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Chapter 1022

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Before long, the Ye Clan's Ye Duting returned back swiftly . He looked at Ye Zhangzui and wanted to speak but held back .

"Say it . " Ye Zhangzui said .

"Not our clan member!" Ye Duting showed his bitter face . "I went back and checked . Everyone was safe, except for Ye Kong and Ye Yun . "

Everyone remained silent .

Ling Yuanshan sighed and said, "Brother Ye, this is a huge scheme… and we are trapped inside . Though we don't know the hidden enemy, we are aware that we are their targets . "

Ye Zhangzui pinched his brows and nodded .

"In this sowing of dissension, the enemy sacrificed the life of a powerful fighter . " Ling Yuanshan looked carefully at Ye Zhangzui and said, "Besides the Nine Super Clans, who would have such martyrs?"

Ye Zhangzui became more gloomy . He swallowed his saliva and said, "Brother Ling, what do you mean?"

Ling Yuanshan smiled . "The enemy was trying to reap the benefits of our dissension… the enemy's target was… the Divine Clan's elder! Only if our clans fought and weakened each other would the enemy gain… Brother Ye, don't you think so?"

When he mentioned the "Divine Clan's elder", he stopped for a while .

He had no intention of pausing but he did that naturally!

Ye Zhangzui heard Ling Yuanshan mention the words "Divine Clan's elder" and felt uncomfortable… This had nothing to do with the Ling Clan, what are you trying to do? And you spoke with conviction… S*it!

Ye Zhangzui's brows were raised and his voice sounded cold as he said, "Brother Ling, what do you mean?"

"I request Brother Ye to tell us the truth!" Ling Yuanshan smiled coldly . "We do not wish to be tooled for nothing!"

Ye Zhangzui muttered to himself and said, "The Zhuge and Lanshi Clan deployed large numbers of fighters and suffered great casualties to capture the Divine Clan's third elder!"

"Lanshi Clan?!" Ling Yuanshan's pupils contracted .

"This is extremely confidential and only four of the clans knew about it . We got to know about this a while back after receiving a mysterious letter . "

Ye Zhangzui looked intently at Ling Yuanshan . "I won't say much about the rest . Brother Ling, we belong to large clans . For our clans to prosper and propagate, we must have proper conduct and be cautious . "

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Ling Yuanshan said, "As for how we conduct ourselves, the Ling Clan knows best . But the losses that we suffered… we can't let it be!"

Ye Zhangzui was enraged!

You had suffered losses? I did not see how you had suffered losses . Two of our Ye Clan members died but you had not shed even a strand of hair . Instead, you got to know such important news and you claimed to have suffered losses…Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Are you thinking of reaping the benefits?

If you covet the Divine Clan's elder, do not act like you had suffered losses… I despise your behavior!

Both parties had their own scheming plans and they left separately .

Nobody discovered that a white figure flashed and vanished by a tree…

Chu Yang had woken up and held down Chu Le'er to wash her head . The little girl could take care of herself but the weather had turned cold and her hair was long . Every time she washed her hair, her clothes would be wet . It would be bad if she caught a cold .

The little girl did not have any physical training and would be suffering if she fell sick .

So Chu Yang personally got a basin of warm water and pressed her sister' head into the water and washed her hair .

Chu Le'er sat obediently on a small tool and extended her neck out to let her brother wash her hair . In her heart, she was feeling blissful and contented .

She felt a pair of huge hands washing her hair and then scraping her scalp . After the hair was cleaned and rinsed with three basins of water, Chu Yang covered her head with a large towel . After exerting his energy, he dried her hair .

The towel was removed and her beautiful hair fell unkempt behind her head .

"Your hair has exceeded your buttocks . " Chu Yang said with tenderness as he combed her hair gently . The hair slipped smoothly in Chu Yang's hands .

Chu Yang was abruptly distracted .

At the Lower Three Heavens, he helped Qingwu to wash her hair, which was soft and slippery like the texture of silk . He would enjoy caressing her hair .

Le'er's hair was also smooth and slippery but was less bouncy than Qingwu's hair .

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His heart abruptly trembled as he was combing her hair gently . He remembered his black robe . In the robe was a strand of hair .

It had the following words .

Chu Yang, Qianqian likes you .

Chu Yang paused and inhaled deeply . He suppressed his mixed feelings and continued combing her sister's hair .

Chu Le'er's body was covered by cotton clothing as she sat obediently for her brother to comb her hair . She was enjoying the attention and her eyes were full of contented bliss .

She felt Chu Yang pause and inhale, and she turned her head to ask, "Brother, who are you thinking of?"

Chu Yang did not expect her little sister to be that sensitive . He smiled and said, "Yes, yes . "

Chu Le'er giggled . "Thinking my of sister-in-law?"

Chu Yang laughed in embarrassment and touched his nose unconsciously . Hmm, your sister-in-law is as old as you…

"My sister-in-law is mysterious, I haven't… seen her for a long time . " Chu Le'er creased her nose and said, "Making my brother a grass widower . It must have been a terrible feeling . "

Chu Yang coughed violently and slapped her sister's head as he chided, "Little girl, what are you saying?"

Chu Le'er wailed in pain while her brows smiled contentedly .

Chu Yang was tickled . Grass widower indeed…

The little sister's words… were like the divine description! I haven't heard of men being grass widowers .

Chu Yang looked at himself with resentment . Perhaps your brother was also… a grass widower?


As a young master of a large clan, would he not have a few wives? Some men of his age already had numerous children . Even the eldest son of his third uncle, Chu Tengxiao already had five wives…

As for this Chu Clan's eldest grandson…

I better not ponder .

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The more he pondered about life… he recalled Mo Qingwu's innocent-looking eyes and thought he was sinful and shameless…

"Beastly!" Chu Yang sighed and chided himself .

"What are you saying?" Chu Le'er asked curiously .

Chu Yang coughed . "I'm saying…" He rolled his eyes and said, "I'm telling myself to be human and not a beast…"

Chu Le'er laughed heartily and asked abruptly, "Is sister-in-law younger than you?"

Chu Yang was stunned . "Ah?"

"You would be distracted every time you combed my hair . " Chu Le'er said confidently, "My sister-in-law must be younger than you . I guess she's a few years older than me?"

"Erm, erm . " Chu Yang was embarrassed .

Chu Le'er was about to pester his brother with more questions when a white figure flashed . Zi Xieqing had returned .

Chu Yang was relieved as he could evade her sister's questions . He tied his sister's hair into a silly pigtail hastily and walked forward . "You've returned . How was it?"

Chu Le'er pouted her lips and jumped . "Bad brother!"

She fingered her silly hairstyle and fumed while Chu Yang pretended not to notice .

"It was quite successful . " Zi Xieqing said, "However, it's a pity the two clans did not fight . "

Chu Yang smiled and said, "If they fought, I would despise them . We only need to let the Ling Clan know about the matter . Our strategic move will have its effects later on . "

Zi Xieqing nodded and said, "They are already doubting the Lan Clan . "

Chu Yang's eyes lit up . "Oh?"

"I got to know important information . " Zi Xieqing said, "The Ye Clan did not know about the matter but they received a mysterious letter that told them about it . "

"A mysterious letter?" Chu Yang knitted his brows tightly .

"Whose letter had the capability to let the Ye Clan believe in this matter? Who was trying to sow discord?"

Chu Yang went into deep thoughts as his gaze became more certain .

In the next few days, Chu Yang stayed at the Orchard Palace and avoided going out . He sparred daily with Zi Xieqing in a bid to gain enlightenment in the Tao State .

He was severely tortured by Zi Xieqing in these few days .

The sword spirit used his spiritual knowledge to locate the sword handle in vain . He tried locating the Nine-Colored Lotus but failed .

The entire Tianji city was peaceful .

Many people arrived within these few days . On the ninth day, the Lan Clan arrived, followed by the Shi Clan and the various regional law enforcement officers .

Every day, someone would report the information to Chu Yang but he was nonchalant .

The disciple of the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists arrived at the Tianji city and was discovered by the Zhuge Clan . They hosted her in their mansion and held a grand celebration in her honor .

The young masters of the Zhuge Clan were smitten by Wu Qianqian's beauty and became her suitors . They did not dare to use underhanded methods . Instead, they pretended to be righteous gentlemen .

Each one harbored thoughts of that… and that…

Wu Qianqian's beauty, talents and temperament were peerless . With her current status, she was the ideal lady of all the Super Clan's gentlemen .

She was the disciple of the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artist!

If she was married into a clan, it meant that the clan would have the unspoken support of Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists!

This was like Heaven's windfall… Even if Wu Qianqian was ugly like a swine, these gentlemen would pull all the tricks to get her…

Whoever married the disciple of the Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists would have his status elevated in the clan! The Moon Breeze Supreme Martial Artists might even question why their disciple's husband was not the clan leader?

That would be a very tempting thought…

When they thought about the reward, they doubled up their efforts in their courtship .

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