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Chapter 1011

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Zhuge Shanyun hadn't been so uncomfortable ever since he took on the position as the clan master .

It seems that this apprentice of Master Feng and Master Yue was heading towards the Medicine Banquet? She's actually coming at this juncture? How are we going to survive from her?

All young talents from various big clans were congregated within this Tianji City . Your apprentice looks good… How is it possible to prevent others from striking conversations with her?

Besides, it's still understandable that you come to chat with me when you're in a good mood . But you also want to chat with me when you're in a bad mood! Then is your current mood good or bad? Should I look forward to you having a good mood? Or a bad one?

Everyone looked at Zhuge Shanyun pathetically, thinking: The Zhuge clan is going to suffer much this time around . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

But everyone had their own minds .

If this matter was looked on the surface, one might still think that these people from the Chen clan was really too weak, as they were all killed in no time! There's not even a bit of stir .

But only people who're familiar with the Chen clan would know: How could the Chen clan be considered weak? Among them were a super expert, more than 100 Monarch level and Saint level experts, and four Supreme Martial Artists .

Such a force couldn't be considered weak at any place . But when they met Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou, all their souls were gone in just the time of a breath!

What did this show?

Zhuge Shanyun's face changed several times before he finally stabilized his mind and said, "What's next?" His voice had already turned extremely dry!

Nangong Shifeng's face revealed an incredible look and he said, "Next… At this moment, a voice said, 'You're indeed good . Are you interested in competing with me?' Before that voice finished speaking, I saw a white figure dashing out from the city center . The figure looked very blurry and it seemed that it's a woman, and there's another person on her back . But as soon as she appeared, the faces of Master Yue and Master Feng turned heavy . That white figure was like a meteorite that swept past the duo . She said, 'Come with me . Let us fight!' And with a whoosh, that figure disappeared . "

Everyone looked more shocked and confused after recovering from their previous shock: The appearance of Master Feng and Master Yue was already shocking enough! Then, who's this woman in white who appeared next?

"Master Feng and Master Yue looked grim and they said, 'Girl, you shall enter the city first . Both of us shall go to meet her . ' Then they said towards my direction, 'Kid, you shall go tell the Zhuge clan, we'll be good to whoever dares to bully our apprentice!' Then, the duo flew up and disappeared into thin air . It turned out that they knew that I was peeking from aside all along . "

Nangong Shifeng finally finished speaking . His mouth was dry by then .

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The hall became still!

There's a shock!


All kinds of emotions filled everyone's heart .

There's even such a thing!

Especially the last sentence that Master Feng and Master Yue spoke . That's even more shocking!

They had said, "Girl, you shall enter the city first . Both of us shall go to meet her . "

It's the 'both of us', and not 'me'! And, before that, they wanted their apprentice to enter the city first, and not take her with them!

What did this indicate?

Everyone's heart was filled with terror!

This meant that Master Feng and Master Yue needed to join hands to deal with this person! But even so, they were not confident of protecting their apprentice in that fight!

Who's this woman in white? How terrible was she? That's conceivable!

There's a stretch of silence in the hall .

After a long time, Zhuge Shanyun asked slowly, "What else?" Along with these two words, everyone looked towards Nangong Shifeng at the same time .

Nangong Shifeng shook his head honestly and said, "Nothing else . "

"If that's the case, you can go down now," Zhuge Shanyun instructed, "Give him 50 purple crystals and send him out . "

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A girl in white at one side agreed and brought Nangong Shifeng out .

When Nangong Shifeng was about to step out of the door, Chu Yang suddenly raised his voice and said, "Oh yes, are you called Nangong Shifeng?"

Nangong Shifeng looked back startlingly and said, "You are?"

Chu Yang said smilingly, "I'm the doctor of the South-East region . Before I departed the Flat Mountain Ridge this time, a former friend of yours asked me to bring you something . If you have nothing else on later, please wait for me outside . "

Nangong Shifeng's eyes lit up and he said, "Thank you, young master . If that's the case, I shall wait for you at the Shui Ye Lake . "

As an experienced martial artist, he knew immediately that the boss that he had met earlier on had sent someone to come for him . At this moment, he felt extremely excited, but he did not reveal a bit of his emotion on his face .

Chu Yang sat down as he watched Nangong Shifeng walk away .

Ye Shiyu coughed once and said, "Brother Chu, you have some connections with this person?"

Chu Yang said affectionately, "Little Yu…"

"Stop!" Ye Shiyu hurriedly extended his hands to stop Chu Yang . "Alright, I shan't ask you!" His expression looked extremely wonderful . Even Ye Shifeng also felt like laughing aloud at such a serious setting . But although he's in such a mood, he still looked at Chu Yang murderously .

Chu Yang had his head lowered, but his sensitive nerves sensed the spell of death cast from Ye Shifeng . He couldn't help but wonder in his heart: What has happened to this bastard? But I didn't offend him in any way .

"Clan Master Zhuge, would you like to have a look at the scene of the accident?" Mu Jiuyou asked deeply .

"It's useless to go there now," Zhuge Shanyun smiled bitterly and said, "Let's talk about serious matters . "

Mu Jiuyou and Yuan Jinbao nodded and signaled for the doctors by their sides to retreat . The doctors from the Ling clan and Ye clan also retreated .

But Han Xiaoran took no actions .

Mu Jiuyou frowned and said, "Brother Han, you…?"

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Han Xiaoran said lightly, "This Doctor Chu is also my brother! I don't suspect whoever man I use; if I suspect him, I won't have used him at the beginning! I believe in my brother . Besides, he'll be a key character in this Medicine Banquet . There's no harm for him to stay here and listen to us . "

"Key character? Hehehe…" Mu Jiuyou snorted .

When he's about to speak, Zhuge Shanyun said, "No problem, let Doctor Chu stay here . " He looked warmly at Chu Yang and said softly, "I've heard a lot about you, Black-Hearted Saint . "

Chu Yang was startled . The clan master of one of the nine big clans also knows about me? He smiled bitterly and said, "Clan Master Zhuge, you're speaking too seriously . "

There're nine people left in the room now . Zhuge Shanyun, Han Xiaoran, Chu Yang, Mu Jiuyou, Yuan Jinbao, Ling Hanwu, Ling Hanxue, Ye Shifeng, Ye Shiyu .

But Zhuge Shanyun didn't continue speaking .

The hall suddenly became silent .

Soon, footsteps sounded on the stairs, and wines and delicacies started pouring in . The tables in front of everyone were filled up .

There're even things like fresh fruits . After a while, when all the food was served, Zhuge Shanyun clapped his hands once . All the servants retreated and they closed the doors of the hall .

Four black figures suddenly appeared and they moved towards four different directions . Then, four Supreme level divine senses cast out, covering the entire Shui Yue garden!

When they spoke now, only Supreme Martial Artists above the third stage could eavesdrop on them . But those of lower cultivations couldn't eavesdrop in any way .

Even the four Supreme Martial Artists who cast the divine senses also couldn't hear the conversation inside .

Zhuge Shanyun's eyes flickered . His fingers tapped on the table softly, but still, he didn't speak .

After a long time, someone outside spoke, "Clan master, the Shui Yue garden is now clear . All those people on the White Jade Bridge are our men . There are three elders enforcing order at the bridge . And all of our 48 Saint level experts are under the water now!"

Zhuge Shanyun said lightly, "Alright . "

The outside became quiet .

Chu Yang's heart skipped a beat .

He knew that today's banquet wouldn't be simple, but he didn't expect the Zhuge clan to put up such great forces for this conversation!

What important matters are there? That demands the Zhuge clan to be so cautious?

Zhuge Shanyun's face calmed down and he said invitingly, "The night is long, and we have plenty of time to talk . We shall talk as we eat . "

Everyone laughed and started eating and drinking .

Zhuge Shanyun held up his wine cup and smiled lightly, saying, "Now we're no longer strangers . I'll speak directly what's on my mind . The Medicine Banquet this time around is the most critical event within these 10,000 years in the Nine Heavens . And, it's our Zhuge clan's turn again…"

Everyone was eating and drinking, and they didn't seem to pay any attention to what he's speaking . But everyone knew that each others' ears were pricked up .

"The Medicine Banquet this time around is exactly the time when the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is going to be born . So, it has extraordinary significance . Moreover, the times of today is different from that of the past . Even within our nine big clans, there already have been a lot of… For instance, the Li clan . "

Zhuge Shanyun sounded very gentle and he continued speaking, "And, everyone knows that Master Yue and Master Feng are no longer law-enforcement officers . They're liberal people now! And the reason they left their jobs is because of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!"

Chu Yang instantly felt startled . His heart skipped a beat .

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou had stopped being law-enforcement officers because of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?

Instantly eight pairs of eyes looked towards Chu Yang the moment his heart skipped a beat . Chu Yang couldn't help from smiling bitterly: This bunch of people are really focused and careful . Even a skip in my heartbeat can actually call for their attention .

"Doctor Chu, you feel very surprised?" Zhuge Shanyun asked lightly .

"Yes . Nine Tribulations Sword Master… I can't help but feel agitated upon hearing these four words," Chu Yang smiled and said frankly, "Excuse me, Clan Master Zhuge . "

Zhuge Shanyun laughed and said, "It's alright . "

Then he continued, "And, as far as today is concerned, Master Yue and Master Feng have already arrived at the Tianji City! And they exterminated the Chen clan's troop here . On the surface, it's to vent their anger on the Chen clan for mistreating their apprentice, but… everyone understands their true purpose . "

Zhuge Shanyun's long brows furrowed . "Their true purpose is to frustrate our nine Supreme Martial Artists from nourishing the heaven . "

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