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Chapter 1029

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Chu Yang was obviously warning him: Settle this matter! Or… your clan will get into trouble with elders Feng and Yue…

Ye Shifeng instantly felt as though he had swallowed something bad .

He scolded Ye Kong and Ye Yun mentally: If you had killed Chu Yang, all would be well, why did you have to injure angel Wu?

Even if you did injure her, why did you have to let Chu Yang find out? Now that rascal has a hold over me…

And… if the supreme martial artists Feng and Yue find out about it, we would be in so much trouble! Those two really deserved to die!

With that, Ye Shifeng made up his mind .

Full of righteousness, he said hurriedly, "If you are willing to bet, you are willing to lose! We agreed on this beforehand! If anyone wants to cause trouble, they are offending me! If they are offending me, they are offending the Ye clan!"

The change in Ye Shifeng's attitude made everyone puzzled .

"Brother Ye, what are you…" Lan Changge said . He was utterly confused: F*ck you, weren't you the one who told me to stand up against it?

You were the one who wanted to teach him a lesson, I was just helping you . Why did you suddenly change your mind? And became so self-righteous?

What's happening?

Ye Shifeng looked at him imposingly . "Brother Lan, won't you do me this favor?" he asked lightly .

Lan Changge shouted angrily, "What! You were the one who…"

Before he could finish, Ye Shifeng interrupted him . "Yes, it was obviously brother Chu who won earlier . We should honor the bet . A man is only as good as his word . Brother Lan, are you trying to go renege on your debt?"

"I'm reneging on my debt? You were the one who…" Lan Changge was fuming on the inside .

Ye Shifeng interrupted him once again . "Right, since you are not trying to renege on your debt, be more clear-cut . Honor the bet! Lan Clan has a large business, you can afford to lose, right?

Lan Changge almost had internal injuries from trying to contain his anger . Looking as though he was going to throw up blood, Lan Changge looked at Ye Shifeng full of anger and grief . Is Ye Shifeng trying to frame me, and using this to butter up to Chu Yang? Then, Chu Yang would tell angel Wu about me giving him trouble, and angel Wu would tell the supreme martial artists Feng and Yue?

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And they would treat my clan as an enemy?

Yes, that makes sense . After all the Ye Clan and my clan are here for the same reasons… Ye Shifeng would likely use such tactics .

Lan Changge was indeed outstanding amongst the younger generation of the Lan Clan . The fact that his agile mind thought of such a possibility in a very short amount of time showed how prudent he was .

With that thought, Lan Changge calmed down and smiled . "Right, I will accept my loss . I am not like someone that tries to make new friends by stepping on his old friends . Ha… everyone should beware when making friends like that . "

Ye Shifeng knew Lan Changge had misunderstood when he heard that .

But how could Ye Shifeng even bother about that at a time like this? He turned and smiled at Chu Yang . "Brother Chu, you can collect the bets now . Hehe… please put in a good word for me when you see angel Wu later, will you?"

"Of course, I will . " Chu Yang smiled back .

Lan Changge added, "Brother Chu, this is your first time betting and you won the bet . I will add another 300 purple crystals to celebrate for you! Hehe… please also put in a good word for me in front of angel Wu . "

His words stunned Ye Shifeng and Chu Yang .

When Ye Shifeng said to 'put in a good word for him', he was telling Chu Yang to not say anything; when Lan Changge said to put a good word for him… what did he mean?

Chu Yang chuckled before replying in an honest tone, "I will try my best to… put in a good word . "

The two of them thanked him .

Ye Shifeng was not totally convinced . "Brother Chu, if you could… hehe, when you come out later, I will have a generous gift for you!" he added .

"Brother Ye, you can trust me! You and I are best friends who have each other's backs . You should know my character . I am not the type who badmouths people in front of others, I only compliment them . "

Internally, Ye Shifeng was overturning seas and rivers cursing him: F*ck your 'you and I have each other's back'… However, the words that came out of his mouth were filled with gratitude . "Of course, of course . I know I can trust you . "

Chu Yang nodded his head smilingly .

Beside him, Ye Shiyu's eyes flashed; on the other side, Yè Mengse's eyes flashed as well . At the outermost circle of the crowd, Zhuge Wen's eyes flashed contemplatively too .

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At that moment, the winnings of the bet had been prepared; the glittering pile of purple crystals was huge!

"I doubt it's easy to carry these… Brother Chu, why don't I ask someone to keep them for you first and I'll have them sent to you later?" Ye Shifeng asked solicitously .

"There's no need for that . I have a way," Chu Yang said lightly . He walked to the pile of purple crystals and with a wave of his hand, the pile of purple crystals disappeared .

A storage device!

Heavenly Wood!

The young masters had discerning eyes for the good stuff . When they saw that scene, they sucked in their breath, their eyes shining as bright as lamps .

A guy like him actually had such good stuff!

Several people felt their hearts flip instantly; this was really something good .

Chu Yang smiled as though he did not notice anything, but he took in their reactions silently

Good stuff… are of course good . But… hehehe…

With a goodbye, he entered Jiaxiu building .

Only a few young masters were left watching him in jealousy as he disappeared behind the door .

They turned around only after a long time, and Ye Shifeng's and Lan Changge's eyes met .

"Hmph!" Lan Changge turned his head .

"Heh!" Ye Shifeng let out .

At that moment, a voice could be heard coming out of Jiaxiu building after a long silence . "You are a divine doctor at such a young age, it must not have been easy . "

"It's nothing . You are the one who is young and beautiful . When I saw you, I immediately fell head over heels for you; I was so worried sick, when I heard you were injured, that I couldn't eat . "

The young masters gritted their teeth and scolded him under their breaths, "Bastard! You haven't lost much weight from not eating!"

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Voices from within the room continued .

"Thank you for your concern . You shouldn't have . "

"No no no, I totally should have, for someone as angelic as you . You don't know how long I have admired you for . But, I do not look good and hence did not dare to approach you . It's really a stroke of luck for me that I am here today to treat your injury . "

The young masters felt anger surging in them and shouted once again, "That pervert!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Voices continued from within the room:

"Where were you hurt?" Chu Yang asked with concern .

"This… Divine Doctor Chu, uh… can't you tell? I am injured on… my back…" Wu Qianqian replied awkwardly .

"Your back? Let me have a look at it," Chu Yang asked eagerly .

"Wouldn't that be inappropriate?" Wu Qianqian asked, embarrassed .

"What are you talking about! A doctor has his patient's best interests at heart!" Chu Yang said righteously…

Despicable! Despicable! Despicable!

The young masters saw red and were scolding him furiously . How they wished this could rush up there and cut up that despicable being into pieces!

That bastard, he is obviously trying to take advantage of angel Wu . And to think he could actually say it so righteously! I really want to spit all over him… Angel Wu, you have to stand your ground, you must not let him take advantage of you!

The young masters prayed fervently .

"I think it is quite inappropriate . Why don't you just take my pulse and prescribe some medicine for me?" Wu Qianqian rejected kindly . The young masters heaved a sigh of relief .

"What are you talking about?" said Chu Yang, his displeasure clear . "There are huge differences between internal and external injuries . How can I tell just by taking your pulse?"

That rascal actually insisted on looking at her injury! The young masters gritted their teeth . That bastard! Angel Wu, is such a pure and untainted person . How can you ask her to take off her shirt and let a scoundrel like you look at her back?

"But… my injury is indeed located quite indecently…" Wu Qianqian replied uncertainly . The people below felt their hearts jump into their throats .

"You don't need to worry . Why don't you just treat me as on old, white-haired doctor? This treatment cannot be delayed," Chu Yang urged her earnestly . The people below were stomping their feet and scolding him: White-haired old man? What the f*ck! You are obviously a young man!

Lecher! Scoundrel! Pervert! Gangster! Despicable! Contemptible!

"Um, okay then… but… maybe not here?" Wu Qianqian said hesitantly .

"Then let's go to your bedroom . You can take off the shirt and I will be able to treat you…" Chu Yang continued righteously, "You don't have to worry . Other than your injury, I will not look anywhere else! I swear on my honor!"

The young masters were fuming with rage when they heard that .

You can hardly find anyone more despicable than that…

What good is your honor when you are already this despicable? And you are actually swearing on it?

"If that's the case…" Wu Qianqian hesitated; the young masters prayed to the heavens: Please don't agree, please don't agree…

"Thank you for your trouble…" Wu Qianqian said shyly, dousing the young masters' hopes with cold water .

Lan Changge could not control himself anymore . "Angel Wu! You… you… you…" he shouted .

Another young master was even more heartbroken . "Angel Wu… you can't… This rascal is up to no good . You need to see through his devious nature!" he lamented .

He sounded as though he was going to cry .

Chu Yang's guilt-ridden voice could be heard . "I can't believe I'm being questioned here today, after having saved countless lives . If you are worried, I will leave then . "

"It's just a treatment . You don't have to take it to heart . Please follow me . "

"Is… is this a good idea?" Chu Yang asked in an unsure manner .

Chu Yang's voice was filled with hypocrisy . The young masters below were ejecting fire out of their eyes when they heard him say that . How they wished they could go up there and bash him into bits!

What a classic example of acting innocent!

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