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Chapter 1041

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Just before the Dharma Supreme and the others entered the city gates, suddenly a snort was heard and the voice said, "Wait! All of you took such a long time with your contingent and formation . My old back is sore from all these waiting . Wait till I bring all my disciples in, before you all enter . "

This voice was filled with discontentment, disdain and even some anger .

There seemed to be a feeling like this: Even a great person like me is not ostentatious . Your group actually did such a showy and pretentious display . Are you saying that you are greater than me?

This kind of meaning .

This sentence was simply earth-shattering and heaven-battering .

Everyone was suddenly terrified, and turned their heads to take a look .

On the right side of the city gate, two people could be seen walking over slowly .

One of them was dressed in faded green cloth robe, with a clear face and a body emitting a very ordinary and indifferent temperament .

However, the facial expression was neither ordinary nor indifferent . It even had some unhappiness, that was obvious to tell from one look . While the eyes were gazing at the Dharma Supreme, the corner of his mouth revealed an unruly smile, obviously saying, "You are an eyesore to me!"

Alongside him, stood a young lady dressed entirely in red . She looked as cute as a bright pearl, the cheeks as fair as snow . She had clever looking eyes and soft, free-flowing hair . Amongst girls of the same age, she was already considered tall . Puberty had started for her; her chest area had a small bump and her buttocks area was a little raised . All these only made her waist seemed even more slender .

So delicate that it caused heartache . Yet, so stunning that others felt pity for her .

She stood there, seemingly like the rosy clouds in the sky that suddenly landed over here .

On the young lady's shoulder, stood a little fox, as white as snow and only palm size big . Its black shiny eyes were staring at the crowd . It stretched out its two claws and started to peel open a sweet and "Pa!" it went into the mouth .

Two people were walking towards here leisurely .

"Having one Chen Clan's busybody here was already a pain in the a*s, yet all other clans were fine, except for the Chen Clan having been eliminated partly . If it's not for these, I wouldn't have had to rush here as if I was escaping for my life…"

Hearing this sentence, made the heart even more depressed . Without even turning the head, the voice scolded, "F*ck, who is this that is so bold? Simply seeking to die! Do you even know who is the one standing in front of you? Really… this world lacks in almost everything, but definitely not an idiot . "

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The moment this sentence came out, the weather of an early winter instantly became freezing cold .

The person slowly turned his head . The laziness in his eyes dissipated and became mysterious .

It was almost as if the entire universe was being drawn into both of his eyes .

Chen Clan Second Founder Chen Mengchi turned pale with shock and wanted to slap on the person's face .

Xiao Se, who had been standing by the side, gave a sinister smile . "These words are really precise . This world lacks in almost everything, but definitely not an idiot… Even with all these ten Supreme Martial Artist around, he does not even blink an eye . Moreover, you are just a mere Martial Saint, how dare you speak of such big words!"

The face of Dharma Supreme turned gloomy and he faintly said, "Which Clan does this person belong to?"

Chen Mengchi, with a face full of perspiration, bowed and said, "Yes, it's my negligence in teachings… I seek the understanding and forgiveness of both the Dharma Supreme and Elder Bu!" Chen Mengchi remained bowed, without any intention and standing back upright .

With his experience, how could he not recognize the one who was ranked top three in the entire Nine Heavens? He was the one whom nobody could afford to offend!

At this present moment, offending the Dharma Supreme was not the worst thing that could happen . This was because the Dharma Supreme would definitely save himself some face . However, Bu Liuqing was infamous for not saving face for anyone .

If a fight really took place, would the Chen Clan be wiped out here again? Judging from the people of Chen Clan who came today, it was likely that only myself would make it out of here, barely alive .

Sighing in the heart, Chen Mengchi said, "All these years in Chen Clan, what are all these people that have been raised?" Quietly swearing in his heart, "As long as we get through this situation, I will be sure to rectify the house rules!"

"A nine thousand plus years old person like me, how could it be easy for me to lower my status just for these words?"

The Dharma Supreme faintly replied, "The one that he's scolding is not me . Brother Bu, what do you think?"

The person dressed in green smiled coldly and faintly said, "What do I think? I think this world has gotten crazy… Which clan does this person belong to? Get out of here!"

With this sentence, Chen Mengchi broke out in a severe cold sweat .

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The man dressed in green looked deep in his eyes . However, amongst all the Supreme Martial Artist present, everyone knew that this man was already fuming mad!

Everyone present could not help but give a sympathetic gaze to Chen Mengchi . This time, Chen Clan had truly stepped onto a super huge obstacle . Furthermore, even if the Dharma Supreme were to mediate the situation, it might not work as well .

At the same time, everyone present also felt strange in their minds .

This Chen Clan had really been down on their luck . There were five things in this Nine Heavens that one could not afford to offend . Yet, the Chen Clan managed to offend three of them, within this short three months! This kind of luck was really beyond hope for a cure…

They had offended Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou . They had only killed a few people, the Chen Clan should have just kept silence of its suffering . Today, they just had to offend Bu Liuqing again!

Offending Bu Liuqing… The consequences of offending Bu Liuqing were much more severe, as compared to offending Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou!

There were mixed feelings amongst those present . Some were mere spectators of the incidents; those who wanted to gloat over the downfall of Chen Clan and those who only wanted to see the world crash and burn…

Of course, they did not know that this time around, not only did Chen Clan offend Bu Liuqing, but also Ning Tianya as well .

Now, the two of them were together everywhere they went . In addition, Bu Liuqing brought his disciples out as well… If Ning Tianya were to know about this incident, it would have been considered lucky if Ning Tianya did not make a fuss all the way up to the headquarters of Chen Clan .

The one coming would, of course, be Bu Liuqing .

Bu Liuqing was enraged!

Along the journey here, Bu Liuqing was enjoying the scenery together with his disciple . Initially, it was rather pleasant . Due to the help of his own Supreme Martial Artist's divine senses and elixirs, the cultivation of Mo Qingwu had not fallen a bit since the time on the mountain, but rather, improved . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

However, after half a month, the little girl could not take it anymore and kept hurrying them .

Hurrying them to find her Brother Chu Yang .

No matter how resourceful Bu Liuqing was, how was he supposed to find the 'Brother Chu Yang'?

Hence, beginning from the 16th day onwards, the life of Bu Liuqing became tough . Furthermore, this kind of tough living only got worse with time .

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At this moment, Bu Liuqing could not miss Ning Tianya anymore than he already was .

Hurry come back… Every time Bu Liuqing was hugging Mo Qingwu, he would yearn deeply for Ning Tianya . "Dear Brother, I beg for you to quickly return . You can teach the disciple, I will not fight with you over the position of World's Number One, I will find the medicine for you…"

However, Ning Tianya could not hear all these .

Under these circumstances, it was really tough to continue to supervise the martial arts practice of the disciple . Every time Bu Liuqing went over to urge the practice of his disciple, he would be met with 2 big eyes looking back at him . With great hope, the disciple asked, "Have you found my Brother Chu Yang?"

The answer was, of course, negative .

Thereafter, Mo Qingwu fell silent . Looking at Bu Liuqing sadly, the big eyes rapidly well up with tears…

Being stared at by this pair of eyes, made Bu Liuqing felt as if he had committed a heinous crime! Instantly, Bu Liuqing felt extremely guilty…

Therefore, he would quietly step out, leaving Mo Qingwu alone to practice martial arts .

Outside, Supreme Martial Artist Bu sighed one after another .

After two months, Bu Liuqing realized that his own weight was actually lighter by a few pounds .

It was an uphill task to bring the dear little girl to Tianji City . Besides, they bumped into such a massive event . After all, the Dharma Supreme was the number one most powerful and influential person in the Nine Heavens . Therefore, Bu Liuqing decided to give him some face and let them enter the city first .

Bringing the disciple alone, he really did not want to get into any unnecessary trouble; If the disciple had gotten hurt because of this, there was no doubt Ning Tianya would come after him .

Therefore, Bu Liuqing waited for a while aside for the crowd to pass . Who knew that these a*sholes were never ending in their event . He became more tense and anxious as the time passed by .

It was after a long while that these people had finished with their small talk and their pompous showing off . Unexpectedly, one after another, they started to walk towards the city .

This scene made Supreme Martial Artist Bu unable to tolerate any longer!

With such a big group of people like you all, f*ck! I would have been full of breathing in the air and wind while waiting for all of you to enter!

Straightforwardly and sarcastically, Bu Liuqing threw out this sentence and walked towards the city with his disciple .

In the mind of Supreme Martial Artist Bu, 'Hum! Don't think that just because you are the Dharma Supreme, you can get what you want . I am not someone who could easily be bullied! Since I have already said this, if you do not wish to escalate this conflict, then you would do good to stay where you are and let us go through first!'

'If you let us go through first, nothing else will happen . '

'Or else, I would not hesitate to go into a fight with you; after all, at your critical juncture, you would not dare to offend me…'

'Hey . '

Who knew that after finishing this sentence while swaggering into the city… Supreme Martial Artist Bu was a little satisfied with himself . The one before him was the Dharma Supreme . While he did not feel much about what he did; Mo Qingwu was aware of how influential these people were!

Seeing how her own teacher was so impressive, walking towards the city without the slightest restraint and fear, this little girl was already filled with admiration…

While still enjoying the eyes of admiration from his disciple, Bu Liuqing became a little complacent . He could even imagine that once he passed through the city gate, his dear disciple would come forward with a sentence, "Wow! You are so great, Master!"

Ever since… Hey hey… what a wonderful feeling?

Who knew that at this key moment, suddenly a person like this would pop out and say such a sentence!

This sentence was right in his face, without any mercy . Compared to being scolded furiously, this was much more difficult to tolerate .

Bu Liuqing almost fainted on the spot .

"This world lacks in almost everything, but definitely not an idiot…" After that person and Xiao Se, Bu Liuqing slowly recited this sentence again . Suddenly, he laughed out loud and shook his head . "This sentence is really not bad, not bad…"

Chen Mengchi, who had been bowing his body for long, was starting to feel faint in the head…

"Elder Bu, please take into consideration of myself… myself…" Chen Mengchi was stammering and said, "I have been negligent in my teachings, to let Elder Bu . . suffer from this kind of injustice, I… I… I would definitely punish the person severely~"

Chen Mengchi had already cursed in his mind, all the ancestors of that person who had said such a sentence!

In the mind of Chen Mengchi, 'The thousand over people from the Nine Super Clans are all here, yet no one mentioned a single word . What exactly has gotten into your head? Since when is it your turn to say anything? Do not overestimate yourself, when others have already given us much respect'

At this moment, Bu Liuqing sneered and said, "I have not been out for a long time, has the Chen Clan already overestimated themselves?"

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