apprenticed, my teacher said that this power can only spread via those of innate spiritual meridians as well! He told me to let the power fade into history, if I couldn't find anyone with innate spiritual meridians rather than finding a successor who does not possess it . So it must be someone with innate spiritual meridians!"

The Dharma Supreme's tone was serious and even humble, especially when he addressed Bu Liuqing .

"Brother Bu, since then, I have been searching for all these years to no avail . Brother Bu, I have been searching for this one disciple for 13,000 years!"

The Dharma Supreme sighed and paused .

As though to let the concept of "13,000 years" remain in Bu Liuqing's mind and shock him .

The supreme martial artists around sighed with heavy hearts .

They could totally relate to the bitterness, helplessness and tenacity of the search in the Dharma Supreme's words .

13,000 years! What kind of concept is this?

A normal person's lifespan is 100 years; it's more than enough for a person to live fully and reincarnate 130 times!

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They could fully understand the Dharma Supreme's thought .

It is difficult for a youth with great potential to find a good teacher . However, with determination and perseverance, there will definitely be masters who identify the potential within the youth and take him in .

However, for an unparalleled master to find a disciple that fits his expectation, it's 100 or 1000 times harder than for a disciple to find a teacher .

Within this nine heavens containing billions of people; to find one who fits the requirements…

Think about it .

The Dharma Supreme requested sincerely, "Brother Bu, If you agree, l will remember your kindness forever! Whatever you request of me, be it smashing up the sky and tearing space apart… I will not even raise an eyebrow!"

His every word and sentence was said with seriousness and sincerity .

When he said until the end, it almost became a vow .

Everyone was moved by what he said .

They could totally feel the Dharma Supreme's thirst for such a disciple! To the point where he would do whatever it takes .

Smashing up the sky and tearing space apart!

That was the highest cultivation one could obtain in this world, and the legend that gets told throughout the times . In 90,000 years, only two had managed to do so; supreme martial artists Chen Feng and Liu Yun .

If becoming a supreme martial artist was the lifelong dream of normal martial artists, a legend that they could aim towards but not achieve, smashing up the sky and tearing space apart… that was the lifelong dream of a supreme martial artist, an undying legend…

That promise was a hefty one .

When smashing up the sky and tearing space apart, there would be lightning trials and numerous dangers, all that could lead to 10,000 years of cultivation gone in an instant . Even Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya might not get through unscathed .

Facing that kind of strength, Bu Liuqing and Ning Tianya had a 90% chance of fading to nothing!

But if the Dharma Supreme were to agree to help, that chance would be reduced to a minimum . They would even have a 90% chance of passing through safely .

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After getting through, it would be another unforgettable legend after Chen Feng and Liu Yun, as well as even greater longevity .

It was a huge temptation! And for a supreme martial artist at his peak, one that he couldn't reject!

Everyone looked at Bu Liuqing with mixed expressions, shocked at the Dharma Supreme's promise on one end and the level of Bu Liuqing's cultivation on the other end .

So he actually reached that stage…

Bu Liuqing humphed .

Mo Qingwu looked at the Dharma Supreme confusedly . With one hand tugging on Bu Liuqing's sleeves, she begged pitifully, "Teacher… please don't send me out…"

Bu Liuqing instantly felt his heart ache and consoled her hurriedly, "My dear little Wu, how can I bear to send you away? Especially to such a person… I would rather give my heart away than to send you away . "

The Dharma Supreme said, "Brother Bu, if you agree, she will not suffer any grievances; If anyone bullies her, I will massacre everyone related to the person!"

Bu Liuqing replied with rage, "There's no negotiation for this! Look how terrified you have made my disciple . You waited for 13,000 years, does that mean I didn't wait long?"

The Dharma Supreme frowned . "But Brother Bu, your power is a little too common… you should know, my divine nature power is the world recognized number one cultivation technique and the dream of martial artists . "

Bu Liuqing let out a humph . "Your divine nature power is the number one cultivation technique? Then where would you put the Nine Heavens divine technique of the nine tribulations sword master?"

With that, everyone's expression changed!

Nine Heavens divine technique of the nine tribulations sword master!

Those words were a huge taboo for the people in front . But Bu Liuqing just said them out without fear .

In front of the Dharma Supreme, and the leaders of the nine super clans!

The Dharma Supreme narrowed his eyes and uttered, "So, you are not intending to fulfill my request . "

Bu Liuqing raised two fingers and shook . "Firstly, this is my disciple, I have searched for more than 10,000 years as well before finding this precious disciple, I will not let her go . The only possibility is to kill me!"

The Dharma Supreme smiled bitterly .

With Bu Liuqing's current cultivation, who would dare say they could kill him?

A slight mistake and they would be killed instead .

"Secondly?" The Dharma Supreme sighed internally, already thinking of giving up yet unwilling to do so .

He thought: I will talk to Bu Liuqing again after the crowd has dispersed .

With so many eyes watching, it really was quite inconvenient .

Bu Liuqing said coldly, "Secondly, even if I agree to it, there is still someone who will not! This disciple is not only mine alone but shared by both of us . "

"There's still another person? Who?" the Dharma Supreme frowned and asked .

"Her other teacher is Ning Tianya . " Bu Liuqing said with displeasure . "Basically, I only own half of this disciple . "

Bu Liuqing only owned half of her .

Ning Tianya!

When that name was uttered, it was as if a bomb dropped over everyone's heads .

Even the Dharma Supreme was stunned, the thirst gone from his eyes, replaced with a forced smile .

With a plop, some fell to the floor, unable to control themselves .

F*ck, this is truly shocking!

The second grandmaster of the Chen clan, Chen Mengchi had cold sweat dripping uncontrollably from his forehead and his hands were shaking as well as he wiped the sweat off . So, if they provoked Bu Liuqing, they would be provoking Ning Tianya as well?

Oh my… What a lucky day today…

The supreme martial artists of the other 9 Great families were also shocked . They looked at the girl not just with greed now, but also a slight sense of wariness and fear .

How lucky must one get, to be chosen by both Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing, two unparalleled supreme martial artists, as a disciple?

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