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Chapter 1019

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Chu Yang suppressed his smile and said, "Really?" He placed his feet above the prisoner's crotch area .

"Really… It's the truth…" the prisoner said as he shivered . As the leg was about to land on his crotch, he howled and said hastily, "I'll tell you everything for a quick death! If I am lying… may my ancestors and future generations be b*stards! Please… believe me… Ooo…"

He broke into tears!

His willpower was completely destroyed .

In his eyes, Chu Yang was the reincarnation of the Devil! And more terrifying than the Grim Reaper! As a battle-hardened pugilist, he had seen numerous tortures and interrogations . But such decisive and sadistic method of interrogation was his first time encountering it .

Especially… when Chu Yang expelled the soul from his companion without staining himself with any blood .

He looked fearfully at Chu Yang's dark robe as his hands supported the ground underneath and he backed up continuously…

Chu Yang followed his gaze to his own body . He had a realization and said, "Oh, I forgot . I have cleanliness compulsion . "

The prisoner on the ground vomited .

His tears started flowing as he vomited .

Cleanliness compulsion… d*mn you to have cleanliness compulsion…

Seeing his reaction, Chu Yang smiled .

"Tell me who sent you?" Chu Yang asked .

"It's second young master, Ye Shifeng… third young master, Ye Shiyu who did the planning . "

"Ye Shifeng? Ye Shiyu? Why did they want to kill me?"

"Because… the second young master found you repulsive… you fooled the third young master before… this…"

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"Just because of this?" Chu Yang was suspicious .

"It's the truth! If there are lies, my fate will be like him!" He started swearing .

"Hmm, I believe you . How many people did the Ye clan send? How many Supreme Martial Artists? And which grade?"

"Altogether 30 people . There is one sixth grade Supreme Martial Artist, one fifth grade Supreme Martial Artist, two third grade Supreme Martial Artists, five ninth grade Martial Saints, eighteen eighth grade Martial Saints… fifty first and second grade Martial Saints . The rest are powerful Monarch Level pugilists . "

He answered very promptly .

"Oh? That many people?" Chu Yang frowned and said, "According to the norms of the Nine Super Clans, sending that many people must be a drain on the clan? Are the clans that powerful?"

This was what Chu Yang had been considering .

"No, no… there are many powerful fighters in our clan," he spoke in fear as he was afraid Chu Yang would not believe him . He quickly added, "The current Nine Super Clans are not the same as the previous Nine Super Clans… especially the males of the clans were much different…"

"Eh? Different from the previous males of the Nine Super Clans?" Chu Yang raised his eyebrows . "Perhaps… the males in the Nine Super Clans have two family jewels?"

"No, no, no . Not two family jewels…" He said, "I don't know the exact details… From the legends, a few thousand years ago, Lord Dharma Supreme gathered the leaders of the Nine Super Clans for a meeting . From then on, the powerful fighters of the Nine Super Clans were half-retired… and secret groups formed within the Nine Super Clans… they started giving importance to people with great potential . Excluding those with genius attributes, those with great potential within the clan were given special herbs to reproduce more… the powerful fighters in the Nine Super Clans were no longer a small number…"

"Hmm . " Chu Yang furrowed his brows . "How many in the Ye clan?"

"This time, only two secret branches sent out their men… Every branch deployed one-third of its strength… And Ye clan's secret branches totaled eight…" He continued saying, "I don't know the exact number . "

"Hmm…" Chu Yang went into deep thoughts .

There is more to this than meets the eye .

From the memories of the divine spirit of the first generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master, the Supreme Dharma and the Nine Tribulations Sword Master should be on the same side . For generations, once the Nine Tribulations Sword Master defeated the Upper Three Heavens and obtained the sixth segment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, he would look for Supreme Dharma to discuss important affairs…

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This time, the Supreme Dharma instigated the Nine Super Clans to strengthen themselves . Was he making things difficult for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?

What was the reason?

After Chu Yang obtained the memories of the divine spirit, he thought of finding Lord Supreme Dharma at the Law Enforcement Headquarters . He did not expect to obtain assistance, only peace with the Law Enforcement . That was the greatest help to him .

However, he discovered startling information from his prisoner .

The current Supreme Dharma was suspect . That was beyond doubt .

Chu Yang's back broke out in cold sweat . It was fortunate that he did not go… If not, the memories of the divine spirit of the first generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master would have caused his death without him knowing why…

"What herb did the Ye clan bring this time?" Chu Yang kept the issue of the Supreme Dharma in the bottom of his heart and asked .

"Our Ye clan is using the Nine-Colored Lotus and we had sent it to the Medicine Banquet with the protection of the Supreme Martial Artists… Our Ye clan had passed the initial selection test!" the prisoner said as he trembled .

"Preposterous!" Chu Yang was furious . "They are resorting to under-the-table manipulations?"

The King of Hell Chu was not angry about the manipulations . Rather, once the Nine-Colored Lotus was handed over to the Medicine Banquet, with Zhuge clan's underhanded methods, it was close to impossible for him to obtain the Nine-Colored Lotus before the competition!

That was the actual reason for his wrath!

As he was about to complete the medicine prescription for curing Chu Le'er, the unexpected cropped up .

The Martial Saint prisoner lowered his head in silence .

"That's unscrupulous!" Chu Yang said angrily, "With that many people and highly skilled fighters, I don't think you're only escorting the herb . Are there any other reasons?"

Chu Yang calmly raised up a series of questions!

"I heard… in the siege of the Three Stars Divine Clan, the Zhuge Clan formed an alliance with the Lan Clan and captured the Three Stars Divine Clan's elder… During this period, the elder was imprisoned in the Zhuge Clan and they benefited tremendously from the obtained secret information… we are taking this opportunity to find out if we could rescue the elder…"

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"Three Stars Divine Clan's elder? In the Zhuge Clan?" Chu Yang was shocked when he heard this .

Abruptly, his old hate surged within!

He suddenly remembered at the Lower Three Heavens, Zhuge Chang Feng laid siege on his brother . It was during that time that Tan Tan's identity was confirmed…

So that was the reason…

His brother almost died from his injuries! He had not sought the Zhuge Clan for vengeance!

Chu Yang was in deep thoughts as he said, "When is your Elder Master Ye Di coming?"

The prisoner's pupils contracted as he hemmed and hawed .

Chu Yang nodded and smiled coldly . "Actually Ye Di was not as passive as described by Ye Shifeng… that Ye Di would arrive at a later date . Instead… Ye Di's already here . And he's hidden in the Ye Clan's expedition group! Is that correct?"

The prisoner lowered his head .

Chu Yang thought for a while and said, "Your time's up . "

The prisoner lifted his head as Chu Yang shattered the crown of his head with his palm! In the late night, the lake was dark and the mist shrouded much of the place . Chu Yang's faint muttering could be heard… "Ye Shifeng… Ye Shifeng… Ye Clan… Zhuge Clan…"

He muttered again, "Actually… Lan Clan's hatred for the Zhuge Clan should be greater…"

He remembered . When the sword spirit possessed Chu Yang in the fight against Zhuge Chang Feng, Zhuge Chang Feng said in shock, "Are you a member of the Lan Clan?"

"If there's no hostility… Zhuge Chang Feng would not have mentioned the Lan Clan during that critical moment of life and death . Why didn't he mention other clans?" Chu Yang muttered softly as he hatched his schemes .

"The complexity is not good… It's better to keep it simple . Wouldn't Diwu Qingrou look forward to it?" Chu Yang smiled as his dark figure floated up and vanished into the shadows!

Zi Xieqing and Chu Le'er came back to the inn . Chu Le'er lied on the bed fast asleep with gentle breaths . Zi Xieqing seemed to be waiting for Chu Yang, who asked, "Where did you go?"

Zi Xieqing smiled and said, "Went out to play . "

Chu Yang felt that Zi Xieqing's aura was different . It was like… more perfect and stronger . He asked curiously, "What happened?"

Zi Xieqing was excited as she said, "I'm able to collect my required energy from the Tao State in a short period of time . "

Chu Yang was exhilarated . "Congratulations, I'm getting my freedom soon . "

"Hmm . " Zi Xieqing rolled her eyes at him . "There are still holes and only you can fill them… you'll not rest during for this period of time . I'll help you improve your cultivation and seek enlightenment in the Tao State . "

Chu Yang almost broke down in tears . "Elder sister Zi…"

Zi Xieqing laughed sinisterly .

Chu Yang kept his wits and said, "I can accede to your request as you're not an outsider . However, you've to help me . "

Zi Xieqing laughed though she was angry .

Though I obtained the Tao State's energy, it was extremely beneficial to Chu Yang . This rascal was asking for more when he was reaping the benefits .

"What is it?" she asked .

Chu Yang smiled mysteriously and said, "If this is successful, we would have unlimited energy of the Tao State . "

Zi Xieqing's eyes lit up as she gave Chu Yang a good kick . Her brows straightened as she said, "Tell me!"

"Rumours have it… that the Zhuge Clan imprisoned a powerful Three Stars Divine Clan's elder…" Chu Yang said mysteriously, "Currently all the great powers are gathered for this event, We only need to so and so… and then do that and that . Hehe, at that time, all the powerful fighters would do that… and that… then you can do that… and that…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"Rascal head!" Zi Xieqing was piqued and excited by what she heard . She agreed with the plan but caught hold of Chu Yang's head and gave him a good beating .

Then she went back to her room to rest .

Chu Yang massaged his head and gritted his teeth angrily behind her back . I am not as powerful as her so I could only follow her whims . When I am more powerful than you, just you wait!

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