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Chapter 1009

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Everyone frowned . They cracked their brains to think, but they couldn't think of where this 'girl in black' came from . In their memories, among all the female martial artists, there's only Feng Yurou who's this bold, but Feng Yurou had never worn black clothes before .

"That Chen Feiyu jumped out and said, 'Miss, did you just fall in love with my voice? Come come come, take off your veil and let me have a look at your face, and see whether your face or your hip captures my soul more…' And as he said, he reached out for the girl's chin…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Nangong Shifeng actually described the scene vividly, full of obscenity in his voice .

Everyone became silent .

They felt utterly speechless that the Chen clan, one of the nine dominant clans, actually had such a rogue!

"Wait," Han Xiaoran frowned and asked, "It's impossible that there's only Chen Feiyu in the Chen clan's troop! On the surface, there were four Supreme Martial Artists, a doctor, and a few young masters, but in fact, there should be one more super expert! And there was even a countless number of Monarch and Saint level experts . Why did no one come forward to stop Chen Feiyu when he spoke in such a manner?"

Nangong Shifeng said, "No one stopped Chen Feiyu when he went forward to the girl . Instead, there's someone in the troop who spoke in a very strange manner: What an arrogant girl! Our Chen clan hasn't been out for a very long time, and it's time that we assert our authority . "

The faces of Zhuge Shanyun and the three law-enforcement masters twitched upon hearing this .

They had never seen anything like this before . The young master from the clan was unreasonable and teased a woman, yet this person still encouraged him?

Han Xiaoran's face changed and he said, "This person spoke in a very strange manner?"

"Yes, it sounded like his throat was damaged . One word from him would cause you goosebumps," Nangong Shifeng said, "There were originally a lot of people watching at the city gate, but everyone ran away when this person spoke…"

Zhuge Shanyun and the three law-enforcement masters gazed at one another and nodded .

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Ghost King!

Chen Naihe, the Chen clan's Ghost King! It turned out that this old monster was conniving Chen Feiyu's acts . No wonder .

Chen Naihe had become famous 3,000 years ago . He was a cruel and tyrannical man . After he had an accidental rebound when he cultivated, not only did he retain his cultivation, he even continued to cultivate using his broken meridians and fed on human blood for this purpose . Finally, the earth-shattering Ghost King Mysterious Technique was successfully cultivated by him!

It turned out the super expert that the Chen clan had sent this time around was Chen Naihe!

But everyone felt greater doubts in their hearts: If it's really Chen Naihe, since he's a sixth stage Supreme Martial Artist, who could kill him this easily?

As for this girl in black… Nobody carried hope for her .

No matter how strong this girl in black was, since she's called a 'girl', she could definitely not be Chen Naihe's opponent!

"Continue . " Han Xiaoran looked a little bleak and he sat back onto his chair . As a law-enforcement master, there were countless villains in the world that he could do nothing about! For instance, Chen Naihe and this nineteenth young master from the Chen clan!

He felt bleak because of his inability to act against them .

From Han Xiaoran's point of view, as long as anyone did anything unlawful, they should be punished! And the case shouldn't be as such: Because it's someone from the direct line of descent of the nine great clans who had committed the crime, the law-enforcement officers had no power to punish him . The law-enforcement officers seemed to have great authority, but in a sense, they were completely bullying the poor people, as ordinary law-enforcement officers could only enforce laws on those common martial practitioners…

Han Xiaoran couldn't accomplish his ambition because of such scenarios!

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"Yes," Nangong Shifeng agreed and continued speaking, "That girl in black slapped Chen Feiyu crisply on his face because of his frivolous behavior, and he was actually slapped down his horse . She scolded, 'If such a villain like you continue to live in this world, I really don't know how many women are going to be harmed by you . Today, I shall remove this bane!' As she said, she pulled out her sword, and without hesitation, thrust her sword towards his chest!"

"Good!" Han Xiaoran slammed his palm on the table . "This girl indeed has crisp hands! It's best to kill such villains as early as possible!"

Mu Jiuyou and Yuan Jinbao all frowned and looked at Han Xiaoran . They thought: Han Xiaoran is indeed insane… That's the Chen clan there . If your words were spread out, it would be a great disaster! You actually have no scruples about this at all…

But since this matter has nothing to do with us, we shall not speak anything…

Besides… that Chen clan wasn't even under our jurisdiction, what are you crazy about?

"When Chen Feiyu was about to be killed under the sword, a hand suddenly appeared out of thin air and grasped the sword tip . That strange voice sounded, 'What a fierce girl! You don't like my great great great grandson, but I just want you to be his concubine!' And he snatched her sword away without even laying his hands on the sword . "

Han Xiaoran frowned . "How old was the girl in black? What's her cultivation?"

Nangong Shifeng said hesitatingly, "I couldn't see her face clearly, so I don't know how old she was . But her cultivation is quite high . She should be at the third or fourth stage of the Saint level… But she couldn't fight back at all under that hand…"

Everyone nodded together and thought: How could a third or fourth stage Martial Saint be compared with a sixth stage Supreme Martial Artist, someone who had already crossed the mortal-immortal boundary? This is nothing to mention .

"That girl in black said furiously, 'Who are y'all? Are you going to be indifferent to your companions teasing women?' That person with the strange voice laughed and said, 'Wrong, how will I be indifferent? Instead, I'm going to help my great great great grandson! The more you dislike him, loathe him, and want to kill him, the more I want you to be his concubine!'"

Nangong Shifeng continued .

"Rubbish!" Han Xiaoran scolded, "He's a pile of rubbish even if he has lived for more than 3,000 years! Ghost King? What a Ghost King! Even if it's an evil spirit, there's not one that's as unreasonable as him!"

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Ling Hanwu nodded . "It's indeed what Chen Naihe would do… Chen Naihe has always been acting in such a brutal manner . I heard that he had become infertile after suffering from the accidental rebound, thus causing him to become psychopathic . He especially abuses women, and the more beautiful women are, the crueler he would be in abusing them… But because of his high cultivation, most people were helpless towards him… He hadn't appeared in the martial world for nearly 1,000 years . I didn't expect that he was ultimately sent by the Chen clan for this Medicine Banquet . "

As everyone stopped chatting, Nangong Shifeng continued speaking, "That girl in black was initially very furious when her sword was caught, but upon hearing this sentence, she suddenly calmed down and asked, 'Which clan are you from?' Then she observed for a moment and said, 'You're from the Chen clan, one of the nine big clans?' I suppose she must have seen the logo of the Chen clan . "

"That strange voice sounded, 'It's too late if you want to flatter me now . ' But before he finished speaking, the girl in black suddenly threw away her sword and fled in the opposite direction . Her movements were very quick!"

Everyone sighed .

Her reaction was good, her strategy was also completely correct . But how could a Martial Saint escape from a Supreme Martial Artist? Not to mention a sixth stage Supreme Martial Artist?

"That person laughed and said, 'You want to go? How will it be that easy?' And his arms actually elongated continuously in the air, grasped the shoulder of the girl and pulled her back . He said, 'Feiyu, catch your concubine! I've arranged a marriage for you . '" Chen Feiyu replied joyfully, 'Thank you, elder . ' That big hand threw the girl in black forth and Chen Feiyu was about to catch her . That girl remained motionless as she was thrown . It's obvious that her cultivation was already sealed up…"

Nangong Shifeng continued to narrate . He suddenly became agitated as he spoke till here .

Everyone's face started to look heavy . They could hear from Nangong Shifeng's voice that there might be a turn of events at this moment .

Sure enough—

"As the girl was about to land into Chen Feiyu's arms, a big white hand suddenly appeared and caught that girl . At the next instant, the girl was pulled back by 300 feet and she landed steadily on the ground . That white hand also disappeared . "

"That person with the strange voice snorted and said, 'I'm just wondering why this girl is so arrogant . It turns out that she has a backer . Who is it? Who dares to grab people from my hands? Stand up and let me have a look . "

"But no one appeared . A crisp voice which contained a fit of anger said, 'Chen Naihe, is this how your Chen clan disciplines the juniors?'"

As Nangong Shifeng spoke till here, everyone started speculating who was this person with the big white hand .

"That person with the strange voice turned out to be Chen Naihe . He said, 'Who are you? It's none of your business to care about how I discipline my juniors!' That crisp voice sounded, 'That's to say, for those women that your Chen clan's young master takes a fancy to, the more unwilling those women are, the more you'll force them? Am I right?' This voice was filled with murderousness . "

"Chen Naihe said, 'Why, do you object me?' That crisp voice sounded, 'Yes, I disagree with you by a lot . I originally didn't want to kill the Chen clan, and just wanted to choose a clan randomly from the nine big clans to kill . I didn't expect you to have come up to me by yourself, and you actually forced my disciple to be your great grandson's concubine . I'll be really too ashamed if I don't kill you . '"

Nangong Shifeng's mouth became dry as he said till here .

Everyone started to become nervous as they listened . Everyone was speculating who was this person who spoke . From the tone, it should be the teacher of this girl… And he had no regard for Chen Naihe at all… That's to say he's at least above the sixth stage Supreme level .

Zhuge Shanyun's face changed and he said, "He's saying… he wants to choose a clan randomly from the nine big clans to kill?"

Zhuge Shanyun actually showed his interest in this sentence .

Nangong Shifeng gulped down a few mouthfuls of water and said, "Yes!"

Zhuge Shanyun's face darkened .

This person absolutely didn't mean it literally . He had meant to kill a super expert from the nine big clans! That's to say, this person's aim was actually the Heaven-Nourishing Jade after the Medicine Banquet!

He had clearly meant that he was going to come to wreak havoc here!

Nangong Shifeng continued, "Then, with a flash, a man and a woman appeared in front of the Chen clan's troop . Both of them were in white clothes . The woman was especially beautiful . The appearance of the duo actually made the whole heaven and earth seem silvery-white . That woman said lightly, 'Chen Naihe, I look quite good too . Do you also want to grab me away to be the concubine of your great-grandson?'"

"It's Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue?!" Everyone stood up in shock!

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